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So to make room for the Featured Deviation system, I'm going to put the group rules in this journal and link them to the homepage

Welcome to AnimeandMangaSociety! I am the Founder, :iconmadameangeldoll: This is a group dedicated to anything related to the Japanese Anime and Manga world. We accept any artist as long as they are interested in Anime or Manga.

:bulletgreen: Join requests are automatically accepted! :D

If you decide to join, our few rules include:

:bulletpink: Paying respect to all of the fellow club members, including the Admins.

:bulletred: Right now, members are allowed to submit unlimited art into the folders, with the exception of voting, except the Fanfiction folder, which we will only accept 4 fanfictions per day per member. If the submissions start to get out of control, I will change it to 3 submissions a day to each folder :)

:bulletorange: If you do not submit to the correct folder your deviation will NOT be added to the group's gallery. We will notify you if you submit into the wrong folder.

:bulletyellow: No art theft. If found, you will be kicked out immediately. This should be a given.

:bulletgreen: Constructive criticism as the form on critiques.

:bulletpurple: We allow Yaoi, Yuri, and Ecchi. Mature content MUST have a Filter on it, obviously.

:bulletblue: The featured folder is for more quality pieces, I will add images to the featured folder. But, members are allowed to submit into the Featured folder, only one deviation a month, so make it count! :la:

:bulletblack: Members of affiliated groups are not allowed to submit to the group unless they join

:bulletorange: The only reason your art may have gotten declined is because it may have been submitted into the wrong folder or you may have stolen it from somewhere

:bulletred: All levels of art are accepted! Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Expert, and anything in between! :)

If you would like to know more about the Featured Deviations system,
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Thanks for letting us know. :)