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Submit any or all of your anime, manga originals or fan arts! (:
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Hey guys how are you doing?

Hello everyone and happy Spring!
So consedering everything that iis happening across the world, I hope everyone is staying safe indoors and getting creative with your projects! I know for a fact I'm advancing my comics! wich I am very happy about!

Now the the tittle, yeah does not sounnd too friendly, but! I did told you on the 2020 group changes and the group rules on the front page, I gave you more then enough warnings on 2019, you ignored me over and over AND OVER, what you said was oh i'll pay more attention and guess what YOU STILL MESSED UP!
you see "anime manga OC " I thought that was pretty clear that means original character BUT you don't have the time to read aperently you are too bussy to take 5 extra seconds to pay attention, so you have a choise, leave the group now if you are a fanart based artist or get banned! your choise
Having a lot of members does not mean it's the best group to share and everyone will see your art, I'm just beeing honest i love to see your work in here but...i'm just telling you the truth.

I'll give the rules again

So 2020 Rules:
including if you have a fan character, that includes any FANART in chibis as well, sketches, in comics etc
We won't accept more Cosplays, it was rare to see them, so no more, sorry´
Artworks that are not taged as original character ( that will be  in the title or tags or even description, we are a big group we WILL NOT look to your galery) Be a Pal and make our job easier please, thanks

We will acept:

Fan characters
(if you have a pokemon trainer, the pokemon will be acepted, well because it's a pokemon trainer, AS LONG IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY HUMAN CHARACTER FROM THE SERIES)
Ocs from commissions, friends, contest entries etc as long as it does not have any fanart

Thank you for taking the time to read this journal
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|CM| Vampiric Seduction [Fright Night 1985]Amy slowly stirred awake and sat up as she realized she was in an unknown room, wearing a white silk dress robe. And as she looked around the room, she noticed paintings of herself. But she could feel that the woman in the paintings was not her.“She’s someone I knew, a long time ago.” answered a deep voice. She turned to the voice and saw Jerry, standing a few feet away.Then he slowly turned around and walked towards her, his shirt open and his eyes staring right at her.“Where am I? Where is Charlie?” She dared to ask but he didn’t answer. She wanted to speak again but no words came out of her mouth as Jerry stood in front of her and proceeded to remove his shirt.Her mind felt blank for a second and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his magnetic gaze and his perfect bare body. She could feel a sense of danger coming from him and yet, all she could see was him. His deep, gentle gaze was searching for something and the faint smirk of his lips couldn’t hide the sadness he was feeling at that moment.What was that feeling of yearning in his eyes? Why was he so sad?And why do I feel my heart ache for him? Amy felt confused and overwhelmed by all the sudden emotions bubbling up in her.Jerry noticed the multitude of emotions swirling in her doe eyes and felt conflicted.Those large and honest eyes that can see the wonder in everything, that cute button nose that would twitch whenever she was angry, those soft and sweet lips that would tremble and pout whenever she was upset… She looked just like her.But she wasn’t her. He knew she wasn’t her, but seeing Amy together with that brat Charlie bothered him more than he realized. A part of him wanted to simply kill Charlie and have her for himself, but that thought only hurt him more. He kept reminding himself that the girl in front of him wasn’t her, but his body moved on its own as he leaned closer to Amy and planted his lips on hers.Amy felt a pair of thin lips on hers, grazing and nibbling on them ever so lightly. She didn’t feel repulsed by it and instead, closed her eyes in pleasure as a sweet sensation filled her.Jerry continued to tease her lips and slowly moved to the crook of her neck as he tried to bite her. But the sensation of cold, sharp teeth on her warm, sensitive skin woke her up from the sensuous thrill and made her gasp in shock.Jerry held himself back and looked at Amy who was trying hard not to cry as her glistening doe eyes were darting around in panic. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. For a moment there, she was really scared of what was to come. So then, why was she feeling bad for acting that way now? Why was she afraid of hurting him?“I- I…” she wanted to explain herself but Jerry cut her off with a shake of his hand. He was also worried about scaring her and he tried to assured her as he kept his gaze on her, gentle and full of understanding - as if she was the most precious and intriguing thing in the world.Amy calmed down quickly as she peered into his deep eyes and was drawn into a mesmerizing trance. She then slowly raised her hand and unclasped the pin behind her neck and let her dress slide down, exposing herself to him.Then she leaned forward and pulled Jerry into another kiss, but this time it turned into an intense kiss as their tongues danced back and forth in their mouths building up their passion to reach the crescendo.Jerry slowly moved away from her lips, trailing a line of hot kisses down her jawline and into the crook of her neck. He sucked on her supple skin to divert her mind and held her tight before revealing his fangs and finally, sinking them into her.
Your OCs- group shots 2
[OC Agni/Ifrit] Sketch#10 IFRIT~ by ReiyuuSama


To be an affiliate of this group there must be a minimum of 50 members within the group that wishes to affiliate with us.








The rules

Hello everyone! As you noticed there are a few changes in the groups, hopefully for the better! Although I see that some of you either still don't understand, OR dunno where you submit, maybe some random folder? I dunno, we have the rules in English so that everybody understands, it's a global language after all, BUT if you don't speak English, pls come to me and I'll translate you, from french and Spanish (: Okay so here are the rules and the new folders:

:bulletwhite: Feature- We are the ones that select the deviations to be in this folder, you ARE NOT allowed to submit here

:bulletorange: Commissions, Art Trades and Drawing requests - All fanart from ppl that commissioned you or you drew for a friend/deiant for a birthday gift REMEMBER ORIGINAL CHARACTER FANART NOT OFICIAL FANART

:bulletwhite: Fan Character- Lots of you still don't understand this folder, it's quite simple actually, what's a fan character? Simple you OC created for already made series, like pokemon, naruto, onepiece, bleach, that's a fan character,

:bulletorange: Original ONE Female- As the name says ONE female character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletwhite: Original ONE Male- As the name says ONE male character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletorange: Group Shots- As the name says, here goes ALL your ORIGINAL Characters as a group, imagine all the characters you have created, couples, your OC and a friends OC as long it has ONE OC that belongs to you NOT fan characters

:bulletwhite: Chibis: Everything that is CHIBI goes here NO FANART IF YOU DO EQUALS A PERMANANTE BAN

:bulletorange: Collaborations (or collabs): Works that you made with someone else go here, like you colored a lineart of someone and vice versa

:bulletwhite: Animals and objects: All animals, scenarios etc go here

:bulletorange: Gifs: All animated work, such a eye blinking or a character running, no matter what style, chibi or normal, go here

:bulletwhite: 3D- All works that are 3- dimensional go here as the title says :3

:bulletorange: Comics and fanfics: All comics, manga, fanfics, doujinshis go here (literature also goes here as long it has to do with a manga story)

:bulletwhite:Character Summaries/References- Character profiles even the fan character profiles and memes go to this folder

:bulletorange: Mature and Ecchi- You know....all the mature content and pantie shots go to this folder

:bulletorange: Tutorials- All the how to (as long is anime/manga) drawing or animate go here

:bulletwhite: B/W, Sketchs and Lineart- All works that are lineart, sketchs (wips) and monochrome, meaning all blues or grayscale go here

:bulletorange: AMOC Mascot: Here goes all the fanart of our lovelly mascot

:bulletwhite: DD art + character © yourusername- other wise we will askif its yours or someone else


:bulletred: FANART!!
:bulletred: STAMPS
:bulletred: TRACED WORKS (this include bases, but you can used a based one, like you used one to create your own art)
:bulletred: CRAFTS
:bulletred: AVATARS/ICONS
:bulletred: Images NOT CREATED BY YOU (this seems so obvious that was never
:bulletred: PICTURES THAT DONT FILL THE CAMERA (here's a tutorial for an example… )

posted here before until someone actually pointed it out)

:bulletwhite: In the event of an art theft, the user that has performed the theft will be removed and blocked from the group as well as their illegal submission. The group admins will also verify that the artwork has in fact been stolen so if you are blocked there are no ifs, ands or buts about the situation. It is also likely that you will be reported to deviantART as well.

:bulletorange: I hope this is clear for you now, I think this are simpler then ever, we just ask you to be more careful to where you submit, it will help us and also you, Thanks for reading

Please see Group Info for the guidelines as to which folder you should be submitting to.

And now one final agreement

Go back up! ⊙ω⊙


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