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Submit any or all of your anime, manga originals or fan arts! (:
Founded 7 Years ago
Dec 21, 2011


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Art Collection

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Digital and Traditional

10,207 Members
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Hey guys how are you doing? Back to school?
I hope you guys have a wonderful school year if that's the case.

Well anyway, it's been a long time since I wrote a journal, and today Id like to announce the following...I have no idea why my staff members are not voting for your work, and no I am not recruiting new members, sorry to say it like this but i always get "I never worked in a group but Id like to learn and do my best"
that's 9*10 people say that, either that or they just wanna be part of a large group and say "I work in a big group, I'm so cool"

NO! That's not gonna happen, I've also been thinking in doiing a TOTAL RESET on the group, simply because this group was meant for ORIGINAL CHARACTER ONLY, OC fanart and fan characters are fine, but NOT FOR FANART!

That's one thought in mind!

The thing is if I get triggered and I'll do it! YOU GUYS ARE 10K!! A LOT OF PEOPLE.
Not saying all of you are rude, but I understand why I'm the 4th Admin in a group, yes there were other admins before me, and they gave up because of this

Lastly, I will make some changes on the voting system, so when your work gets expired, please resend the work again so I can vote for it.

PS: DON'T ASK WHY YOUR SKETCH ON OCS WAS DECLINED, I mean it's kinda obvious why it was declined no? we have a folder for that...
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YOUR Originals- one FEMALE ONLY 5
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To be an affiliate of this group there must be a minimum of 50 members within the group that wishes to affiliate with us.








The rules

Hello everyone! As you noticed there are a few changes in the groups, hopefully for the better! Although I see that some of you either still don't understand, OR dunno where you submit, maybe some random folder? I dunno, we have the rules in English so that everybody understands, it's a global language after all, BUT if you don't speak English, pls come to me and I'll translate you, from french and Spanish (: Okay so here are the rules and the new folders:

:bulletwhite: Feature- We are the ones that select the deviations to be in this folder, you ARE NOT allowed to submit here

:bulletorange: OC Fanart and Anime Fanart- All fanart works go here, including group pics, for example: NarutoxSakura or SasukeXNaruto, everything published goes here ALSO the characters created by another deviant

:bulletwhite: Fan Character- Lots of you still don't understand this folder, it's quite simple actually, what's a fan character? Simple you OC created for already made series, like pokemon, naruto, onepiece, bleach, that's a fan character, I hope it's clear now.
Also Couples with OCs like NarutoxOC, or IchigoXOC even RukiaxOC

:bulletorange: Original ONE Female- As the name says ONE female character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletwhite: Original ONE Male- As the name says ONE male character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletorange: Group Shots- As the name says, here goes ALL your ORIGINAL Characters as a group, imagine all the characters you have created, couples, your OC and a friends OC as long it has ONE OC that belongs to you NOT fan characters

:bulletwhite: Chibis: Everything that is CHIBI goes here, included Fanart

:bulletorange: Collaborations (or collabs): Works that you made with someone else go here, like you colored a lineart of someone and vice versa

:bulletwhite: Animals: All animals that are drawn in anime style go here

:bulletorange: Gifs: All animated work, such a eye blinking or a character running, no matter what style, chibi or normal, go here

:bulletwhite: 3D- All works that are 3- dimensional go here as the title says :3

:bulletorange: Comics and fanfics: All comics, manga, fanfics, doujinshis go here (literature also goes here as long it has to do with a manga story)

:bulletwhite:Character Summaries/References- Character profiles even the fan character profiles and memes go to this folder

:bulletorange: Mature and Ecchi- You know....all the mature content and pantie shots go to this folder

:bulletwhite: Cosplay- Photos of you dressed as an anime or original character go here

:bulletorange: Tutorials- All the how to (as long is anime/manga) drawing or animate go here

:bulletwhite: B/W, Sketchs and Lineart- All works that are lineart, sketchs (wips) and monochrome, meaning all blues or grayscale go here

:bulletorange: AMOC Mascot: Here goes all the fanart of our lovelly mascot

:bulletwhite: DD art + character © yourusername- other wise we will askif its yours or someone else


:bulletred: STAMPS
:bulletred: TRACED WORKS (this include bases, but you can used a based one, like you used one to create your own art)
:bulletred: CRAFTS
:bulletred: AVATARS/ICONS
:bulletred: Images NOT CREATED BY YOU (this seems so obvious that was never
:bulletred: PICTURES THAT DONT FILL THE CAMERA (here's a tutorial for an example… )

posted here before until someone actually pointed it out)

:bulletwhite: In the event of an art theft, the user that has performed the theft will be removed and blocked from the group as well as their illegal submission. The group admins will also verify that the artwork has in fact been stolen so if you are blocked there are no ifs, ands or buts about the situation. It is also likely that you will be reported to deviantART as well.

:bulletorange: I hope this is clear for you now, I think this are simpler then ever, we just ask you to be more careful to where you submit, it will help us and also you, Thanks for reading

Please see Group Info for the guidelines as to which folder you should be submitting to.

And now one final agreement

Go back up! ⊙ω⊙


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