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In Sailor Moon , a young priest named Helios, gaurdian of the golden crystal and peoples dreams, is captured by the jealous, evil Queen Nehalania, and takes the form of a winged horse, Pegasus. Her motives? To obtain the power of the golden crystal and take over the Earth and the Moon Kingdom. As a result, the Dream World, Elysion, also gaurded by Helios, was plunged into darkness. In order to survive outside his body, and outside Elysion, Pegasus takes refuge in the beautiful dreams of Chibiusa/Sailor Mini Moon, Sailor Moon's daughter who has come from the future. However, when Chibiusa grows up, he will no longer be able to gaurd her dreams. In order to restore beauty to Elysion, return dreams to the people of Earth, and return to his body, he must team up with the Sailor Scouts to defeat Nehalania. The scouts combine their power with Pegasus, and trap Nehalania in the mirror of the New Moon, and beauty and dreams are returned to the dream world of Elysion.

My tattoo represents dreams, protection, and my childhood. I watched Sailor Moon when I was little, but didn't understand the messages within the series until I rewatched it, and realized how deep and meaningful the series (particularly this season) was to me. The feather represent's Pegasus's wings. Because without him, Elysion would be destroyed, and without dreams, we are nothing.

also submitted by strwbrrydeath (my normal account)
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i am in love with this tattoo!!!
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i responded to this but i guess it didnt post? o.O but thank you so much ~
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I admire everyone who are getting SM related-tatoos done, you are so brave :D
this is really pretty, I suggested it to the elysion shrine group if you don't mind ;) :rose:
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