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My Bio

I was born in Sept. 4th, 1976. A female web surfer. I live with my father and I have two older brothers.

I have brown eyes and black hair. Full figure.

My portfolio:

I accept request and art trades from friends only. If you are not my friend or just on my watchers list then you must give me commissions, but I won't do nudity, sexual situations/intercourse, violence and killings and torture, abuse, and fetishes. And please, don't try to be my friend just to get free art.

These are the fandoms I can do: Spookiz, Casper's Scare School, Dragonball Z/Kai/Super/GT, Ranma 1/2, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Sonic the Hedgehog(Archie/SATAM).

All my commissioned art will be full colored.



One character:



$1.50-Full Body

Two characters:



$3.00-Full Bodies

3 and more characters:



$7.50-Full Bodies


Objects[food, toys, books, tools, furniture, any modes of transportation, weapons{but not for killing}, ect.]-$0.50


My Paypal.Me…

My Patreon Page…

What I love:

Cula and Hana

Zizi and Kebi

Kong Kong


Thatch(Casper's Scare School)

Ariel(Disney's The Little Mermaid)



Happy Endings

Vampire/Human love stories, especially if the human decides to be a vampire or the other way around or stay the way they are.



Doing Nothing

Fan Art


Casper's Scare School

Flurry Heart(MLP:FIM)

Twilight/Flash shipping

Discord/Steve Magnet shipping




People who like me and accepted me for who I am.






Going to Market Weekend with my dog, but not during the summer.


What I hate:



Sad Endings



Dealing with stuff

Doing anything



Getting up to close my door whenever dogs go in and out of my room.

People who get mad when their artwork or story just get favorited without commenting.

People who force themselves and/or their interests on to me.


People who force me to be something that I'm not nor want to be.






Explaining because I have give an explanation of the explanation.



People who want me to be in a committed relationship or romantically involve online with them.

Middle aged men or older who want to friend me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media.

Favourite Visual Artist
Andy Warhaol, Amy Brown, Vincint Grisanti
Favourite Movies
3 Disney Dalmations, A Christmas Story, 3 Ace Ventura movies, 3 The Addams Family movies, Adventures in Babysitting, 3 Aladdin movies, 2 versions of Alice in Wonderland, Animal House, 2 Anne Rice Vampire movies, The Aristocats
Favourite TV Shows
Spookiz, Black Blood Brothers, Casper's Scare School, DragonBall/Z/GT, Fruits Basket, Stand-Up Comedy shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alien Ant Farm, Tori Amos, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Barenaked Ladies, Bon Jovi, The Cars
Favourite Books
Ranma 1/2 (manga), Sailor Moon(manga), Heathcliff books, research on the supernatural, Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, vampire stories
Favourite Writers
Anne Rice
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
nintedo dsi, nintedo 3ds
Tools of the Trade
color pencils, pencils, pens, markers, paint, drawing tablet
Other Interests
shopping, collecting anime, comic books, regular books, movies, music, web surfing

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Is Spookiz CGI or stop motion?

Vampire Strikes Back

Vampire Strikes Back

To all of my fellow Spookiz fans, if you're favorite character is Kong Kong, then you might like this movie that has those Jiang shis. This movie was made in 1988, and you are a Ranma 1/2 fan(which first aired in a year later after this movie,), then you'll recognize the music they played in the first part. It's about a small but royal family of Jiang shi; a mother, father, and their little son named Chian Chian, who are supposed to sleep for a thousand years to keep the Evil King imprisoned. About 700 years later, a young girl named Phi Phi and her grandfather who are caretakers of a temple for Jiang shi, who were doing their daily duties, until one night the grandfather fell into a pit where the Evil King was being held kept and saw the sun pearl and tries to remove it only to awaken the Evil King. Now the Evil King want to kidnap Chian Chian so that he can use his powers to be the most powerful evil being in the world. The movie also goes by Jiang shi zhuo yao, The Labyrinth of

Need help with Spookiz fan idea

Need help with Spookiz fan idea

I want to make a house for Cula and Hana when they are grown up and married with 4 kids(two boys(9 years old and 1 month old) and twin daughters(6 years old), but it's got to be close to Bora Elementary. And I want to give it a backyard and a pool. It will have 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms(2 full and one half), a good size kitchen, living room, and play room for the kids, and probably a few guest rooms. All I know is that it's gotta be somewhere or at least close to the Sanggal-dong area of Yogin City in the Kiheung District of the Gyeonggi Province of Seoul, South Korea. Any ideas?

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Thanks so much for the Watch!!! And Congratulations afterwards to your Birthday!!!Pikachu Loves It Plz

The last Members of the old Kingdom/ sixth Dynasty
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You're welcome and thank you:)

Thanks you sosososo much for the fav and the watch!Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] Heart bum

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Thanks for the fave ^.^

RockportMaricruzHobbyist Traditional Artist

You're welcome:)

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