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Is anyone here interested in group events? If so, please comment and tell us what you would like to see happen!

Some ideas:
Art contests
Design contests
Art war
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:star: Just click on Join Our Group to become a member.
We are a group for all people who love Anime—if you do... then this is the group for you!

Respect the other members.

Art Rules

:star: Art theft and plagiarism is not allowed in our group.
:star: Deviations which contain mature content must have a mature content filter.
:star: Traced Manga Panels and Pages and Colored Manga are no longer accepted.
:star: We do NOT accept adoptables/advertisements.

How to Submit:

:star: Go to Gallery Folder
:star: There 17 folders to choose from (Original Art 4, Fan Art 3, Literature, Crossover, Mature, Cosplays 3, Photography, Artisan Craft, Sketches/Doodles, Lineart-Only, Black and White - Monochrome, Comic Pages/Strips 2, Ref Sheets, Interactive Games, Animations, Landscapes and Tutorials)
:star: You'll see a + sign on each folder
:star: Choose the artwork you want to submit
:star: Submit your artwork.


:star: Right now, there is a limit of 2 deviations per day in the submissions you can make, but PLEASE, dont fill our area with LOTS of submissions in one day !
:star: If we didn't state the reason why your submission was denied, it's mainly because you submitted your work to the wrong folder. You may re-submit it to the correct folder anytime.


:star: We accept any affiliates, just send us a note and we will be glad to add your group.
:star: We also send a monthly journal to all our members to let them know about the groups contest and important info.
:star: If you have a contest and you need a prize, we can give your winner a journal feature, an interview and show the winner to all our members, so that the winner can get pageviews and favs.


Our awesome affiliates!

Gallery Folders

Pain 1 Colored by AiroArt
Dinner is Served by NPCWolf
Kiss above the clouds [Asuna x Kirito] by LesleeTussa
Asuna X Kirito by NaokoYamashita
Administration Section
Nature Deceiving by Ateliae
Does it hurt? by Ateliae
Eden of Conviction by Ateliae
I didn't read the folder titles before submitting
3-D Art
Catwoman by xKamillox
Happy New Year 2020 Deviantart by 3d-cgx
Intergalactic Angel Jyuna 2.0 by 3d-cgx
Agent Midori by 3d-cgx
Ancient Mummy TG Animation by cchimeras
GOLDEN AXE III - Kain Grinder by PomPomKing
CE: SweetheartTarot's OC (Painting Animation) by VexingYA
Finished YCH 'Wink' by Sherharon
Artisan Crafts
Ojamajo Doremi - bookmark by giulal
Inosuke Polymer Clay Figure by BL-ea-CH
Nami handmade necklace doll by Makicreazion
Commission: Jessie and James Pokemon Card Pendant by BlackManaBurning
Black and White - Monochrome
Riley Miacaryn (Commission for Sentriiel) by AdrienKurai
Learning Magic by Daisetsu-bushido
SEIFUKU Inktober 2019 [Day 29] by Hanapen
To Kainkout 02 by Somvold
Comic Pages+Strips FULL
Hassan of the Serenity by Sohoken
French RAC Panhard 178 - FT Tanks with CREWS by Svetoslawa
Happy Friends by tahonard
Luciana FE by PsychoWolFFy
Comic Pages+Strips 2
Dark Ages page 3 INDIEGOGO LIVE by Alf-Alpha
Dark Ages Pg 4 INDIEGOGO LIVE by Alf-Alpha
My Lady~(Soma x Kara Route) by ReiyuuSama
In The Mirror..Quick Reaction! To Save Her Life! by StalinDC
Cosplays 1 FULL
Ciri Alternative Look by DrosselTira
Cosplays 2 FULL
Mordred Saber of Red Fate/Apocrypha cosplay by DrosselTira
Cosplays 3 FULL
Akagi (8) by Koyuki by Nlghtmal2e
Cosplays 4
Tamamo Vitch Cosplay by a4th
.: five Beauties :. by Sincity2100
Fan Art 1 FULL
SNK Commission : Historia and Eren by Heisedebao
Fan Art 2 FULL
Underwater Dance by Vanilla-Mai
Fan Art 3 FULL
Cammy White (Street Fighter) by retardedMonk
Fan Art 4 FULL
Game: Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I by prince-kristian
Fan Art 5 FULL
Formidable - Azur Lane by KanaYukino
Fan Art 6 FULL
Halloween in Bedrock by AliceAcorn6003
Fan Art 7
( Fanart ) Sesshomaru sama by meowmeow10x
Interactive Games
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Icon by VigorzzeroTM
Incoming Storm by JellySnek
Elizabeth by WoRLDLeSS-Heart

Mature Content

Poison Ivy. by CrazyDraftsman
Original Art FULL
demon by Shiroxe
Original Art 1 FULL
Matsuko White Sukumizu by AG-Femo
Original Art 2 FULL
The Neptunia Dating Quiz by wbd
Original Art 3 FULL
Chibi Ventus by CyborgNekoSica
Original Art 4 FULL
Khleo by SaphireShear
Original Art 5
request Lavellan by ReinerKeiter
Kiba Inuzuka +Clash in the Land of Snow+ by Arctic--Revolution
Ref Sheets
Master Ori OC Design (1st Edition) | Tom Smith by TheUnlimitedFortress
Panda Tablet Sketch 290120 by PandaPawPaw
[Tutorial] Simple Gemstone Painting by Meryosie
Draw this in your style Orangesekaii by Chie00chan






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