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Group Rules

Note: If you send a join request and have no submissions in your gallery you will be declined.

Also, please to NOT note us asking us to advertise for your contest/group/website/etc/

1) Do NOT submit from someone else's gallery. No "submit favorite" or in any way submitting something to the group from another artist on the site. (There's been a serious problem with this lately.)

2) Appropriate art-No hentai or sexual activity art. (As in no things considered pornographic by DA standards, even if you censor it, it will be declined.)

3) If you submit artwork that is a close copy (heavy reference), a trace, or an edit, it will not be accepted. If you submit a coloring it must have proof of PERMISSION. (ex: a link to the artist's DA page or proof of permission if given in another form.) This means no manga pages or colorings of lineart taken from manga pages. The heavy reference rule applies to the other artist too.

4) We only accept completed and finished works in our galleries. We do not accept WIPS.

Finally, we are no longer accepting comics of ANY KIND, sorry. No original manga, no doujinshi, 4 koma etc. I closed the comic pages folder because there's no way for us to keep anything in order.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please see the journal or send a note to the group.

Group Info

Anime and Manga Art
Founded 11 Years ago
Jun 3, 2010


Group Focus
Art Collection

7,491 Members
5,996 Watchers
170,427 Pageviews

Gallery Folders

Momoko by PastelPyon
Contest: Out out of the darkness by Reapr38
Mascot Entry: Shift by crowladee
Anime Manga Contest : Mascot by A-Killer-Artist
ADOPT #47 - Azma [CLOSED] by jcorbari
Teddy Bear [OTA ADOPT PENDING] by Phitheta
[CLOSE] Adopt Auction #3 by Brillantezza
Animated Bloom Babies adopt Auction(OPEN) 1$SB by Bai-Jiu
Fanart 7
Stocking by Katie-chu
Kurumi Wedding Dress 1 - #03 Patreon Poll by jmc5221
Count D #213 by EliTanDark

Mature Content

Rachel the dark Maiden by evandromenezes
OC 8
Vadallia - your resident demon gf by Weeabaf
-Natsuki- by Star-Rune-Pop
COM: Let's Game Together! by lunarials
Animated Pinku by MagicalHelen
Judy + SPEEDPAINT VIDEO! by Katie-chu
squirtle by Katie-chu
Lumin by Emerald--Weapon
PKMN:: Wanna grab some Casteliacone by skfuu
Tsuyu (Sports Festival) by GiuCosplays
Rin Tohsaka - Cosplay by Nenril-Tf
Queen Beryl by LelithEllRei
Kikyo by GiuCosplays
destroy me by schizosvenia

Mature Content


Mature Content

Spoopery by ThisIsArtling

Mature Content

Yuyuko kills herself by TheYoukaiofDimension
Boy Ecchi Erotic

Mature Content

Minamoto No Raikou by Emerald--Weapon

Mature Content

Incubus by JackyJimmy
hail satan and eat pizza by grim-hatter
Bed of Roses (YCH Commission) by LacrimareObscura
Girl Ecchi erotic

Mature Content

All Blue by Cluviel

Mature Content

|CM| Otter by GigaMessy

Mature Content

Summer time Caroline by HowSplendid

Mature Content

Khalera draenei (Commission) by DevilMarie
Hair Tutorial by Katie-chu
Pose set 02 by Ayywa
[Tutorial] How to ''kira kira'' by BangLinh1997
Trick and Treat walk through by yuukiartda
OCs _Full_
Daydreaming by Cluviel
OC 2 _Full_
Friends by Cluviel
OC 3 _Full_
False Bunny by Cluviel
OC4 _Full_
Goodess by Cluviel
Maid Power! by Ainoyu
OC 6_full
Mira (Tessaiya) by Zyreno
OC 7 _Full_
Reiko Tenshin Holday Outfit 2018 version by Studio-Mizuki
Fan Art _Full_
Nico and Angela by ninjjambbong
Fan Art 2 _Full_
Comission - Ayumi by Danaki
Fan Art 3 _Full_
Noah Kaiba by marina1agathe
Fan Art 4 _Full_
BRS - Rock by Cluviel
Fan Art 5 _Full_
Baiken by Kagamishiro
Fan Art 6 _Full_
Uraraka x Jigglypuff/Igglybuff by Monicherrie
Mascot Contest Submissions
Mascot Contest by Lulli-chan
Previous Contest Winners
Je suis canadienne by SketchbookBoy


We have some positions as an admin to the group! Right now I have ONE admin so new acceptance of pictures is a bit slow and we need some help! If you are interested, please read the next part carefully:

- You MUST be a member of the group.
- You MUST be active. I know life gets in the way some times but be willing to speak up when you're busy and let us know.
- Please don't apply thinking it's as simple as going through and hitting 'yes' on whatever. There are some in depth criteria for accepting work that I have for the admins to keep things running smoothly while still trying to make this group good for everyone! :heart:

If you wish to apply, please send a note to the group! Please include how active you are and maybe a short bit about why you want to be an admin. If you have experience running any sort of group or anything else you think we should know then please include it. You don't have to be worried or overly proper, we just want to get a feel for how you'll work out. If you're chosen you're also free to just take a trial run! If it's too much or not for you, then you aren't going to be in trouble if you tell us you want to go back to being a regular member.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask them in the comments below or to send a note to the group. Thank you!
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