1. Created the group and changed the permissions of the users.
2. Trying to invite everyone from current AF.

Things to do:

1. Assign Admin roles (so far I can only assign Contributor and co-founder). I am going to assign Nanamix as co-founder, PT and FA as admins and also Miku if he feels like it. Everyone else will be set to contributor status as I think that's the only way to post your works.

2. Create different categories for different types of medias so I can feature various users on DA.

- I am thinking of the following sub-categories: Anime (anything anime related), Traditional art (hand drawn art), 3D art (3d modelling, etc etc), Manga (may not need because of anime category), and maybe Video game related content too. Photography category is also an option.

3. The most urgent thing right now is upload current AF member's art work and feature other people's work.

4. also keep this place running to share/promote our AF site.

That's it for now and I will try my best to keep things organized.

so stop complaining.

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