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NC: Crocodile Smile


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NC: Crocodile Smile


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The Red Queen Page 6

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Broken Dreams

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Zim is Stronk

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Fierce Rivals

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Kion x Kiara Crackship Adopts (1/3 OPEN)

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A Foundation Visual Novel Screenshot


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Halloween Town KH - Kinda Draw this Again

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Punimon - Sleep [WIP Shimeji]


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Jurassic Park Primal: Pachycephalosaurus


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NC: Crocodile Smile


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The beginning


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SasuNaru Defeated by Love Pag 1

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Let me brighten your day

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Curled Ember

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Little Bear - Autumn Days

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Cupcake Soaps

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little simba


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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 35-

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Red is my favorite color and Pokmon character...

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kyle and cartman


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''New Series?'' Powerpuff Girls? Really? -_-

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LAST ROAR (Cover) coming soon...

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Sleepless Nights Chapter 03

 Walking into the house after Dib, Gir looked at the door, Zim's earlier words about closing the door seeming to run through his head. Smiling happily to himself, he closed the door and headed on upstairs to find the teenage boy. Looking down the hallway when he reached the top, he noticed Dib slip into one of the rooms at the end of the hallway and skipped to it, peeking his head in before making his way into the center of the room to look around, a slightly amazed look coming to his face as he felt the sudden urge to touch everything in there and find out how it worked. Just as he was about to let out an "Ooooh," sound at all the things in

ZADR fanfics

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A blond haired boy sat behind a tree eating a bow of ramen, when all of a sudden a raven-haired boy walks up to him. “Oi dobe.” He said. “What do you want?” he growled, hating when Sasuke called him ‘dobe’. “Here.” He threw a folded piece of paper at Naruto. Naruto looked at the paper. “What’s this?” he asked. But when he looked up, Sasuke was already walking away. He unfolded the paper and read:: NARUTO, I’VE GOT SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU. BUT SOMEHOW, I JUST CAN’T TELL YOU. SO IF YOU CAN PLAESE COME OVER TO MY HOUSE TONIGHT. -SASUKE ‘Hmm. I wonder what he wa

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