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Aurora in TRON

Had the urge to do a TRON piece. So, I turned my #1 Princess into a Video Game Warrior.

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Anytime! she looks good in that suit
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Nice idea haha. You captured her looks pretty good and the dress is well done as well.
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I never went to Tron Legacy in the theater with my friends when i poisoned my eyes with the fairies thinking their bad for me during new years 2011 weekend
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And it's so fitting, Lora/Yori has Aurora's big doe eyes and blond hair, great choice! :D We should totally see a Disney crossover like that..
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Thanks!!! I really love to do crossovers.
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Keep up the good work! :D
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Thanks, again!!!
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You. Are. Made. Of. Win. Anyone who thinks differently can compute differently ;) "Who does he compute he is???" ;)
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I approve wholeheartedly. End of line.
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Greetings, Program!!!
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hah very funny and cute work here
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How about doing Jasmine in you style in the Tron world?
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Nice job. You have followed in my footsteps of taking images/characters from other Disney movies and making them look at home in the movie Tron.

I took a picture of Anne Hathaway from Alice In Wonderland and made her look like she belonged in "Tron Legacy". Here's the image

I made the image by using the online image editor Pixlr.

You should get the Tron 20th Anniversary Edition on DVD and check out the deleted scenes. One of them shows Yori in a unusual pink costume that appears very elegant and formal, yet at the same appears to belong in the digital world of Tron. That's what I was trying to do with my image of Anne Hathaway.
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I have the DVD and was watching the DVD when I was inspired to do the piece.
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