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Gallery Folders

Escaping by FedericaDN
kiky's delivery service necklace by elvira-creations
Pokemon Couple Chibis by xRcks
Sailors necklaces by elvira-creations
Elderwood Ahri by Asteltainn
Commission - ShadowRTRX by Pocolla
Commission - saltydonuts 2 by Pocolla
Shinobu - Wallpaper by Asteltainn
Megumin by spiralmaestro
Aqua 2019 by spiralmaestro
traditional : kenada bike biro pen ball 01 2018 by darshan2good
Original Art--Digital
Vincent (B\W Study) by Asteltainn
Peaceful Rina by SweetMonia
Cygnets by sulyia
Evie(NAGunn19) - Commission by Asteltainn
Original Art--Traditional
Ka + Liam by Wolfantom
Japan by S7arByeol

Mature Content

Heroes by S7arByeol
Humanity's Wrath by psyothic
Serena volley outfit by TakuyaRawr
Serena + May soccer outfits by TakuyaRawr
Libra Twins by Zuhrah
Comics or Manga Pages
Jack Rye Adventures #1 pg21 by Shouhda
Jack Rye Adventures #1 pg20 by Shouhda
A Good Work Well Rewarded pg. 2 of 2 by charadoki
VICTUURI Valentine Special by charadoki
Osomatsu-san AU meme by mimisatsuki
Lovely--Lust's 2015 Art Summary by Lovely--Lust
Chibi Practice/Outfit Meme for Vixen by DeeTheArtist
Draw this again meme: Babs by Ekkoberry
Artisan Crafts
Valkyrie by Aresseth
My Neighbor Totoro Miniature Glass Dome by XXSaturnNinjaSGXX
Black Butler handmade decoden tea jar by SimonaZ
Morgana classic by FaytheCosplay
Morgana Cosplay (league of legends) by FaytheCosplay
Morgana Cosplay by FaytheCosplay
Ashura-ou Cosplay by FaytheCosplay
R.I.P. BindedinChains 10-17-10
:.Your soul lives on.: by TMNTISLOVE
Contest Entries
Cosplay Cafe: Black Bulter by Mew-Suika


So...after rereading some of the submission rules for the folders I realized that some of it didn't really make any sense. ^^; My apologies! Organization isn't my forte. Anyhow, I have created some new folders to make the submission process a little less aggravating for you guys. Instead of separating all pencil work from the others I have just separated the Fan Art and Original Art folders by the media used. I'll provide more information about each folder later on in the journal, so don't worry. :salute: A new addition to our gallery would be the Artisan Crafts folder. Basically, if any of you have some handmade crafts such as keychains, sneaker art, or buttons you can feature them in our group. :eager: Simple stuff like that. (despite it not being simple...:faint:)

Yeah, sorry about that. The Founder and I never got around to that in the early stages of this group. So I figured I'd just write down the basic rules, and discuss some more ideas with the other admins. ;P

- NO ART THEFT!! If we are presented with any cases you will instantly be removed from the group and reported.
- No recoloring. That's just another form of art theft, and we do NOT support that here. Practice makes perfect, not stealing.
- If you use a base please give credit to the original artist, and link the original in your artist's comments. It's not fair to them.
- Give credit to the creators of games or dollmaking sites. I've hardly seen it in our group, but I figured I'd throw it out there.
- NO PORNOGRAPHY!! That means no exposed body parts, fetishes, and whatnot. We'd like to keep this group a little decent, you know?
- You may only submit up to 3 deviations per day. Submitting your deviations all at once gets a tad tiring for everybody. ^^;
- PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDERS. :star:All deviations submitted to the Featured folder will automatically be declined.:star: If you have a suggestion for the Featured folder that is NOT YOUR OWN please note the group. :faint:
- Play nice with one another! ;P That means no flaming, trolling, whatever you kids call it these days. :no: It's just obnoxious.
- No advertising yourself or anything like that. It just makes you look bad. (Not that we've ever had that problem)
- However, if there is a contest or charity you would like to help out please feel free to notify us! We are all for helping others! :)

OKAY! Now to discuss the folders:

This folder is reserved for deviations we the admins think exhibit incredible talent and creativity. To have your work displayed in this folder we encourage you all to put as much effort into your piece as possible. :eager: Hard work is noticeable! Also, don't be discouraged if your work is not shown. It does not make anyone better than the rest~:heart: As long as you have fun drawing it, and love anime it's all good. :giggle:

Fan Art: Digital
Simple really, if it's not originally created by you just post it here. It must be drawn using an art program, though. :hmm:

Fan Art: Traditional
Pre-existing anime characters drawn using mediums such as pencil, pen, marker, paint, etc.

Original Art: Digital
Created by you and only YOU! :heart: Drawn using art programs.

Original Art: Traditional
Same as above only it's drawn with pencil, marker, blah blah blah.

Artisan Crafts
Handmade crafts that can be sold like jewelry, buttons, postcards, keychains, plushes, etc.

The Pencil/Pen Work folder will cease to exist, but your deviations are being switched over to the correct folders. The rule for Line Arts still stands. Even if it is Fan Art or Original Art, it is a LINE ART and must go in the suggested folder.

~THANK YOU FOR READING!! :iconcuteheartplz:



Hello, dearest members~!

Today I have a new announcement for you!

Our affiliate, :iconanimemangabefore2000:, will be holding a contest this month dealing with the theme "Dream, Nightmare, or Illusion". Basically, you have to draw fan art of a character exploring their dream/nightmare. However, the character must be from an anime, manga, or video game created before the year 2000.
The prizes include free commissions, points, llamas, features, and apparently a +watch. All participants are guaranteed a surprise gift at the end of the contest, regardless of the results. The deadline is May 15, 2013, so you have quite awhile to decide.
For more information, visit the link provided:

~Thank You for Your Time~

I apologize ahead of time if anyone senses a tinge of hostility in this journal entry. You can only address this topic so many times before your patience begins to waver. However, I do understand that some members are new and simply do not know any better. Even if the rules are on the front page. And only take a few minutes to read.


Hello, dearest members! I hope life has been treating you well, and that your time spent on dA and Anime-Phreaks is considered a pleasant experience. Today I would like to focus on informing some of our newest Phreaks of the rules here in our group. Specifically speaking, submitting to the Featured folder.

The Featured folder is something that only the Co-Founders have control over. The deviations displayed in said folder are often hand-picked by either Sakeozo, SniperSkitz, or myself. We select pieces we believe, for one reason or another, exhibit an exquisite amount of effort and detail. For the most part, we try to include deviations created by members of various levels of skill. It would be quite unfair to other members to be biased in the decision-making process, after all.

However, and stick with me on this one, ALL DEVIATIONS SUBMITTED TO THE FEATURED FOLDER WILL BE DECLINED! It is our responsibility as Co-Founders to decide which pieces best reflect the ideals of the group. Naturally, we understand wanting your artwork to be considered for the Featured folder, and it can really hurt when someone else thinks that your art doesn't qualify. Believe me, we get that. That's why we don't accept any deviations submitted to the folder in question. We'd rather have your work in our gallery, period, which is why we put so much stress on members taking the time to submit to the correct folder. Submitting to the Featured folder immediately eliminates your chances of getting your work added to the group if we don't think it qualifies by our standards, unless, of course, you heed our advice and submit to another folder.

If you have suggestions for the Featured folder, do not hesitate to message us with the title of the deviation and why you think it deserves to be featured. We will take it into consideration and get back to you on our decision. We respect your opinions! Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions or questions in general we are always here to listen. If there are any questions in regards to folders, please take the time to read the RULES section on the left side of the group page. If you're still confused, then proceed to message us about any problems.

:star:~Thank You for Your Time!~:star:
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