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Is anyone here interested in group events? If so, please comment and tell us what you would like to see happen!

Some ideas:
Art contests
Design contests
Art war
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Group Rules

Join Request

:star: Just click on Join Our Group to become a member.
We are a group for all people who love Anime—if you do... then this is the group for you!

Respect the other members.

Art Rules

:star: Art theft and plagiarism is not allowed in our group.
:star: Deviations which contain mature content must have a mature content filter.
:star: Traced Manga Panels and Pages and Colored Manga are no longer accepted.
:star: We do NOT accept adoptables/advertisements.

How to Submit:

:star: Go to Gallery Folder
:star: There 17 folders to choose from (Original Art 4, Fan Art 3, Literature, Crossover, Mature, Cosplays 3, Photography, Artisan Craft, Sketches/Doodles, Lineart-Only, Black and White - Monochrome, Comic Pages/Strips 2, Ref Sheets, Interactive Games, Animations, Landscapes and Tutorials)
:star: You'll see a + sign on each folder
:star: Choose the artwork you want to submit
:star: Submit your artwork.


:star: Right now, there is a limit of 2 deviations per day in the submissions you can make, but PLEASE, dont fill our area with LOTS of submissions in one day !
:star: If we didn't state the reason why your submission was denied, it's mainly because you submitted your work to the wrong folder. You may re-submit it to the correct folder anytime.


:star: We accept any affiliates, just send us a note and we will be glad to add your group.
:star: We also send a monthly journal to all our members to let them know about the groups contest and important info.
:star: If you have a contest and you need a prize, we can give your winner a journal feature, an interview and show the winner to all our members, so that the winner can get pageviews and favs.


Our awesome affiliates!

Gallery Folders

Pain 1 Colored by AiroArt
Dinner is Served by NPCWolf
Kiss above the clouds [Asuna x Kirito] by LesleeTussa
Sao:Asuna and Kirito by anime-dreamer13
Fan Art 1 FULL
Azura - Fire Emblem Fates by AztoDeus
Come Sing with me- Kotori by kagura-yuukii
[CE] Sinister Sisters by Ponepyon
Archer Inferno by Skyde-Kei
Original Art 1 FULL
VC by RuzuRifu
Little Angel (commission) + Nsfw by Reivash
Commission - Vestri by azubull
Little witch by KuroYuki-SnowFlake
Administration Section
Nature Deceiving by Ateliae
Does it hurt? by Ateliae
Eden of Conviction by Ateliae
SSJBlue Callion (animation) by ultimateEman
The Dannis and the childrens by BlackdragonVania
Pinkie Pie on the beach by SAFartwoks
chibi YCH [open] by aImsivi
Artisan Crafts
Hiss Mine! (Gegege No Kitaro) by IkaNe96
[Adopt Auction] Dollydolls Adoptables [ OPEN ] by MissxKyle
Adopts 1 {OPEN 2/3} by BonnieAdopts
Fire Gunter by Maya-nyan
Black and White - Monochrome
Raina(commision) by aminkhai
Inktober 16 - Angular by LauBun
Balalaika by TheKikkaKibaz
Ex from the Dead - Prologue by zloi-bules13
Cosplays 1 FULL
Beyond Hope | Trafalgar Law [Dressrosa Arc] II by PirateHeartbeat
Grell: Black Butler by SkyFox345
''My memories... They're real, aren't they ?'' by HystericalDemon
[OPEN3/5]AUCTION Fantasy Girls Set10 by WhiteLie-Adopt
AUCTION OPEN - Adoptable Clovenier *closed species by SLXEGIN
YCH -Bid OPEN by pork-chops
Yummi-Bear Adoptables [ OPEN 3/4 ] by Myunami
Gobuta x Priestess x Witch by AlphaDeltaZeta
SKETCH04 by turtlechan
Comic Pages+Strips FULL
The Adventures of Birdbrain and Innocent ch.1 p.7 by UchihaSama224
Comic Pages+Strips 2
Work-Stud: Episode 143 by Clovis15
Fan Art 2 FULL
Underwater Dance by Vanilla-Mai
Fan Art 3 FULL
Nothing beats out Explosion by MisterMAS
Fan Art 4
Fuu by EienNoEquinox
Original Art 2 FULL
Autumn by hinaka1
Original Art 3
Le keke des plages by Strawberry-Tate
Cosplays 2 FULL
Mordred Saber of Red Fate/Apocrypha cosplay by DrosselTira
Cosplays 3
Eli FOX (11) by Koyuki by Nlghtmal2e
Halloween Lights by kagura-yuukii
Skin Tones Palette by jt-designs-123
Ref Sheets
she | OC ref by Iuvvy
Interactive Games
Akali KDA by kagura-yuukii

Mature Content

Sophia x Gale by CrimsonSkyrim
Abandoned Dream by Dar-Pustoshi
Original Art 4
Mireille Chibi by MaraWeinke






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