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Introducing Warrior Tataki (One Piece OC)After the events of Vin Island, the two members of the Tiger-Shark Pirates, Kuishi and Hasho, have decided to take the next step in their adventure across the waters of the Grand Line by sailing to a new island. The log pose took them to a large tropical rainforest island where the two of them seek to explore together. However, there is danger lurking afoot that could spell disaster for both of them…. Once Kuishi and Hasho entered through the north western part of the rainforest, they were immediately faced with a difficult problem. Being smacked in the face with plants and vines alike, Hasho groaned out of annoyance and said, “Kui, there’s too much foliage out here and it’s blocking our vision! Can’t you do something about it?” With her height, Kui also felt pressure to do something about their predicament as she was hit in the head with some tree branches. “Yeah, this is getting annoying…. I think I can take care of this though!” She said confidently as she raised her right leg high in the air. “Fishman Karate: Shark Slice!” Kui exclaimed before sending her leg back down, creating a devastating water slash that chopped down the mass amounts of foliage in front of her. In front of them appeared a path leading to a nice, lush area filled with unique foliage, peaceful wildlife, delicious fruits, and a huge waterfall. While Kui celebrated with a massive smile on her face, Hasho was in shock of her jaw-dropping strength. “K-Kui! H-How did you do that?! You’re not even wet or anything, so where did that trail of water you created come from?” “Fishman Karate employs the use of water from all sorts of places whether it be the moisture in my skin or the humidity in the air. Since we’re in a rainforest, my techniques should be a lot more powerful than normal!” “Wow! So that means if we run into something dangerous, you’ll be able to take care of it no problem! You’re gonna hog all of the fun, Kui!” “Oh, like you were gonna pitch in when it came time to fight?” Kui said with a big smirk on her face, pinching the ten-year-old’s cheek as well. Hasho winced at the pain and pulled Kui’s hand off of him. “I-I can fight too! I’ve even got this in case I get in trouble!” With his cheeks being slightly red, Hasho opened his Stor-Stor space and pulled out a small dagger. “See? With this on me, I can defend myself, so you don’t have to treat me like I’m a baby!” “Wait, if you had that dagger on you, then why did you ask me to clear the forest when you could’ve done it yourself?” “Obviously, because me using this tiny knife to cut down these huge plants would take forever and your single kick just did way more damage than what I could do!” “Hmm, that’s a good point! Now, let’s keep adventuring! I wanna see just what other kinds of things we’ll encounter in this rainforest!” Kuishi exclaimed as she continued to move forward on the straight path with Hasho following right behind her. The young boy kept his guard up and surveyed the area for any signs of trouble as this was still a newly explored land to them. However, his train of thought was broken once Kui pointed her fingers towards the end of the path that they were on and decided to shout something aloud. “Look, the waterfall is up ahead! It looks so peaceful and serene! Don’t you wanna see it up close, Hashy?!” “Yeah, of course I do! L-Let’s just make sure to be careful and….. KUI!” In a fruitless attempt, Hasho yelled at his fish-man captain as she dashed towards the bright light radiating from the end of the path. Realizing quickly that he had no chance of stopping her, the young boy sighed deeply and decided to just follow her towards their destination. Hasho followed Kuishi into a seemingly bright, white light, causing the young boy to shield his eyes away from the pure glow. Once he reopened them, both his eyes and mouth opened wide at the marvelous sight in front of him. “W-Woah…. T-This is…. T-This is so…..” “It’s beautiful, Hashy! This place is absolutely beautiful!” Surrounding the two pirates was a marvelous, lush wetland filled with tall trees, large vines that you could swing off of, fruits such as mango and bananas growing off of the various flora here, animals such as monkeys and frogs happily moving around, the nice and warm air that filled the atmosphere with its touch, and an overall sense of tranquility that would put smiles on both of their faces. Hasho took a few steps forward just to marvel at the magnificent splendor of the nature around him. He even moved towards the huge v-shaped lake where the waterfall spilled into. Meanwhile, thinking with her stomach first, Kuishi searched for any kind of food that she could find. Kuishi took a few ripe mangoes from a tall tree, sunk her sharp teeth into it, and savored the juicy taste that exploded into her mouth. She closed her eyes, filled with bless, and said, “Mmmm! So yummy! Even the fruit here is absolutely perfect!” After dipping his hands in the lake and drinking the refreshing water, Hasho turned around and asked, “Can I have some of that….? Who is breathing down my-?!” Looking behind his shoulder, Hasho’s eyes opened wide in sheer fright as he gazed upon an humongous, elephant-sized jaguar growling voraciously at him with drool running down his sharp teeth. The young boy immediately turned white in the face, his spine shivering with absolute fear. In fact, he was so overcome with fright that he couldn’t bring himself to move away from this dangerous situation. “W-Why can’t I move….? I-I can’t even call for help, I’m so scared! Come on, Hasho! You’re supposed to be brave!” He screamed in his head while his body resorted to shaking and chattering teeth. Sniffing out his fear quite easily, the jaguar licked his chops eagerly and lunged forward, preparing to sink his teeth into a delicious human boy. However, before he could, the feline received a heavy kick to the face that sent him stumbling backwards and landing onto a tree. The person who saved Hasho from certain death was none other than Kuishi, who scooped Hasho and held the young boy in her arms like a mother holding a baby, which made the latter slightly blush in his embarrassment. "Don’t you dare sink your teeth into my Hashy, you overgrown furball!” exclaimed the Tiger-Shark fish-woman in an angry tone, putting her protective side on display. Even though he was incredibly thankful that his captain stepped in to save him, Hasho blushed heavily from the current position that he was in and asked, “K-Kui…. C-Can you please put me down now….?” “No can do! There might be bigger and badder beasts on this island! I can’t afford to let anything bad happen to you!” “I appreciate the help, Kui, but…. you’re holding me like I’m a little kid…. It’s a bit embarrassing…” Kui stared blankly at her companion in confusion and replied, “But, Hashy, you are a little kid though.” “Y-Yeah, but still!” exclaimed the young boy, becoming more and more flustered by the second. Meanwhile, the huge jaguar rose off of its back, recovering from Kuishi’s powerful kick, and began slowly growling in anger. Hasho’s eyes became small white beads as fear overrode his body again, causing him to scream out “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”, wrapping his arms around Kui’s neck and burying his face into her chest. Planning out the situation in her head, Kuishi thought to herself, “I have to take this big cat down as soon as possible! However, if I use any of my stronger attacks while holding Hashy, the recoil of my Fishman Karate may end up hurting him. I can’t just sit him down either because this big bastard might go after him again! As much as I hate to run, my only option might be to flee and get Hashy somewhere safe!” Even though Kuishi was still mauling over her options, the jaguar showed absolutely no hesitation in his immediate decision and lunged over to kill the two pirates. Kui gritted her sharp teeth and thought to herself, “Damn it! Looks like I’m just gonna have to book it!” As the Tiger-Shark placed her right foot outwards and prepared to head for the trees, in that instant, three arrows perfectly hit the ferocious jaguar in its neck. The sheer impact of the arrow contact sent the feline stumbling to the side, landing in the lake beside them. Standing high on the tree branches is a indigenous male with a crimson red mohawk with black hair underneath, peach skin, brown pants made of animal skin, bear hide wrapped around waist, sandals, tomahawk on his left waist, warrior headdress on right. He had a bow and arrow in his arms and a dark shadow hovering over his eyes. “Hey, thanks for the save! I got this kid with me, so I thought I would have to-!” Suddenly, a sharp arrow pierced the ground right next to Kuishi’s feet. Considering the indigenous man’s impeccable aim, Kui felt her left cheek slowly drip with blood due to the slight slash on it caused by the arrow. Aiming his bow and arrow directly at the pair, the mysterious man said, “You two are trespassing on this island. State your business. If you intend to bring harm and disrupt our way of living, I’ll have no choice but to kill you”, demanded the young adult warrior. Hasho lifted his face from Kui’s bosom and saw the intimidating man threatening their lives. “K-Kui… W-What do we do now?” Hasho asked nervously. Gritting her teeth with anger, Kuishi shouted, “Hey, you! I don’t give a damn what kind of shots you throw at me, but if that arrow even grazed Hashy, I would’ve kicked your ass until you couldn’t move!” “So, you’re protecting that kid in your arms, huh? I have something that I want to protect as well and I’ll see to it that. Are you with the World Government?” Clutching Hasho tightly in her arms, Kuishi replied, “Look, we’re not here to fight you and I wouldn’t be caught dead working for the World Government. We’re pirates! Our log pose thingy locked onto this island and we decided to come explore this island! That’s the truth! “Hmmm….” was all that the indigenous man said to her in response. Using the tree branches below him as stairs, he athletically climbed down the tall tree and positioned himself right in front of Kuishi. Being only 5’11 himself, the top of his head only came to the bottom of Kuishi’s lips. However…. ….A flashback to the past in Fishman Island where a ten-year-old Kuishi dressed in a karate uniform was practicing her martial arts technique with Jimbei…. “HII-YAH!” exclaimed the exuberant girl after delivering a swift and powerful kick to the air. Jimbei petted her spiky hair and said, “Hahaha! Nice, young Kuishi! You’ve come a long way from when you first asked me to train you! Every day, you’re getting better and better!” A large blush and smile appeared on the young girl’s face as she replied, “Thank you, Uncle Jimbei! Fishman Karate is a whole lot of fun to learn! I can’t wait until I can become a master like you, so I can beat up big and bad guys!” Jimbei laughed wholeheartedly at his apprentice’s jovial personality and responded, “There’s one thing you should know in combat, Kuishi: Never underestimate your opponent. They could be as tiny as a sea spider and could still prove to be as lethal as a Sea King.” Kuishi’s eyes began sparkling with wonder. “Wow, there must be so many interesting creatures out there in the world! Can you take me up to the surface one day, Uncle Jimbei?!” With a smile on his orc-like face, Jimbei grabbed the tiny Kuishi and raised her up high in the air. “When you’re old enough, you’ll be able to travel to the surface all by yourself!” Kuishi laughed gleefully and shouted out loud, “Yaaaay! I’m flying! I’m flying! Take me higher!” The sheer joy of the two fishmen faded into the background as we return back to the present time…. Kuishi kept her guard up around this young man interrogating her as she was concerned with a certain aspect of him. “It’s the look in his eye…. Those are eyes of unwavering determination…m If I were to get into a fight with him right now, I don’t know who would win, but… it would definitely end bad for both of us and I can’t afford to put Hashy in danger… I think my next move is….” Kuishi put Hasho down on his feet and raised both of her hands in the air. “Look, man, I have both my arms in the air. I’m completely defenseless and the little brat right here is too weak to pose any sort of threat to you.” “H-Hey!” exclaimed Hasho. “You can trust us, we mean you no harm~” said Kuishi. The young man’s brown eyes opened wide and said, “Now that I get a closer look at you, you’re a fishman, aren’t you? I’ve never seen your kind before around. There’s a whole island of you guys out there, isn’t there?” “Y-Yeah, but I don’t see what that has to…” “Can you tell me what it’s like in Fishman Island? The people? The culture? The government? The environment? What’s your people’s favorite past time? How do your people reprodu-?!” Sporting a massive blush on her face, Kui started waving her arms around from left to right and exclaimed, “Woah, woah, woah! Too many questions! Way too many questions! Weren’t you just trying to kill us a few seconds ago?” The young indigenous man bowed his head to the fish-woman and said, “I apologize, I just never expected to see a fishman before…. I’ve never been outside this island before so deep down, I always get excited whenever new people show up here. However, most of them get chased off by the giant predators here anyways….” “Yeah, again, thanks for saving us back there…. Me protecting little Hashy from the big bad kitty cat wouldn’t have turned out as good as I thought I would be….”, said Kuishi as she rubbed the back of her spiky hair sheepishly. “Y-Yeah, thank you for saving our lives, Mister~” Hasho said respectfully, bowing his head towards the other adult. “No problem, I’m sorry for threatening you earlier. You have very good manners for a child. You must be an excellent mother, fish-woman!” Hearing that sentence made Kuishi’s entire face turn as red as a tomato. With her arms waving frantically from side to side, the extremely flustered Tiger-Shark exclaimed, “M-M-M-MOTHER?!!! I-I-I’M NOT-?!!” “Oh, you’re not? Seeing how protective you are of him made me think that you were his mother,” said the confused indigenous man. A tiny smile appeared on Hasho’s face at seeing how flustered Kuishi became about that question. In his head, he thought to himself, “Does she really view herself as a mother to me? I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but it does make me… happy…” Finally deciding to speak up, Hasho said, “No, Kuishi is my captain, not my mother. We help each other out on our long voyages~” Kui took a deep breath to calm herself down and replied, “Y-Yeah, Hasho's right! We’re crewmates!” The indigenous man showed a soft smile on his face and said, “Well, nice to meet you, Kuishi and Hasho! Again, I apologize for threatening you too. My name is Tataki, which means to fight, and I serve as next-in-line as chief of my village. Like I said before, I have things that I want to protect and my home is one of them.” Kuishi’s signature smile appeared again as she continued, “Don’t worry, we understand! To tell you the truth, we didn’t even know there was a village here! HA HA HA HA!” “If you don’t mind, could you show us to your village? We’d love to see just what your culture is like!”, added the young navigator. “Do you have any delicious food to eat? Like these mangoes here or some meat?!” Kuishi asked excitedly, her tongue hanging from her mouth in anticipation. Tataki pointed out, “Of course, my village has all sorts of delectable fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins that we collect. We believe in using our terrain and land as it was given to us, and in return, we protect the land and hold it sacrificed. In fact, the only animals that we eat are ones that are predatory. Although we can’t interfere with the laws of nature, we do however assert ourselves at the top of the food chain. Anyways, we can continue our conversation along the way to my village. Please follow me there.” The three of them began walking away from the waterfall area and back towards the more tree-filled part of the rainforest. “Ughhh… all of these plants are killing me! There’s so many of them!” Hasho said, pushing away a bunch of plants around them. “Just use your knife to cut them down then, you shouldn’t need my help for-OWWW! DAMN IT!” shouted the fish-woman after accidentally hitting her head on another tall tree. Hasho laughed aloud like the little kid he was, causing Kuishi to bump him on top of his noggin in retaliation, leaving a huge lump on top of it. “OWWWW!!!”, exclaimed the Devil Fruit user with tears welling up in his eye. “Now, you know how I feel!” Kuishi said with a smug expression on her face, gently patting the top of his long and wild hair. Looking back at the scene as he walked in front of them like a tour guide leading them to his village, Tataki thought to himself, “Looks like I misjudged them at first…. That Hasho boy is pretty smart and that Kuishi gal is really just a free spirit~” Tataki then decided to ask the two of them more questions during their walk to his village. “So, you two said you were adventurers, right?” “Nope, we’re pirates!” exclaimed Kuishi with no hesitation, prompting another chastisement from the young boy beside her. “Kuishi, you fish-brained idiot! You can’t just go around saying we’re pirates up front like that! You’ll get us in trouble doing that!” The Tiger-Shark fishwoman opened her mouth wide in shock about what she had just done and tried to fix it. “Taki, wait! We’re not those kinds of pirates! We’re just here to explore the island, that’s all!” The young, indigenous warrior simply chuckled at the two and their lightheartedness. “Don’t worry, I believe you guys. I don’t sense any ill will in either of you. Also… you’re calling me Taki now?” “Is there something wrong with that? I don’t wanna offend you or anything, especially since you’re being so nice to us!” said Kuishi with a concerned look on her face. “Nah, no worries, you can call me whatever you want to. Anyways, the reason I asked about you guys’ occupation is because I was curious of what kind of places you’ve been to. There’s all sorts of exciting and grand things to see on the Grand Line: the people, animals, plants, locations, culture, history, food….” “If you wanna see the Grand Line so bad, why don’t you come with us?! You’d be an excellent addition to our crew, Taki! You’re really handy with that bow of yours, after all!” stated Kuishi blunty. Her direct request for him to join the crew caused Taki’s cheeks to slightly turn red. “T-Thank you for the offer, Kuishi, but… as much as I would love to see the world outside of my homeland, as the next-in-line for chief, I have a duty to my people and the rainforest. I couldn’t just abandon them, especially not now….” “Is there something going on with your village right now, Tataki? I know that we’re outsiders and all, but if there’s anything that we can do to help you out, then…”, added Hasho. “No, the situation that I’m dealing with right now is very complicated…. Having you two butt into our problems wouldn’t be such a wise idea…. Oh, here we are! Here’s my village!” exclaimed Tataki. The trio finally arrived at the Rainforest Village where the members of Tataki’s tribe reside. The village was built near a long river that stretched from the waterfall and it is where the villagers get their clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. On both sides of the river are multiple tiki huts, each of them featuring the tribe’s crimson colors that they symbolize with their hearts, which house the members of the tribe from young to old. Even now, they are currently little children playing with a hacky sack. “Just don’t drop the sack like last time!” “Oh, come on, that was only because I had to sneeze and you know it!” Also, across from the rice crops that are being picked out by the teenage tribe women, there are the elders who pray daily to the totem pole which represent the tribe’s ancient belief of the rainforest taking the form of an deity that blesses them with good fortune every day. As for the men, when they become twelve years of age, they learn to become strong warriors who can protect their families, the village, and the rainforest. One of the training methods for these growing boys are competitive duels held inside a small dirt arena centered in the main center of the village where they practice with either hand to hand combat or fake weapons. In fact, there is a friendly match right now between two young warriors holding wooden swords and shields. As they slammed the edge of their swords together, Hasho looked upon them with awe. “Wowww…. So, this place is where someone can become a real warrior! That’s so cool!”, the boy exclaimed with child-like wonder in his voice. Tataki smiled at his enthusiasm and replied, “Yep, this is where the boys of our tribe turn into men. I was the fastest growing warrior that my village had ever seen. Even my father, who is the current chief of the village, didn’t excel nearly as much as I did, according to the elders. They say I’m most likely the second strongest person here under my father, of course!” “I could’ve figured that you were pretty strong! You took down that jaguar with ease!” Kuishi said jovially. “Yeah, I’m pretty gifted with the bow and arrow, I’d say. It wasn’t my sheer strength that stopped that huge beast though, I just aimed for the pressure points in its neck and made sure to be precise and through. You probably have way more physical strength than I do, Kuishi.” Kuishi showed her toothy smile and flexed her right bicep muscle, creating a huge bulge on her arm. “Yeah, I am pretty strong, but my main source of strength are my legs! These bad babies could kick through steel if I tried hard enough!” exclaimed the shark woman confidently as she flexed her thigh muscles to Tataki, having every inch bulging with pure power. “Well, I definitely can’t argue with that. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of your kicks. By the way, there is something that I would like to show you two. We are coming up to where I live. The chief’s house is the largest in the tribe.” Finally, on the far behind of the village lied the chief’s tiki hunt which was huge compared to the other ones. A few walks away from it is a wooden building which serves as the government council for the tribe. As Kuishi, Hasho, and Tataki walked towards the latter’s home, they all caught sight of a few individuals walking into the building dressed in all black suits. “Tataki, who are those guys? Their clothing is way different than the rest of the villagers…” asked Hasho. “Government officials….”, replied the next chief of the Rainforest Village. “The government? What are those guys doing here? Are they here to harm you guys? Don’t worry, I’ll kick their ass for-!” Before Kui could finish her sentence, Tataki immediately began pushing both her and Hasho towards the front of his house. “Like I told you two before, the situation is extremely complicated and delicate…. I would love to show you guys around the village some more but right now, as the next in line for the chief of the tribe, I need to attend the council and see what’s going on. In the meantime, you two can stay here in my home with my mother and my younger siblings until I get back. Can I trust you guys not to mess anything up while I am gone?”, asked Tataki with a serious expression on his face. “Does your mother make any good food? I’m starving!” Kuishi asked casually. “Well, she does make a rather good bear stew! Now, get inside!” Tataki shouted before shoving the two pirates inside of his tiki house and making his way over to the council meeting with the elders of his tribe and the World Government representatives. After Kui and Hasho got their bearings together, they were greeted by none other than Tataki’s mother, a middle-aged woman of 5’4” height with a chubby physique with her hair braided into pigtails and her crimson, tree-decorated gown covering her body. She currently held a infant girl in her arms who was crying aloud at first, but calmed down when Kui waved her large pointer finger in front of him, causing the baby to grab onto it and smile happily. “Hello, you two must be outsiders! My name is Kantuta! Welcome to our village! You must be friends of my eldest child, Tataki!” “I wouldn’t say we’re friends, but he did help us around by showing us around the island and escorting us to his village. Tataki even said we could stay here in your home until he’s finished with his meeting”, explained Hasho. Suddenly, a young, but masculine voice from one of the small rooms shouted, “Tataki?! Did you say Tataki?! Is Big Bro really home?!” Out came Tataki’s four younger siblings: the second oldest being a girl of eighteen years of age and the other two being boys respectively twelve and thirteen years old. “Tataki’s probably off doing those boring ceremonial meetings again…. They sound so boring….”, said the eldest daughter, being uninterested in the whole ordeal. “Why do you always have to be such a downer, sis? He could be doing something cool like taking down big animals like Dad those!” shouted the twelve-year-old. “Speaking of Dad, he’s supposed to be teaching me a special warrior’s technique when he’s finished with his chief duties today! Looks like I’m gonna be the strongest between the two of us!”, bragged the thirteen-year-old. “No fair! Well, I’m gonna ask Tataki to give me some special training and I’ll get even stronger than you!” “As if! You’re too weak to catch up!” “No, you are!” “No, you!” “No, you!” The eldest daughter sighed at the sibling squabble and said, “Ughhh… you two are so annoying… Mom, do you mind if I go and hang out with some friends?” Kantuta nodded her head and replied, “Go ahead, but just make sure you’re back before it gets too dark!” After she walked outside of the tent, Hasho became intrigued by the younger siblings. He walked up to the both of them and asked, “Since you’re both training to be great warriors, would you two mind giving me some pointers? I’m a bit weak and I don’t want to be a burden when it comes to combat….” The two siblings put their heads together to discuss the offer presented to them and simultaneously came out with, “We have agreed to take you on as our new apprentice!” “Yes, I can finally get stronger, even if it’s just a bit!”, Hasho exclaimed in his head. Meanwhile, Kuishi sat down with Kantuta on the kitchen floor. “You two make yourselves at home! Would you like some bear stew to fill you up? I’m sure you’re hungry after such a long journey!”, the kind mother offered. Kuishi patted her six-pack abs and said, “Thanks for the offer, Miss Tuta, but I don’t know if bear stew will be able to fill me up all the way! Do you still have the bear intact?” “Oh yes, we still have the bear right here~”, Kantuta replied, lifting up the large, deceased bear behind her. However, Kui snatched it from her in a split second and began sinking her sharp teeth into the arm of the bear, ripping apart its skin and chewing on it delightfully with a bright smile on her face. “Mmm, thwis wis swo deliwious! Thwank you, Miss Twuta!” Kuishi exclaimed with a mouthful of bear meat. Having a small sweat bed drip from the side of her face, the indigenous mother simply replied, “No problem at all~”Meanwhile, inside of the Rainforest Village Government Council Building…. “No way! There’s absolutely no way we’re going through with that plan of yours! It’s absolutely an offense to our culture and our way of living as we know it!” The one who shouted that statement was none other than the great leader of the village and Tataki's father: Nanuk, the chief of the Rainforest Village. He had a more muscular build than his son, but his face showed signs of aging such as the wrinkles on his cheeks, the bags under his eyes, and the grey hairs on the sides of his head. However, out of everyone in the village, the only one who could match up to him in sheer strength and leadership was his eldest child and that alone secured him his spot as the chief. The chief’s hair was long, and the gaze of his eyes resembled that of an eagle piercing down its opponent. Currently, Nanuk, Tataki, and the rest of the tribe elders were gathered in the council room, circled around the ones whom the meeting itself was concerned with: the representatives of the World Government. “Dad’s right! In fact, if you go through with something like that, our entire civilization could be wiped out! That’s just inhuman!”, added the young warrior Tataki. One of the suit-wearing representatives cleared his throat and spoke up, “Please, Chief Nanuk, just listen to what we have to say. The World Government plans to make this place more suitable for all its citizens to live. We plan to build great cities and attractions that will invite countless tourists and once the tourism goes up, we’ll be able to stimulate the economy even further. We will give twenty percent of the shares to your village and we’ll relocate all of you to a nicer living space. In my opinion, that sounds like a deal that can’t be refused!” The village elders whispered among themselves, debating the slightest possibility of the deal. What they were afraid of most was angering the entire World Government and having their entire forces poured upon their heads. While none of them truly wanted to take their offer, they debated that it might be best for the future of the tribe. Tataki turned his head towards his own father and whispered, “Dad, you can’t possibly be considering taking them up on their offer, right? This is the World Government we’re talking about, there’s no way that we can trust them.” Chief Nanuk simply took a deep breath and stood up from his sitting position. With his booming voice on display, the great chief of the Rainforest Tribe declared, “When I first took the oath to become the chief of this very tribe, do you know the very thing I pledged to protect? It was the rainforest. Ever since our civilization began, we have been protected and nurtured by the forest and because of that, countless generations have come before us to uphold the beauty of the rainforest. My father, his father, his father, and so on have dedicated their lives to the forest and the people who inhabit it. This place is not merely just a piece of land, it’s a sacred reminder of who we are as a people and the cornerstone of our people! To forsake this very forest would be to forsake our very essence as a civilization! With all due respect, you can deliver this message to the World Government that the Rainforest Tribe declines their offer and will remain independent for the foreseeable future!” The whole air remained silent after Nanuk’s speech, even including the chattering elders and the usually intimidating World Government representatives. After a moment to collect their thoughts, the second representative replied with, “Chief Nunak, this may be a grand mistake on your end! The sheer amount of potential good that we would be doing with this project could be-!” Feeling impatient at the reps’ stalling, Tataki opened his mouth and said, “The Chief has already gave his final word to you! There’s no point in continuing this discussion any further! We won’t be handing our land over to the World Government and that’s final!” The Chief himself sighed and replied, “As brash as my eldest son may be, he is correct…. This meeting is now over! I will have a few of our finest warriors escort you back to your ships! Have a safe journey.” Two of the guard members of the council walked beside the government representatives and escorted the grumbling, empty-handed businessmen out of the council building. As the elders also began to dismiss themselves from the hall, Nanuk had a few words to say to his heir. “Son… with these kinds of discussions, you need tact and understanding instead of simply raising your voice. These things will make you a great orator… However, what you just displayed here in this council meeting proves that you’ll one day make a great leader. Your conviction is nothing short of amazing, to be able to stare down those government men and tell them straight to their face that you won’t be giving them want they want when others are afraid of doing so makes for a natural-leader… Tataki, I am very proud of you~” Tataki smiled brightly at the chief’s compliment and replied, “Thank you, Father… I-It just made my blood boil seeing them talk about desecrating our land and removing the people who live here so casually…. The sooner those men leave the island, the better I’ll feel…” “That goes for the both of us, Tataki…. Hopefully, we never have to hear of that proposal ever again….” After the feelings of the tense meeting winded down, both Tataki and Nanuk walked out of the council building and began heading back home. “Dad, I forgot to tell you! I met these two adventurers when I was out hunting! They seem like good people, and there’s the captain who’s a really powerful woman from Fishman Island!” “Fishman Island? Are you sure that you’re not just pulling my tongue? There’s no way that a fishman would come all the way to our tiny island just to-!” As soon as Nanuk opened the front entrance to his tiki home, he found Kuishi rubbing her gigantic belly, which was filled with nothing but bear meat, and releasing sweet sounds of pleasure from her mouth. “Ohhhhhh man, that was so -BURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP- good! Miss Tuta, your cooking is amazing!” “Well, I didn’t necessarily cook or prepare that part of the bear that you ate, which was all of it, but still, I’m very glad that you enjoyed it!” said the indigenous mother kindly. Chief Nanuk pointed at the big-bellied tiger-shark and asked his son, "Is this the fishman that you were talking about? She seems... lively..." “Kui, I’d like you to meet the chief of our tribe and my father! He’s the one who taught me everything I know!” The shark woman stood up from her spot, belly jiggling about, and began pondering her next move. In her head, Kui thought to herself, “Didn’t Hashy say to me that bowing before others is a form of showing respect? I guess I should do that since Taki and his dad are allowing us to stay in his house~” Kuishi put her hands together and bowed her head in front of Nanuk, saying to the chief, “Thank you for allowing me to -BURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP- stay inside of your wonderful house, Chief!” “Dad, this is Kuishi, the fish-woman that I told you about. She is incredibly strong. She knocked down one of those huge beasts with just one swift kick to its face!” “Is that so? Well, it seems like my son has a knack for finding good people. If I may ask, what kind of fish-man are you? You seem to have a large appetite, but you don’t look like a whale to me~” Nanuk asked curiously. “Oh, I’m a Tiger-Shark fishman! We’ve got a huge appetite and we’ll eat just about anything! Speaking of which, Miss Tuta, can you please fry up this meal I brought from the forest? It’s the huge jaguar that both me and Taki bagged in the forest!” Kantuta spoke up in a cheery and pleasant voice to exclaim, “Of course, it will be my pleasure to prepare a feast for my son and his friends!” With a big, toothy smile on her face, the shark woman sprung up and hugged the right side of Tuta’s body. “Thank you, ma’am! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!” She exclaimed happily, causing the mother of Tataki to respond with a simple and warm smile on her face. Kuishi then turned her face over to Chief Kanuk and asked him, “Mr. Chief, I’ve got a question! Is it okay if Taki can join our crew? I think we would make an excellent addition with his quick thinking and his skill with a bow! He can be my vice-captain!” Tataki opened his eyes wide in shock at Kuishi’s request and shouted at her, “Kui, you know I can’t do that! I’m the heir of my father and at any moment, I could be taking his place as the leader of my tribe! I have a responsibility to my people!” “My son is right…. I’m getting old, my face has wrinkles and I even have grey hairs on the side of my head. There’s no telling if I end up succumbing to old age one day or I become too weak to defend myself from people who want to attack our village. In case of that event, my son needs to be here to assume charge of the tribe. I just can’t allow him to take off on a grand sea adventure with you…”, explained Chief Nanuk. Kui took a few seconds to think about her next response and came up with, “That’s stupid to me.” “WHAT?!!” shouted the son and the father at the same time, catching even Kantuta off guard as she prepared the jaguar meat. “You’re an outsider, Tiger-Shark. How dare you speak upon our culture as if you know the first thing about it?!” shouted Nanuk with an angry tone in his voice. “No, I don’t know anything about your culture and your way of life, but I think I understand Taki. When Hasho and I were being escorted by him, whenever I talked about the things I saw on the open sea, his eyes seemed to sparkle, and his face radiated with wonder and excitement. Whenever he talks about his responsibility, he feels stern yet conflicted… It seems like he’s putting the burden of the responsibility placed on him above his own desires and what he wants to do in life….” Both Tataki and Nanuk stared at the fish-woman, dumbfounded at her analysis of the former. “W-Well…. I-I….U-Um….” Before Tataki could utter his sentence, his mother cried out, “The food should be ready in a few minutes! Make sure to wash your hands, you three!” The easily excitable Kuishi shouted, “ALRIGHT! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!”, and rushed to the back of the tiki to wash her hands with the water that the Nanuk family collected earlier in the day. “That woman is something else….”, said Nanuk. “No kidding….”, Tataki added with a slight blush on his light brown cheeks. “By the way, have you guys seen Hashy around? I hope nothing bad has happened to him~”, Kuishi asked with concern in her voice. “The little boy? He’s out there playing with Amaru and Tomaru, remember? They should be back soon for dinner any time soon~” Miss Tuta reminded her.As the dinner for tonight was being prepared by Nanuk, Hasho was in the middle of practicing his knife skills on a straw dummy supervision of Tataki’s younger brothers, whose names are Amaru (12) and Tomaru (13) “There you go, Hasho! You’re getting the hang of it!” exclaimed Amaru. “Remember, the easy way to take down your opponent is to aim for their weak points! Wait for their guard to be lowered and that’s when you’ll be able to strike!” stated Tomaru. “Got it… Thanks a lot for teaching me this stuff, you guys! Now, I can be ready when something happens, and I will not have to rely on others so much! By the way, do you mind if I take a bathroom break quick?”, asked the young navigator. “Sure! Go ahead!”, the two siblings said simultaneously. Hasho walked into the forest until he was out of sight from the villagers. He found himself near a coastal area of the island and once he pulled down his pants, the young Devil Fruit user began releasing a stream of urine onto the side of a tree. “Ahhhhhhh….”, he said peacefully with a relaxed expression on his face.However, his moment of bliss was interrupted by a masculine voice saying, “So, is that the backup plan the government gave to you on the transponder snail? Hasho picked up on the conversation and thought to himself, “Government? Transponder snail? Are those the guys that Tataki had a meeting with earlier? What are they still doing on the island?” Hasho peeked to the left of the tree that he was currently peeing on to look at the two World Government representatives dressed in suits discussing amongst themselves. “Yeah, that’s what the higher ups told us. If we couldn’t acquire this land through peaceful negotiations, then we would have no other option than to take it for ourselves. Tomorrow morning, at seven o’clock, there will be two Navy ships sent here filled with troops that’ll be able to easily take over this island and escort the natives off of it. After all, there’s no way that these backwards savages will be able to withstand the might of the World Government and our technology.” “Good call, this place will fall under the flag of the World Government in no time! As long as we got it, who cares if we have a few casualties on our hands?!” After the urine stopped flowing, Hasho pulled his pants and immediately began running back towards the villager, eyes wide open in shock at what he just heard. As he ran with every ounce of his being, the boy thought to himself, “They’re going to murder everyone on the island if they don’t cooperate! I-I have to warn Tataki and the others! They have to know!”Back at Tataki’s residence…. As Kuishi and the others scarfed down the jaguar meat that Kantuta broiled down for them, the tiger-shark woman wanted to get something off her chest. “Hey, Taki, I know about what I said earlier, but I’m definitely not going to force you to join my crew if you don’t want. That’s a decision that you have to make and no one else. However, I do want to thank you and your family for showing us great hospitality! I really appreciate it!” Tataki smiled at Kui’s compliment and replied, “Thank you, Kuishi, I really appreciate that! If the circumstances were different, then I would love to-!” Before Tataki could finish his sentence, Hasho burst through the front entrance, panting heavily from running as quick as he could to this very location. Kuishi quickly walked towards the exhausted young boy and asked him, “Hashy, what’s wrong? You’re out of breath! Can you guys get him some water?!” Kantuta rushed over and gave Hasho a bucket of drinking water to quench his thirst. The latter scooped his hands inside of the water and splashed the cool taste of the waterfall into his mouth. “Huff…. Huff…. Tataki, please listen to me! I overheard it all while I was using the bathroom! Those government agents you were talking to at your council meeting! They said that since you guys declined their offer, they plan to take the land you guys own by force! They’re sending hundreds of troops here tomorrow morning at seven to claim this island for the World Government and evict your tribe, no matter how much blood they get on their hands! The World Government is planning genocide on your people!” A moment of brief silence sounded throughout the hut as the eyes of Tataki’s family opened wide in absolute horror and dread about the news brought before them. “Y-You’ve got to be kidding me, right? T-There’s no way….” Tataki uttered. “What reason would I have to trick you guys? I’m telling the truth!” Hasho rebuttled. “Son, I can hear it in his voice…. The boy speaks the truth…. Soon, we’ll be facing an enemy more powerful than we ever could imagine….” Nanuk said. “Father…. there’s no chance we’ll be able to withstand the might of the World Government…. It’s absolutely insane….” “W-We may have to make preparations to immediately evacuate the rest of the people to ensure our survival…. As much as it pains me to abandon this land…. If we stand our ground and fight, we’ll surely be wiped out….” Nanuk informed. “Screw that!” exclaimed Kuishi with a booming voice. Hasho turned to his captain and shouted at her, “Kuishi, what are you saying?! This is a desperate situation! These people are going to-!” “I understand the situation, Hashy! These people aren’t going to die nor are they going to flee the land that they’ve protected for decades! The World Government has no right to take away their lives and their culture!” Seeing a strong, courageous light radiate from Kuishi, Tataki then stepped up to the fish-woman and said, “What are you going to do to ensure everyone’s survival?” Kuishi put on a confident, wide smile on her face, cracked her knuckles in anticipation and shouted loudly, “I’m going to do what I do best! I’m going to send the World Government packing with their tails between their legs!”,
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