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And I'm... DEATH PONY.

By AnimeAmy
This Is a Commision For Kanchii

The all famous Death pony from Robot Chickens "apocalypse ponies"

Was requested by commissioner that the symbol be changed from the 666 to a human Skull.

Death Pony was rehaired with Dollyhair Glow in the dark white.

I have a feeling a whole set of them are to come.
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My little pony
apocalypse pony
punish mankind for their sins :dummy:
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I never knew a mylittlepony would look scary...until now.
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I think that the apocalypse ponies sketch was my favorite sketch.
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i love this episode of RobotChicken XD EPIC WIN
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I shall call him bonezy and i shall love him and pet him he shall be my bonezy
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I absolutely love this!! Amazing work!
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WOW! very cool!
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Such a great mask piece! Though I see a finger mark @_@ try wearing latex gloves very lightly oiled on the finger tips, like I mean touching the rim of the bottle type of oiled.
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"Aaw, the poor thing can't hear!"
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I have to say I absolutely love this. The Apocalypse Ponies from Robot Chicken was one of my favorite skits of theirs. Having had MLPs when I was a little girl and being horse crazy (still--I own some real horses), it really just struck my funny bone. Hope to see you do all four ponies someday!
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omg, lova that pony!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Death Pony :3 Its soo cute :D *fav* (i love it how you did it :3 Priceless on the details!)
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How did you make the wings and attach them?
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I just KNEW somebody would have to make DEATH pony. XDDD
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