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Group Rules

This is our mascot Tad! Click to learn more about him
Our adorable group avatar featuring Tad was created by heybutterbee

Group Rules and submission guidelines

Our friendly admins
:iconchidoptabi: :iconsalvatoret:
Chidoptabi Salvatoret
if you decide to help us as an admin and later want to leave the group please let us know instead of just leaving so we can ask for more help

:star: :heart: :iconrainbowsheepplz: What Is An Adoptable? :iconrainbowsheepplz: :heart: :star:
An adoptable, as it sounds, is a character that needs a home. Adoptables are characters people create with the purpose of practicing designs, selling and trading.

How do i claim an adoptable?
Check the artist comments of the work containing the adoptable you want. Different artists ask for different things. They may want to sell for points, for money, to trade or give away for free. Some artists also like to ask potential adopters to all draw the character they want or make up a history, age, gender, or personality for the character, maybe to prove its going to a good home where it will be loved :aww:
Anyone can join, even if you dont want to adopt or submit straight away

Basic Rules
And please click here for a more detailed description of our rules
:bulletpink:All artwork submitted to the group must be adoptables.:bulletblue:
:bulletpink:All adoptables submitted to the group must be original.:bulletblue:
:bulletpink:No doll makers:bulletblue:
:bulletpink:All artwork submitted to the group must be anime or similar:bulletblue:
:bulletpink:No Animals/Anthro or clothes adopts.:bulletblue:
Kemonomimi (having few animal parts, ie, tail and ears) is allowed.
:bulletpink:Artwork must have "Adoptable","adopt" etc in the name or it will be removed :bulletblue:
:bulletpink:Artwork must specify if it is open/closed or else it will not be approved/removed from gallery.:bulletblue:
:bulletpink:Please consider quality when submitting to the group. some low quality images such as badly scanned images or ms paint drawings may be removed:bulletblue:

Gallery Folders

Adopts Auction CLOSED by Konan224
P2U Mini Adoptable Chibi Base (30 points) by coffeehesitant
Kitsune Adopt Auction [Closed] by rumflakes
Adopt auction #1 Closed by wolfyLRiina
Cash Sale Adoptables NO AUCTIONS
Adoptable Batch: OFFER TO ADOPT [OPEN] by Sarah--Elizabeth
:Adopts: Dream Sheep Batch 22 -CLOSED- by oddlittleleaf
:Dream Sheep: New Batch -OPEN- by oddlittleleaf
Point Sale Adoptables NO AUCTIONS
Adoptables 39, 40 closed! by xernioz
[CLOSED] Gothic Lolita Adoptable by Shis-Drim
Theme Adopt 3 -- Welcome Home [ Open ] by kitamika
Adoptables (closed) by SilverChaim
Auctions or Offers END DATES REQUIRED
[CLOSED] Adoptable auction 01 by aritsuneart
Sie. Slave Market. Adopt, Open. by Audranasa
Adopt 10- Closed by San-Ta
Chimelios 1 [2/2] OPEN by AlchemicalAdopts
Reduced and Clearance
[Closed] Kimmy and Ethlen Adopt Collab by Ethlenrain
NEW(SB Lowered Again!!) Adoptable [Auction] (OPEN) by ArchSpirit
[38-49] set price adopt sheet : open(loweredprice) by Adoradopts
Draw to Adopt or Free
Adoptable Raffle #1 [CLOSED] by paikuu
Adoptable Raffle 2[WINNER ANNOUNCED!] by Artemis-adopties
{Raffle 1} // CLOSED WINNER CHOSEN by Xipyte
Shota Adoptable: Amadeus {OPEN} by Unknown-Messiah
Summer Raffle
Adopt Batch 01 *open* 3/3 by CandyAdopt
Chibi Adoptable [OPEN] by PatatoDoodles
*OTA* Summer Adoptable -open- by LeniProduction
Complete Custom Adopts and Examples
PreAdopt for Mishigu 2 by TheVenomStain
Custom Adoptable for Ikubaby: Bubblegum by Zehrine
[Custom] Original Species: Moiraiga Custom Set by mayoujii
Free Linearts and bases
F2U Base [3] by inkdrop-adopts
F2U Base [1] by inkdrop-adopts
F2U Base [2] by inkdrop-adopts
{F2U} My Waiting In Line Base by sonyaism
P2U Linearts and bases
Kemenomimi Chibi Base [PU2] [100Points/1$] by VainisArt
P2U [Sparkle Base] by Kavaro
P2U [Wave Base] by Kavaro
Avatar Contest 2012
Contest Attempt 2 by Nalico


We only affiliate with groups that have a common interest, so members can be directed to relevant groups :). If you request affiliation from a group thats completely different to ours, it may be declined. sorry! :noes:
Hello my lovely members of AnimeAdoptables!

I'm really sorry to bring you this unfortunate news, but I'm no longer active enough to continue being an admin in this group. To my knowledge, I'm currently the only admin caring for this group, so when I leave no more submissions will be approved/denied. Again, I'm really sorry for all of this, but I no longer am into doing adoptables, and recently I don't really have faith in my art so I don't come on DA very much anymore.

Maybe soon the group leader will come back from Hiatus and appoint new people to be contributors and help sort out everything, or a different contributor will take over and continue over-seeing the group.

But for now, the current group status is dead. No submissions will be approved/denied for the time being until someone comes to bring the group back to life.

The current group status will become effective in a few days once I leave the group. In those few days I will work on going through the 210 submissions and approving/denying them.

I'm really sorry again. Either way, good luck to everyone with their adoptables!

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