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Competition Summary:

This competition is to draw a full character portrait that will be used in an upcoming small Xbox 360 game.

The portrait will be used as the 'narrator' for the game in order to give instructions to the player at key moments of the game, and should fit in with the pre-existing graphic style.

About the Game:

The game is "Aah Impossible Rescue" (AIR) and is a small reaction testing game, soon to be released on the Xbox 360 using the Indie Games channel.

The player is tasked with helping three kittens avoid all obstacles on their way to being rescued, after they have fallen into a river. It is developed by Aah Games Ltd

About Aah Games:

Aah Games is a newly formed independent game development company, involving mostly one developer, Robert Swan.

Robert has worked as a games programmer over the past 12 years covering a wide range of console platforms, team sizes and genres.

Aah Games has just started a Facebook fanpage to allow anyone to look at the game while it is a work in progress. Visit the Aah Games Facebook Page.
Download links can be found on the discussions page “AIR pc qa build 04”.

Competition Requirements:

  • The character should be of a calm, gentlemanly persuasion. This does not mean it has to be human or even male!
  • Ideally the character is wearing a top hat (this is because the kittens ride the river sitting in top hats, presumably from this character)
  • The character should be inoffensive to anyone as the game will be for all age ranges.
  • The game is of stylised and cute characters. There is no “proper” scale for either the character, the kittens or the world.
  • The character should consist of bright, clean colours.
  • NOTE: entries do not have to match the style of the placeholder graphics seen below!

  • The character should face left.
  • The image should ideally be supplied in .bmp or .png format (ie, lossless formats).
  • The Maximum dimensions are 250 x 250 pixels - i.e. only wide enough and tall enough to just contain the character.
    Note the full screen game resolution is 480 x 270 pixels.
  • The image should consist solely of the character, and not the background.
  • Any parts of the image that are not the character should be set as transparent (alpha channel) or have an RGB value of (255, 0, 255) - bright magenta

A) B)

A) Placeholder image with knockout alpha
B) Placeholder image with alpha channel (transparent areas set to white rgb values to aid blending)

Example of placeholder image with knockout alpha when used with game elements


Overall Winner:
The winning entry as selected by Robert Swan will be eligible for appearing in the final game due to be released on Xbox 360.
In addition:
  • They will receive five tokens, each of which allows one free download of the game AIR on Xbox 360.
  • The winning author will appear in the credits, along with any contact details they wish to share (email / webpage url) and a short personal message if desired.
  • A 3 month DeviantArt subscription

There will also be an anime-artists winner selected by the Group
  • Will recieve a 3 month DeviantArt subscription

Winning entries will be featured by the Group.

Competition Rules:


The final deadline for receiving entries is Tuesday 25th May 11:59pm GMT

Submissions must be submitted to the "AAH Games Contest" folder in the Group Collections by this date.
There is no limit to the number of entries per member, however entries will be judged on their quality.

Competition entries will be judged by Robert Swan and anime-artists based on the following criteria:
  • Similarity in style to the pre-existing game graphics (cartoon style, cute, playful).
  • Overall quality
  • Usage of the winning entry in the Final game is at the judge’s discretion
  • Results will be announced one week after the closing date

  • Copyright of a competition entry remains with the author of the entry.
  • The winning entry grants a non-exclusive license to Aah Games Ltd to use the image within the upcoming game "Aah Impossible Rescue" royalty free.
  • This license will also allow the entry to appear wherever screenshots of the game are used for review and/or publicity purposes.
  • All entries must be the property of the author. Any issues with the copyright will become the sole responsibility of the entrant, and not Aah Games Ltd.

Entry into the competition constitutes agreement to these terms.

© 2010 - 2021 anime-artists
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ChaozCompendium's avatar
Can I still join or is this contest over?
Anjet's avatar
submitted my entry in the contestfolder, but don't know if it worked.. so here is the link, if it didn't work [link]
Grieveric's avatar
how/ where do you submit entry?=)
firedaemon's avatar
You should be able to submit here: [link]
Grieveric's avatar
Thanking for taking the time to answer me=)
Chesire666's avatar
is traditional art accepted? i dont have any sort of experience with things like the pallet or online sketing stuff
firedaemon's avatar
Sorry for slow reply. Yes traditional work is accepted provided it meets the requirements for the contest.
Chesire666's avatar
alright thanks!
Speedvore's avatar
Good luck to everyone~

Here's my entry: [link]
skimlines's avatar
I am intrigued by your contest, but I do not know how to submit an entry.

[link] [link]
firedaemon's avatar
The competition folder is here : [link]
I'll add your entry to it
Keilis's avatar
Is the picture supposed to be a half-body shot or...?
firedaemon's avatar
Ideally it would be an upper-body image
angel62446's avatar
"The image should ideally be supplied in .bmp or .png format (ie, lossless formats)."
"Any parts of the image that are not the character should be set as transparent (alpha channel) or have an RGB value of (255, 0, 255) - bright magenta"
I dont get these two!
Could you please explain!!! ^-^'
Other than that I could give it a try!
pop32510's avatar
They're saying you can only save it as a .bmp or a .png (no .jpeg or .gif files allowed)
Also they're saying that you shouldn't make a background to the picture, so just make it transparent (and if the program you're using doesn't have transparency just fill the background with the magenta color)
angel62446's avatar
Oh thanks,
I understand it completely now!
Alejandro4LG's avatar
so it doesnt have to take up the whole space but a lot of it? because its sqaure and people or cats dont generally take up a square space :D

Oh and also when you say gentlemanly persuasion what do you mean. like wise or what. cause i dont know how i could fit wise and cute togeth.
Please anwer thanks
firedaemon's avatar
yes you are welcome to make your art smaller than that and don't need to keep the image square e.g. could do 150 x 250 pixel image, 250 x 250 is just the maximum display size of the image on screen.

'Gentlemanly' refers to the impression the character would give off.
The 'cute' element is to encourage stylised images that appeal to people of all ages.
Think of the character as an instructor to the player, offering them guidance whilst being visually appealing.
Alejandro4LG's avatar
ok i will submit one and you can say if it meets the criteria. If thats ok with you...
firedaemon's avatar
yes, that's no problem
4thDoctorWho's avatar
Cool,might have a go.
falsecuteness's avatar
must i upload it in 250×250 ? . its so not pretty then. or like.. pixelated or w/e.
can somebody answer me?
firedaemon's avatar
You may submit a larger image to your gallery if you wish but the image used in game will be a maximum of 250 x 250 pixels, so if the image scales badly then it stands less chance of winning.

By saving the image in .bmp or .png then the image shouldn't become pixelated due to compression (provided you don't compress it yourself).

Just ensure that the image looks good within the size limit, there's still a lot you can do with that space.
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