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Request 56 by FubukiNileKyoya Special thanks to FubukiNileKyoya for the artwork 


"In the city of Tokyo the capital of Japan various kaiju ,villains and size shifting villains appear from the shadows at the night ready to wreak havoc that's when two Kisaragi Students Naomi Nakashima and Ayumi Shinozaki transform into the Ultra Hero Duo Ultrawoman Ayumi and Ultragirl Naomi and fought against the kaiju and villains side by side but as the remaining kaiju and villains are ready to use their attack the heroes use their powers to fight them with the upper hand and one of the villains yelled out the shocked words "what power!!!! how is this possible?!"  they yelled out with fear in their eyes then Ultragirl Naomi and Ultrawoman Ayumi charges up their finishers and said the words in their bravery and courage "We're Ultra Heroes from the Land of Light protectors of Earth and all of it's inhabitants! defending the city and the world from villainous forces like you!" and with that they used their finishers on the kaijus and villains as they scream in defeat and thus the kaijus and villains are defeated thanks to the two powerful heroes and Tokyo was saved once again thanks to Ultrawoman Ayumi and Ultragirl Naomi the Kisaragi Ultra Heroine Duo that saved the city they called home!"

:iconnaominakashima: and :iconayumi-shinozaki: belongs to Team Gris Gris , 5pb. , XSeed Games and Marvelous AQL.Inc 

Ultra Series belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

Story written by :iconanimeartist154ever:
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Submitted on
October 8, 2017