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Star Wars/ Lion King Crossover of DOOOOOOOOOOM!



Read the Facebook status below.

Hello, this is not Annette! She seemed to have left her facebook up on my computer again... sigh.. when will that girl ever learn? Oh well... anywho, how are you Facebook? What all has changed since I last was on? ... I ate Ravioli today for diner... it was yummy! mmmmmmm.. i like Italian food.. it makes my tummy happy. You know what else makes me happy? Star wars! I might be geeky but I think Star Wars, even all these years later, is still better then what hollywood has to offer when it comes to Sci-fi movies.. I mean, come on, who can top Darth Vader? i mean really? Speaking of which, I just recently found out the voice actor for the original Darth Vader, not only was in the 3rd Star Wars move (blows my mind!) but he was also the voice actor for Mufasa in Lion King. :O omgshness!! I was like "wooooOOOOOOOOOH!!" *with dramatic deep voice* and they were like "yeah.. duh!" and i was like "SWEETNESS!!" ... dude.. they should totally make, like, a cross over with Stars Wars and Lion King.... that would be like... so awesome! Like Darth Mufasa would be in the clouds going all "Simba, I'm your father" and Simba Skywalker would be like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... actually, i totally knew that dude.. i like.. watched you died and all.." and Darth cloud Mufasa would be like ".... oh yeah... Sorry about that.." and Simba Skywalker would go all "dud, we're cool.. so yeah... wanna get some cheetos?" and they walk off and Simba and Mufasa would be chilling and chatting about the Pride Republic, and how Emperor Scar is a jerk and no body likes him... and cheetos... and then Simba Skywalker would be like "So yeah, Princess Nala is pretty hot.." and Darth cloud Mufasa is like "yeeeeeah... except that she's your twin sister and all...." and Simba Skywalker would be like "......dude...... i'd still tap that..." and then they would rise up and defeat Emperor Scar with the help of R2-PumBa and CP-TMon and saved the Pride Republic... and they all had a party... and lived happily ever after.............. with cheetos.. FIN!


This is why you don't stay up til the wee hours of the morning, with my facebook unusable, i'm bored out of my mind, and i have too much blood in my caffeine system... Annette left her facebook up on my laptop so decided to take advantage...

Also, to answer you question of why i changed the brand name of her laptop and leave the original names for the characters? I don't know..

Annette the Hedgehog (C) herself
Lion King (C) Disney
Star Wars (C) George Lucas
Art (C) me
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this... is just kind of awesome... jedi lions... who'd a thunk?