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Hello everyone! I'm here to bring you some exciting news!

What the founder of this group and I have decided is that since dA is FILLED with amazing artists, we want to advertise a few amazing commission-ists! If you want to make be on this list, please send a message to our group with some pricing information and a few samples of your work.

Now, we don't want this list getting crowded, so there will be only 10 commission features at a time. Even if full, feel free to send the info anyway! Even if you don't get on immediately, you probably will at some point!

YOU MAY BE BOOTED FROM THIS LIST AT ANY TIME. Don't take any offense! We just want to make sure lots of people get a chance to make their works known!

Thanks everyone!

Price: 5.00$

Price: $1.00 - $5.00
Samples:… ($1.00)… ($2.00)… ($3.00)…… ($5.00)
Price: +$2.00
All information (i.e. price details, samples, etc.) here:… (I'm to lazy to give a brief summary.)
:iconstarfall-eternity: (Point Commissions)
Point Prices: 5 points to 15 points.

:iconnasikasakura: (Point Commissions)
Point Prices: Debatable. See this link for more information.…
:iconkatsuri-kuroneko: (Point Commissions)
Point prices: debatable
:iconk7t: (Point Commissions)
Point prices: 15-200 (see link)
:iconiamthehatter: (Point Commissions)
Point prices: 10 points
Price: 25-55 (point commissions)
Price: 20-80 (point comssions)
Samples: &she only does humans and simple animals no line art)
Would you like your fanart to be featured?

One of our members, Mixiao is currently a writer for the website they sell cosplay costumes and wigs and other things, right now she's started a new fanart weekly feature. This means every week, a certain amount of artists will be able to have the chance to show off their works on the website.

To have the chance for your works to be featured please email Mixiao at with the following:

* Your Name
* Country
* Website [if desired]
* Medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.
* A maximum of 2 images attached in the email.
* The name of the anime/manga/video game it is from

You will be notified via email if your work/s have been selected. You can email us with as many works as you like, however if you are selected for the feature, you will not be able to be featured again for 2 months. Please let others have the chance to share their talents too o(^O^)V


*Works must not include nudity, sexual references, violence, profanity etc. as many readers may be under the legal age*

*Works must be done by you, please do not steal other's and claim it as your own*

*Use of bases are allowed*

* Submitted works must be clear, please no blurry images*
Hello everyone! I have some news. One of our group affiliates :iconworking-creations: is having trouble getting some new members. It would be great for you guys to join. The group is about if you are a commissioner to get noticed for others to see your art. It is also for people who are looking for a deviantant to commission. If you have any further questions about the group you can ask the group founder :iconmochaneko:. Thanks for reading everyone and I'm sure the founder will greatly appreciate if you guys join. Have a nice day everyone!

I originally started talking about this in September.

And no, it still hasn't started.  But it will.  Soon.

People have been showing interest, thankfully, and now people are telling me they want to contribute prizes (kudos for you guys!) so it should be starting sometime in the near future.

-totally just jinxed self-

Anyway, I made a change that will actually make everyone's life easier:  eliminating the categories bit.  (Why did I add that inn the first place?)

So here's the deal:

What I'm going to do is give you a word and YOU, my lovelies, are to draw me a BEAUTIOUS picture relating to that word in whatever way you feel suits you.

1: Must be your own work. No bases, stealing, "borrowing," tracing, yada yada yada. You know the drill, guys. Do your own stuff, yeah? If I have an inch of suspicion, I WILL check.
2: When you submit it, submit it to that sexy little "CONTEST" folder. It'll be in all caps so you have no excuse not to. If it's not submitted there, tough beans. If you are trying to and cannot, please LET ME KNOW. Send a NOTE to ME. Not the group. I am specifically in charge of the contest, so I want to make sure that I find your questions and concerns.
3: Please title it appropriately. No one is really interested in pictures with a name like "Contest Entry." Come on guys! Captivate me! Pull us in with an interesting title me can remember. Not everyone's memory is spectacular.
4: In the artist's description:
:bulletpink:a quick explanation is needed. All I need is at least one sentence explaining what it is that you are showing me.
:bulletblue:the category you are submitting it to (see above) must be noted. It can be to more than one thing, but YOU CAN ONLY WIN ONE TIME.
:bulletgreen:The group must be credited in some way.

Power Puff Girl colored bullets!  8D

Here's the fun part.  We need some artists willing to give out prizes! If interested, please let me know. Now, we won't be able to have a ton of these guys, but it'll be a good way to get yourself noticed. We have a ton of talented artists here, and it would be wonderful if you would participate!


What I hope to do is something in the terms of:
1st: A full character picture with a background
2nd: A character sketch/line art with background
3rd: a chibi or icon

Currently I believe we have had one person agree to an intricate
line art, two people for character sketches, one person for chibis, and possibly one person for icons.  I think.

:iconunclesamplz:  I want YOU to join this group's contest.

People will vote for the winner at the end of the contest, m'kay?

We have no date since we have so few prizes. When I have a date, you'll have a word to work with.

Please let me know if you are even remotely interested in doing either of these things. It's the only way we will hold this.  I'm not holding something for two people.  =_=;;  (Not that I don't love you.)

Have fun, and be creative!

Thank you, my lovelies!
And in case I don't talk to you soon, happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and whatever other holidays there are.

Dick-tator Co-founder
Hi Everyone! It's me :iconbritiniplz: here and I just wanted to tell you we have gallery folder's so If you have a specific piece of art you can put it in the gallery folders as well! The group folder's we have are for the contest that are co-founder :icontheschemingnocturne: is holding. There is also folders for animations, Fan art, Original characters (ocs), and meme's. Thanks for reading everyone! Also If you have any questions about the folder's feel free to ask! :D
Your  founder
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Here we are! YOUR MASTERS!!!! The people who try to keep this place up and running!





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This is a group for people who love to draw anime or cartoons! (Yes, this includes OCs.)Also you dont necessarily have to draw anime if you like to look at it you can become a member also. We welcome everyone and anyone to join!

We also feature commissionists, so if you're interested, please send a message!

We hope you have fun drawing anime and faving some of the great artist here ^^
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These groups are also very amazing to! They have some great art in their groups. Enjoy Their amazing art work as well :)


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