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Ultrawoman Ayumi Episode 2 The Hero of Tokyo

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 10:03 AM
Ayumi, Octopus -Test your might by Ekkonshon special thanks to Ekkonshon  for this lovely artwork


"In the city of Tokyo Japan a Kaiju that is a humanoid squid mosasaurus like creature that goes by the name Daiouika begins to attack the city! but that's when the city's guardian Ultrawoman arrives on the scene ready to defeat the kaiju menace but Daiouika begins to attack by using it's laser beams from it's fangs but Ultrawoman Ayumi dodges the creatures attacks after getting hit by one of Daiouika's laser beams but as Daiouika got weak by moonlight Ultrawoman Ayumi uses her finisher the Ultra Ray and defeats Daiouika for good. as the citizens of Tokyo were cheering Ultrawoman Ayumi flies into the night sky after saving the citizens from a evil ocean kaiju."

Ayumi Shinozaki belongs to Team Gris Gris 5pb. XSeed Games Marvelous Entertainment

Daiouika belongs to me

Ultra Series belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

Story by :iconanimeartist154ever:

Journal by Copper-LightSource/*

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July 24, 2017


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