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Crap Fashion FTW



I watched too much Project Runway this week.

I know NOTHING about fashion, what's in, what's out and what should/shouldn't be matched with what. I will probably never know this, and I won't pretend I do either. I drew these only for fun, so don't give me any hardcore fashion critiques, because I don't give a crap. X'D
Some of these clothes are just... Weird.
Idk... Let's see, do I have something to say about the designs? Ehhhh...

1: Semi-proper office outfit with a corky twist; the yellow tights. I suppose. God this is bland.

2: Inspired by the old Caroleans, the Swedish army serving under king Karl XI and Karl II before the fall of our days as a nordic empire. I like this coat... <3

3: Idk, just wanted to draw something summer/autumn ish that wasn't too weird. My twin likes this design the most. I like the orange colour.

4: Pants are inspired by a pair of pants I saw in a store in town. The rest is just random. I kinda like it, tho. My sisters says this one is the design that reminds the most of myself, which is really weird considering I don't own anything even remotly resembling this.

5: I have no idea. Thought of "old-fashioned pilot" meet "horse girl" meet "fashion disaster"?

6: I wanted to draw a white tie. |:

7: Weirdest thing ever. Looks like a failed bathrobe. I like the pattern on it, though. I probably should have added sleeves, or given her a skirt & tights and ignored the pants.

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Don't call your ideas crap! I think they're wonderful! Sure, this is your first time designing, but it just take some practice, care, and plenty of Imagination!

With love and care,
A friend