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Intergalactic Princesses 2

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Oh noes, they're in the Star Trek: The Motion Picture outfits. But, I did kind of wonder, what ever happened to the pants part of Lt. Ilia's outfit?

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You know it's funny-- I have seen classic "Star Trek" episodes all my life.

But the more time that goes by, the more odd it seems when you see someone like Lt. Uhura on the bridge.

In some late season one episodes her dress is so short it actually looks like she forgot her pants when reporting for duty!

It seriously looks more like a uniform tunic shirt than a dress.

-- not that I'm complaining, mind you   :)
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Ariel looks lovely in that outfit. Look at those legs! Nice work! ❤❤❤❤
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What's next? Jasmine and Pocahontas in The Wrath of Khan uniforms?
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I've been mulling over the idea of having a set of princesses in the Wrath of Khan Starfleet version. Probably do the skirt version seen in the later Original Cast movies.
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Believe it or not, that was supposed to be a woman's dressing robe---no pants.
I'm a leg man, so I found it hard to complain.
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So who is Belle supposed to be? Not one of the guys I hope cause that would be weird.
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Just a regular crew member that's all.
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Oh my :) Love the outfits :)
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I'm glad you like it.
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Gorgeous. And a good point about the pants. I wondered too.
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My dear that is the outfit
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Lol funny and cute work here
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Poor Ariel. Will she ever get a break?
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Probably not. Lol
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But seriously, she's worn nothing but a shell bra her whole life and she's shy about wearing that outfit? Eh, oh well.
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So, Ariel's part of V'GER?
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Um....not really. Otherwise, she would of called Belle, "Belle-Unit".
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True, unless Belle is "Decker". But then that opens a whole new can of worms.
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This is so cool!! They look great in the uniforms. :D
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This is a weird-ass crossover... :O_o:

Anyways, Persis Khambatta was an Indian model and actress before [and after] she was cast as Ilia, and one of her most-liked features was her legs.
Don't forget that this is the early years of "Star Trek", when exotic females of many sorts were expected to show as much skin as possible. (Trivia point: Among many other restrictions- which have been lowered-or-dropped over the years- in 1966-69 CBS Television Studios forbid the bottom or side of breasts to be shown on TV. When "I Dream of Jeannie" was on the air, the title character was not allowed to show her bellybutton at any time!) And considering the setting of the film (NO LANDING PARTIES ON STRANGE NEW WORLDS FOR YOU), it's completely understandable- if tasteless, as you point out- for director Robert Wise to do something as a call-back to "TOS"!

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