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UPDATE April 6:  The final PDFs for the book are now at the printer, and we're on schedule to receive softcover books by late May and hardcovers in June.  If you'd still like to preorder the book and receive the bonus items such as postcards, prints, or posters, you can do that at the Paypal page at least through May 15.  It's too late to get your name printed in the thank-you section of the book, but you'll still receive the bonus items.

UPDATE March 19: We reached our $7000 Kickstarter goal.  Thanks to everybody who supported the project by preordering the book!

NEWS UPDATE, March 14: Fred Gallagher, author of the well-known webcomic Megatokyo, has agreed to do an original guest artwork to be published in Anime Angels.  You can read his note about it at Megatokyo's Facebook page or Fred's Twitter page.  Welcome to the Anime Angels project, Fred!


(The original Journal post is below)

If you haven't preordered a copy of the Anime Angels artbook yet, you only have a few days left to get one as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the book.  Everybody who preorders gets their name in the acknowledgments section of the book, plus there are various special postcards and art prints available depending on your level of support.  The Kickstarter campaign ends on Sunday March 18, so that's the preorder deadline.

We've now chosen the designs for the extra postcards and art prints that come with the Angel First Class, Seraphim, and Archangel preorders.  Four of the five interior art postcards and prints will be from a series by hitsukuya - these artworks also appear in the book and are titled Heaven, Earth, Hell, and Purgatory.  The fifth postcard / print is "Battle Angel" by Kukico, since we figured we should include at least one guy angel among all the girls. :-)

Here's a montage of the five angel artworks that will be turned into postcards and 8x10 prints for preorders:

These should look really nice when they're printed as glossy postcards and prints.

Thanks for your support!  The Kickstarter page is here.

You can also preorder at the Paypal page if you don't have a credit card, or if you prefer to not create Kickstarter and Amazon accounts.
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Brett-Neufeld's avatar
5 days? Aw man, it's gonna take 5 days before I can start using my paypal account, and I don't have a credit card.
Looks like I'm not going to get to preorder ]-[
LooneyDanny's avatar
so what is the date that u have to pre-order by? cuz i get paid in 5 days :"o
animeangelsbook's avatar
The Kickstarter preorders end on Sunday March 18. So you need to make a pledge to the book project by the 18th, at Kickstarter.
Rutana's avatar
Great, now I'm thinking of managing my pledge from Cherubim down to Angel First Class....
Somehow I don't think that this is what you intented! XD
animeangelsbook's avatar
Hm, it's a useful point -- Cherubim is supposed to be the "basic hardcover book" choice that provides a single postcard, but it might be possible to offer the full set of 6 cards at this level without making it too similar to Seraphim, which is trying to be the "hardcover book plus extras" choice.

Kickstarter doesn't allow edits to rewards once a backer has chosen them, so I'm unable to change the Kickstarter text, however I have no problem with putting in a set of the 6 postcards for any Cherubim preorder. (The larger 8x10 prints are still just for Seraphim and up.)

- Bruce
Rutana's avatar
This is the thing. I prefer Hardcover over Softcover, in every case, so I choosed that version.
So this "update" is kinda... surprising XD
I didn't wanted to ask for anything extra though, but when I'm thinking about downgrading my pledge for a reward that actually sounds a bit nicer, I think others may be too and therefor it may be good for you to know. Over all, this campaign should be successfull, that's in my opinion the most important point, so... downgrading isn't really a positive thing :/
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