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Hello!  66 DeviantArt artists are working together to publish Anime Angels, a new original-character anime artbook.  The book will be 100 pages with 93 angel artworks, and has contributions from all 66 artists plus a great cover by shilin.  Together, we're from 22 different countries.

Right now we're running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the book.  We're also printing bonus angel postcards, prints, and posters just for the Kickstarter campaign.  Please help us to reach our target of $7000, to pay for printing costs.

UPDATE (Feb. 15): For people without a credit card or who don't want to create an Amazon account to preorder using Kickstarter, we now have a separate Paypal preorder page set up at animeangelsbook.com/preorder.h…

Click to help us publish our book!

This is the cover angel by shilin

Here are all 66 artists who are making angel art for the book:

:iconred-priest-usada:   :iconameigaart:   :iconuniesque:   :iconchasikrat:   :iconcos22:   :iconlin-k0:   :iconannabelle-l:

:iconzzzeus:   :iconbayou-kun:   :iconkukico:   :iconsetsuna22:   :iconkorilin:   :iconchocobikies:   :iconchinchikurin:

:iconeternal-s:   :iconjake-a-lina:   :iconclaudialaw:   :iconkoyamori:   :iconkumiventura:   :iconnick-ian:   :iconhomeworld4:

:iconaiki-ame:   :iconnikoobu:   :iconchinky-chan:   :iconeorii:   :iconfinni:   :iconm-o-th:   :iconfictograph:

:iconcelsa:   :iconwireko:   :iconnachooz:   :iconstarlightdevil:   :iconjennaris:   :iconladre:   :iconserain:

:iconalkemanubis:   :icononirin:   :iconjurieduty:   :iconkidokaproject:   :iconreirei18:   :icontamasaburo09:   :iconkata-009:

:iconhitsukuya:   :icongasara:   :iconlo-wah:   :iconlilbang:   :iconderlaine8:   :iconyukitsune:   :iconrekslare:

:iconmissypena:   :iconhorror-child:   :iconpruchsintunava:   :iconrush--it:   :iconernn:   :iconkompeiito:   :iconf-lyts:

:iconsoojinp:   :iconnazgullow:   :icontwitchhhhh:   :iconnobu-hazel:   :iconqrullgx13:   :iconzearyu:   :iconsmallsushi:

:iconarashi-yukawa:   :iconrenevatia:   :iconaaorin:

Thanks to the entire DeviantArt community for your support!

(Book project coordinated by brucekun)
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just curious but how are you doing on the funding goal? (mainly asking since you have other payment options then kickstarter I figure the 2.4k might not be accurate)
notKingCole's avatar
Wow, just the sampling of art here is amazing! I'm also an aspiring mangaka, but I'm not that good... excellent work, though! I'm inspired!
Brett-Neufeld's avatar
Sorry, I also ment to ask, is this only available in the US, or will I be able to get a copy in Canada?
animeangelsbook's avatar
> will I be able to get a copy in Canada?

Hello -- on the Kickstarter page, the "international angel", "international angel first class", and several of the other choices will ship to anywhere outside of the U.S., including Canada. So yes, for preorders there are many options that will ship the book to Canada.

> I first need to figure out how to pay online.

For Kickstarter support you need a credit card and a (free) Amazon account. If you don't have a credit card, we have a Paypal preorder page set up at [link] However the Kickstarter page is preferred, if you're able to use it.
Brett-Neufeld's avatar
I want this! I'll back it, but I first need to figure out how to pay online...
But I'm with you all! You have my word!
iela1991's avatar
OMG! I WANT ONE!! >_< I have the money....it's that....I don't know how to work with paypal yet although I HAD and account...TT-TT ....... need to provoke my dad so I could get to work on my paypal! Ufufufu..... >_<
I'm planning on going with the 'Angel' option. But i was wondering is there any chance of a PDF/E-book format for this? I'd still want the book but it'd be real cool to be able to see these on my tablet. (Sadly books tend to degrade fast in my hands).
Plus it would probably expand the interest to have a lower priced PDF only option and book+pdf option for $x amount over the pledge for just the book.
animeangelsbook's avatar
There are no current plans to do a PDF version - one of the main goals is to get the artists out in a printed book.
Shualee's avatar
awesome project I wish I could get a book but cuz I can't I'm gonna tell people about this!
yumkeks's avatar
Nice project :D I like the idea of putting so many artists together in an artbook with a theme ^^ I'll buy one copy right now because I'd like to support the artists *_*
yumkeks's avatar
OK ...it failed ... I've no credit card ;_; I thought I can pay with paypal >_< Is there any chance to get a copy without paying with a credit card? ;_;
animeangelsbook's avatar
I'm looking into the possibility of setting up a separate web page that would accept Paypal payments for Anime Angels book preorders. I can send you a note when that page is live.
yumkeks's avatar
That would be awesome! *_* Thank you! I'd like to!!!! :D
animeangelsbook's avatar
OK, I've now put together a basic Paypal preorder site for the book which offers the same rewards as the Kickstarter page. Please try it out at [link]
yumkeks's avatar
Thank you so much!!!! (^0^)/)))
I just ordered! m(Ö_Ö)m

I think it would be nice if you put a link to this site for other users without a credit card on your main website :D
technojunkie123's avatar
Looks really cool, I'll buy a copy as soon as I can. Good luck to all the artists making this!
animeangelsbook's avatar
Thanks! We also recently added a new "No-frills Angel" support category for U.S. supporters which is slightly less expensive ($27), and still offers a copy of the book.
technojunkie123's avatar
That's good for those who don't want to go over $30, but I think I'm leaning towards the "Angel" category because it's got better rewards and it's only $7 more :)
MidoriSithPostsArt's avatar
I'll be sure to pre-order one as soon as theres money in the bank, I'll be more than happy to contribute to your goal! :star:
It's international collaberations like this that make the DeviantART community special! :heart:
animeangelsbook's avatar
We also added a $27 "No-frills Angel" category a few days ago, so maybe that helps.
RachbakN's avatar
Cool! I wish it could be in every anime and manga convention!
TipsyReturns's avatar
I wish i had the money to buy such a wonderful piece :iconohpleaseplz:
animeangelsbook's avatar
There's now a $27 "No-frills Angel" choice, if that helps.

- brucekun
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