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MLP Art: Edward Elric and Emmy Rosenthal by AnimeEmm

Coded by rollingpoly

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Emmaline | Emmy
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United States

Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl Floating Stars Pixel by Nerdy-pixel-girl

^ Feather Pagedoll drawn by DoodleF0X
Feather Dreamer owned by AnimeEmm
custom box background owned by:Mimru


I got tagged?! :O eeeey!

Sat Jul 14, 2018, 3:35 PM

Got Tagged by :iconmeckablaze-alchemist:! XD

1. You have to post all the rules.
2. Answer all the questions and then create 12 more. 
3. Choose 12 people.
4. Legitimately tag people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are allowed.

ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2  

pink heart bullet What is your favorite anime?

My favorite Anime hm? So far I have my top three which is: Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Blue Exorcist [no particular order]

light pink heart bullet Which OC has had the most impact on you? (Forbidden to quote one of yours)

Oh god. shoot- if i had to pick i honestly would be Kyelee Henke and I honestly love her character and I absolutely adore her works

pink heart bullet Does your OC have a phobia? If yes, why?

GOOD QUESTION. I honestly Haven't thought what type of Phobia my FMA OC would honestly have. Now I need to see all the Phobias XD oml-

light pink heart bullet What is your favorite Pokemon?

Sylveon and Umbreon so far! :3 

pink heart bullet Were you disappointed by someone you trusted?

Ohohohohohooooo~ yes I was~ I wont name anyone of course, but yeah I had a few peeps who I thought i trust ended up showing their true colors being extremely toxic. 
I couldn't stand it and was disappointed but...also upset and pissed? hhhh..

light pink heart bullet What is your favorite anime couple?

I think InuYasha and Kagome. I love these two and while I do also like Inuyashaxkikyo, i just like InuyashaxKagome more Love 

pink heart bullet What is the anime character you hate the most?

Not sure if I have a list but- heres one- SHOU TUCKER. fuck that guy man- XD 

light pink heart bullet And conversely, the one you do not like?

Hm. those who I dont like not hate. Hmmm
I know Its a mix for me with sakura haruno and I dont hate her I do think theres some things with her that I dont like. cant say i dont like her completely-

I also am newly watching My hero acadamia and i dont like that bomb fricken kid- cause dude the ego and shit im like "wtf dude chill XD stop showing off"

mix with kaname kuran from vampire knight. maybe cause i havent finished reading the manga? not sure. but i currently dont like him because he is just- hhhhhh why-
I get of what he is and how much yuki means to him but for the love of god just why

pink heart bullet Would you like to visit a place known to be haunted?

Hmmm. Maybe? I know there is a supposedly haunted mine here in my state on a series of exorcists guys where checking it out and all. seems interesting but not sure, lol

light pink heart bullet What manga do you currently read?

Lord- I have some. I am reading the Twilight Princess LOZ comic i have
Plus the Ancient mangus bride!

pink heart bullet Do you do RPs? If so, what kind? (Action, Romance, Fantasy ... etc)

Fantasy, action, romance, adventure, drama?
i always add romance cause im...welp a sucker for it- ;w;

light pink heart bullet What do you think of me? XD 

>:V Your a cool peep and I love your works and your FMA OC

ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2ferrugineum fabric border h 2  

1. What was your first Anime you've ever watched?
2. Who is your top three favorite anime characters?
3. Got a anime crush? ;P
4. Who or what inspired you in art?
5. If you can pick any place in the world to live in, where would it be?
6. Disneyland or Universal studios?
7. Dream Career?
8. whats your favorite shows thats not anime related?
9. Whats your top 3 favorite manga series?
10. Do you read stories up on webtoons? if so, whats your top 3 favorites?
11. What do you like about my work? [a curious question qvq aaa]
12. if you could wish anything what would it be?

I Tagg:

and anyone else who wants to join in on this! QvQ


Doodle Arts: ~Little Misfits~
[Menhera] All Rights Reserved by King-Lulu-Deer
Artwork and Characters Bella, Jacob, and Ayumi are owned by AnimeEmm and Awoken Artist.

I got a new character from a OTA from :iconmajikk-u: and Also- its a first for everyone to see the other two~

but also to be honest...
its a first for me to draw the other two guys in the artwork here. ^^; I have bought the demon boy, whom I named Jacob, and the stitched doll girl, Ayumi, long time ago. 

I adopted Jacob from :iconmochi-munchi: not sure how long ago, and I feel bad I haven't drawn this pretty boy in so long. I do think he be a little timid due to him having his eyes covered and chains. plus possibly what his past was that effected him, however even so he can be a tad hot headed yet gentle as he can be. hes shy around girls- 

i also adopted Ayumi from :iconmellow-weather: from a adopt batch if i remember correctly and I looooove her. I do see her being a school girl sister figure character to certain characters XD and is a blushy mess- poor girl XD

im happy to draw the trio honestly, i do think...bella is curious what he looks like under the bandages a bit more. Bella dont you even dare- back off- if he wants to take it off he'll do it himself <_<

Artwork and Characters owned by:

Programs Used:
Paint Tool SAI
Necrobie Doodle Art: Blind Loneliness
[Menhera] All Rights Reserved by King-Lulu-Deer
Artwork and character Faith is owned by AnimeEmm and Awoken Artist. Closed Species Necrobies is owned by MAJIKK-U and ROKK-U.

Now...Faith may be a blind necrobie who is a shy, goofy, a tad clumsy, happy go lucky kind of bie in shop street and seem like she doesn't have much of a worry. Or sometimes portrays that when she seems anxious. However Faith does have some bothers and worries..and Faith is a absolute sucker when it comes to romantic affections for a necrobie. I would imagine over her time in shop street she would of fallen or felt shes crushing on a few necrobies since she arrived, however she is super shy and couldn't bring herself to voice it out.

Her cuddlebug, a gift from her close friend Atari, helps her around so she doesn't bump into anything since it would be a good idea she be a comfort and a seeing-eye pet for her. Now, when it comes to seeing she has affections for necrobies she tries to encourage her to go forth, even though faith freezes up and gets into a anxious ball of mess which causes others to worry whats wrong. 

Faith when shes alone just her and her cuddlebug, she often has her moments where she has her happy times. however when it comes to sad moments like this where she questions herself..especially wondering if her blindness may be the reason no one wants to approach her or much more. She honestly..never had questioned herself for being blind since the day she was born into a necrobie from her owner..this was a first moment for her where she actually questions her being blind. wondering if anyone would really love her even if she cant see what so ever. she wonders if no one wants to because they dont want to help or take care of her when she needs help the most? many questions fly in her mind.

Heart throb does know, even while comforting the anxious sad ball mess of a necrobie, the right necrobie would come in time. just unsure when. Will say that Faith sends a letter to her owner , since the two does keep in touch with eachother all the time, Atari would read the letter to Faith of a response [Atari helps Faith write what she needed to say]. Her owner understands the feeling shes suddenly having and told her it takes one person to love her and appreciate her for who she is. blind or not, someone will love her for her. 

Faith does come to understanding, as she knows shes probably just feeling a bit alone, her owner knows this while assuring her in her letter to her. Atari does keep her company as shes like as if a sister to Faith. Faith does hope her owners words of assurance is true as she believes it is.

Artwork and Characters Faith and Heart throb is owned by:

Closed Species Necrobies is owned by:

Programs Used:
Paint Tool SAI
Birthday Gift: Hello My Lady~
Artwork is owned by AnimeEmm and Awoken Artist. Character Kingsley is owned by PresidentPrincesu. Closed Species Necrobies is owned by MAJIKK-U and ROKK-U. Please Don't trace, copy, steal my works. Please Don't repost my works without my permission. Thanks!

I drew this today and meant to post it earlier but ey- XD Birthday gift for the lovely PresidentPrincesu :3 

Out of all the babs in the Necrobie server I looked that Prince owned I picked Kingsley~ He looks fancy and has a vibe of charm coming from him so I wanted to try and draw him :3 and here it is! (ouo)/ I hope you like it!!

Artwork is owned by:

Character Kingsley is owned by:

Closed Species Necrobies is owned by:

Programs Used:
Paint Tool SAI
Pixel Animation Art: Kyu and Jinku
Animation Artwork is done and owned by AnimeEmm and Awoken Artist. Kyu and Jinku is owned by MAJIKK-U and ROKK-U. Please Don't Resubmit unless asked me permission first! Please Do Not trace, copy, and steal! Thanks!!

Speed Paint Link:
Coming Soon~!

WHOOP WHOOOOOOOP finished this and also speed paint is on the way!! ;D

This was a OTA for :iconmajikk-u: and :iconrokk-u: for one of the characters theyre trying to sell and all, i saw the one bab they had on their toyhouse and I offered some artworks I can draw for them. :iconmajikk-u: picked two different artworks i offered that i can draw for them and then added that i can pick either one and surprise them. Mack gave me the link of Kyu and Jinku's toyhouse and i was excited. I honestly love their characters especially Kyu and Jinku. so adorable ;A; look how cute they are!!

I indeed went after animation because I do want to make something awesome and special for the two :3

This took me a while to complete but i manage to finish it on time for :iconrokk-u:'s birthday! I know in my timezone right now as i post this, Dani's birthday past since it was yesterday, BUT SERIOUSLY- IM HAPPY I FINISHED ON DANIS BIRTHDAY CAUSE I FEEL IT BE A AWESOME SURPRISE NOT ONLY TO MACK BUT DANI TOO.

Also Dani i do hope you had an amazing birthday and sending you lots of happy vibes after ya! :3

theyre super sweet beans i swear oml

Artwork Animation Pixel is done and owned by:

Characters Kyu and Jinku is rightfully owned by:

Programs Used:
Paint Tool SAI,
speed paint is currently in the works! Will involve commentary since i need to re-update you guys on things [all thanks to YT taking down my Su livestream or well hide it :I hm] but yeah gonna reupdate you guys and also talk about the artwork im doing :P i thought it be fun! May post it tonight or tomorrow!

Vote honestly: should I make a Ko-Fi? 

11 deviants said Yes! :happybounce:
8 deviants said Maybe :shrug:
2 deviants said Nah


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