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Here we goo!!! Another art feature!!! We did not have a lot submitted in January so I combined it with February too.  Remember if you want your art to be featured in a journal submit into the monthly feature folder! :la:…

Ichigo Kurosaki (final) by ChaoticTendencies Madoka Kaname by maxibillity Kageyama (Tatsunari Kimura) by Nihonikitai *0* by Bambysocute RO:Nyan nyan~ by Bambysocute Racingdude's OC Request: Night of Burning Roses by Sinny2000 Z59 Lance by Byuha Loosened... by Chihana # 08 Cassiopeia and Stars by Tanaka2san Stickers (Updated) by AssortedA-Art :thumb663687842: # 11 Happy Valentines Day by Tanaka2san :thumb664104529: Snow by ghostchiryou :thumb663417724: [Palette challenge Day 2] When summer leaves by Vallentiny CM Xelyanna by HaruShadows Love Live! - Mermaid Minami Kotori by Xeno-Photography DMMD virus x trip chibi by queencastilla Link - Breath of the Wild by chinchongcha Sakhrem and Thor by Mokolat-Illustr Nishinoya (Hashimoto Shouhei) by Nihonikitai Katarina LoL by Vallentiny Tsukishima (Ryoutaro Kosaka) by Nihonikitai :thumb657163541: (Speedpaint) Sienna by neru-ju Springtime Mikus by Hotaruhana :thumb661891986: [G] Darko by Fareow Art Trade o3o by cosmo636 Very first animation by DreaminGhost :thumb657884580: Sveta  Daydreamer by WillyWonka2703 Sky by WhiteKuroe Aisha ^3^ by cosmo636 Wind Calling by izasan Catgirl by ViviNoSekai Katana girl by Ony-b Eternal Dream by Haru-bm Girl by MinkaM [C] Lord Snow by Vallentiny Build Me a House by maxibillity Cute Little Demon by maxibillity Sawamura Daichi (Tanaka Keita) Haikyu!! by Nihonikitai Lelouch Zero by ChaoticTendencies Meet The Artist by Catstudio7 Rise by Catstudio7 Yuuri Katsuki (hot drink) by Kirakanjo [Inuvember #05] Dangerous Youkai + SPEED PAINTING by Bella-Colombo Raphiel by kotakkun Art Trade Yukia by yasupan Pure love by Maya-nyan When the White Noise is Gone by tam733 Trafalgar Law by RexGrg [G] Liza-chan by Fareow [CE] :: Nyanarr DTA Entry by Shadounei You deserve love by eleoyasha Midna ~ (C) by Rikkatan AT: remiiko by LizeKisaragi Alchemiya illustration 004 by SincriaArt :thumb655971397: Lost by Mokafi :thumb656038206: Kuroi Matou by DedyWalker Miku Beyond by chinchongcha adventure time fionna and cake(with drawing video) by CoolBoysEnt Loli Girls Heheheh *drools* by HinotoriProductions L00T (copic work) by HinotoriProductions
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Gwenom bodyscissor_cropped (FULL view on Patreon) by bodyscissorfan
ZumiDraws OC 67 by Sam-Hz
Witch by d---ang
Elf by d---ang
Crossover contest
Hinata like a Female Doctor Zoidberg alien race by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Ai Shirasaki (Mai Shiranui) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Milena Velba(Bike Work Outfit) 2 by gekkodimoria
Hinata RTN Universe B by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Kristen Nun by gekkodimoria
adopt auction(GIF)\open by weirdo39
Open~| Adopt Auction #154 | SB 100$ by Dreaming-Witch
Pending| Adopt Auction #156 | SB 70$ by Dreaming-Witch
March- April- May-June Art Feature
Natsumii by LitaTan
WarGreymon by oscarb1
Hinata Love Cop by gekkodimoria
Hinata and Hanabi like Harry 5 by gekkodimoria
CD: Death With Elegance by HaraaJubilee
Hinata like Mayday(G.I.JOE EXTREME) 2 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Lady Jaye (G.I.JOE) 2 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Terry Bogard Wild Wolf 03 by gekkodimoria
Commission info
[Genshin] Mona by KateZabalArt
Price-listPayPal (only full pre-payment)Digital 3200x2400 or 3840x2160 (ultrawide also possible)headshot/halfbody/fullbodyLineart - 10/15/20 usd Soft or cellshade coloring +10 usdSemirealistic - 20/25/30 usd(+same for each +character.)Simple/complicated background - 5/10 usdOccasionally do traditional stuff, but ONLY scans. There is no way anything will survive shipping.Average deadline 7days.Some minor animal features: tail/ears/fangs/claws/scales is acceptable.*No hentai/full nudity/furries/homoSorry comrade, 1st- I will be thrown behind iron bars for some of this stuff =-=2nd- it is not my thing, there is plenty of artist for this.I asking for a lot of illustrations details: age/ complexion/ clothes/ background/ mental state/ character habits e.t.c.).More you give me information - more precise result you get.+ it much easier & faster to agree on all details even before sketching, then making changes during work...1) Confirm all details, here on DA or social media, no voice-chat (I barely able to write in English). NO drastic CHANGES after. *No one drinks half cup of coffee and then returns back "nevermind take this back and pour me some free tea". *No free sketches before payment, you already see how I draw. No way I make free sketch for you to run with.2) After confirming payment - continue work. Do not ask me for "show me your screen" or messaging every 15 minutes "how is it, is it done?" Respect people's privacy for god's sake...2) At early stage of creating - sending sketches, make some minor changes. (I usually update on process time at a time, especially then in doubt) Please check my messages time at time, or I will be working ONLY on details provided earlier.3) Submit full-resolution artwork. (Please understand, I need to show them in my commission folder).,,,+some traditional (my "paper" album):,
[Commission] Graceful white by Kuuni14
Teresa from Full Metal Panic 2 by Heatray2009
Teresa from Full Metal Panic by Heatray2009
Hinata like Bombstrike(G.I.JOE) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Sydney Cooke(WTR) 4 by gekkodimoria
Jessica Rabbit by PufikN
Photograph by Sdois
Arecis the Samurai | Commission by SimjhangRin

Mature Content

Fairygirl by SkizzoidArt
YW: Cute Pihanha Plant by dengekipororo
Punkupine by dengekipororo
Sorrypus by dengekipororo
YSH - Wampus by dengekipororo
Hinata and Hanabi like Harry 2 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.JOE) 45 Special 4 by gekkodimoria
Hinata and Hanabi Bossy office Milfs 01 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Chifusa Manyuu 6 by gekkodimoria
Figures and dolls.
Hinata like Harry 0.9 by gekkodimoria
my design for miku in a sweater! by weirdo39
Ban (WIP-1) by ChaoticTendencies
Manga Strips
got drunk by Kudzeram
Juicy and Van Helsing Part IVan Helsing looked grimly at yet another macabre sight. Tenth victim in just as many days and with only a handful of clues to point him in the right direction. Sure, he knew it was a succubus... but... this one covered its tracks diligently."What do you make of it doctor?" Detective Buckhanan asked. But Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, could only scratch his chin in confusion."The same thing I knew ten days ago... it is a succubus, a very powerful one. And very sadistic. All demons feast upon us, good detective, but most do it without thinking as we do when we eat chicken. Just another meal in a day. But this... all of the marks so far showed me that the victims had been bound, gagged and tortured for a long while before they were fully drained. This one is very different. Unlike anything I have seen before." He spoke darkly. The detective looked at him bleakly for a moment, before continuing to write notes."Maybe one of your sons would be able to help?" The detective asked, almost gingerly. All knew Van Helsing didn't get along with his sons but had trained them to be almost as good as he was."I doubt I will Buckhanan. Tonight I am catching the demoness." He said bluntly."Got a plan?" The grizzled detective asked."Foolishness most likely, but yes, you might call it a plan." Detective Buckhanan sighed heavily as he eyed the doctor."Don't do anything stupid." He said in a stern yet friendly tone. One shared between friends before one of them was about to do something extremely foolish. "We need you. I have learned enough from you, I know succubi move one after a while I would rather we lose several citizens then you. For every person we lost, you saved ten."Dr. Van Helsing nodded, even though he didn't agree with his statement. All lives were equal in his eyes. "Don't worry old friend, by this time tomorrow, you and I will be sipping tea and talking about our first case together.That night Dr Abraham Van Helsing stood alone in his hotel room with several pinkish flowers scattered around the room. They were ordinary flowers, one could find even in the grey streets of London, but tongiht, they were also a trap.Van Helsing had dipped them in succubus blood to lure the demoness to him, instead of another innocent victim. Even novice hunters knew that if any demon was to take revenge for his or her kin, it was a succubus.And Abraham had killed a dozen."I thought as much.♥"A voice unlike any Van Helsing had heard before echoed around the room as it came from the balcony. Even compared to other demons and vampires... this one sounded different, crooked even. It was so purely sadistic, raw with yearning for pain, that he felt shivers run down his spine for the first time since... well since his first kill.He turned to see a tall, woman standing arrogantly before him, her hands on her hips. Her skin was pink of the candy like variety and her outfit consisted of shiny, white latex and bright pantyhose. A bodice that clung to her chest as tightly as Abraham had ever seen, long, fingerless gloves that matched her nails, and skin tight boots completed the look of a devilishly hot demon. Even he had to admit that she was the most beautiful woman, or demon, he had ever seen."Right into my trap, demoness." He barked as he pointed his palm at her and started an incantation.The demoness only rolled her eyes in amusement and moved her silky palm in a slapping motion. In a flash, all lights were snuffed out of the room. Dr Van Helsing felt his legs begin to buckle as her mere presence fuzzied his thoughts and weakened his muscles."Who..who are you?" he asked his head beginning to spin."You called me demoness when I entered. Rather rude, but no matter. Soon, you will call me mistress. Mistress Juicy." She said, her voice that of a spoiled, bratty child... but covered in the most delicious sugars. As she finished jeering, the demoness made several devilish steps towards him and stopped right in front of his face that was now in line with her chest. Just as he thought the finishing blow was about to land, Juicy started circling him contemptuously as he begangasping for breath. She was dominant in ways he had never felt before. He knew that the more powerful the demon the more oppressive the atmosphere but... this was utterly impossible."You're weak hunter, and you stopped the feeding of my sisters" she mocked but then her face turned pure evil. "Not to mention you have more blood of my sisters upon your walls then most hunters see in their lifetime. I will make you bow to me before I feast upon you♥."He tried to throw a punch but it was weak and ineffectual and the demoness easily dodged it, then with futility in his movement, he tried to ram a silver knife he had with him into her heart but she dodged it just as easily. All the while she grinned at him, enjoying his fruitless attempts at stopping her."Pathetic," she giggled as she placed a simple kiss upon his forehead. Dr Van Helsing howled in both agony and strange pleasure as he sank to his knees. Juicy smirked delightedly."That is a position you will get used to," she said triumphantly. "Grovelling at my feet."The latex clad demon lifted his chin with her index finger and sneered at him. "By the time you wake up, it will be too late for you, my new pet."Then she watched with satisfaction as the infamous doctor slowly slid into unconsciousness from her kiss - his head slumping forward to rest against her booted, nylon clad thigh and then sliding down her leg to the floor. Juicy looked down upon her newest victim and grinned to herself."All according to plan. Soon, your sons will follow.♥"
The Collector Page 2 by BlazeSM
Pixel Art
[COM] Delicate Pixel Icon by QuartzStash
Poses and Ref.
BASE #01 [OPEN] by jcorbari
[OC] Kimetsu no Yaiba by Kuuni14
Nata by Itselfsearcher
Chibi tutorial by EliTanDark
[4/4 OPEN] Girls Ych Auction by NatsuGumiArt

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