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A New Ultra Hero Appears

In the shopping center in Seoul after Giga Mermaid's defeat

Citizens: (looking for clothes and such while chatting)

Schoolgirl: hey did you hear about the giant hero that saved us from giant monsters?

Male Student: yeah I did that being took that giant mermaid down just to show that giant beings are no match for the Ultra Hero!

Ji Hyeon: (was listening to the conversation) a Ultra Hero defeated a mermaid?

That's when a new villain appears it was Ultraman Cat Blanc and Ultrawoman Miss Fortune the evil akuma counterparts of Ultraman Cat Noir and Ultrawoman Ladybug

Ultraman Cat Blanc: so this is Seoul huh? hehehehehe... (uses his Akuma energy to create kaiju from other worlds)

???: Hold it right there you two!

Ultrawoman Miss Fortune: (gasps) oh no it's Ultragirl So Young!!!

Akuma Kaijus: (roars with shock)

Ultraman Cat Blanc: well protector of the earth you are outnumbered by our Akuma Kaijus who are the Akumatized characters from other worlds!

Ultragirl So Young: oh no.... (is outnumbered)

Suddenly a flash of light appears was the new Ultra Hero Ultraman Hee Min

Citizens: it's Ultraman Hee Min! (cheers)

Ultraman Hee Min: So Young let's battle those villains together it's the kaiju and the bad guys themselves who are outnumbered!

Ultragirl So Young: right! (has her fighting stance)

The two began fighting the Akuma Kaiju in a epic battle as the power of two heroes got the upper hand leaving the two evil Ultras remaining as they too battled them.

Ultraman Cat Blanc: grrr you defeated our kaiju!!! (his color timer blinks red)

Ultrawoman Miss Fortune: (color timer blinks red as well) you haven't seen the last of us Ultra Heroes!

they fly away back into the skies and Ultrawoman Ladybug and Ultraman Cat Noir appears to congratulate the two heroes.

Ultrawoman Ladybug: well done you two you have defeated the Akumatized villains in kaiju form. (uses her healing powers that changes the kaiju back into anime, video game and cartoon characters and restores the city of Seoul from the kaijus power)

Ultraman Cat Noir: yeah and they always say two makes a powerful force then a lone force!

Later in the heart of Space

a newer villain appears

???: so those two are a team now hehehehehehe... I shall summon my power and take the earth mwahahahahaha!!!!!

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Coming Soon
In this chapter to the story our hero get's surrounded by a army of Akuma kaiju summoned by Ultraman Cat Blanc and Ultrawoman Miss Fortune but a new hero by the name Ultraman Hee Min appears to help out our hero as well as the other Ultra Heroes from past present and future that will make a cameo appearance but will they team up let's find out in chapter 3

:iconleeheeminplz: and Han So Young belongs to Sonnori

Other Characters belong to their respective owners

Ultra Series belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

Story created and written by :iconanimeartist154ever:
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September 11


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