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Still haven't posted anything.blah blah blah maybe some day.

But I recently rented a game for my Ps3. White Night Chronicles. A RPG game made by Level-5 and Japan Studio. I must say its very addicted. I spent the whole day playing it. the game is pretty good though the story is lacking but the main reason why I got suck into it is the character customization it has. You can literally create your own character from many different choices of hair, eyes, nose and even weight and height theres even more to that. The Armour you buy also shows up on your character.

Also you can go online with your character and play with others in quests and even make your own town.

The weapons and spells are also pretty cool. You can learn and expand your skills in multiply ranks like Elemental spells, Sword skills, etc and even mix moves together to create combos. If you are a rpg fan and have a ps3 this game is a must to have!
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