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Konnichiwa, minasan of AE new and old!

AE-Chan here! I’m pleased to announce a teaser for AE coming up! And we need you All of you to join in to support the cause of AE! This month, we will be hosting a Free-for-all group auction! Everyone can join! But right now we need to finish setting up a special detail from everyone help! We want you The Artist/Crafter/Cosplayers to help us out!

We are asking for your help by donating 1 item for AE to sell! This item must be made by you! It can be a drawing/print, a button/pin, key chains/phone straps, jewellery or Cosplay items.

The benefits for doing this all included the follow:
-Lowering Badge prices
-Lowering the cost of Artist alley and Vendor hall
-Getting more awesome guest that you want to see
-more supplies to help run your panels
-And most important of all A better more fulfilling experience at the shows!

If anyone has anything to support the cause please just Message me!

September 8th - the full event will be announcement of the dates, times and how you all can join in!

As well, if anyone should wish a feedback no how you think the show would be more fulfilling, please just drop me a message!
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Submitted on
September 2, 2013


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