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As you can see, the name of the group is anime and real life, so you can sumbit your drawing anime-related or non-animerelated (( includes: Fan Art, OCs, FanFiction, etc,photography,artistic nude)) in traditional, digital pixel or other arts related in many ways!



:bulletblack: No Harming any other Site, politics, Country, Religion, Tradition

:bulletblack: 18+ Content is allowed, but turn mature content on

:bulletblack: Yuri, Yaoi, Ecchi,artistic nude are accepted. Be sure you sumbit it into the right folder.

:bulletred:the submission limit is you can submit any thing any time..but it must be in the right folder..and if not the submission will be declined...and you can resubmit it to the right folder..



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knuckles dark fire by kira1133
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Adopt auction [open] by AlinaOchpochmak
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Commision Info [OPEN] by preparade
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Hinata like Sonya Blade(Mortal Kombat) 04 by gekkodimoria
mature,hentai,nude - FULL

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A giant bimbo stewardess by FredRichi69 by FredRichi69
Time in the Pool by HeisoruWill
Hanging Loose With The Sis by WillowLaFleur
fan fiction
Little Nightmares (Pierrot vore)Attention: In this fanfic, Bry and Julia are seven-year-old children. Enjoy reading)The Pale City...It was raining heavily outside. Due to the overcast, it was not clear that it was day or night. Two seven-year-old children were hiding in one of the houses. Two little girls were sitting on a bed in a closed room. The only way out of the room was a hole at the bottom of the door. The only window was boarded up with planks. The light fell on the floor through the planks.The first girl was named Bry. She was dressed in a light blue raincoat that ends just above her knees. The hood was diamond-shaped. Under the raincoat was t-shirt and jeans that reach her knees. Bry had blonde hair that's tied in a ponytail. Also, she had hazelnut eyes and glasses.The second girl was named Julia. She was dressed in a one buttoned dark blue trench coat that reaches below her knees above. Under the cloak there was a black turtleneck tucked into her black pants. Julia had a paper bag on her head with two holes for her glowing blue eyes without pupils. She had black wings and a long black tail with a diamond-shaped tip. Also, her hands and feet were bare, like Bry's.It was a long day for little girls. It all started in the hunter's house. When Bry met Julia for the first time, she ran away. Julia didn't look like monster, but she wasn't human either. Bry didn't know who to believe, since there were no normal people around. Those whom she saw wanted to devour, hurt or do something bad to her. However, Bry realized that she can't do it alone. She decided to take the risk and trust Julia. Since then, they have become inseparable. The little girls were able to escape from the hunter, sat on the door and swam to the nearby city. Soon, they made it to the Pale City, but there were many dangers lurking in this place. Each time the little girls were attacked by monsters, but they always ran away from them. Julia saved Bry's life more than once. During this time, Bry realized that Julia was not a monster. She is a creature with a human heart. Literally ten minutes ago, the girls left the hospital and took refuge in one of the houses. Now, they were just resting.Bry asked "Why do you always wear a paper bag over your head?".Julia replied "I don't want my face to scare anyone. Those who saw my face was always ran away. Everyone sees me as a monster, despite the fact that I have not killed anyone."Bry said "It just seems so silly to judge someone by their appearance. It's what's inside that matters. You've shown me time and again that you're good inside".Julia said "That won't change the minds of others. For everyone, I'm a monster."Although Bry did not see Julia's emotions, she determined that she was sad. Bry said "I don't think you're a monster. Please take off the bag. I promise I won't run away".When Julia reached out for the paper bag, the girls heard a muffled noise.Julia whispered "Someone is here. I'm going to see who it is. Hide until I come back for you. But if I don't come in a few minutes, you have to get out of hiding and follow me."Bry said with worry in her voice "Please be careful".Julia left the room through the hole in the door. The little girl listened and realized that the noise was coming from the room at the end of the hallway. As soon as Julia entered the room, she began to have a headache. The noise of the TV was growing. Hands on her head, Julia walked slowly towards the TV. Soon, Julia put her hands on the TV screen. The noise disappeared. The image on the screen began to change until...Julia fell into the hallway. At the end there was a door with an eye that looked directly at the little girl. The door handle was located so low that a child could jump to it. Julia ran slowly and smoothly, like in slow motion. Then she jumped on the door handle and opened it. The girl entered a room with purple light. Pierrot was sitting on a chair in the center of the room.Pierrot said "I'm afraid that your little game has gone too long. It's time for you to come home, deary".Julia didn't have time to do anything... Bry pulled her out trance of the TV. Two girls fell onto the carpet. Bry did not understand why, but when Julia was next to the TV, she fell into a trance. This was the third time Bry had saved Julia from the TV.Julia asked "Bry, what are you doing here?"Bry said "This is scaring me. I got worried and followed you here, and found you next to the TV".Julia said seriously "We must leave, now!"Bry said in shock "What's happening?".Pierrot began to gradually crawl out of the TV screen. The children quickly got up from the floor and ran out of the room. By the time Pierrot completely got out of the TV, the children had already fled the room."Run as much as you want, children. There's only one place you two will end up" Pierrot said stroking his stomach. "I see that girl is very precious to you, Julia. I could use her to get to you" He added chuckling.Pierrot unhurriedly went after the children, knowing that they would not go far from him. Julia and Bry were running down the hallway. Hearing footsteps from behind, Bry turned her head and saw Pierrot. She noticed the similarities between him and Julia. They both had glowing eyes and wings. Bry has made the assumption that they are of the same race. Julia was a little nimble than Bry, so she managed to duck under the bed. Luckily for Pierrot, Bry did not hide very well. She was sitting under the table, not daring to sigh loudly. The dark clown stretched out his hand and caught Bry. Then he lifted her above his head. "I hope you're watching, Julia. This is a preview of what will happen to you once I catch you" Pierrot said. Then he opened his mouth wide, his tongue hanging out as he deposited the frightened girl onto it. Wrapping her up, Pierrot then drew both her and his tongue inside his mouth and closed it with a 'snap'. Humming in pleasure, the clown began to taste the poor girl with his tongue, feeling her shiver in fright inside. He could sense that Julia was watching the whole show. Once done, Pierrot then tilted his head back and swallowed a bit, holding the girl inside his throat and massaged the bulge she made. Purring in delight he wanted to make sure Julia could see the bulge her friend was making in his throat. Pierrot then swallowed again, feeling the girl slide down his throat and disappearing past his collarbone. Licking his chops in delight, Pierrot patted his belly and said "So delicious *slurp*".Julia teleported and ran down the hallway. Unfortunately, she can teleport a short distance. But that was enough for her to break the distance between her and Pierrot. At this time, Bry was sitting leaning against the soft wall. She trembled with fear, refusing to believe what had happened. But it was true. She was eaten alive by a creature."There, there little one. You shouldn't worry. You won't be alone for very long. For now, sleep" Pierrot cooed as he stroked his belly.Bry couldn't believe the fact that the creature cared about her comfort. Compared to the cold streets and hard beds, it was warm and cozy here. Also, there was no sign of acid here. Bry worried about Julia and fought sleep, but the warmth and silky room lulled her to sleep."...Julia..." was all Bry could muster before the warmth took her and she fell asleep.At this time, Julia was running away from Pierrot. A short chase brought Julia to the train. She turned the lever and unhooked the car from the rest of the train. The car with Julia took a large acceleration and drove into the subway. Unfortunately, there was an accident. A sharp collision resulted in Julia falling and breaking her right wing. The little girl collapsed to the ground, injuring her right leg. Julia propped herself up on her elbows and looked at the wounds. Her right wing was broken. There was a cut on her right leg that was oozing blood. Barely getting to her feet, Julia walked forward, dragging her broken wing and tail along the ground. She blamed herself for not being able to save Bry. She still remembered the moment when Pierrot caught Bry. Julia could intervene, she could save Bry. But she froze with fear and could only see how Pierrot swallowed her friend. Julia let her friend down. But she couldn't leave her. Julia firmly decided that she would pull Bry out of Pierrot's stomach. Julia reached the metal ladder and began to climb up. Then, she opened the hatch and climbed to the surface. It was still raining heavily outside. Julia took a few steps forward before Pierrot appeared. He stood two meters from the little girl. Julia dropped to her knees. She removed the paper bag from her head and laid it on the ground. Julia rose to her feet and gazed into Pierrot's eyes. Blood ran down her leg and mixed with the raindrops. The rain soaking her black hair and dripping down her exposed face.Julia said firmly "Hold on, Bry! I'll get you out of there!""Not a good idea considering the weather now. Judging by your wounds I doubt you could do what you say and save your friend" Pierrot taunted while stroking his belly. "I'm sure you two would be much more comfortable in here."Pierrot began to approach slowly. He could instantly teleport and grab the little girl. But he wanted to enjoy the moment. Pierrot knew that she would not go anywhere without Bry. Black particles in the form of claws began to spin around Julia. Then she directed the stream of energy at Pierrot. But that didn't stop him, and it didn't even hurt him. Stupid! How could Julia hope to defeat him? Her little tricks were nothing compared to what Pierrot could do. Compared to him, she was a small, defenseless half-demon. What could she oppose to an adult demon? Pierrot stretched out his hand and caught Julia. Then he lifted her to his face.Pierrot said "It pains me to see you hurt like this, little one. Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't get infected. You'll be safe inside until we get home".Pierrot then placed Julia inside his mouth, leaving only her tail outside swishing about. While taking care not to hurt her further, Pierrot used his tongue to not only taste her but treat her wounds as well. Instead of swallowing hard like he did with the other girl, Pierrot took small gentle swallows to make sure to not to injure Julia any further. Soon Julia's tail was slurped up as Pierrot took the final swallow, sending Julia to meet Bry inside his stomach.Bry woke up hearing swallowing sounds. The little girl moved aside to give new guest some room. Soon, Julia fell to the soft floor. She propped herself up on her elbows and glanced at Bry. There was no more paper bag on her head, so Bry had a chance to see her face. Julia has straight black hair, but the tips on the sides and back are thin. There were two long strands on the sides of her head. There are bangs on her forehead. Also, she has no hair part on her head. Julia had pointed ears and a pair of black diamond-shaped earrings.Bry asked "So this is what you look like without your bag?".Julia sat down on the floor, wrapped her arms around her knees and tilted her head. Then she said "I'm sorry, I let you down... I should have saved you, but I just froze with fear.""I don't blame you for being scared when that clown grabbed me" Bry said hugging Julia tightly as if to squeeze the tears out of her. Julia winced in pain. Bry let go of her friend and noticed her wounds. There was a cut on her right leg, but no blood flowed from there. Also, her right wing was broken. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. What happened to your leg and wing?" Bry asked.Julia replied "When I was running away from Pierrot, I had an train crash."Bry said "Sounds like you know this clown. But why did he eat us, even though it seems he doesn't want to hurt us?".Pierrot explained "I must correct you on that, little one. Julia has broken my rules many times. When she came to Pale City, she came to search for survivors. I followed to bring Julia home. Of course due to her stubbornness, Julia refused to come home. So I swallowed you, knowing that Julia would come to me to save you".Bry said "So it was a rescue operation? Something must've went wrong if you only found me".Julia said "When I arrived in Pale City, there were some survivors. But when I tried to convince them to come with me, they scared me and ran away. They made the wrong choice. They died at the hands of monsters. I blamed myself for their death. I put a paper bag over my head. I didnít stop trying to find survivors, but there was no one else in the city. Pierrot tried to convince me to return home. But I refused to give up. I used the TV to teleport outside the city. Then I found myself in the forest. After a while, I found the hunter's house. Hearing the sounds of a music box, I went down to the basement. "Bry said "I remember that moment. When you broke through the door with an axe and came to me with your hand out to me. Being a creature, I didn't believe you were here to help me at first". Bry added "I realized that I wouldn't have gone out of that forest if it wasn't for you. It was risky but something told me I could trust you. You never left my side since".Julia said "You know, I donít regret that we met. Thanks to you, I believed in myself".Bry hugged Julia carefully, trying not to touch her wounds. Julia's wounds glowed purple and began to heal.The buildings of the city trembled a little, as if the monster was unhappy that an adult demon had taken the children from it. Pierrot looked at the very top of the Signal Tower. Pierrot said "This city won't get any children; there's none left. I'll have to make sure no one comes here accidently. This place will be closed for everyone". Pierrot soared high into the air and created a purple protective barrier around the city.Julia's coat and Bry's raincoat were lying to one side. The girls were sitting near the soft wall.Bry asked "I can't help but notice you and Pierrot looks so alike. What are you two? You're not humans nor monsters".Julia said "We are demons."Bry said "I would be surprised but with all these monsters you two seem to be the best thing that has happened to me so far. What are demons doing in this world?".Julia said "Throughout life, humanity has been looking for other forms of life, but you have never been alone. Thanks to the disguise, we lived an ordinary human life. Everything was fine until it happened. Before the cataclysm we heard a low-frequency noise. I don't know how, but this noise influenced adults and turned them into monsters. For some reason, the children were immune to noise. We saved children and those who had not yet turned into monsters. Then we evacuated the survivors to an island located at the edge of the world." Bry said "Demons saving people's lives? I would never have thought it possible".Julia said "The response from the survivors was similar. They couldn't believe they were being rescued by demons and taken to a safe haven. At first, people refused to believe in reality. But over time, they made sure that we would not do anything bad to them."Bry said "I can understand why. We often deny things we can't explain".Julia added "Although it was difficult, the survivors began to trust us as they had no other choice. We provided them with a safe home, food and protection. In fact, this island is paradise, the last ray of light in this pitch darkness. Soon, you will see your new home.""Sounds great. I won't have to worry about monsters anymore" Bry said getting excited.Pierrot said "You will be completely safe on my island. You two seem to get along quite well. I'm happy for that. You will live in the palace with Julia and myself".Julia happily said "Have you heard this? We will live together!"Bry said "I'm so happy. But all that running has made me a bit hungry though".A bunch of food and drinks appeared in the center of the soft room.Pierrot cooed "I'm certain you two are very tired from this little adventure. So eat to your heart's content and sleep, since you'll be in there for quite some time".Among the pile of food, Bry found a Hershey's chocolate bar."Oh goody. I haven't had chocolate in like forever" Bry said. Then she broke a piece and gave it to Julia. "Bet it'd taste better cause it's shared".Julia said "Thank you. Finally, we can have dinner in peace." She took a piece of chocolate bar from Bry and began to chew. After finishing with the chocolate bar, the little girls began to examine the pile of food. Julia took a plate of thin pancakes and began to eat. Bry took a nice cheeseburger and pizza slices and just chowed down like she haven't eaten anything in ages. Julia opened a bottle of water and drank. Bry took a can of cherry juice and drank. After eating, the little girls lay down on the soft floor."All that food made me so sleepy" Bry said yawning.Julia hugged Bry and covered her with her wings. Smiling, Bry stroked Julia's hair. "I'm so glad I met you. Now we can live happily together" Bry said before falling asleep.An island at the edge of the world...In the palace, Pierrot sat in an armchair in front of the fireplace. "You two must be exhausted from your adventures, so go ahead and sleep peacefully. You won't have to worry about monsters ever again" Pierrot cooed as he stroked his belly.
Melt TG Animation by cchimeras
Manga and Anime2- FULL

Mature Content

Mudrock Arknight - Naked - Halfbody by Arthursirius
Gold Glory by kasden95
Tutorial- Eye 2021 by Lisa22882
(OPEN) Adopt Auction #77 by Anrig
fan art2-FULL
Ino digital painting by Abremson
pixel art
OPEN YCH - Dance this waltz by Channyni
Devious Folder
for every thing
Marilyn Manson Omega Cosplay 5 by AlexisYoko
for every thing 2
MLP Fluttershy winamp v2 by shadesmaclean
for every thing 3
CD: Cry For The Dark by HaraaJubilee
for every thing 4
Spirit in the Sky by Iduna-Haya
for every thing 5
Karate Bunnies LOL by TixieLix
Golden Wings by Yombi
Character Mashup by xLunaNightmare
Denise Dupont - (Danish Curling Player) by Redfield-1982
Digital3- NEW
Ren by Helavel
for every thing 6
Kotetsu Jeeg - Haniwa Phantom Sodomu by GearGades
for every thing 7
Group of flowers color 2021 by Lisa22882
Journals - commissions,contests,raffles,etc.
Demon (commission) by Grimlai
Traditional2 -NEW
Adopts #36 auction CLOSED by Grimlai
Colored2 -NEW
Tanjiro by Beelthand
Sketch2 - NEW
[CLOSED] AUCTION |Adopt| Sea Capricorn by ollecka
Manga and Anime3 - NEW
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish - Fanart by Arthursirius
Fanart4 - NEW
Kiara by Lilenee0
Hono/Adopt/Auction23/OPEN by MrSneakers
Meme-Before and After
Misty Knight's bimbofication by yerbouti
Mature,Hentai,Nude - NEW

Mature Content

Mudrock Arknight - Naked by Arthursirius
playing around with Minerva's new look by kentaurosman
fan art
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