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Moon Goddess :REQUEST: by DoremiSanyouluv special thanks to DoremiSanyouluv for making this beautiful picture of Moon aka Selene


This RP Story is for nickhalperin and me to do

Story: "Long ago in the realm of the skies untouched by mankind there are two deities Selene goddess of the moon and Elio god of the sun the two created day and night in the form of Lunala and Solgaleo but that's when the giant Miraculous guardians Marinette who becomes Ladybug to guard the sun gem and Mareta who becomes Luna Moth to guard the moon gem everything was all and well with the land and that's when Selene had sent her brave warrior of the moon the hero of blue hair and red eyes who is her champion and paladin who defeated many enemies on earth to protect the moon gem with her allies the heroes of the sun now thousands of years passed the moonlight paladin champion now travels around the regions just to make sure everything is peaceful with her moonlight dragon familiar Yuka Mochida."

Anime belongs to :iconanimeartist154ever:

:icontrainersunplz: and :icontrainermoonplz: and other characters belongs to their respective owners

prologue story written by :iconanimeartist154ever:
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Submitted on
August 8, 2017