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The Odyssey Figurines by AnimeAddicter The Odyssey Figurines by AnimeAddicter
Just...something I had to do in World History. With a topic of our choice, we had to type up a report and make some kinda of artsy thing. I love Greek mythology, so I chose to make some figures of Homer's The Odyssey~ ;D

I think the last time I worked with air-dry clay was...elementary school? Making these were kinda challenging :XD: I couldn't put all the info I wanted since I was pressed for time, and I didn't want to go too in depth.

GAH Air dry clay, why you always crack when dry???? @__@

In order, here's what the text says:

The Trojan War has ended, and it is now 10 years
after the events of The Illiad. All Greek heroes
have returned home except for Odysseus, who is
trapped on the island Ogygia with the goddess Calypso.

All the gods (except Poseidon) gather at Mt. Olympus
to discuss Odysseus’ fate. Hermes is sent to Calypo’s
island, ordering that Odysseus be allowed to leave.
Calypso is unhappy, but submits to Zeus.

Odysseus sails out and spots Scheria, but is intercepted
by Poseidon, who is angry that Odysseus be allowed to
leave. He whips up a storm, and Odysseus is washed ashore.
Hiding in a bush to hide his ragged washed-up appearance,
he humbly asks the Phaeacian princess Nausicaa and her
handmaidens – who are playing by the river – for assistance.
He later is introduced to the king and queen, is offered their
daughter’s hand in marriage, and tells of his tales thus far.

Odysseus tells to the Phaeacians the tales
of his adventures (flashbacks):

From Troy, the winds swept his men to the city of the Cicones.
Carried by greed they plundered and ransacked the land, fleeing
later when Ciconian reinforcements arrived.

A storm from Zeus sends Odysseus and his men to the land
of the Lotus-eaters. Those who eat the Lotus lose all thought
and want to eat more fruit. They leave the island when Odysseus
forces the men to the ship.

The crew then sail to the land of the Cyclops, where
they meet the Cyclops Polyphemus – Poseidon’s son.
After turning hostile, Odysseus blinds Polyphemus and
cleverly says his name is “nobody.” This causes Polyphemus
to say “Nobody’s killing me!” – others believing the gods
cursed him if “nobody” is inflicting harm. Due to his pride
however, Odysseus shouts his true name, and Polyphemus
asks Poseidon for vengeance.

Odysseus and men travel to Aeaea, home to the beautiful
witch-goddess Circe. She turns his men into pigs, and Hermes
gives advice on how to break the spell. After becoming acquainted
with Circe, Odysseus then sails to Hades in the realm of the dead
to seek directions from the blind prophet Tiresius.
(Note: Tiresius from Oedipus the King)

Odysseus travels to the River of Ocean. Tiresius predicts his
future of reclaiming his wife and palace from the suitors and
appeasing Poseidon. He also warns him to not touch the flocks
of the Sun upon reaching the land of Thrinacia.

After the sirens, the crew must navigate between Scylla and
Charybdis – a sea monster and an enormous whirpool.
Typically when one is in a bind, the phrase “stuck between
Scylla and Charybdis” is used. Some men are lost, but the
rest of the crew travels on.

The crew lands at Thrinacia, Island of the Sun, to rest up.
Eurylochus persuades the crew to disobey Odysseus and
slaughter the cattle of the sun for food. Enraged, Zeus kicks
up a violent storm, the only survivor being Odysseus.

Concluding the tale, Odysseus leaves Scheria the next day.
Poseidon becomes angered that Odysseus is nearing Ithica.
Just as the ship pulls in to shore, the ship turns to stone and
sinks. Athena meets up with Odysseus to devise a plan to get
back at the suitors. She then disguises him as a beggar.

After reuniting with his son Telemachus, Odysseus
goes to the manor as a beggar. The suitors all give
food except for Antinous, calling Odysseus a pest.
Odysseus wisely replies that a man isn’t hurt when
protecting property, but it’s different when one is
attacked for being hungry.

After 20 years of waiting, Penelope still loves Odysseus
and refuses to marry the suitors. For the final test to
Penelope’s hand in marriage, the suitors must use
Odysseus’ old bow and shoot the arrow perfectly through
twelve axes. No one is able to complete the task, and the
suitors laugh in jest when the “beggar” wishes to try. They
panic when the beggar shoots it perfectly, realizing that
Odysseus has been in front of them the whole time. The
suitors are punished, and Odysseus has now regained his
family and property.

ForeverKimchi Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
spoiler alert! jk ;p thats cool...we read the odyssey in school....and couldnt do something cool like that. Just worked in a book :P haha
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