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Stop hating autistic people, please?

I am sick of people hating autistic people... :x

My girlfriend, dmonahan9 and I have autism, but we are proud of it! ;)

But there are idiots who think that autism can be cured. :stare:
But autism cannot be cured! :x
It's a serious disorder, not a disease.

I hate the evil girl, Stage-Burner's "Autism Must Be Cured!" stamp because it's wrong and disrespectful! I hate her so much for being so mean to autistic people.  :x
Reasons why Stage-Burner is really evil:…

Shout-out to:

I credited Wingless-Butterfly55 because I used her stamp base.
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I too have Autism:omfg: I was bullied from 3rd Grade ALL THE WAY up to graduation from High School because of it:( Bullies......FUCK. OFF:X

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Thank you for this stamp. I'm an Aspie.

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The worst she did: She made Jerimin19 to commit suicide for not liking kpop

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no, it’s completely normal. Survival of the fittest, uwu!

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Amen, my guy. We autist

shouldn't be object like we're

a bunch of unstable loons,

with the exception of CWC,

who in my opinion doesn't

deserve any what we want

due to the s***t he's done

in the past and now.

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Someone called me obsessed, when I defended Jeremin19. Like people still think she’s alive. Is it wrong to tell people that she died? Also I have autism and depression like Jeremin did. Like what the hell?

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Sorry to say it. But Stage-Burner force Jerimin to commit suicide, not because she has depression.
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I know that but I was talking about me having depression and feeling like how she felt. I wanted to kill myself because of the bullying I experienced. I didn't mean she had depression.

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There was a guy who threw a little 6 year old boy off the Tate Modern Balcony and his excuse was that his autism and voices in his head make him do it and he wanted to be on TV, sick bastard.

I have autism, I would like to be on TV but not by throwing people off high distances off the ground for attention, I would want to be an improvised comedian or a voice actress. Luckily the boy survived, but has sustained spinal and limb damage.

Sick bastards like him shouldn't just get a slap on the wrist.

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I know, this was a few months ago too

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He sounds like a lying scumbag, pretending to have autism just to gain sympathy which is disgraceful, sick and disgusting.

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Exactly my thoughts when I saw it on the news

I have it, at least I'm not like those who use it as an excuse for their bad behavior. Whomever says it's a disease are prejudiced assholes and wherever Stage-burner is, I hope the law arrests her!

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I have autism and I'm proud of it.

The whole bullshit negativity about autism really needs to stop..

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I have to get disability money for me very hard for me to do thing :(

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I don't hate have autism, but a lot of my friends have it and I love them so much! I have ADHD though.

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I have autism aswell but I keep getting anxiety from drawing

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I don't hate autistic people, but people need to stop doing that. It's hurting their feelings

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I have autism and I was bullied by everyone including teachers.

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