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Coffee and Squirrels
Revol was strolling downtown to get to a new coffee shop that opened up, one that used trained squirrels as baristas according to an ad he saw. It had said something about how it will “change your life.” He had only glanced at one while roaming around town.
He entered the barista, setting off a bell that alerted staff that there was a new customer in the premises. He went to the cashier stand to see that the ad was not false. Right in front of him, there was a tree squirrel looking rather curiously at him.
“Wow, so that wasn’t a publicity stunt,” he said.
The squirrel nodded as if to say “that’s right.” Revol looked up and saw a plethora of drinks that dwarfed the average coffee shop. His eyes locked onto a promotional blended drink on the left-end section of the menu. It was something called “Switchery Fusion,” among boasting a fusion of mocha and vanilla, peach and cascara, and various other flavors, it
:iconanimefan-279:Animefan-279 3 0
Mature content
Rear-ended :iconanimefan-279:Animefan-279 6 4

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Animefanchibi by Animefan-279
UPDATE: These reservations are locked and there will be no alterations. These characters are effectively yours now (you know who you are) and you may make any pictures and stories of them you see fit. I don't believe I will be using them any longer. There is some unfinished business to attend to so I will remain on this site until it is finished.

Like I said here  New Laptop + Other NewsHere's the obligatory "I got a new laptop" news. Sadly, this won't be increasing my productivity one bit. Wish I could just use funds acquired on Patreon to pay that bill, heh.
In other news, it seems as though the time I'll have to leave deviantART for good is nearing sooner than I expected. Kind of a pity because I doubt I'll be able to unload, so to speak, all the ideas I've come up with by then. I'm going to need more free time for writing scripts and this site is one distraction I can give up. I expect that by the end of next year I'll be gone from here. However, I will be giving my characters out to whoever will accept them there. Here's how that will work: I already have someone in mind to give the main versions of Yuma, Lozen, Yuna, Nilche Lizhen, etc., but the alternate reality versions of my characters will go up for adoption. So here's hoping that I can at least get this thing above done before that time is here, Seriously, I have similar journals to this
 I'm going to be leaving dA at some point, which means I'll need to give away my characters. This is the reservation list. However, it's not first come first served. I want my characters going to the best choices, the persons who will make the most out of them and hopefully do more with them than I ever did. This means that if someone has already reserved a character then another can take the previous person's place. It's just a matter of convincing me that said person is the best choice. Whoever gets the characters will also have to upload all the deviations I've made pertaining to them. Additionally, if for any reason at all, I ended up keeping this account up, and not just not deactivated, whoever gets these characters still keeps them, and I'll have to make new ones.

I am planning to leave this account as is after I'm done with everything.

UPDATE: This one's probably overdue. You may all begin using the respective characters you been promised as you wish. I won't use them. I am still waiting for a commission or two to be completed but after that's completed then I'll be gone for good.

1. Main Continuity - Yuma Thundermoon Yuma The Brave Knight by Animefan-279  Yuma Thundermoon Profile -reboot-Name: Yuma Thundermoon
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Apache), Werewolf, Wolf Spirit, Merfolk, Succubus
Hair Color: Dark Brown, short and wavy
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6' 05"
Personality: kind, strong, proud, virtuous, quiet
Attire: blue T-shirt, red vest, red headband, white jeans, brown athletic shoes
Favorite Color: Green
- excellent hand-to-hand combatant
- excellent knife skills
- excellent at using spirit power to strengthen his body so he can take and deal more damage than a normal human can.
- Great Wolf Form (his hair becomes wild, he has no visible ears on the sides of his head, instead dark brown wolf ears are on the top of his head, side-burns connect his hair with beard to resemble a wolf mane; a white aura flows around him, his spirit power increases in this form by so much that it flows out of, and around, his body)
Likes: fry bread, haggis, horchata, spiced hot apple cider, cartoons, comics, movies
Dislikes: demons, booze, yoga, wearing kilts
, Lozen Thundermoon Lozen by Cyber-Ella  Lozen Thundermoon profile -reboot-Name: Lozen (Thundermoon)
Age: 24
Cup Size (letter only): E
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Apache), Werewolf, Wolf Spirit, Merfolk, Succubus
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6' 02"
Personality: Kind, shy, a bit modest at times
Favorite Color: Green
- excellent at using spirit power to strengthen her body so she can take more damage than a normal human can as well as deal more
- excellent hand-to-hand combatant
- excellent knife skills
- naturally strong magic powers
- Great Wolf Form (her hair becomes wild and her braids undo themselves, she has no visible ears on the sides of her head, instead dark brown wolf ears are on the top of her head, a white aura flows around her, her spirit power increases in this form by so much that it flows out of, and around, her body)
Additional notes: is mildly autistic, has a pair of abs
Weapons: knives, tomahawks, is also a decent hand-to-hand combatant, she's generally skilled with blades of all kinds.
, Yuna Thundermoon  Yuna as human [request] by koekoek19 (werewolf form: 

Mature Content

Yuna [request] by koekoek19
Yuna Thundermoon Profile -reboot-Name: Yuna Thundermoon
Age: 24
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Race: Human (Apache), Werewolf, Merfolk, Wolf Spirit, Succubus
Cup size (letter only): EE
Eye color: glowy yellow
Hair length: Medium long
Hair color: Almost black green (raven colored in human form)
Skin tone: mahogany
- hand-to-hand combatant on par with Yuma
- Naturally strong magical abilities comparable to Lozen
- Great Wolf Form (she has no visible ears on the sides of his head, wolf ears are on the top of her head, a white aura flows around him, her spirit power increases in this form by so much that it flows out of, and around, her body)
Occupation: part-time lifeguard
Personality: loyal, affectionate, outgoing, kind
Living relatives: Yuma (brother; born of the same mother, but created by different fathers), Lozen (sister), Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (sister), Lilith (adoptive sister), Lilian Thundermoon (mother), Shiichoo (grandmother; deceased), Sebastian Sire (spiritual brother), Sebastiana S
, Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (the vampire girl at the end)  Yuma and Morgan fight tg finale by SebastiansSire  Nilche Lizhen Profile -reboot-Name: Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon
Alias/Nickname: Nilli
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Race: pure vampire, succubus, wolf spirit, merfolk
Cup Size (Letter only): F
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: long, reaches down to her lower back
Eye color: Blood Red
Skin color: mahogany (lighter shade)
Personality: seductive when she wants to be, outgoing, prurient, confident, caring
Favorite Color: Red
Living relatives: Yuma Thundermooon (brother), Lozen Thundermoon (sister), Yuna Thundermoon (sister), Lilian Thundermoon (birth mother),  Xana Bello (kidnapper and estranged mother, the one that raised her) Lilith Thundermoon (adoptive daughter)
Occupation: Professional Model
Powers/Abilities: vampire strength and agility, can drain the blood of others, can turn others into vampires, enhanced sense of smell, can manipulate weak-willed individuals, because she can turn into a human she can alternate between a human internal clock and a vampire's (she can stay up all day and all night), s
, Lilian Thundermoon (their succubus mother) (COMMISSION) Lillian Thundermoon by StateOfD-E-B  Lilian Thundermoon profileName: Lilian Thundermoon
Age: 51
Gender: Female
Cup Size: FF
Race: Succubus (Apache in human form)
Hair Color: blonde (in human form)
Eye Color: Violet (brown in human form)
Height: 6' 07"
Personality: kind
- Can transform form at will due to being a succubus
- extremely powerful magical abilities
- Flight thanks to demon wings
- can use her tail as a whip
Likes: fry bread, haggis, Inuit dishes, white hot chocolate, cartoons, manga, movies
Occupation: Retired (former accountant at a city government building)
Living relatives: Mother-in-law (the one Yuma calls Shiichoo (currently deceased), Yuma Thundermoon (son), Yuna Thundermoon (daughter), Nalin (distant cousin), Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (daughter), Lilith (adoptive granddaughter), Lilura (estranged twin sister)
Friends: Róise
Back story: Lilian was born to an aristocratic family of Hell. After years of the family line seeing the barbarous conditions that ruled Hell they could sit idly by no longer.
, Lilith (Nilche Lizhen's adoptive daughter, a bat nagual) (COMMISSION) Lilith Thundermoon by StateOfD-E-B  Lilith Thundermoon ProfileName: Lilith Thundermoon
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Race: nagual
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: long, reaches her lower back
Eye color: electric blue
Skin color: mahogany (lighter shade)
Personality: energetic, playful, cheery
Favorite Color: white
Living relatives: Yuma Thundermooon (uncle), Lozen Thundermoon (aunt), Yuna Thundermoon (aunt), Lilian Thundermoon (grandmother), Nilche Lizhen Thundermoon (adoptive mother)
Powers/Abilities: can use magic, can turn into a white Honduran fruit bat at will
Likes: bats, shopping, cartoons, fruit
Dislikes: bad persons
Back story: Long ago, in a Lenca kingdom hidden in the forest, a royal family ruled with the hearts and minds the people won over. They were beloved by all except one. The one that hated them was a necromancer whose family had lost the right to rule fair and square, but he could not accept this. He desired the right to rule purely for the power and prestige that came with it, and to fuel his own ego.
He challenged the king for the righ
, Róise (Yuma's faerie friend), and Mael MacTavish. Another detail I must add is that one of the points of Yuma Thundermoon was to be a partial deconstruction of TG. The reason Yuma had a phobia of being turned into a girl forever is because in real life, chances are that just turning any guy into a random girl would have serious psychological consequences on said guy, and Yuma is that guy. But like I said, it is only partial; I was holding back. If I wasn't then his adventures would be far more depressing and I don't believe any of my watchers would like that. Reserved by :iconbuck3: Locked  

2. Rubbergirls - Rubbergirl Lozen Thundermoon  TheRealYuma Request by Stookam  The Elastic Trip : February 25th by kecomaster, Rubbergirl Yuna Thundermoon (a rubbergirl werewolf, or rather, rather rubbergirl anthro-wolf), Nilche Lizhen "Nilli" Thundermoon (a rubbergirl vampire) Rubbergirl Nilche Lizhen by Animefan-279, Lilian Thundermoon (their rubbergirl succubus mother), Rubbergirl Lilith (Nilche Lizhen's adoptive daughter, a rubbergirl that has something to do with bats, I'm not sure) and Róise (a rubbergirl faerie). Reserved by :iconzeogold: Locked 

3. Slimegirls - Magical Slime Girl Lozen  [SONG EX III] More Magi-Goo! by DoodleDowd, Vampire Slime Girl Nilche Lizhen "Nilli" 

Mature Content

[SONG EX III] The Real Blood Born by DoodleDowd
, Werewolf Slime Girl Yuna  [SONG EX IV] Howl at the Goo by DoodleDowd, Succubus Slime Girl Lilian (their mother, she's also a goddess), Bat Slime Girl Lilith (Nilche Lizhen's adoptive daughter), and Slime Faerie Girl Róise (she sent by Lilian to help them). Reserved by :iconmelkorios: Locked 

4. Superheroines - Lozen Thundermoon Lozen Thundermoon DCUO style by Animefan-279 AT Therealyuma by Jimma1300, Yuna Thundermoon, Nilche Lizhen "Nilli" Thundermoon, Lilian Thundermoon (their succubus mother), Lilith (Nilche Lizhen's adoptive daughter), and Róise (a faerie or faerie-inspired superheroine; haven't figured that part out yet). Their story is that they were ordinary citizens. Lozen was some sort of office worker (a secretary or something) who wore glasses and was the shortest of her siblings (5 ft 2 in.) Yuna, Lozen's twin sister, was a lifeguard and the tallest of her siblings. Nilche Lizhen is the oldest sibling by 1 year and was in the middle in terms of height (haven't figured out the former job). A meteor impacted Earth, knocking it off its axis and released a supernatural force unto the world. Lozen became the tallest of her siblings (nearly 8 ft) and gained an increased muscularity, super strength, the power of flight, mental powers, and the power to grow and shrink in size (although when she shrinks she also decreases in age until she's no older than a little girl). Yuna turned into an anthro-wolf, has increased muscularity, increased sense of smell and hearing, and on a full moon she gets even buffer and turns into a wolf-taur. Nilche Lizhen gains magical abilities as well as demonic wings for flight. She would still look like "Main" (above), but her skin, eyes, and wings would look like this Nilche Lizhen in DC Universe Online by Animefan-279. As it turns out, their mother, Lilian Thundermoon, is a succubus and the comet made their succubus manifest in different ways. I haven't worked out Róise or Liltih. Reserved by :iconmrhydeandgoseek: Locked 

5. Pokégirl - Claudia Tyranitar Claudia Tyranitar by redryan2009. Co-ownership, assuming that's what I had, will be terminated and :iconredryan2009: will have full ownership of her. Locked 

6. Evil Reality - Hell Knight Yuma: He killed Sire to end the curse with Moon. This heinous act got him the attention of a recruiter from Hell. In his grief, he decided to join. He trained and eventually became a Hell Knight. He also managed to split Lozen and Yuna from himself through sheer will power alone. Then he proceeded to kill them. He even killed Nilche Lizhen. Reserved by :iconmartmeisterpaladin: The part about regarding Sire and Moon will need to be removed and the other parts of his back story will need to be altered.

7. Corrupted Reality - Succubus Lozen #1 Demon life now 9 by Lord-Corruption. She was incapacitated and brought to Hell by an allied girl based off of :iconlord-corruption:’s Gloom. Once there she was put into a conversion chamber. She was forever changed, corrupted. Now she is a powerful succubus that knows many of the Demon Hunter’s Guild’s Secrets. Reserved by :icongoron44: Locked 

8. Water Nymph Reality - Water Nymph Lozen Lozen The Water Nymph (profile) by Animefan-279. She was born in a houseboat, to a water nymph and a water mage. She grew up in that houseboat and went to school at a coastal city, until high school. Then she was sent to a lovely all-girls boarding school so she can finish mastering her powers, among other things. Reserved by :iconkenexandrite: Locked 

9. Mermaid Reality - Mermaid Princess Lozen: She was born a mermaid princess instead of as a human. She inherited the throne. Reserved by :iconkitt4katt:

10. Princess Reality - Princess Lozen:  Lozen - Xaxas Kingdom ProfileName: Lozen
Age: 23
Cup Size (letter only): E
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6' 00"
Personality: Kind, energetic
Favorite Color: Green
- Great physical strength
- Impressive agility
- Can use magic, though she is still learning to control her powers
Additional notes:
Living relatives: King Abner (adoptive father), Queen Cecelia (adoptive mother), Princess Kalysta (adoptive sister), Tallula (adoptive sister)
Friends: Princess Sammy
Back story: Lozen was born to a tribe, a tribe that was wiped out while she was a baby, and she was the only survivor. Orphaned, a king found her, took her in, and raised her as his own daughter. She has two sisters, both are younger than her. Despite this, they treat her like she's the younger sister since she often acts like it.
Lozen goes out hunting, trekking through the forests, and does other things that would be unbecoming of a princess. However, she does manage to keep up appearances, so th
 :iconprincesssammyxaxas: is who will be getting her since she's part of the Xaxas Kingdom universe. Locked 

11. Goddess Reality:  Change in ContractChange in Contract
Yuno was riding on a subway one night. She had heard reports of demon activity in the city she was heading to. Being a goddess, she naturally had to check it out. Would they be banished or would they be left alone? This is what she came to decide.
The reports only detailed as much as “a vampire prowling around, draining blood from unsuspecting humans,” nothing more. They didn’t even mention whether or not the victims were left for dead or if the vampire merely replenished itself.
After arriving at her stop, she rose from the subway and first took note of all the night clubs in the area. She figured those should be her first points of investigation. After scanning the area she found that there were at least a dozen night clubs in total and investigating each and every one of them would raise suspicion. Instead, she pondered on what name she would choose for a night club if she was a vampire. As a result, she went to a club named “Blood Rush.
  The Mayhem of Lozen, Yuna, and Nilche LizhenThe Mayhem of Lozen, Yuna, and Nilche Lizhen
Lozen, Yuna, and Nilche Lizhen woke up to find that their attire and appearance had been messed up. Lozen saw that she was wearing a gothic Lolita outfit that included: a corset and a pair of high heels, along with a fair number of petticoats, and various ribbons, bows and other fasteners that were glued on.
Yuna was wearing: a schoolgirl outfit, with everything glued in place, and a long haired pink wig, also glued in place with none of Yuna's hair was sticking out from under the wig. She was a dead ringer, save for the skin color, for Yuno Gasai from Mira Nakki.
Nilche Lizhen was wearing: a nerd-themed outfit, with everything glued in place, a pair of glasses repaired with tape to correct the nearsightedness and astigmatism she developed thanks to a couple of eye drops that were used on her, a set of braces complete with headgear, both attached in place with standard dental glue, as well as the special leech glue, and the panties and stock
  The New GoddessesThe New Goddesses
The Fusion Woman was sitting on her couch in the living room, focusing her powers trying to separate herself into the persons that made her, but all she accomplished was a spark and a fizzle. She lowered her head in sorrow.
“Am I truly stuck like this forever?” she asked.
A little girl with long, pink locks, wearing a frilly pink dress, and badly applied makeup from a kids makeup kit, named Yuno, came stomping into the room.
“Can I change back to an adult now? A little girl is better than being a baby but that is last time I am ever playing dress up with Lilith!” Yuno complained.
“Fine, but only after you show us how to separate ourselves,” the Fusion Woman replied.
“Fine, but then I’m out of out here,” Yuno retorted.
“Oh no, you’re not. We can’t even correctly use our powers now. We’re going to need a teacher, and we’re thinking you,” the Fusion Woman responded.
“What? No.
 They will go to :iconlyhokoleaci: Locked 

Regarding the ones that don't have Lozen's sisters, their mother, Lilith, Beate, Mael MacTavish, and/or Róise, if you can work them into the reality you get then go ahead.

Note that any characters you get you will also be getting any stories that I've written pertaining to them, which means you'll have to upload those onto your gallery. As far as whether faves are okay or not, I'll let you decide.

16. Beate (the Krampus girl) -  Beate MacTavish ProfileName: Beate MacTavish
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Race: pure Krampus (can turn herself into a human)
Cup Size (Letter only): E
Hair Color: light brown
Hair Length: medium short
Hair Style: depends on what she feels like
Eye color: Cyan
Skin color (in human form): peach-ish
Skin color (in Krampus form): Jade
Fur color (in Krampus form): Brown
Personality: Kind, happy, friendly, brave
Favorite Color: Red
Living relatives: Mael MacTavish (foster father), Beatiris MacTavish (foster mother), Leagsaidh MacTavish (older foster sister)
Powers/Abilities: Powerful magical abilities, able to make great leaps, physically strong, good with a staffs, flails, and maces
Back story: Once she was a Krampus belonging to a mother Krampus and father Krampus. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving her father to raise her alone. One Christmas night, at the age of seven, when her father answered the call of the Krampus, she decided to come with him. They soon parted ways in the human world as sh
 Reserved by :iconsuddenstrike25: Locked 

17. Imani -  Girls Day Out Part 2Girls Day Out Part 2
After getting to the mall, the first place Yuna and Dafne took Lozen was to a costume shop that was renting out a space. While inside, Yuna and Dafne looked around to see what costume they wanted to wear, and what they wanted Lozen to wear on Halloween.
"Oh, this isn't going to end well," Lozen thought to herself.
Yuna and Dafne got three costumes, and they all changed into them in changing rooms. After getting dressed they went to a mirror and looked at themselves.
Yuna was wearing a black Playboy bunny outfit. Dafne was wearing the same kind of outfit, but in pink, and Lozen's was in lime green.
"Well, I think we found our costumes that we ALL will be wearing on Halloween," Yuna spoke as she made several poses.
"Indeed," Dafne too was making poses.
Lozen just looked at herself and blushed tremendously while make a cute, little frown.
They changed back into the clothes they were previously wearing and bought the costumes.
"Next stuff is on us, Lozen," Yuna said. D
  Girls' Day Out EpilogueGirls Day Out Epilogue
Seeing that it was almost night. The three decided to head to their homes, but Yuna went with Lozen to hers.
Once their were at Lozen's front door, Yuna asked, "So, did you have fun today?"
Lozen spoke with a small smile, "Yes, I did indeed have fun."
"Would you like to go on another girls' day out with Dafne and I?"
"Good, by the way, you'll be able to change yourself back in the morning."
"Thanks for the info."
Lozen went inside and started to prepare for her bed time while Yuna walked to Andrew's house. Once inside, he asked her, "So how did it go?"
She told him, "My plan was executed perfectly. I even got to see what it would be like to have a sister, at least to some extent."
"Well that's great. Maybe Lozen will stop giving that stare every time she appears. Last time I turned Yuma into her, the look on her face just screamed 'I'm going to kill you'."
"I do believe she won't be so pissed about it from here on."
The next morning Lozen thought about ch
The SleepoverThe Sleepover
Lozen, Yuna, and Dafne showed up at Imani’s house on the agreed night of the sleepover, dressed in their pajamas, with their sleeping bags and toiletries in hand, though, Yuna and Dafne brought some extra stuff, and with a change of clothes for the morning. They knocked. Imani greeted and welcomed them in.
After everyone was in the bedroom, Imani decided on the sleepover’s first event: makeovers. While the others were doing each other’s’ makeup, Yuna did her own and Lozen’s. She started with mascara, then put pink lipstick on her and added a bit of pink blush.
“You are going to look so cute when I’m done with you,” Yuna told her.
Yuna finished the makeover with green nail polish on Lozen’s fingernails and toenails.
“Now go look in the mirror.”
Lozen did so; she could not believe how cute she looked. She especially loved the color used on her nails. It brought a small smile to her face.
Yuna and the others a
 Reserved by :icondeathbustereudial103: Locked 
18. Kameyo - l Reserved by :icondeathbustereudial103: Locked 
19. Barabal - l Reserved by :icondeathbustereudial103: Locked 

20. Max Karson - Max Karson and all characters associated with him:   Gordon profileName: Gordon Hoam
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Islander (several including Carribean and Hawaiian), Native New Zealander, English
Age: 27
Personality: kind, kind of laid-back, caring, cunning
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Facial hair: none
Favorite video game: Afro Samurai
Favorite book: The Wanderers
Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
Favorite TV Show: Deadliest Warrior
DOB: March 16, 1982
Would-be voice actor: David Humphrey
Current Relatives: Bella Hoam (mother) , Kaimi Hoam (father), Konani Hoam (grandfather), Haukea Hoam (grandmother), Grant Hakim (grandfather), Abigail Hakim (grandfather)
Short bio: Gordon was born to an English woman and a Native Hawaiian man in Honolulu. Like Max, he too was an only child but he has more living relatives. Gordon was almost a straight A student. In Math he always got a B+. He saw the SNRA's phone number in the phonebook and decided to cll him. He asked what he needed in order to get a job and fulfilled the requirements. He didn't like the Superna
  MK and the White Coats pt1Max Karson and The White Coats
Max Karson had just finished a rigorous mission. He was walking around town at night looking for some more work when all of a sudden he got jumped by guys in white suits. He had no problem beating them up, however, a sniper got him in the neck with a dart that had a knockout potion in it. During the fight the machine that hovers around him that he uses to communicate with his supervisor, Gordon, while doing field work was destroyed. As he continued to fight he began to feel less and less conscious until he lost all consciousness. The last thing he heard was "Do not worry 'Mark', your suffering will be over with soon enough."
When Max woke up he was in what looked like a doctor's office but it was drearier and there were doctor-looking guys in white coats in the room, approximately six of them. He tried to move but his arms and legs were strapped to a metal board. He also saw that he was wearing nothing but some kind of strange-feeling black underwear. One
  MK and the White Coats pt 2Maxine had finally arrived at her father's house. It was up in a sort of mountaineous region, ranches along the road, before 30 minutes time you'd enter a town, you get the idea. Anyways, she knocked on the door. Her father opened it and saw who it was. He looks similar to Clint Eastwood. "Father." He immediately recognized Maxine and said "Max?" Then he grew furious and started punching the walls. "Dad, please calm down!" Then her father did calm down. He knew what he had to do. "Max, I think it's about time I told you how your mom died," he told his daughter. "It was that weird and unknown disease. I know that," she said. "Ah, but how she got it is what you don't know." Then her father told her how it happened.
"It happened when you were eight. I was out, you were at school, and your mom had the day off from work. She had to of heard something coming from the mini-forest so she went to see what it was." He stopped there. "What was it?" Maxine asked. "A Chupacabra," her father answere
  MK and the Kitsune KlubMax Karson and the Kitsune Klub
It was a peaceful day for Max Karson. He finally had some vacation time, a break from fighting the evils of the supernatural and paranormal. He decided to vacation in Tokyo ,Japan. A little bit after he got off his flight he heard a couple of guys talking to each other. "So who do you think is responsible for those murders?" "Well it's hard to say, though I doubt it was only one person." "Yeah, you're probably right about that." "Murders? Huh?" Max thought.
Max checked in at Cerulean Tower Hotel. He went into his room and unpacked his stuff. He brought a Watchman with him because of the strange things that the SNRA heard about Japan. "Man, I can't believe SNRA made me take you with me," Max told Gordon via Watchman. "Look on the bright side. As long as you go twenty-four hours without running into something supernatural or paranormal you'll get to deliver this baby back and I can go home," Gordon replied. "Yeah. Well, time to take in some sights." The Wa
  Max Karson and The Damned TownIn this world supernatural things happen. There are people who deal with them. Max Karson is one such person.
Max Karson was just sitting back waiting for his plane ride to be over. He’s a 25 year old, tall man with short, light brown hair headed to France. When he got there he rented a car and drove to Gebaudan. He had been called there by Mayor Alayna because she heard he was one of the best in the supernatural field. He is a supernatural detective. When someone has a case that’s like one a normal detective would take but pertaining to things like ghosts and such he’d take it.
The town was rural and mostly dirt roads with a forest that had a church with its own graveyard. At the entrance there was a bronze, rusted statue of a guy piercing the Beast of Gebaudan through it’s heart with a spear. It was shrouded in a cold, eerie fog. I didn’t bother Max much though since he was wearing a leather jacket, black pants, and black gloves.
Max parked the car near a hou
  Klaes Kendrick Karson gaia sty by Animefan-279  The TG Pills Are IntroducedIt was a normal day for Klaes Kendrick Karson when the boss called for all the male Supernatural Detectives in the meeting room. He told them all "As you all know, we are a special organization trained to handle the odd and bizarre. That is why need a guinea pig." He took out a pill with the female gender sign on it as he said "I need one of you to try this pill."
"What's it supposed to do?" one guy asked. "It's supposed to turn a man into a woman. Now whichever one of you would like to try it please step forward." All of them stepped back except for Klaes. He stepped forward. "Klaes are you crazy?" a guy asked. "Oh come on, while this place is more high-tech than the rest of the world but, turning a man into a woman? That just sounds prety farfetched. This isn't Dobie Gillis."
He walked up to the boss took the pill and swallowed it. Shortly after he started feeling weird in the chest cavity so he clenched it. He kneeled down beucase he started feeling pain, his body and anatomy changi
      - reserved by :iconlastiecchi: Locked , Maxine Karson reserved by :iconsomeboy101: Locked 

21. My Angel Falls characters -    Reserved by :iconsebastianssire:

22. Unnamed kitsune character - my original plan for this particular character was that she would be a ghost/spirit that formed a bond with Yuma that is like the one he had with Yuna, so she would come out, take control of his, and transform it into the body she had at times. But I never really went anywhere and the idea fell through. Reserved by :iconsuddenstrike25: Locked 

23. The Timekeeper -  I do not know if I ever planned on doing anything with this one. Reserved by :iconkenexandrite: Locked 

25. Shady -  Reserved by :iconori-firehammer: Locked 

25. Unnamed toon cat OC -  The idea behind her was either this would be what happened after Yuma fell victim to toon ink, or she was always a toon cat. I actually did manage to come up with a name, Xocolātl, though whoever gets her can rename her if they wish. Reserved by :iconcrazygameguy: Locked 

26. SPECIAL - These are fan characters so I'm not so certain about giving them away, though admittedly I won't really be doing anything with them. I leave their information here if anyone's interested to at least learn about them:
  :bulletblack: Vechi (Lozen's DBZ counterpart, from chive) - Saiyan/Demon hybrid
  :bulletblack: Kele (Yuna's DBZ counterpart; from leek) - Saiyan/Demon hybrid
  :bulletblack: Karion (Nilche Lizhen's DBZ counterpart, from scallion) - Saiyan/Demon hybrid
  :bulletblack: Fraiba (Lilian's DBZ counterpart; from fry bread) - Demon mother

Firewater Duo:
:bulletblack: Harapi (from haren a pitahaya) - Goddess of Destruction, based off of Aztec empress
:bulletblack: Wisti (from Tiswin) - Angel, attendant of Harapi, attire based off of kachina dancers
:bulletblack: Backstory: In this universe, the Saiyans partnered up with their "Frieza" but they saw what they were planning to do and overthrew them. Demons became interested in conquering the universe and lead such a campaign. The universe became divided into demon-controlled and Saiyan-controlled planets. Earth became demon-owned and Namek became Saiyan-owned, although both gained autonomy. The Saiyans and demons went to war but with both sides equally matched and impressed, they decided that peace and an allegiance was a far better route. This is all I could really come up with.


He finally released this episode. Furries truly are one of the strangest, if not THE strangest, subculture in all of geekdom.… A sadly overlooked piece of viral marketing.

I could probably fill a whole journal with my thoughts on this movie.


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