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Hey guys how are you doing? Hello everyone and happy Summer So consedering everything that iis happening across the world, I hope everyone is staying safe indoors and getting creative with your projects! I know for a fact I'm advancing my comics! wich I am very happy about!
Well the years go by and more and more of you get banned, its sad, why do you join a group THAT SAYS OC AND YOU SUBMIT FANARt? srly guys, its not my fault that you have "ignore journals" Its not my fault that you ignored our warnings, if you want to submit fanart SO BAD go somewhere else
Fan Characters
So 2020 Rules: NO FANART, THAT WILL LEAD TO A BAN including if yo:bulletblue: character, that includes any FANART in chibis as well, sketches, in comics etc We won't accept more Cosplays, it was rare to see them, so no more, sorry´ Artworks that are not taged as original character ( that will be in the title or tags or even description, we are a big group we WILL NOT look to your galery) Be a Pal and make our job easier please, thanks We will acept: Fan characters (if you have a pokemon trainer, the pokemon will be acepted, well because it's a pokemon trainer, AS LONG IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY HUMAN CHARACTER FROM THE SERIES) Ocs from commissions, friends, contest entries etc as long as it does not have any fanart Thank you for taking the time to read this journal
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The Goddess' Will: CH1CHAPTER 1The Boy without Name Darkness enveloped his entire vision. A piece of black cloth was covering his head and half of his body. The cloth was ripped open, and his hands were twisted back roughly. Bones and muscles wrapped around each other, causing unbearable pain. A rough rope wrapped around his wrists, bringing them together and stopped his movements. He shook his head to get rid of brown hair from his eyes. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adapt with the dim surrounding, until at last, he saw a wooden room with the roar of engines everywhere. A group of men in black robes and hoods lined up around him. They looked at him through black long-beaked masks. "Who are you?" he asked timidly. His chest was pounding with intense fear. "Ciel Hearth Liver XVII," said one of the masked men. A black hood covered his head, keeping him hidden like a spy. He approached with thudding steps. "What? That's my name, not yours!” Ciel argued loudly. “You don't know what has been happening in the Outer World. Liver Kingdom is too proud to know. Your family, your father, must pay for everything you have done to us,” said the masked man again. His voice sounded like that of a young man in his twenties. Ciel shook his head. "What's that supposed to mean? What do you want? Why did you kidnap me?!” "For thousands of years, Liver Kingdom has fled from this harsh reality, a reality that should be faced together," continued the masked man. "Everything must end. Whatever the risk is." “Stop talking nonsense, freak! I don't—” Ciel didn't have time to finish his sentence. Someone grabbed the young man's hair, and lifted his face. Another man crammed something bitter and solid and then poured water from a container into his mouth. The tasteless water carried the object down the esophagus. Before he had time to guess what he had just swallowed, someone else hit his head. He sprawled on the wooden floor, and saw thousands of fireflies dancing. The roar of the machine reached his ears, deafening him until he lost consciousness. *** The sound of simultaneous drops of water filled Ciel's ear. He got up weakly, cursing. He frowned as he realized how limited his movements were. He glanced at his hands and feet. His feet were free, even his brown boots with black laces were still there. However, iron handcuffs were around his wrists. A not-so-long chain connected the handcuffs to the stone wall behind his back. Ciel dragged his gaze around the room. The room he was in was made of gray bricks with cracks on all sides. There was no furniture at all, only emptiness that seemed to represent the heart of its builder. The smell of urine and rancidity hung sharply in the air. Rats were running at the edge of the room, side by side like a line of soldiers. The stone floor that was darker than the walls, giving off chills that froze the young man's bones. A metal door with a narrow, closed window was blocking the only way out. "Those people must be insane," Ciel whispered to himself. His mind drifted back to the unfortunate incident that had led him to end up in this terrible cell. At that time, he was with four noble girls, flirting with each other like most young adults in the palace's rose garden. Coupled with the night sky, a full moon as perfect as a silver plate, and the songs from the palace in the distance, it all got even more exciting. It was not Ciel's fault that he got too carried away in those nonsense activities. Ciel was twenty, and it was about time he started thinking about a spouse—just as his father said. The girls were stuning and charming, like angels whose beauty almost matched Goddess Celesta's. The solitude of the palace gardens, the fresh scent of wet roses at night, and the giggles of the girls suddenly turned into a riot, when a group of masked men appeared and curled them up. Suddenly, someone wrapped Ciel's half body with a black cloth, then carried him away. He was too shocked to fight back. Moreover, his body was upheld and wrapped in a cloth. When he regained his sight and body control, he was already inside the wooden room and was confronted by a gang of men in black robes. He had thought, they would murder him. Ciel often heard people boasting about members of the monarchy being the main targets of murder. Politic was often the main trigger. Ciel was horrified to think that he would be one of the victims. He was the sole prince of the Liver Kingdom, and also the only heir to the throne. Liver was rich and prosperous, no kingdom could ever compete with it—at least, that was what everyone had always told him. Perhaps, money and politic were the reasons these people kidnapped him. "At least, I'm still alive," he whispered again, and rubbed his head. The chain cuffs hampered his movement. "The goddesses still protect me." The sound of footsteps echoed outside the cell. Ciel was alarmed at once. His hands were clenched tightly, one leg bent so he could get up quickly and easily when anyone out there ambushed him. He might be weaponless, but he could always fight back with bare hands. The young man's blue eyes pierced the door as the footsteps grew louder. Ciel wondered, was it the people who had kidnapped him earlier? Did they come back to tell the reason for his kidnapping? The narrow window on the metal door slid open. Initially, only walls and bright torches were shown. Then, two hands grasped the edge of the window, and a pair of eyes filled the opening. "Hey!" exclaimed the owner of the eyes. His voice was shrill, a little cracked and nasal like that of a pubescent boy. "You still alive?" What a stupid question. However, Ciel replied, “Yeah. Who are you?" "My name—oops!" The boy glared. "No need to know my name!" Ciel frowned. The little boy didn't seem to know what he was doing. "I'll get you out." The boy's continuation seemed to confirm Ciel's guess. Keys were jigling, followed by the sound of a latch being moved. He waited patiently for the metal door to open, revealing the boy's figure openly. He was not very tall for teenage boy who could be thirteen or fourteen. He was also thin, clad in an oversized white shirt and brown pants paired with black boots. A pair of large google, which Ciel usually saw worn by airship pilots, hung around the boy's pale neck. At first glance, there was nothing strange about the boy, until then, Ciel noticed the white color of his hair. Teenagers his age shouldn't have white hair. "Wait a minute," he said, pocketing the keys. He walked over to Ciel. His steps were relaxed and didn't emit any hostility, so Ciel didn't feel anxious. He watched as the boy pulled another key from a small satchel on the left side of his waist. "Who are you?" "No names," he replied, kneeling beside Ciel to remove the handcuffs. "What's wrong with your hair?" Ciel asked curiously, feeling the boy's absurd hair color was really too suspicious. Did he have a disease that made his hair white? "It's been like this since I was born." The boy didn't look at Ciel. He focused completely on the keys and handcuffs. "It's hard. A bit stuck." Ciel blinked. "Do you know what you're doing?" "Sure," he said, trying to turn the lock with a grimace. Suddenly, from outside came the clatter of many feet. The nameless kid flinched, so did Ciel. "They're coming back!" the boy gasped. He returned to the lock and handcuffs, twisted and tried to open the handcuffs. “I think you've got the wrong key,” said Ciel, putting aside the sudden panic that surrounded him. Power was already building up in his legs, so he would be ready to stand up and kick in case of an attack. However, really, Ciel didn't know what he would do to the boy if he was caught. He was sure, the boy was ninety percent clueless about the real situation. A light click opened the handcuffs. Ciel immediately pulled his hand and without wasting any time, he jumped to his feet next to the boy. The gold buttons on the prince's shirt and the tiny epaulette chains on the shoulders jangled at his rapid pace. "You have to escape!" reported the boy, whose height only reached Ciel's shoulders. His icy blue eyes were perfectly wide, showing fear as clear as the day. "I'll show you the way!" Seeing the boy run to the doorway, Ciel had no other choice but to follow him.


To be an affiliate of this group there must be a minimum of 50 members within the group that wishes to affiliate with us.






The rules

Hello everyone! As you noticed there are a few changes in the groups, hopefully for the better! Although I see that some of you either still don't understand, OR dunno where you submit, maybe some random folder? I dunno, we have the rules in English so that everybody understands, it's a global language after all, BUT if you don't speak English, pls come to me and I'll translate you, from french and Spanish (: Okay so here are the rules and the new folders:

:bulletwhite: Feature- We are the ones that select the deviations to be in this folder, you ARE NOT allowed to submit here

:bulletorange: Commissions, Art Trades and Drawing requests - All fanart from ppl that commissioned you or you drew for a friend/deiant for a birthday gift REMEMBER ORIGINAL CHARACTER FANART NOT OFICIAL FANART

:bulletwhite: Fan Character- Lots of you still don't understand this folder, it's quite simple actually, what's a fan character? Simple you OC created for already made series, like pokemon, naruto, onepiece, bleach, that's a fan character,

:bulletorange: Original ONE Female- As the name says ONE female character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletwhite: Original ONE Male- As the name says ONE male character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletorange: Group Shots- As the name says, here goes ALL your ORIGINAL Characters as a group, imagine all the characters you have created, couples, your OC and a friends OC as long it has ONE OC that belongs to you NOT fan characters

:bulletwhite: Chibis: Everything that is CHIBI goes here NO FANART IF YOU DO EQUALS A PERMANANTE BAN

:bulletorange: Collaborations (or collabs): Works that you made with someone else go here, like you colored a lineart of someone and vice versa

:bulletwhite: Animals and objects: All animals, scenarios etc go here

:bulletorange: Gifs: All animated work, such a eye blinking or a character running, no matter what style, chibi or normal, go here

:bulletwhite: 3D- All works that are 3- dimensional go here as the title says :3

:bulletorange: Comics and fanfics: All comics, manga, fanfics, doujinshis go here (literature also goes here as long it has to do with a manga story)

:bulletwhite:Character Summaries/References- Character profiles even the fan character profiles and memes go to this folder

:bulletorange: Mature and Ecchi- You know....all the mature content and pantie shots go to this folder

:bulletorange: Tutorials- All the how to (as long is anime/manga) drawing or animate go here

:bulletwhite: B/W, Sketchs and Lineart- All works that are lineart, sketchs (wips) and monochrome, meaning all blues or grayscale go here

:bulletorange: AMOC Mascot: Here goes all the fanart of our lovelly mascot

:bulletwhite: DD art + character © yourusername- other wise we will askif its yours or someone else


:bulletred: FANART!!
:bulletred: STAMPS
:bulletred: TRACED WORKS (this include bases, but you can used a based one, like you used one to create your own art)
:bulletred: CRAFTS
:bulletred: AVATARS/ICONS
:bulletred: Images NOT CREATED BY YOU (this seems so obvious that was never
:bulletred: PICTURES THAT DONT FILL THE CAMERA (here's a tutorial for an example… )

posted here before until someone actually pointed it out)

:bulletwhite: In the event of an art theft, the user that has performed the theft will be removed and blocked from the group as well as their illegal submission. The group admins will also verify that the artwork has in fact been stolen so if you are blocked there are no ifs, ands or buts about the situation. It is also likely that you will be reported to deviantART as well.

:bulletorange: I hope this is clear for you now, I think this are simpler then ever, we just ask you to be more careful to where you submit, it will help us and also you, Thanks for reading

Please see Group Info for the guidelines as to which folder you should be submitting to.

And now one final agreement

Go back up! ⊙ω⊙


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