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            Hetalia-Christmas-hetalia-33044619-800-363 by animeandkpopforlife

It was the night before Christmas A.K.A Christmas eve. All the houses in the neighbor hood were silent...except one...

"C'mon guys, let's go to McDonald's!" A loud American yelled out. (not sponsored)

"Shut up, you bloody git!" An British 'gentleman' yelled out .

"We are not going to McDonald's!" England also yelled out. (again not sponsored)

Then all of a sudden Italy yelled "PASTA!~

Everybody went silent after that. Then all of a sudden ZE Awesome Prussia breaks down the door.

"Hey guys, heard there was a party hear and that Y/N was here too!" Prussia said Excitedly.

"Oh god." Mumbled Y/N.

All of a sudden, your phone starts ringing. The caller was your brother, Jimin (what, Jimin is my bias in bts)

"I'm going to answer this call guys, see ya." You then left the room.

"2 MORE HOURS TILL CHRISTMAS!" Screamed America. (actual time)

"SHUT UP, YOU BLOODY GIT!" Also screamed England.

Then Y/N comes back into the room.

"Hey guys, it's already Christmas where my brother is at." Y/N said

~Skip time brought to you by Haruka's mackerel~


"Hey guys, I made some fo-" You were cut off by the American yelling out.


After the American yelling that, all you could see was a big blur running into the kitchen.

"You people eat like a pack of wolves, Aru~." China said with a bunch of shrimp in his mouth.

Japan was eating quietly while writing something for a manga *cough* yaoi *cough*, America was shoving hamburgers down his throat...literally, and Hungary was hitting Prussia with her frying pan. You look at the clock, see that it was already 11:30.

"Guys, I think we should sleep now." You said.

"We should." said England

You all go in your sleeping bags and sleep in the living room on the floor.

~Time Skip brought to you by Jimin's chocolate abs. France: Ohohohoh~

As you wake up, you smell something cooking. No, no, no, it's not England cooking. It's South Korea making Bulgogi. You start screaming since he wasn't at your sleepover last night. South Korea starts panicking at the sound of you scream which made everyone wake up.

"Stop screaming, you bloody git!" England yells at you in which you shut up.

You quietly mumble "Bitch."

Then America yelled out "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Then you start yelling out "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Then everybody started yelling "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Everybody starting opening their gifts that was around the Christmas tree.

"Yeah, I got the new Captain America action figure!" America excitedly shouted.

"I've got some Earl Gray Tea." England said.

Everybody starting saying what they got. After that, everybody looked at you, wanting you to say what you got.

"I GOT A KITTEN!" You yelled out while holding the cat like he was Simba and you were Rafiki.
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Submitted on
December 25, 2016