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If you like cool CATGIRL characters from Japanese Anime, Manga, and Video Games then this Group is for you!

:bulletpink:Everyone is welcome to Join!:bulletpink: Join requests will be checked to verify that you actually have artwork in your gallery or favorites to become a member. If you want to see the submitted artwork in your inbox, all you need to do is WATCH the group. If you want to be an admin, say so in your request. Membership is voted on and may or may not result in approval. No art in your gallery or favorites almost always results in a rejection.

This group is ONLY for Catgirl art! No other kind of art will be accepted! There's a difference between a girl that's a cat vs. a Catgirl. The best definitions are at Wikipedia and TV Tropes.

:bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow:SUBMISSION RULES:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletpurple:

They may sound a bit strict but they are intended for the maximum possible enjoyment of anyone who joins the Group, and also will help to build a community of people who love cat-eared lasses of Japanese Anime form.

:bulletpurple: Submissions from members are limited to unlimited number per week, unless there's a maximum imposed by deviantART and are subject to a voting process.

:bulletblue: Submit your artwork to the appropriate folder.

:bulletpurple: FINISHED ARTWORK ONLY PLEASE! You may only submit works that have been drawn, inked, colored, either with digital or traditional mediums and are completed. Grayscale and Ink Wash are acceptable.

:bulletblue: Preferred art will be in Japanese Animation or Manga style. Digital renditions of characters are allowed, as well as catgirls rendered in your own style as long as it embodies the aspects of a japanese style anime catgirl.

:bulletpurple: FAN ART submissions are OK. Fan art of actual anime catgirl characters is preferred. Using a normal "human" character and sticking cat ears may be allowed, but please don't over use it.

:bulletblue: Sorry, NO Fox girls, bunny girls, dog girls, horse girls, etc. We want CATGIRLS ONLY! Also no anthro or furry art. If your character leans more towards a humanoid furry, it may be allowed. TV Tropes has the best definition of what ISN'T a Catgirl.

:bulletpurple: Comic book pages, memes, line art, sketches, doodles or unclear photographs of your drawings, are NOT ALLOWED. Character sheets are permitted.

:bulletblue: DRAWINGS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS-- The main character of the drawing MUST be a catgirl! Pretty simple!

:bulletpurple: NO excessive violence, blood, gore or horror allowed.

:bulletblue: COSPLAY submissions are OK. However, you must be prominently cosplaying a catgirl character. Submit a good quality shot of your finished costume, no progress pictures please.

:bulletpurple: Copyright and Mature Content issues are resolved by deviantART. Obviously, you can submit anything, so if the artwork passes the voting process, but is removed from DA, your piece simply vanishes from our Galleries. Should you be banned from DA, any reference to your "handle" becomes struck through, and all links to your home page become broken. YOU are responsible for what you see, what you make, and what you can do on deviantART. We do have a Hentai folder that has strong adult content. Refer to the folder description to see what qualifies as acceptable Hentai.

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?

FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?

FAQ #93: How does the Mature Content option work?

:bulletpurple: Don't be discouraged if your work is rejected. Work can be rejected for a number of reasons. Make sure you followed the rules and submit your very best work!

revised: July 25, 2014

Anime Convention List Will Be Back!

Sep 9

Due to time constraints, I haven't had a chance to post this months convention list, so if you follow them, please be patient. I'll try to get them posted next Sunday or Monday. Thanks for your patience!



Welcome to Anime-Catgirls!

This group is a labor of love to showcase anime and manga style artwork of all kitty eared girls, be it from an anime series, manga, video game, or in cosplay form =^_^=

If you would like to contribute artwork to the group please join as a Member to submit work. Please read the submission rules and follow the guidelines.

Here is a helpful list of catgirls in anime and other fictional works:…

Founding Nekomimi

Ikuto Guardian


Retrieved from an RSS Google News search...

Redditors Embroiled in Battle Over the Appropriateness of Anime Cat Women

By William Hicks | 5:02 pm, January 13, 2017

Reddit’s socialism community, /r/socialism, is categorically run by a bunch of nutjobs, even by the standards of 21st-century socialists. In December Heat Street covered the moderators’ Stalinist crackdown on “ableist” language like “crazy” and “idiots.”

Now the mods have waged war on an even more destructive societal illness: animated cat-eared women.

The crusade began when the moderator team banned a female artist from the community for the sole fact that she likes to draw women with cat ears in her free time. The artist (a three-year veteran of the community) had previously designed the banner image for the subreddit, but had lost favor with the mods for her alleged “misogyny.”

Here is a sample of some of her work:

When the artist, who goes by Catgirl Drawgirl on Twitter, asked one of the moderators why she was banned, they responded with this unfathomably ridiculous statement: “The argument for cat girl misogyny is that it’s turning women into domesticated animals.”

In a separate post where the community debated about whether or not the ban was justified, one user further elaborated exactly why drawing cat-eared women is an act of misogyny.

  ‘Cat girls’ as they are known are a element of reactionary internet culture that manifests itself on the less favourable corners of the internet specifically ‘chan’ forums such as 8chan (Which is home to leftypol) and 4chan, portraying women as animals is just downright disturbing to be honest. A good point would be in the show Bojack Horseman, some of the characters are humans and some are animals, there is a major character in this show called princess caroline, where princess caroline is an interesting character well written and what not, whereas ‘cat girls’ are objectifying cartoon images and frankly the culture surrounding them has no place here.

So to summarize: women who are fully cats (like Princess Caroline) are not sexist, but “cat girls” or human women with cat ears certainly are.

Cat-eared women being a reactionary boogeyman of the left isn’t even a new phenomenon.

In June of 2016, a writer at the lefty blog Forward freaked out because a bunch of Trump-supporting trolls were sending him pictures of the anime girl Asuka with cat ears and a Make America Great Again Hat.

He then wrote almost 1,000 words attempting to decode what he considered an “anti-semitic,” reactionary meme, but was in reality just a character from Neon Genesis: Evangelion with a Trump hat photoshopped on, and the guy looked like a total idiot.

Back to the current drama, Catgirl Drawgirl then took to 8chan’s /leftypol/ forum to complain about her banning from /r/socialism. Leftypol is a politically incorrect forum where socialists and other leftists can talk about politics, a stark contrast from the prudish language police at /r/socialism. The thread prompted a lively response from Leftypol and some of them allegedly went to /r/socialism to troll the moderators.

The mods went “on strike” temporarily because they were butthurt that people from  Leftypol and other “reactionaries” were saying mean things about them.

Many users from /r/socialism also took aim at the mods for what they considered an unfair banning, but the mods deleted or locked many of the threads criticizing them.

After a widespread public revolt, the moderators have agreed to reform the formerly socialist dictatorship into a democratic socialist state, and will now institute a democratic process for issuing bans.

If only such an orderly transition of power could have happened in other socialist states throughout history.

Follow William Hicks on Twitter at
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