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PKMN Trainer Card - BLANK

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Oh hey, while I was thinking about it, I decided to upload the blank version of my PKMN Trainer template.

Yes, I know there's probably a million version of something similar, but I don't really care.

Here's the one I did as an example: [link]

Feel free to use, just as long as you give credit for the template :meow:
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A wonderful template. I made my own here:…

Would like to see opinions on it.
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Really good template, here's mine!
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I dont really play pokemon, but I have alot of cards, so I think I might do this :)
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hey, here's what i have done with this:…
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how do you make these?
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Can you release the Photoshop Document, please?
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how do you stick pokemon pics on this? ( i dont have photoshop)
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Use Gimp as it can open PSD files and is Freeware.
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I am going to make 28 of these templates. Thank you so much. I will give you credit. :)
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can i use this i hope you don't mind

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oMGGG THANK YOU i iwll use this and credit ^^ :bounce: :pokeball:
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I really wanna do this... but I suck at drawing in Pokemon style....

...Oh, well! ^.^
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Okay, did it. Never ended up using Pokemon-style, though! [link] Thanks for the amazing meme!
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YESH. This is beautiful.
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I will use this! =D
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Thank god, a good Trainer Card...
All the nice ones are for the OC Battle Frontiers. OTL I just want a nice little template that I could use to draw on, then Credit without much of a hassle...
I'll be using this, and I'll credit lol. Thank you for making this~
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Imma use. And give credit! :D
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