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The Little Demon Vampire Hybrid Ch 4Disclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, JJBA, MLP, Aladdin, Alien vs predator, Adventure time, Ed Edd n Eddy along with all the cartoon network shows and Toonami shows including Disney especially the hub shows. I only own is my ocsChapter Four: Birth of the HybridWarnings: This chapter may contains some language, blood and even child labor. Because being pregnant and delivering a newborn baby is very painful.Four Months passed Jade's stomach had gotten bigger. Which now today is the due date that means the baby will come anytime if he wants to or not.Jade is wearing her black Yukata with pink cherry blossoms, with pink Japanese flowers hair clips, Spider web obi belt, white socks, and wooden Sandals. Lastly her make-up is black eyeshadow with eyeliner, mascara and black lipstick.Twilight Sparkle, Kars, Marceline, Jafar and Samane were having dinner at their Victorian mansion.In dinning room, they sat on the dinning table eating roasted duck, stir fried rice, giant steamed pork buns, Chinese pork ribs, chow mein, streamed crab legs with clams and beef n broccoli.Dracula placed his hand on her swollen womb where the baby is at. The baby kicked that it liked the food that Jade ate."Jade. The baby liked the Chinese food we ate as dinner." Dracula replied."Is that so? The baby likes the food we ate earlier usually I ate Sushi sometimes but mostly on either fruits or vegetables, with seafood including meat such as burgers, steaks and ribs." Jade replied."Your baby is probably wants to try new foods before he or she is born." Kars explained."I can wait for baby to be born." Twilight Sparkle replied."The kid will probably be like Dracula but with Jade's personality." Marceline added."I'm pretty sure the baby will be." Jafar replied."Agreed." Samane answered.Around 9:00 pm.Jade had finished eating her dinner with her friends which she heads outside to see Six who now live behind their house in a huge building since she became a Xenomorph Queen and had her Xenomorph children.Xenomorph Queen Six makes sure that her children doesn't hurt Jade, her family or friends unless someone will hurt them.The pregnant Demon Queen opens the door where the inside of the huge building is completely empty. "Six." Jade called as there was no silence."Six. I know you're here. Please stop hiding for once." Jade replied as the Xenomorph Queen named Six came over to see Jade while her Xenomorph children are asleep since they have hunted for food and ate.Six nudges her head against Jade's hand which Jade pets her. Jade went to Six's bed that Six made and sat down on it which Xenomorph Queen Six changes into her personal Size which her height and weight of the Xenomorph warrior but in a Xenomorph Queen form.Six lays herself on Jade which she lays her head onto Jade's swollen belly to hear the unborn baby move. The Xenomorph Queen begins to purrs on hearing the unborn baby move."Six you can come with me in the house since you're children are asleep." Jade replied as Six moves away and she gets up.The Demoness and the Xenomorph Queen exits out of huge building into the Victorian mansion. They reached to the hallways into the dinning roomSuddenly Jade felt a sharp pain in her stomach and something wet underneath her Yukata."Oh God. Not now." Jade replied as Dracula heard her.Dracula quickly got up from the dinning room and ran into dinning room exit to see his pregnant Demon wife."Jade. What is it?" Dracula asked as Six began worry about Jade too as well."Drac," Jade replied as grunted in pain, that she is starting to have contractions. Dracula ran and held onto Jade tightly. Jade's friends went to see what's going on. Dracula told them that the baby is coming which they went to see Jade.Marceline checked on Jade which she is starting to go in laborJafar and Kars went to see Jade as well but when they see her like this. Jafar immediately fainted on that part and Kars was in shockedWhich Samane had to grab her boyfriend and wakes him up that he fainted which Kars helps Dracula carries Jade which the group heads outside of the mansion.Dracula, Marceline, Six, and others got em in the limo. They immediately took Jade to the hospital so Double D can help Jade deliver the baby.When they got to the hospital. Jade was transported to the delivery room with her husband Dracula while Marceline, Six, Twilight Sparkle, Kars, Samane, and Jafar stayed in the waiting room.In the delivery room Jade is dressed in her white yukata on the bed and about to be ready to give birth. While Edd and Dracula are with her."GET THIS DAMN BABY OUT OF ME!!" Jade screamed in agony that the pain is becoming more worse than it was at the house."Calm down. me and Dracula are going to help deliver the baby." Edd replied as he puts a set of gloves on."Dracula, I need to help your demon wife for this. I know this will painful but Jade will make it." Edd replied as Dracula sat next to Jade and grabs Jade's hand. Jade grips his hand so hard that her vampire husband felt that.Edd and Dracula help Jade deliver the unborn hybrid baby while it's is in Jade's womb. Jade uses her demonic strength to deliver.After hours of pain and agony that Jade felt and screamed in bloody murder through delivery of their demon vampire hybrid baby. That is almost done.Jade's makeup dripped downed that the Demoness is crying in pain, Dracula was freaking out and doesn't like his wife hurting in pain. Jade screamed more louder while Edd is helping her out with the delivery."You're almost done Jade. I can see the head. Come on just keep pushing." Edd replied as Jade screams and uses the last of her demonic strength to deliver her hybrid baby out of her.Suddenly there was loud crying in the room Jade crashes onto the bed and sees her newborn baby covered in blood and crying that he is cold. She noticed that Edd cuts the umbilical cord after delivering it."Congratulations. Vampire King Dracula and Demon Queen Jade. It's a healthy baby boy." Edd replied as he cleans the baby, wraps him in a blanket to keep him warm and brought him to his parents. Edd stands by them and watching their moment with their baby.The baby continues crying in Jade's arms and bundled up in a blue blanket. He has a full set of black hair and looks like a mini version of Dracula. The boy was very tiny and fragile. His hands were tiny as well, they were inside of the blanket near his chest and clutched into both of his fists. His eyes are shut now but later open them eventually.Jade hugs her son tightly and cried that she finally has a new family member with her vampire husband. "He's perfect." Jade replied as Dracula knees downs and looks at his newborn son. "Drac, Do you want to hold our son?" Jade asked as Dracula gently grabs the bundled baby in his arms.His son stopped crying that he was held by his father which he got quiet. The boy began sleeping in Dracula's arms that calmed him down."Do you and Jade picked the name for your baby?" Edd asked."Draven. Draven Tepes will be his name." Dracula answered Suddenly Jade ended up being unconscious after naming their son. Dracula and Edd freaked out."Jade!" Dracula shouted as Edd ran to Jade which he places two fingers on Jade's wrist to make sure she's stays alive."She's got a pulse, We'll take her to the emergency room as soon as possible." Edd replied as he and the other doctors wheeled Jade to the emergency room.After Double D and the other doctors examined Jade. Edd exits out of the emergency room where Dracula and his newborn son Draven are in the hallways."How's is Jade doing so far?" Dracula asked.*She's unconscious, your wife had lose a lot of blood during labor that she used all of her strength in order to deliver your son. She'll recovery tomorrow after healing. You should probably go see Marceline and your friends in hallway while I take Jade to the recovery room." Edd replied.Dracula headed to the waiting room with his son in his arms where Marceline, Six Kars, Twilight Sparkle, Samane and Jafar."Drac. you're finally here." Marceline replied."How was the delivery?" Kars asked."Guys, this is my son Draven." Dracula replied as he shows his newborn son to Marceline and his friends.Marceline got to hold her nephew in her arms when she moves the blanket from his face with her hand. Draven grabs her index finger with his tiny hand. Kars looks at his godson while Six and Samane adores him a lot. Jafar and Twilight Sparkle are happy that they finally got to the hybrid baby.After that, Marceline, Kars and others headed home while Dracula and Six stays at the hospital with Jade and Draven.In the recovery room Edd, Dracula and Six enters which he sees Jade still in unconscious on bed."Double D. Thank you this." Dracula replied."No problem Drac, I'll let you guys stay here until Jade is finally recovered. Six and Drac. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Edd replied as he exits out of the recovery room.Dracula sets gently Draven on the hospital bassinet. He gets onto the bed that Edd set for him which Six shrinks into her Xenomorph Queen plushie form and falls asleep.Dracula slept on the bed sleeping for his demon queen to wake up from her coma.Later in the morningJade wakes up after recovering from blood loss, she sees her baby son Draven was sleeping on the hospital bassinet. He was sleeping peacefully despite being a newborn baby."How's our son?" Jade asked as Dracula picks Draven in his arms."He's sleeping right now." Dracula replied as Jade was about to get up but he stops her "Jade don't. Your body needs to rest right now." Dracula replied as Jade lays in bed while she recovers.Jade stayed in hospital with her hybrid son in days. While Double D checks up on Draven to make sure he is healthy every day.Draven had been eating a lot especially when Jade feeds him. Normally Jade covers herself with a blanket or even she can feed her son with a bottle.After their baby finished eating, he'll most likely fell asleep through out the rest of the day. Draven had most likely inherited the appetite from his mother. Jade looks at her son her arms while he sleeps. Wonder that future would Draven will have with new abilities that he'll inherited from his parents.Weeks after Jade had finally able to regenerate herself after delivering Draven. Jade, Dracula and Six exits out of the Cartoon Network hospital with their newborn son Draven.Draven grunts while being held by Jade. Edd gives Jade and Dracula some baby stuff from the hospital for their newborn son. Which Jade and Dracula thanked him for the gifts that Edd gave to them.They headed back to their Victorian mansion with Draven that will be his new home.
The Little Demon Vampire Hybrid Ch 3Disclaimer: I do not own Batman vs Dracula, JJBA, MLP, Aladdin, Inuyasha, Adventure time, Ed Edd n Eddy along with all the cartoon network shows and Toonami shows including Disney especially the hub shows. I only own is my ocsChapter Three: Baby ShowerJade who is now five months pregnant. She wears her black silk yukata which she went sleep with Dracula until the unborn baby kicks."Drac. The baby is hungry again." Jade replied as Dracula tries to go back to sleep."Really. It's 4 in the morning. Let me sleep a little more." Dracula whined."Drac. I'm serious the baby is starting to get impatient. It will kick harder than this time." Jade replied as Dracula gets up wearing a dark red robe around him.he heads downstairs to get some food for Jade. Until a kitten came over and mewed at him"Luci. I'm doing something right now." Dracula replied as Luci who is blue British shorthair kitten. Luci meows at Dracula and tries to paw at him which he heads upstairs while Luci follows him towards his chambers where Jade is at."Here Jade." Dracula replied as he hands her a bowl of fruit that Jade loves to eat a lot during her pregnancy.Jade began eating blueberries and all the fruits she can have during her pregnancy. The kitten came over and began purring to see pregnant demoness.She began petting her head, Luci began rubbing her face onto Jade's pregnant belly which Dracula came over to his wife and sat down next to her on the bed. After Jade ate her food. she and her vampire husband went asleep with their British shorthair kitten.In the morning around 10 in the morning. Jade gets dressed in her gothic black and red maternity dress with her finger loop lace wristlet gloves with a black gem onyx lace choker with chains, black onyx gem necklace with upside down cross, upside down cross earrings, a black jeweled silver queen crown, and leather flat heeled boots. Which their pets who are Brom, Luci, Fennikusu, especially their Xenomorph Queen Six that Jade and Dracula had since Six was a cute Xenomorph Plushie when they were in high school. They wanted to go but Jade told them that she and Dracula will be back after checking on their unborn baby. They left the mansion while their pets waited until they returned.After eating lunch around 12pm. Jade had completely ate the sushi Boat and platter of sushi and sashimi. Both the Vampire King and the Demon Queen heads over to the hospital to see Double D who is their doctor that he will Jade will the delivery when the hybrid is born.While in the waiting room. They were called by receptionist which they headed to the ultrasound room.Edd came in to see Jade and Dracula to see their unborn baby in the ultrasound.Dracula sat on a waiting chair while Jade is laying down on a patient bed, still wearing her gothic black and red maternity dress with a blanket covered her legs and and stomach since the demoness pulls the skirt near her baby baby bump. Edd came in and see them."Ahh, Jade. Dracula. It's good that you're here." Edd replied as he puts on a pair of gloves, grabs the bottle and squirts large amount of gel on his hand."Jade I need you to the pull the blanket onto your legs so I can check on the baby's gender." Edd replied as Jade did pulls the blanket down on her legs revealing her developing stomach.Edd rubs the gel on her developing belly which allows the ultrasound to see the baby. He places the ultrasound transducer on Jade's stomach and turns on the screen to see the baby.Ultrasound screen shows their unborn baby in Jade's womb. which Jade and Dracula are amazed that their baby to developing quickly. "And there's your baby. He's developing very fast." Edd replied as he moves the to see the gender which he decides not to tell the vampire king and demon queen on the baby's gender until their child is born."Is the baby going to be boy or a girl?" Dracula asked."Well if I'm positive that your baby is probably going to be a boy. If I am correct. But before you two go I need to do a test the baby." Edd replied."What is it?" Jade asked."It's a prenatal test to be sure that your hybrid baby has any problems. Which I have to put a huge needle into your womb to get the amniotic fluid." Edd answered as Jade got scared that she absolutely hates needles especially when she is pregnant."I'll have Drac help you calm your nerves down while I do the prenatal test okay." Edd replied as Jade nodded her head in discomfort.After the prenatal test that Edd did onto Jade lucky she didn't freak out because Dracula makes sure that she is fine by being near her.Edd checks on the tests which the results are positive since there no side effects since the unborn baby is part demon and part vampire. Which he explains to both Jade and Dracula about it. After their ultrasound appointment Jade and Dracula decides to throw a baby shower in a couple of weeks that they invited their friends to join in.Weeks laterAt the Jade and Dracula's mansion at the living room. Jade is wearing her black yukata with white spider webs on it with a dark red obi belt with her friends that she known them after they graduated from highschool. Twilight sparkle gave a bunch of books on new parents, what to expect, and books on new parenting that Jade and Dracula will read.Kars and Aureila got gothic toys, and gothic plushies.Jafar and Samane got cute gothic boy clothes.Marceline got a nightmare before Christmas decorations along with plushies of the Vampire Teddy Bear, ghost dog Zero and the orange black striped snake especially the wooden undead duck with wheels that she and Naraku made.The rest of the other gifts was previously from Jade and Dracula's friends that they sent to their mansion.Jade, and Dracula chooses Kars and Aureila to be the godparents of their child. They began celebrating and having their cake.After the baby shower, Jade and Dracula are at the nursery room.The nursery room was a gothic theme with gothic Squishable and goth plushies along with nightmare before Christmas decorationsOn the black and white striped rug on the carpet was a undead skeleton rocking horse, with undead wooden duck toy.The crib was a bassinet with Hanging Mobile with cute bats on it. The bed was covered white sheets with bats on it. On the bed was a mini Squishable plague doctor with a Nightmare Before Christmas Vampire Teddy Bear plushie and the squishable sushi dragon plushie.Jade places her hand on her developing stomach where the unborn baby is at."I can't wait to our baby to be born." Jade replied as Dracula placed his hand on her."I probably guessing the baby is a boy if I be correct?" Dracula asked."I'm pretty it will be when he is finally out of me." Jade answered.The unborn baby is developing faster in months. Soon the hybrid will be born on its due date and see it's new parents.
Oujia BoardAuthor's notes: Ever since I watched Ed edd n Eddy when I was a kid. I had a deep hatred towards the Cul de sac kids especially the Kankers. I decided to write a scary and dark story of the Cul de sac kids. But the movie was a lot ten times better in the series that the Eds finally have their happy ending.Summary: The Cul de sac kids found a oujia Board somewhere in the cartoon network city abandoned. They decided to play with while their parents are asleep but something terrible traumatized them permanently.Disclaimer: I do not own Ed edd n Eddy, Batman vs Dracula, Alien vs Predator, Aladdin, and all the Cartoon Network shows and Toonami shows.Warnings: This Story may contain some language, frightening images and crude Humor.During school called Cartoon academy is over. Kevin and Nazz were walking home until Kevin saw in a garbage can at an alley of cartoon network city."Nazz I hold on for a sec I think I saw something in the garbage can." Kevin replied as he walked towards the garbage can and opens the lid.It revealed to be a Oujia Board that has been sealed by duck tape."Kevin did you found something?" Nazz asked as Kevin grabs the Oujia Board out of the trash can."Nazz, I found a oujia board in a trashcan." Kevin answered."Umm. Kevin. I heard many stories that people were messing with the Oujia Board that they ended getting terrified by these evil creatures." Nazz replied."I don't know if they are true or not. Let us see if they are true or not?" Kevin replied Around Midnight in Kevin's house inside Kevin's bedroom Kevin invited Nazz, Rolf, Sarah, Jimmy, Johnny 2 x 4 and Plank that they decided to play the Oujia Board. While Kevin's parents are asleep. Kevin takes the duck tape off the Ouija board box.Rolf began filming with Kevin's video camera while Kevin found some candles, putting on each around the Oujia Board and Sarah lits up the candles by using matches in complete dark room."Okay Rolf are you filming this?" Kevin asked."Yes Rolf is filming can we play the game now?" Sarah asked.Kevin, Nazz, Jimmy, Johnny, Rolf and Sarah each placed their hand on the planchette on the Oujia Board."Are you here?" Kevin asked as the planchette began moving towards the left side of the Oujia Board. Which it said yes.Jimmy began getting scared and Nazz is was horrified about this game that they are playing."Guys I felt something moving was that you guys?" Nazz asked."No I wasn't us. Sarah answered as the Cul de sac kids let go of the planchette on the Oujia Board.Suddenly the planchette began moving by itself towards the right side of the Oujia Board. The planchette sat on the no sign which it actually scared the crap out of them."I'm starting to feeling uncomfortable playing this game the way the planchette moved itself if we keep playing something happening will get worse than usual." Jimmy replied as he is exiting out of Kevin's bedroom but then suddenly something attacked him which the bedroom door closed. Jimmy screamed in horror."Jimmy!" Sarah shouted as she quickly to the bedroom door and quickly trying to open it but the door was completely sealed and lockedJimmy who is now scared which he opens the door. Which Kevin and Nazz moves the planchette onto the goodbye very quickly.Jimmy opens the bathroom door and was terrified what he had witnessed especially that horrible incident when Jimmy decides to be mean on the three eds. Jade scared him that she dressed as Ghostface from Scream which it scared the crap out of him. And threatening him that if keeps messing her Ed friends she'll scare Jimmy dressed as a scary clown.Kevin, and Nazz looks at the Ouija board and was horrified what will happened next if a ghost or a demon tries to possessed the two especially their friends."Kevin, we should probably call someone about this who know about this stuff." Nazz replied as Kevin looked at her which she knows that someone knows about Ouija board, along with witchcraft and the occult is Jade that she is a goth and loves that stuff but the goth girl will never do unlike the Cul de sac kids did is not mess with a Ouija board.Kevin decided to call Jade on his phone which he knows that Jade will not be about this what he and his friends did.Meanwhile at Jade's house.Jade, Dracula, Six and Jafar is watching the old classic movie of the Exorcist in her gothic bedroom, purple lights on black wire with witchcraft decorations that she made her room by herself.Jade is dressed in her Victorian goth outfit along Six who's wearing a matching Victorian outfit that Jade made for her.Suddenly Jade's phone began to ring that her ringtone is Remorse for the Dead by Lamb of God. Dracula grabs Jade's phone and answers it."Hello." Dracula replied."Is this Jade?" Kevin asked."Who's this exactly?" Dracula asked."Dracula, this is Kevin, is Jade here?" Kevin asked."Yes, she's here with me along with my friends. I'll hand her phone to you." Dracula answered as he hands the phone to Jade."Jade, Kevin wants to talk to you about something." Dracula replied as Jade grabs her phone from her boyfriend."What the hell does he want now?" Jade said in pissed off tone that she completely hates Kevin and his friends so much that she's pretty fed up of it. She puts her phone on speaker."What?!" Jade shouted."Jade, there's something I need you tell you about what me and Nazz found earlier after school." Kevin replied."What is it?" Jade asked." and Nazz found a Ouija board that has been sealed completely by duck tape and was sitting in a garbage can so we decided to take it." Kevin replied."Did you guys messing around with it?" Jade asked."Well..... me, Nazz and my friends did play with the Ouija board but Jimmy got attacked in a bathroom somehow when the door closed and locked on him but lucky Jimmy wasn't hurt. But I'm terrified now and I don't want to possessed!" Kevin said that he got scared which Jade sighed in disbelief that Kevin and his buddies did something really something stupid that they shouldn't do from the beginning. Yet calm and still in her pissed off tone which pretty answers Kevin."Oh it will be okay Just be glad you actually you say goodbye to it or you would have pissed off either a Spirit or a demon but yet again you guys stupid as usual." Jade answered as she immediately hangs up her phone on Kevin."What was Kevin talking about?" Jafar asked."That they messed around playing with a Ouija board that they shouldn't not been messed with." Jade answered as she began petting Six's head.After the Ouija board incident Kevin and Nazz decides to burn the Ouija board into ashes outside of Kevin's yard with gasoline and a match. They learned their lesson not to mess around with Ouija boards especially if they are sealed.Owari...

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naru +inu by Puskupipi
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Snow and Fake Fairies 2 by assassins-creed1999
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1/6 Scale DW9 Xiahou Dun Figure by MariposaBullet
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: moomba : by Bastard--Prince
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PRIZE ART E.C 1 by yaoi-fangirl
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