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Super Briana (Dragon Ball OC - Part 2)Last time on the Super Briana arc, the Majin duo of Briana and Buu were visited by a mysterious scientist. She explains that she wants to find out more about the Majin race and conducting experiments with someone like Briana, who’s a human turned Majin, would be beneficial to her overall research. Although hesitant on the idea at first, Buu allowed his partner Briana to go along with the Female Researcher and take part in her research. Find out what happens now on this part of the Super Briana arc! After an hour of traveling, the GPS on the Female Researcher’s hoverbike indicated that the two of them were getting closer and closer to the Red Ribbon Army’s exclusive research facility. “We should be approaching my lab real soon, Briana! I hope that everything will be to your liking!”, shouted the scientist. Briana smiled jovially and replied, “Great! Briana can’t wait to get there! Will scientist lady have snacks there?” “Of course, I will! I’ll give you plenty of sweets before the experiments begin! I wouldn’t want my partner to be tested on an empty stomach after all! Well, I guess your stomach wouldn’t be empty considering you just had breakfast, but I know that you Majins can really pack away some food!” “Yep! Eating chocolates and candies all day is the best!”, Briana exclaimed while flying just above the Female Researcher’s hoverbike. The scientist smiled pleasantly and replied, “I feel the same way, Briana! There’s nothing better than consuming sweets!” After their brief little conversation, the two continued to travel until the Female Researcher finally reached her destination. Her small, white, and rectangular research facility was placed near the Rocky Canyon, the same area where Goku and Majin Vegeta fought to settle their rivalry. She parked her hoverbike just outside of the building. “Here we are, Briana! Sorry if it’s not as grand as you thought it would be! I like to keep my research nice and secluded to the point where I don’t stand out too much! It’s one of the main reasons why I’m out here in the desert!” “Briana no care about that stuff! Briana want food!”, exclaimed the female Majin as she began marching towards the entrance of the building. “As expected of you~”, whispered the Red Ribbon Army employee as she walked to the front door of the research facility. Once there, she placed her finger on a scanner, causing the doors to slide open immediately. As they walked inside, one could see that the interior was bright and sleek. Every aspect of the building was spotless considering that the Female Researcher was so meticulous that she made sure nothing would get in the way of her experiments. Currently, the two women were inside of the break room which featured a huge fridge, counter, sink, a table, microwave etc. On the door to the right leads to the Female Researcher’s laboratory which is filled with all sorts of high-tech equipment that are used to either carefully study new specimen, make inventions, or conduct highly-dangerous experiments. After taking a deep breath, the Female Researcher stated, “Alright, now that we’re here, we can begin our-!” Hearing chewing sounds behind her, the scientist turned around to see Briana already happily snacking on chocolate bars that she found in the fridge. Smears of chocolate coated her face as well as her chubby cheeks. “I can see that you already helped yourself to the food in the fridge… Well, that’s perfectly fine with me. It’s good to have something in your stomach. Do you mind sharing with me?”, asked the Female Researcher with a soft smile on her face. Briana handed the Female Researcher one of the chocolate bars without hesitation. In turn, the latter took a bite out of it and released a soft moan from her mouth, allowing her gluttonous, sweet-tooth side. Sounds of “Mmmmmm~” slipped right from the scientist’s mouth as she consumed the delectable bar of chocolate. Briana picked up on this and said, “Scientist lady really likes her chocolates, huh?” The Female Researcher’s cheeks turned red because of that comment and she proceeded to respond with, “Y-Yes, I guess I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth…. I just can’t seem to get enough of delicious candy~”. She said that last sentence with a more malicious tone, catching the attention of Briana, but she decided to put it to the back of her head as getting free candy from doing simple experiments was way more important to her. After Briana and the Female Researcher finished their little snack, the latter turned to the right and pulled out an ID badge from her lab coat pocket, which she put up to the scanner and used to open the lab door in front of her. Once the doors horizontally slid away from each other, the two females walked inside and Briana simply was in awe at all the large computers, huge test tubes, clean vials, working machines, shiny tables, and most importantly, the lab safety equipment. Since the Female Researcher is a meticulous scientist, she made sure that everything in her work area was spotless. “Woah….”, was all that Briana uttered from her mouth as she looked around the impressive laboratory. The Female Researcher smiled and said, “I see that you’re impressed, Briana…. This is where we shall begin our experimentation and find out just what makes you tick. Hopefully, after this, you’ll be able to achieve even greater heights than before!” Briana smiled at the prospect of being able to become even stronger and more capable. In that case, she could be able to help Buu out more often and all of his friends when push comes to shove. One of the things that Briana inherited from Buu, besides his otherworldly strength, is his sheer innocence and good-natured heart. Out of the corner of her eye, the female Majin noticed a very tall man standing in the corner. He seemed to be fitted with a dark undersuit, lime green vest, boots, bracers, orange mihawk, and small hoop earrings. “Who that?”, Briana asked simply while pointing to the man. The Female Researcher took notice of this and answered her question. “Oh, this is Android 16. He was created by the Red Ribbon Army, the same company that sponsors my research. He serves as a personal helper of mine. Say hello, 16.” The ginger-haired Android’s eyes moved towards the Majin as he said to her, “Hello…. Is there anything that you need help with, Miss 21?” “Nothing at all, but thank you for the offer, 16. Just go back to doing what you were doing before.” Android 16 simply nodded and went back to his favorite pastime of staring out the window and watching the birds hum and chirp. Seeing the beauty of nature unfold before his eyes always seemed to put a smile on the android’s face. Briana looked at the Female Researcher, taking into account what Android 16 had just said and asked the woman, “Miss 21? Is that you?” The Female Researcher slightly blushed and replied, “Yes, my name is Android 21… I was built by the Red Ribbon Army in order to further their research. However, you can just call me 21 if you like.” Android 21 then moved on from her late introduction and explained to the Majin, “Before we begin our tests for today, do you mind answering a few questions for me please?” Briana frowned a bit at this request and responded with, “Hmmm…. Briana don’t know…. Briana not so good with questions….” Android 21 giggled at her modesty and said, “No worries, I won’t be asking you any difficult questions. If you answer them all for me, I’ll give you even more chocolate and sweets. How does that sound?” An eager smile appeared on the chubby Majin’s face as she exclaimed, “More candy! Briana ready for questions!” 21’s smile stayed on her face as she pulled a desk chair from nearby and sat down on it. Briana followed suit by sitting down on the floor, crossing her legs like a little kid would do. 21 took out her notepad and began asking questions such as, “Okay, first of all, how did you feel after eating that chocolate that turned into a Majin in the first place?” Briana squinted her face trying to come up with a good answer, which 21 found to be humoring. After a few seconds, the female Majin answered with, “Briana felt great! All powered up and full of energy, so work became easy!”As she took some notes, Android 21 replied, “That’s really good to hear… Now for the second question, why did you go from working at an office job to running a bakery?” “Office job boring! Bakery is fun and made me feel good inside! Briana love working there! Lots of sweets to give out and eat!” “Speaking of sweets, have you always had a sweet tooth or is that something you acquired when you turned into a Majin?” “Briana don’t remember eating too many sweets before becoming all pink and chubby! Old Briana was weird! Can New Briana have chocolate now?” “In a second, Briana. I only have two more questions to ask of you, then I’ll let you help yourself to the other chocolate bars in the fridge. Now, were you alarmed or troubled when you noticed things like your skin becoming more like a rubbery property or your clothes changing to an attire like Majin Buu’s? “Hmmm…. Briana never really noticed anything… Briana did think it was pretty fun to be able to fly around and stretch! Look!” Briana stretched her right arm across the room and touched the shiny, grey wall on the other side. Then, she proceeded to stretch the same arm all across the room, bringing her an innocent joy. “Briana do remember Buu telling me to use more of my powers during training, so Briana would get used to it!” The female Majin retracted her arm and began playing with her rubbery flab like it was made of Play-Doh. 21 then went back to writing down notes in her notepad, pondering things such as, “Using her powers must’ve accelerated the transformation process. Still, it’s absolutely impressive how fast she managed to adapt to being a Majin!” After she was done, the Android cleared her thought and asked, “Okay, this is the final question. I was just wondering about why you always refer to yourself in the third person all the time. Is it an unconscious sort of thing or do you just like doing it?” Briana titled her head in slight confusion and proceeded to respond, “Briana don’t really know… Briana can’t help but talk like this…. Briana don’t mind though because Buu talk same as me and that means Buu and Briana are closer!” 21 smiled at Briana’s sheer innocence and asked her, “Well, could you at least try to form a proper sentence? Say something along the lines of, ‘I need to go to the grocery store’. Could you do that?” Briana squinted really hard and focused intently on speaking properly. She uttered, “I…. need go…. Briana need went…. grocery store…” Steam was starting to come out of her pores from thinking too hard and at this point, Android 21 simply said, “Nevermind, Briana! No need to stress yourself! You’re perfect as is! Why don’t we go get some more chocolate?!” “Yay! Briana love chocolate!”, exclaimed the Majin as she stood up and quickly headed to the fridge located outside of the lab. After another quick snack break, 21 once again led Briana into the lab to begin conducting the test trials. The brown-haired Android’s glasses sparkled with excitement as she began to say, “In here, the first test that we will be conducting is to examine the properties of your body and determine just what it is that you’re able to do with. Now, Briana, are you able to stretch yourself?” Briana nodded and replied, “Of course! Briana can stretch herself to any degree! Watch!” The female Majin then proceeded to grab a piece of her massive belly and stretch it outwards, allowing her sheer flab to expand in multiple places. She even became talented enough with this ability to where she could mold a part of her body to resemble the shape of a balloon animal. 21 put on a smile, absolutely adoring Briana’s childlike nature. She grabbed a pen and notepad from a nearby counter and asked her test subject, “Can you perform more tricks with that special body? I would love to see more.” Briana nodded and stuck her thumb in her mouth. She then began blowing air into it, which quickly made her body inflate like a balloon. She continued to have her abdomen expand outward until her belly was touching all four corners of the laboratory. Even though Android 21 was currently being smothered by Briana’s chubby body, she still found herself fascinated by the texture and durability of the Majin’s body. After grabbing a bit of Briana’s stomach and stretching it out herself, Android 21 wrote notes in her notepad and thought to herself, “Excellent… She’s just like the original Buu in the sense that she can change and mold her shape and size at any point. In fact, I think this Majin has potential to be even greater than Buu is… If that’s the case, then she’ll be perfect for my plan….” Even though she wasn’t instructed to, Briana decided to direct all the air inside of her body directly to her head, making herself into a bobblehead-like figure. She giggled like a little kid in the process, which in turn caused Android 21 to share in her joy as well, chuckling to herself as she watched Briana goof off for a bit. “Okay, I think we should be done with the first test now. You can return yourself to normal now. In a few minutes, we shall begin the second test”, Android 21 instructed as she finished scribbling down notes on her notepad. “Yay! Briana passed!”, exclaimed the female Majin after releasing the air from her body and returning to her normal shape. “Yes, you did, Briana! Since you’re such a good test subject, I’ll even let you have some more candy from the fridge since I have plenty to-!” Before the scientist could even finish her sentence, Briana made her way through the lab doors and out to the lounge area in less than a second. She picked up the fridge and began emptying the contents of it into her vast stomach. In her head, 21 thought to herself, “Woah… I didn’t even see her move! She’s certainly impressive! Well, at least I can mark off the speed factor for this next trial!” With a mouthful of chocolate bars, the female Majin asked, “What other fun things Briana do for 21?” Android 21 pushed her frames up and replied, “This next trial will be testing your overall power. I’ll be pairing you up against Android 16 here for the sparring match.” In his typical monotone voice, Android 16 said, “My scanners indicate that you are indeed very powerful, Majin Briana. I will be looking forward to our battle together.” “Oh, fight! Briana excited! Let’s fight!”, exclaimed the Majin with a wide grin on her face and let out a huff of smoke from her holes, indicating her excitement. 21 smiled as well and thought to herself, “Has she always had a competitive side to her? The original Majin Buu was known for his sheer nature for destruction and combat, so is this one of the things that Briana inherited from Buu himself? I wonder what other traits Briana got from him?” Once she was finished with her thought process, the brown-haired Android cleared her throat and said to the two figures in front of her, “Alright, since I don’t want anything in my laboratory to get destroyed, we’ll have your match outside. That way, the only thing that will end up being destroyed are the rocks and plateaus. Now, please follow me~” Briana and Android 16 did as the scientist instructed and followed 21 outside of the laboratory complex. Once she opened the front doors, the trio stepped outside and breathed fresh air. They now stood right outside the building which is in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Nothing but rock could be seen for miles out here. “Alright, you two can start your match whenever you’re ready!”, exclaimed Android 21. Briana was too distracted innocently consuming the last of her chocolate bar that she didn’t notice Android 16 took it upon himself to start his attack. The large Red Ribbon machine fired a rocket punch directly at Briana’s cheek. Once the punch connected with her face, her cheek began rippling like water and the impact made her drop her chocolate bar onto the ground. The pregnant Majin slightly opened her eyes once she realized what happened, causing more steam to pour out of her head as she began powering up. “You made Briana drop her chocolate! Now, Briana mad!!”, She exclaimed angrily, feeling that Majin anger get the better of her. In an instant, she appeared in front of the Android and delivered a blow to his abdomen, sending him flying back through several plateaus. It seems that along with his personality and appearance, Briana inherited Buu’s overwhelming power and strength. Even with all of the upgrades that 16 received from 21, he would stand no match to an angry Majin. Acting like an upset child, Majin Briana was too angry to focus on the bigger picture at hand and instead lamented about the chocolate bar that was currently melting on the hot ground. “Briana chocolate gone! That was last one in the fridge!” She exclaimed angrily as a powerful, purple aura began to surround her entire body, causing the area around to shake violently. Her eyes turned bright pink as well, symbolizing her growing fury. Trying to block the approaching dust out of her eyes, Android 21 thinks to herself, “Why does she even care? Can’t she just make more candy?! I guess it must be the child inside her that’s causing Briana to act irrationally… I need to put a stop to this….” The smoke coming out of Briana’s pores began to envelop around her body and swirled into a massive, hurricane-like shape. Even with all of her intelligence at hand, Android 21 did not have a clue as to what was going to happen to Briana if she kept powering up like this. However, she needed to make sure her experiment didn’t get too out of hand at the moment. The scientist then proceeded to call out to the angry Majin and said, “Briana! Let’s stop the training for today! I promise that there will be more sweets for you tomorrow!” “Really?! You’ll have more chocolate for Briana?!”, asked the Majin with a sudden smile on her face as she began to power down. “Y-Yes! All the chocolate and sweets that you desire! Just make sure to come back tomorrow, alright? That’s a promise!” In an instant, Briana powered down and said, “Okay! Briana head back home now! Take care, Miss 21!” Briana then took off into the air and flew off in the direction of her home. A few minutes later…. Once the female Majin made it back to her humble abode, Buu immediately opened the door, having sensed her energy from a far distance away. He had a worried expression on his face and began to ask questions along the lines of, “Is Briana safe? Is Briana hurt? Did scientist lady do anything to you?” Briana simply smiled at Buu’s overprotectiveness and replied, “No, scientist lady didn’t do anything! Briana got some chocolate, stretched around a bit, and got into a mock fight! Briana had fun! Briana was mad when Briana dropped her chocolate though! Do we have any more chocolate in the-!” Briana’s sentence was cut off by Buu who wrapped his arms around his partner, pulling her in for a warm embrace and planting a loving kiss on her cheek. Majin Buu was absolutely relieved that no harm had come to her, an emotion that he would’ve never have begun to feel back when he was first released on Earth. His time with Mr. Satan and Briana had changed him for the better. All of a sudden, the female Majin’s pregnancy cravings got the best of her and she immediately walked inside of their house to exclaim, “Briana need food now!” Buu simply laughed along innocently as he followed her inside and closed the door behind. Back with Android 21…. Meanwhile, Android 21 sighed heavily and contemplated what had just transpired. “That Briana is extremely powerful, no doubt about it… I think she could prove quite useful if she could control that volatile anger of hers and use it to achieve a higher level of power… Now, I should focus my attention on 16 and make sure that he’s doing okay….” And so, 21 grabbed her motorcycle and drove over to where 16 was. Although he had been damaged, the injuries weren’t critical at all and could be fixed easily with some quick repairs. “16, are you okay?”, was all that 21 could say as she slowly began trying to lift him off his back. “Data analyzed…. Test Subject, Majin Briana, is immensely powerful. She will be perfect for your plan, Miss 21….” With an evil grin on her face, Android 21 and said, “Yes, I already know….” What sort of plans does Android 21 have for Briana? Will the Majin return to complete her test trials or will she discover that there’s more to the Android than what meets the eye? Find out next time on Super Briana!...
Inktober day 8: Seiko Sonic watch by LovelyPrincessN64
Vice-Captain (One Piece OC)“And now…. Let us begin the celebration and never forget this momentous day where our tribe bravely fought off the likes of the World Government and protected our homes! And how could we forget the valiant efforts of the outsiders who helped us out! Please give a round of applause for….” “MHHMMMJNGHJDMMMHMMM!!! (More food please!!!)”, mumbled the captain of the Tiger-Shark Pirates herself as her cheeks were currently stuffed to the brim with foods such as beans, fish, mangoes, apples, bananas, berries and rice. Young navigator Hasho sighed heavily at his captain’s actions while Tataki, the son of the tribal chief and next in line to lead, laughed aloud, adoring this woman’s carefree personality. Taki’s laughter also spread amongst his family and the rest of the tribe who all absolutely loved the vibrant energy that Kuishi brought to them. As she quickly chewed and swallowed her food, the shark fish-woman laughed along and said, “Hahahaha! I have no idea what we’re laughing at!” Getting back to his speech, Chief Nanuk of the Rainforest Tribe exclaimed, “Please give a round of applause for the shark fishman Kuishi! Without her, none of what we accomplished today would’ve been possible!” As the entire crowd gathered in the center of the rainforest village clapped and cheered Kuishi on, the latter stood there and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly with a blush on her face. During Kuishi and Hasho’s adventure on the Rainforest Island, they encountered a well-rounded young warrior named Tataki, who is next to assume the title of chief in his tribe and were escorted by him to his indigenous village. At the same time, trouble brewed afoot as the World Government plans to seize the land belonging to the Rainforest Tribe by any means necessary. News of this greatly alarmed the civilians, but Kuishi was not one to sit idly by and let hundreds of years of culture be wiped away in the blink of an eye. Joining forces with Tataki and the rest of the Rainforest Tribe, Kuishi and Hasho were able to drive off the Navy forces from the island and protect the indigenous tribe’s homeland. Afterwards, the two pirates were invited to a celebration meant to honor their valiant efforts in protecting the Rainforest Island…. Chief Nanuk then continued his speech by saying, “And how could I forget the talent and courage of my first-born child, Tataki? He quickly rallied a plan for us to defeat the Navy and lead the charges alongside the fish-woman! He even took down the lieutenant of their forces singlehandedly! As a father, I couldn’t be prouder of the warrior and the man that my son has become! A toast to Tataki!” The members of the Rainforest Tribe along with Kuishi and Hasho grabbed their cups of wine and raised them in the air to celebrate the young warrior, leaving him absolutely astonished and grateful to be a part of such a community. “T-Thank you all!” He said aloud, smiling happily at this momentous occasion of his. Hasho took a sip of the wine and said, “Mmm, I like the taste! Are you sure I can drink this, Kui? I’m still a little kid after all~” The shark woman smiled and replied, “Ah, it’s no problem as long as you don’t have too much of it. Besides, you deserve it! You did really good out there, Hashy! I can’t wait until the next time that we can beat up some more people!” Kui put her left hand on top of Hasho’s head and gently rubbed his scruffy hair, causing him to blush as well. “K-Kui…? I-Is it okay if I…. give you a hug….?”, asked the young boy with a nervous tone in his voice. “Huh? What kind of question is that? Of course, you can give me a-!” Before the shark woman could finish her sentence, she found Hasho sitting on her lap wrapping his arms around her torso. His eyes were closed and hints of red were still visible on his cheeks. An adorable smile appeared on his face as he embraced the Tiger-Shark’s warmth. In her eyes, Kui thought that this was one of the most adorable things that she had ever seen in her life and continued to gently rub his head. “You’re so cute~” She thought to herself with a soft, motherly smile on her face. After the celebration was over and everyone else returned to their daily routine, Tataki was asked in private to speak with his own father inside of the council building. Once inside, Tataki said, “What is it that you want to speak about, Father?” Nanuk sighed and proceeded to ask his eldest child, “Son, do you truly want to be the next chief of this tribe? Is this something that you’re truly set on doing or is it something you feel pressured into?” Tataki’s eyes opened up, not expecting to have this conversation, but nonetheless, he answered by saying, “Father, you know that I love this village and the people here with all of my heart and if I had no other option, I would willing take up the mantle of chief at any given moment, but…. All my life I’ve been curious about what the outside world was like. There’s so many different places outside of our home that it would be a crime to not explore them all. Do you remember all of those questions I used to ask you everytime we used to go out and hunt together?” Nanuk smiled and replied, “Yes, I do remember that…. You were always such a curious boy and you never failed to ask me questions concerning where the animals came from or does every place in the world look like our home… That Tiger-Shark woman…. She’s the one who finally inspired you to come to this decision, hasn’t she?” “That’s correct…. Looking at her and the way she lives her life…. I want to be able to do that…. Explore the seas and see as much as I can! I feel like if I don’t go with her right now, I may never be able to have this opportunity ever again…. That’s why I’m asking you today to relinquish me of my responsibility of next in line as chief and let me set out on my own. I promise I’ll return to this land one day and show you all the things that I’ve discovered and-!” Before Tataki could finish his sentence, Nanuk wrapped his arms around his son and brought him in for a hug. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he embraced his eldest son as this would most likely be the last time he would have the chance to do so for a while. “Son…. No matter where you go or what you do in life…. Just know that I will always be proud of the young man that you’ve become…. Never let yourself falter no matter what situation you’re in and make sure to stay safe…. I’ll be letting your little sister know that she’s going to become the first female chief of our tribe!” Tataki’s eyes began to water as well, hugging his father back as he said, “T-Thank you, Father!” Finally, it came for the time where Kuishi and Hasho would have to depart the Rainforest Island and set off on their new adventures. As they loaded up the ship with some of the supplies given to them by the people as thanks for their valiant efforts as well as the treasure they acquired from the Navy, Hasho rested his chin on the railing of the ship, looking a bit melancholy. “Kui… do we have to leave so soon? These people were really nice to us…. We may not get the opportunity to kick back and relax like this in a while….” Hasho asked. After sitting the heavy boxes on the deck, the shark women turned around to look at the young boy and replied, “They were really nice, but… I just don’t wanna put them in danger or anything…. We’re pirates after all, so the longer we stay in one location, the more harm and attention we’ll bring to ourselves. It’s best to just go ahead and get back on the open sea before anything bad happens~” Hasho opened his eyes wide and said, “Wow…. that was…. really well-thought out for you…. Are you really Kui or are you some copycat Devil Fruit user?” Hasho’s snide comment earned him a huge lump on his head from Kuishi’s fist, causing him to yelp in pain. “Owwwww!!! I’m sorry! You’re definitely the real Kui! No one punches as hard as you!”, the young navigator cried out. “Is there anything else you would like to comment on, you little brat?” Kuishi asked with a sarcastic smirk on her face. “Yeah…. I thought you wanted Tataki to join us…. Are you really okay with setting sail like this without even telling him goodbye or anything?” The tiger-shark sighed and said, “Yeah, I really did want him to join us, but I just can’t force him to abandon his duties if he doesn’t want to. That’s a decision that he must make on his own, not us. Besides, I’m sure Taki has much more important things to do now that the village is safe. He’s going to be their next chief, after all.” “I guess you’re right about that as well…. I’m sorry for doubting you, Captain! Should we go ahead and set sail now?” Kuishi smiled happily, squatted down in front of Hasho, and said to him, “Of course! Now that we have everything loaded, we should be good to go! Let’s raise the-!” “Hey! Kuishi! Hasho! Wait up, you two!”, shouted a familiar voice coming from the forest. Kuishi immediately stood up and looked to see who it was. To her and Hasho’s delight, the person who came from the forest was none other than Tataki himself, currently carrying a bag full of supplies on his back. “Kui! I’ve decided to take you up on your offer! From this day forward, I’d be honored to be the vice-captain of your crew!” Both Kuishi and Hasho smiled with absolute joy as they hopped off the ship and nearly tackled Tataki in a bear hug. The two of them were delighted to have another crewmember on board. “Taki! I’m so glad you came! We’re gonna have so much fun together!” Kuishi shouted cheerfully, pressing her bosom against Tataki’s face, causing the latter to blush immensely. “Another strong member on our crew! We’ll have a much easier time dealing with whatever tries to come at us! Plus, you’re level-headed as well so you can talk sense to Kuishi whenever she decides to do something dumb!”, explained Hasho. “Hey!” Kuishi shouted. Tataki simply chuckled and said, “You two are so lively! I’m loving this crew already!” Breaking free from the hug, the indigenous warrior then said to the fishwoman, “What are your orders, Captain?” “My orders? Hmmm…. Let’s have a feast to celebrate you joining us! We’ll eat lots of yummy food, drink lots of drinks, and sing songs too! It’s gonna be so fun!” Kuishi exclaimed, her mouth watering at the thought of being able to stuff herself for maybe the second or third time today. Sweat beads appeared on Tataki’s face as he asked his younger companion, “W-What’s with her?” “Oh yeah, FYI, our captain is a huge glutton…. Her insatiable appetite is more than likely going to end up biting us in the ass one of these days, so as the vice-captain, it’s gonna be your job to keep her under wraps!” “Woah! I’m strong, but I’m not Kuishi strong! How am I supposed to-?!” “You’ll just have to figure it out! Welcome aboard, Taki!” Hasho said with a huge grin on his face as he walked back towards the ship and hopped on board. “Hurry up and get on the ship, Taki! We’re gonna unfurl the sails and head on outta here! You don’t wanna get left behind!” As he walked towards the ramp of the ship, Tataki thought to himself, “What have I just roped myself into…?” Once he was on board, he helped Hasho and Kui unfurl the sails and allowing lift up the anchor, allowing their ship to catch wind and set sail. “Set a course for our next adventure!” Kuishi exclaimed cheerfully at the top of her lungs. “Aye, aye, Captain!”, shouted the two boys, one staring into the horizon with a look of wonder in his youthful eyes and the other having a simple smile on his face. Once their ship, the Typhon, had moved away from the Rainforest Island and the Log Pose set its sights on a new island, the three members of the Tiger-Shark Pirates decided to have a brief celebration for the arrival of their newest member. Kui, Hasho, and Taki sat on the deck of the ship with mugs of alcohol in their hand, except for Hasho who is drinking apple juice instead. “Aw, come on! Can I just have -HIC- one sip? The wine you let me have earlier was -HIC- really good!” Hasho asked with rose-tinted cheeks. “No, I can’t let you have any more alcohol…. You’re liable to get sick and throw up if I let you have any more~” said Kuishi before shoving a huge hunk of meat on the bone in her mouth and ripping the skin off her with her sharp teeth. Tataki looked up from his small plate of meat and veggies that he had on his lap with a worried expression on his face and said, “Y-You let that boy have alcohol?” “Only like a few sips…. I’m not that irresponsible! He's drinking apple juice right now!”, exclaimed the Tiger-Shark with a slight blush on her face before Taki grinned and said, “It looks like I have my work cut out for me… I hope you don’t cause me too much trouble, Captain~” “Don’t worry, I’m gonna make sure the three of us have a blast together! Sailing the seas is nice, but it’s a lot whole better when you have good friends on your side! I hope you enjoy our company, Taki!” said Kuishi with her typical toothy smile. The fishwoman’s cheerful personality, heartwarming smile, unwavering determination, and her Herculean-like strength were all qualities that appealed to Taki a great deal. In fact, he had a hard time trying to hide a blush whenever she made statements like those. After all, it was her sheer determination that inspired Tataki and his tribe to fight off the Navy from destroying his home. Taki began to reflect on that moment, remembering the glowing aura that surrounded her when she made that little speech about protecting the tribe despite it not being any of her business. The conclusion that the indigenous warrior came to in his head is that, “I think that I might be…. attracted to her…” Still smiling from cheek to cheek, Kuishi picked up her mug and shouted, “Alright, crew! Let’s have a toast to our vice-captain Tataki and to our next adventures! Bon Voyage!” Feeling their captain’s infectious energy, Hasho and Taki smacked their mugs alongside Kuishi’s and shouted out, “Bon Voyage!!!” All three of them smiled happily as their ship sailed off into the horizon, waiting anxiously for the next adventure.At Marine Headquarters…. “We have a report from Captain Alexis…. She’s reported that she has failed to capture the Rainforest Island and bring it under control of the World Government!”, said a petty marine officer. “What?! And just what stopped her from completing her task?!” One of the higher ups shouted in anger. “Well…. She said that when she got there, the indigenous people had already knew about their surprise attack. Apparently, the information had leaked out. Also, the tribe was led by the same fishman pirate who attacked that descendant of the Celestial Dragons last week….” “Interesting…. Lord Morsworth’s family had left Marie Jois centuries ago, but we cannot allow their transgressions against us to go unanswered. What is this pirate’s name again?” “She calls herself Kuishi. In her report, Captain Alexis referred to her as a Tiger-Shark fishmen.” “Okay then, Tiger-Shark Kuishi. For the crimes of assaulting royalty and apprehending a government-funded project, she’ll have a starting bounty of 50 million berries.” Kuishi’s bounty poster is a picture of her using her muscular right leg to deliver a powerful kick to her right side. Her face shows an serious expression, with her shark teeth on full display for everyone to see. The petty marine officer spoke up once more and said, “There was also reportedly another person with the Tiger-Shark: a young boy with long black hair and ragged clothes. He’s not strong at all, but he did manage to knock one marine soldier unconscious. Alexis said that Kuishi referred to this young boy as Hasho. “Fine…. We’ll give the little brat a bounty of 100 berries then.” Hasho’s bounty poster is a picture of his face captured during the battle of the Rainforest Island. It features him smiling happily in a photo, presumably him being hugged by Kui but the only part of her that’s visible is her arms. “Print these out immediately! I want these two captured and brought before Navy Headquarters to answer for their crimes!”, shouted the higher-up. “Y-Yes, sir!” replied the marine officer as he took the bounty posters to the printing office and the news delivery. One of the extra copies of Kuishi’s posters that were lying on the table where the Navy higher-ups sat was picked up by a hand with long fingernails. With a feminine voice, this person silently said, “She looks like fun~” This shadowy woman chuckled and smiled, revealing her sharp and long canine teeth. “I see you’re interested in the newbie, Vice Admiral….” “Yes, I absolutely can’t wait to meet her~” She said in a seductive tone.,...
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