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Master Chief From Halo

So this custom has been in the plans since... forever lol.
I had never seen anyone do a Master chief custom so I decided (two days before the KY meet) that he was going to get made lol.
He is fully sculpted with Apoxie sculpt and armor completely glossed to make the armor look more "metal like"
He also won second place in the Kentucky anime/gaming/comic custom contest.

He Is On Ebay Now ^_^
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Do you think God lives all the way up in heaven because he too fears what he has created?
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He looks great!
I want to see him fight Covenet and pony Loch!
And his tail being inside his armor makes sense!
for the love of god please stop this :/ fucking bronie shits
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This was made in 2008 WAY before the "brony" thing. I don't even make customs anymore really. It was just something I enjoyed back when I was collecting older generation poines.
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best of both worlds halo and ponies!!! awesome!
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that is the best master chief mlp thingy ever
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This is the only way I shall ever like My Little Pony. Turning a pony into Master Chief, a pony into Arbiter, a few more ponies into marines, and then have all the rest of the ponies as the Covenant and the Flood. Give them guns and let the violence and goopshed commence. I would watch it then.
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OMG! Too awesome!!!!

Cool job!!
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Stumbled across a link to this going through some of my old folders, and just wanted to let you know how amazing I thought it was (both this and the Hayabusa armored one). I recognize both of them, as well as your Legend of Zelda ones (Awesome too), from various video game sites from before FiM. While the Bronies seem to be at odds with people who've been at this since earlier generations at times (Personally I'm not a fan of G3 animation or G3.5 anything, but I've got no issue with those who are), I'm equally impressed with both your newer and older ones.
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There's two words that both mean bad things that describe this toy. But, when you put them together, they mean something good!


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Dnag it! I actually wanted one...
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a spartan pony! wow!! I really like this
Part of me say's "DA FUCK IS THIS" and another say's "WICKED" while yet another say's "PIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!".
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this is cool.

the *new* brony garbage is what kills everything.
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SOOO cute yet so dangerous!!
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