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A request
         Tamaki knocked on the apartment door, casually strolling in like usual. "Haruhi~" he cooed, his face bright with happiness. "Good evening, Ranka." Tamaki politely called to Haruhi's dad, who was busy doing his makeup before work. He grumbled a greeting, still keeping Tamaki on his list of sworn enemies ever since they first met. Tamaki knocked on Haruhi's bedroom door. "Haruhi, are you almost ready~?"
         "Yeah, just a second! I'm trying out something new..." At the insistence of both her dad and Tamaki, Haruhi had begun experimenting here and there with makeup. "Ugh...I may have to give up on this..."
         "No, keep going! See what the final result looks like before you decide. I'll wait~" Tamaki smiled, running over to where Ranka was sitting. He needed all the time he could for this conversation. "Sir, we need to talk."
         "About what? How you're stealing my li
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Oc Fanfic????????
"I've got the roses coming in now!" Hanako shouted as she stood in the doorway to the third music room, waiting for the delivery men to come with the large order of vases. She held a vase in her arms and she leaned against the door, keeping it open for  the workers. Her mother would yell at her if she simply stood around and barked orders at them. She had to be helpful, but not tough. Delicate, like the flowers she held in her hands. Tamaki, after excusing himself from the group of girls surrounding him, ran over to Hanako to take the vase out of her hands. "Thank you, princess! Give your mother a warm greeting for me, will you? She always picks the most magnificent shades of red..." He cooed, studying the roses in his hands in awe. "Are you also here as a guest this afternoon?"
         "I'm afraid not." Hanako's voice became monotonous. She hated it when everyone talked about her mother. How could they all not see how horrible of a person she was. But ne
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Servant of Evil Chapter 7
         He found her by chance. Knife hidden, waiting to be withdrawn, he searched the country of green, asking around for a girl named Miku. He found her while she was alone, glad that no one would have to witness her death. He lead her along an unknown path, neither of them bothering to question the others actions. He eventually found it, isolated and hidden. Miku stood against a crumbling wall, scared and anxious. "I..."
         "I love you." She froze, staring the boy with a knife in his hand. "From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I fell in love. So I'm...sorry..."
         "I knew it...I'm the sacrifice, just as I will be okay...I'll change this world...I'm ready..." Len noticed the way that she smiled, not even crying. Just smiling at the thought of her death. His hand began to shake. He couldn't so it...
         He took a step forward.
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Ouran OC??? by Anime-geek-ftw Ouran OC??? :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 18 0 I honestly don't have a name for this by Anime-geek-ftw I honestly don't have a name for this :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 26 11 France by Anime-geek-ftw France :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 14 8 Semi-realistic eye by Anime-geek-ftw Semi-realistic eye :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 19 0 Vocaloid stuff by Anime-geek-ftw Vocaloid stuff :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 20 3
Servant of Evil Chapter 6
         "My queen, I humbly ask that you please lower the taxes on poultry and pork. The people are starving enough as it is. They simply can't afford to feed themselves anymore." The lady in red armor kept her head down, silently praying for some kind of miracle.
         "But I like that food. By making it expensive, there's more for me. Hmm...I can eliminate taxes on rum and that cheap coffee you peasants drink. That should suffice." She turned to Len to silently ask his opinion, to which he nodded. She smiled, for he always nodded. She turned back to the woman in red with a different smile on her face. "Then it's official. No taxes on coffee and rum. Off you go now."
         "But your majesty, I again ask for a lowering of taxes on-"
         "Did I not just graciously eliminate the taxes on rum and coffee? You peasants are so ungrateful! Leave!" Rin waved her hand, signaling to le
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Servant of Evil Chapter 5
         "That was amazing, wasn't it, Kaito?" Rin laid back, her stomach full of warm food. "Len, could you please clear the table and tell everyone to get ready for the night shift. Oh, and tell someone to bring Josephine in from the meadow."
         "Quite busy in here, am I correct? We haven't even began talking about our countries and your proposal! You must be a busy woman, Rin." Kaito sat up, finally ready to talk.
         "Oh, this is normal by now. Anyways, about the proposal...shall we find someplace more comfortable to sit? about my bedroom?"
         ", of course. Please, lead the way." He barely got the chance to stand up before his hand was grabbed and he was pulled along.
         "Please enjoy your time!" Len smiled, waiting until the couple had disappeared around the corner before he quietly walked behind them.
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Servant of Evil Chapter 4
          "Rin, Prince Kaito is here." A few months had passed since the twins reunited. Len quickly became used to the work, always glad to see Rin happy.
          "Yay! Send him to the front hall and tell the chef to get dinner ready to serve!" Rin stood up, running off to meet Kaito. Len quickly followed, heading to the guest entrance where Kaito had patiently waited. He walked in to find Kaito smiling, looking around at the decor. "Pardon me, but Rin is waiting. She's very happy to know that you came over. Please follow me."
         "With pleasure. Has...anyone ever told you that you look very much like her? I swear, if you were to wear a dress you would be her mirror image."
         "Well, we are twins, after all." He smiled, continuing to walk without a moments thought. Kaito stopped behind him, shocked.
         "So then, y-you're the prince? Shouldn't
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Italy by Anime-geek-ftw Italy :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 15 2 Marilyn Monroe by Anime-geek-ftw Marilyn Monroe :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 6 0 Lazy Three Marker Challenge by Anime-geek-ftw Lazy Three Marker Challenge :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 17 0
Mature content
Free! Makoto x Haru...? :iconanime-geek-ftw:Anime-geek-ftw 1 0
Servant of Evil Chapter 3
         "You can do this. Don't be nervous." Taking a deep breath, he looked up at the tall gates of the castle. He remembered it being even bigger as a child, always pointing to the single lion at the top. He stepped up to one of the guards, smiling. "Hello, sir. I am former Prince Len here to see my sister for some important business."
         "Yes, we've been expecting you. You shall be accompanied by our head guard, Gumi." A short figure in slightly big armor stepped forward, lifting off a helmet to reveal it was a girl.
         "I don't know whether to be surprised or not that Rin chose the head guard as a girl..." He followed the figure through the many corridors of the castle, seeming to know them better than Len. As his memory of the layout slowly came back, he knew where he was by the time he stopped. This was the main throne room.
         "Knock four times, she will tell yo
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Beauty is in the knowledge by KarimeNami Beauty is in the knowledge :iconkarimenami:KarimeNami 11 0 yuri on ice.yaoi tag. by sakimichan
Mature content
yuri on ice.yaoi tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,573 0
Das Fenster zur Seele~ by SukiMisaki Das Fenster zur Seele~ :iconsukimisaki:SukiMisaki 159 39 Fox Love by F-AYN-T Fox Love :iconf-ayn-t:F-AYN-T 1,198 35 : Color Burst : by F-AYN-T : Color Burst : :iconf-ayn-t:F-AYN-T 15,347 2,388 Confession by sayuuhiro Confession :iconsayuuhiro:sayuuhiro 1,851 35 Younger Nikiforov by Brilcrist Younger Nikiforov :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 797 12 Viktuuri is REAL by Brilcrist Viktuuri is REAL :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 1,769 70 My Dearest by cartoongirl7 My Dearest :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 7,330 303 Ouran: Summer Days by cartoongirl7 Ouran: Summer Days :iconcartoongirl7:cartoongirl7 12,464 983 .:EL LOBO QUE SE ENAMORO DE CAPERUCITA ROJA:. by KarimeNami .:EL LOBO QUE SE ENAMORO DE CAPERUCITA ROJA:. :iconkarimenami:KarimeNami 20 10 A n g e l  ( ? ) by KarimeNami A n g e l ( ? ) :iconkarimenami:KarimeNami 19 9 Hetalia:faces of the nations by Brilcrist Hetalia:faces of the nations :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 20,322 1,373 conversation with the demon by Brilcrist conversation with the demon :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 11,400 568 Victor Nikiforov by Brilcrist Victor Nikiforov :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,562 70 i'm a lady by hakuku i'm a lady :iconhakuku:hakuku 1,269 43



Any human character commissions!
Mainly human females, but I am willing to do other things (just a heads up though, they probably wont be as good as some of my other drawings).


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United States
I'm just a regular person who loves anime, writing, and drawing. While I may not be a professional, I write to entertain other people., I'm working on it. I hope to meet other great artists who have the same passion as me. Get ready for stories galore, because here I come!

Also, I am one of those people that love to love (except for in my stories because I secretly have a dark and twisted mind)! So please, don't hate! I'm just doing this for fun, not to show off or compare myself to others. Spread the love, people! Let's make the world a better place, one smile at a time! :D



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