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Johnny stared at the grave for a moment, then knelt down in front of it. He took the daisy out of his bag, and placed it reverently on the grave.
He stayed still for several minutes, until he finally said, “Father, are you there?”
A short pause. “Listen, I really do need to speak with you. Mother’s been… controlling of late, and…”
He petered off, unable to continue. He looked up and saw a young couple across the cemetery, looking concerned, and mildly scared.
Johnny waited for them to leave to continue.
“Anyways, if you’re here, I need to talk now. Come on, I know you’re there…”
After a moment, a male voice, with a British accent matching his son’s, replied.
“Yes, what is it Johnny?”
Johnny jumped slightly, as he was only half expecting a response, and smiled slightly.
“I’m sorry to disturb you, but I need advice.” He said, pleadingly.
Patrick Toast chuckled. “I was never good with giving advice…”
Johnny explained, “Mother really wants me to become a detective of some sort, like you were.”
“I was a private investigator, does she really want that for you?” His father asked, sounding genuinely surprised.
“Apparently.” He said, simply.
There was a long, drawn out pause before Patrick Toast spoke again.
“Did you tell your mother about your gift?” He said, sounding as though he was grasping for another topic.
Johnny rolled his eyes, exasperated. “Yes, she doesn’t believe me.”
“Hm.” He sounded thoughtful.
“Could you please not change the subject? I don’t see how it’s relevant right now.” Johnny said, desperately wanting guidance from his father.
He sounded taken aback. “Not relevant? Your little gift is the only reason we’re speaking right now.”
Johnny took a moment to process this. “Yes, I know. Can you please answer my question?”

Johnny’s father hesitated. “I don’t see what the issue is. I thought you wanted to be a detective.”
“I did, until we started talking.” Johnny replied.  
Patrick said, “Ah, because you know ghosts exist, you now want to hunt them down?”
“Only bad ones.” Johnny said quickly, knowing that his father was good.
Patrick sighed. “Johnny, listen to me… ghosts aren’t all bad, or all good, just like how people aren’t. The major difference between a ghost and a human is that when ghosts get bored, and they create mischief… that can lead to people getting hurt.”
“So… I’d have to hunt good ghosts, too?” Johnny asked, perplexed.
“It’s not divided into good or bad, Johnny, it’s not that simple-” He cut himself off. “You’re a bit young to understand.”
“Everyone says that about everything.” Johnny muttered mutinously.
“Just… don’t trust any ghost, alright?” Johnny’s father asked, pleadingly. “They’re mischievous, and potentially very dangerous.”
Johnny frowned. “Wait, but you’re a ghost. Should I not trust you?”
There was a long pause. “No. You really shouldn’t.”
“Father, what should I do?” Johnny cried out.
“That’s up to you, Johnny.” His father replied, firmly.
Johnny mumbled, “But, I don’t really want to give up on it…”
“Then don’t.” There was a short pause, after which Johnny’s father said, hesitantly, “Listen, Johnny, this is going to be the last time I speak with you.”
Johnny frowned, “But… father, why…?”
“I’ll try to keep an eye out for you, when I can. And just because I won’t talk back doesn’t mean I won’t hear you.” He was trying to sound reassuring.
Johnny cried out in frustration, saying “You’re avoiding the question again.”
“Sorry about that… anyways, it makes no difference to me whether you’re a ghost hunter, or a private investigator. I’ll support you, no matter which you choose… or if you find some way to choose both.” Patrick said, quickly.
Johnny was just as confused as before, and maybe even more conflicted. “Father…”
“Yes..?” Patrick asked, sounding rushed.
Johnny wanted to say it, but had trouble. Finally, he said desperately, “I just want to say goodbye. It’s more than I got to say the first time.”
Patrick said, gently, “Goodbye Johnny.”
And with that, Patrick Toast ceased speaking to his son.
Johnny whispered, “Goodbye father.”
He got up and began to walk home.
Well, I've now discovered that editing this takes about five times as long as initially writing it. 
So, I'll try to upload a new part every two or three days, because editing is KILLER. But who knows? Sometimes I might finish early, or late, depending on how much time I'm able to spend writing and editing on a given day...
Regardless, I hope you enjoy! :)
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