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Welcome to the group Anime-And-Manga~!

This is a place where you can find those who love anime and/or manga and art in that category. Anything related goes!

We accept every Member who wants to join. All join requests for Members are automatically approved. If you want to join as a Contributor, then please read this journal first.

To submit art, it is not necessary for you to be a member of the group. However, please note that our Featured folder is restricted to members, and therefore to submit there you need to join.

Please follow group rules, as well as DeviantArt's own rules. If you break a rule, I will either let it slide, give you a warning, or ban you, depending on the rule.

General Rules:
• Treat other Deviants and the Admins with respect.
• Don't fight in the group [comments]. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to the notes.
• No cursing in the comments or at anyone else. By this, it means no major curses such as the F-bomb.
• Follow dA's Terms of Service.
• If you find stolen artwork, please report it to me via a note.
• If you are banned from the group, then you can try to appeal and be allowed back in. This only applies to the marked offenses in the "Bannable Offenses" section.

Art Submission Rules:




• Art must be related to anime and/or manga. Anime-style games are fine as well.

• The art does not necessarily have to be a drawing. Fanfics and literature ARE allowed. These belong in Fanfics and Stories, respectively.

• Each member can only submit one (1) piece of artwork to the FEATURED folder per week. Each member can only submit one (1) pieces of artwork to each of the OTHER GALLERY folders per WEEK. The latter means that you can submit up to one (1) in EACH folder, not five total.

• Please submit to the right folders! Art submitted to the incorrect folder will be rejected. If you've accidentally sent it to the wrong folder, just resubmit it to the correct one.

• If you've used a reference, then please say so and give credit.

• NO TRACED OR STOLEN ART WHATSOEVER!!! We don't want art that you've stolen from another artist and taken credit for. --Bannable Offense--

• No horribly erotic or nude art is allowed. For males, the groin and behind area must be covered. For females, the breasts, groin, and behind area must be covered.

Featured Folder Submission Rules:
The submission process for this folder will be different from all of the others. There will be a limit of one submission per week. For a piece to be included in this folder, it must get 3 votes of acceptance from the Admins. Submission rules still apply. Judging will be done by the opinions of the Admins. There are also restrictions on what you can and cannot submit.

What will not be accepted:
• Lineart (like the ones in the Line Art folder)
• Coloured in lines/manga pages
• Comics/Manga pages
• Memes (Completed or blank)
• Bases (Used or created)
• Art dumps
• Demotivational posters

All works must be done yourself and completed. We will not be accepting any WIPs. It doesn't necessarily have to be in colour. If it isn't listed as a type of work that won't be accepted, then by all means submit it. OC's, Fanart, etc. Submissions to this folder are restricted to group members only.

Bannable Offenses:
• Being rude to other members and the Admins. Three warnings will be given. If you continue to disrespect others, then you will be banned from the group. --Appealable--
• If you are found to have submitted stolen artwork, then you will be banned AND blocked from the group.


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two sundays. | aizawa shota x readerplot: two sundays; first sunday was your first encounter with aizawa, second sunday is (a short fluff) how you are with aizawa at the present time after months of dating.first sunday, first encounter.The stray cats purred against my hands as I fed them the meat buns that I was carrying, it was supposedly for my lunch, “It must’ve been tough looking for food,” I frowned. One of the cats, the white-furred one ran into the shadow that was looming in just now. With curiosity, my gaze followed the cat, my eyes then met with a man carrying a plastic bag, to say the least, he looked tired, but he’s really pretty, I thought. He had his raven hair tied up, below his right eye was a scar, his facial structure is-He cleared his throat.God, it must’ve been awkward, I’ve been staring at him for too long. I stood up from my position, “Ah I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” I said as I looked down on the ground, bowing, feeling my cheeks heat in embarrassment.“It’s okay, I guess… I just came here to feed the cats but I guess you’re already doing that.” He muttered as he scratched the back of his neck from the atmosphere. Clearly, things like this don’t happen on a daily routine.“I’m happy that these cats don’t get much of a hard time looking for food because you’re here,” I smiled at him. The man with a black hair said nothing but he blushed at my comment for the most part. “I’m [y/n], I just arrived here in Musutafu to work for U.A. as a nurse and as a secretary but I got lost when I was supposed to go shopping since I’m moving this Sunday.” I laughed at my embarrassment of how things went for me.“I’m Shota Aizawa, I happen to work for U.A. too. I was supposedly getting lunch after this… do you want to join?” I giggled at how awkward he was, after all, he didn’t seem like the type to just ask someone out for a meal. Nonetheless, I nodded in agreement as I clung my arm to his. It was a pretty bold and clingy energy move but I guess he didn’t mind.second sunday, to more sundays with you.I smiled at the memory of Aizawa and I’s first memory. Now looking at the man sleeping beside me, I traced Aizawa’s features, not missing his lips, as I do so, he pulled me closer for him to snuggle, “What do you think you’re doing?” the man, who’s half asleep asked, I giggled in retort, “Wake up rat man, it’s already 8:30, let’s have breakfast.” I smiled as I caressed his hair.“Let’s stay like this for five more minutes, it’s a Sunday morning.” He said, I hummed in agreement but I think we stayed that way for an hour before finally getting more sundays, to more of each passing day with you, aizawa shota.
Fanfics -Lit Only-
Amor Non Exurat Flamma - Ch.10Vassa shifted her weight on the balls of her feet, uneasily glancing at the other's expressions as the tall stranger turned and noticed their approach. A small jaunty smile curved up his lips as he turned away from the binoculars and slowly ambled forward, one hand upright in a wave of welcome as he started to speak. "What a coincidence to meet you all here.""I don't think it is." Gladio immediately shifted into guard mode, placing a heavy restraining hand on Noctis's shoulder as he stationed himself directly between the king and this unknown man. Or maybe Gladio knows him too well...There certainly was something suspicious in the way this man walked, his raggedy long coat sweeping in times with his lightly staggering steps, and the many layers of various clothes he wore almost make it appear that he had walked in to a charity store and decided to put on every scrap of clothing he could find. Her fingernails dug into the meat of her palms, the leather of her gloves almost tearing under the pressure, and the faintest shimmering outline of her blades hovered inside the folds of her fingers, just a single mental tug away from fully manifesting. Who exactly was this man and how did they all seem to know him so well? And it surely wasn't a friendly greeting that the guys were extending. No. Her gazed flicked from side to side. No. this certainly wasn't friendly at all.Gladio's fierce scowl could have broken bones just as easily as his fists, the white shade to his knuckles betraying just how tightly clenched his fists were and perhaps only moments away from finding themselves a new home in the stranger's face. As a complete opposite to Gladio's smoldering embers of anger, Ignis's glacier cold appraising glance could have frozen a wildfire into mere ashes if he had so inclined. For a moment, Vassa half expected the stranger to freeze fully in his tracks. Noctis himself was calm and collected, but his suspicious scowl was not something to be taken lightly as he glared from beneath the fringe of his raven hair that drooped over his eyes. Prompto was more like herself, nervously shifting from foot to foot while his eyes darted over each one of their friend's expressions before he finally met her own, flashing a quick sheepish smile and a small thumbs up with his hand held low to his side.Whoever this suspicious stranger was, he was quite unconcerned with the obviously hostile greeting, continuing to saunter right over as if he hadn't a care in the world. "Aren't nursery rhymes curious things?" The slightly salty breeze drifting off the water, further tousling the spiky reddish strands of his hair that poking out from beneath the brim of his faded black fedora like the wild tendrils of a thorny vine. The tangled mass looked even worse than Noctis's most extreme bedhead and that wasn't something to be proud of because the king's bedhead was fearful indeed. "Like this one: From the deep, the Archaean calls. Yet on deaf ears, the gods' tongue falls. The King made to kneel in pain, he crawls."Okay... That was different. She raised one eyebrow, glancing over to Ignis to see if he understood, but he merely shook his head. It was Prompto who ventured enough courage to ask a question, but it wasn't quite the question that she was expecting either. Just like if he was in school, Prompto tentatively raised his left hand and waved it slightly to grab the stranger's attention. "Uh, quick question? So how do we keep him on his feet?" He ended with a slightly uncomfortable high pitched chuckle.The stranger chuckled lightly, the slick coils of a chilling shiver knotting themselves tightly around her spine as she rocked back a step in surprise when the stranger brushed past the center of their little group. Catching an uneasy questioning glance from Noctis, she nodded that she was fine, but his expression tightened with something not quite readable.Shuffling on, the stranger walked over to the edge of the overlook and slowly took a wandering gaze out to the water beyond, seemingly looking at both everything and nothing at all. "You need only to heed the call. Visit the Archaean and hear his plea." He mumbled mysteriously, half almost talking to himself more than he was to them."Great! Why did we have to get the fruitcake?" Gladio's deep whisper brought out a quick snicker that Vassa tried to hide by covering her lips with her hand, but Ignis's lethally sharp glare quickly silenced the bubbles of amusement.The soft rasp of boots against stone snapped Vassa's attention away from Gladio's grumbles and back to the strange man himself. The stranger slowly shuffled around, the sharp slap of his coat flapping freely in the breeze sounding like miniature thunderclaps breaking high in the sky. "I can take you to the Archaean if you wish?" he smiled broadly, those ever searching eyes twinkled with some inner deep spark of humor that wasn't quite as reassuring as it sounded.Ignis stepped forward, effectively cutting off the reply Noctis was about to say by stepping in front of the king and leveling his own reply towards the stranger. "Just one moment, if you will." He smiled politely, albeit still frosty enough to freeze off at least a hand and a few toes as well. "We would like to confer on this matter.""Of course," With a casual shrug of his shoulders, the stranger returned to his view of the sea as if he didn't have a care in the word.They quickly huddled together, Vassa quickly finding herself sandwiched between Prompto and Noctis while Gladio barely waited until they were all turned away before he whispered, "We in or not? You guys do realize this dude is a few French fries short of a Kenny Crow Kiddie meal?""Gladio, please. He may be a stranger but that certainly does not mean you can disrespect him with a relation of his mental status to a fast food meal." Ignis scowled, sharply glaring at Gladio who refused to acknowledge the scolding with a defiant cross of his arms over his chest. "Although I do have my own concerns about his currently level of sanity myself. We need to take care as the man may very well be a valuable ally for the future.""I don't know. Gladio's right. There's something about this guy that just feels off." Noctis dipped his head, the shaggy tips of his dark hair falling over his eyes as he stared at the ground around his boots like it held the answer to all his problems. Vassa kind of wish it did because just as much as it seemed that the man was a slightly eccentric but friendly stranger, a nagging feeling of suspicion just wouldn't leave her alone. She twisted her head, glancing over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes as the man seemed to be ignoring them entirely. Yes, there was sometime definitely suspicious about him."I guess we can always take the ride, but if something goes wrong, then we just boogey right on out of there at top speed." Prompto's voice lacked the slight sheen of it's normal cheerfulness as he started scuffling the ground with the toe of his shoe, his brows drawn down into slight furrow."Fair enough. If none of you have any other objections, I do believe that as long as we are careful and watch our backs, I don't anticipate a great deal of trouble." Ignis whispered softly, the faint hint of grave warning coloring the tone of his voice."Okay. Let's do it." Noctis uncrossed his arms, walking straight over to where the stranger lingered to look him straight in the eye. "I guess you can take us.""As you wish," The man's grin widened just a tiny bit more, blinking slowly as he flattened one hand against his chest. "I'm not one to stand on ceremony, but an occasion such as this calls for an introduction. Please do call me Ardyn." Deep in Vassa's thoughts, something like a little warning bell started going off. That name... She was very sure that she had seen that name before. Somewhere."I'm Noctis. This is Gladio, Ignis, Prompto, and Vassa." Noct pointed to each of them in turn from left to right, ending with his thumb pointing at Vassa standing just behind his right shoulder.It might have just been a trick of the light, but she could have sworn Ardyn's amber eyes flickered with some inner glow as they shifted between her face and Noct's, but it vanished before Vassa was positive she saw anything at all. "How strange, almost exactly the same." Ardyn murmured almost casually, and her thoughts immediately switched track, sinking a little bit further into Noctis's shadow just to get away from that gaze. He's another one of those, it seems. Her teeth started to worry against her lower lip as Ardyn turned and started to walk away. "If you would be so kind as to follow me down to the parking area, that's where I left my automobile. She's such a dear old thing, dependable and trustworthy-.""If he wants us to have a conversation with his car, I say we run like hell." Gladio's whispered again."Gladio, kindly shut up!" Ignis hissed with a tight lipped grimace. In fact, he seemed to be concentration quite clearly on the mindless chatter that Ardyn was bubbling, but the movement of his left hand caught along the edges of Vassa's vision just in time to see his fingers slip right between her own, holding tight and encouraging her to keep pace with the rest of their group instead of falling prey to her thoughts to the point that she fell behind.Thankfully, or suspiciously curious depending on how you looked at it, Arydn apparently didn't hear Gladio's comment because he kept flowing right through his conversation without interruption."-She does certainly pale in comparison to your Regalia, but she's never let me down." He said as they walked up the steps from the overlook to the parking area. "So we take two vehicles, a convoy of sorts. Shall we?"Level three alert creeper alert. Warning! Warning! Vassa urgently tugged on Ignis's hand, the taller man easily bending down for her ease without ever breaking a single stride. "Iggy! We didn't tell him what kind of car we have, did we?""We most certainly did not." He confirmed with a somber nod of his head."I must say, your arrival in such an elegant vehicle caught my eye earlier. It is quite lovely, but it couldn't compare to my darling." Her attention drifted back to the tall stranger as he pointed towards a particular convertible stationed at the end of the lot. A similar shade of faded maroon to his own hair, a wide white strip ran vertically down the center of the hood that highlighted more than few dents and pinpricks of rust that foretold the model's age more than the style of it's body. If Vassa had to guess, it was at least 15 to 20 years or older. "If we are ready, would you do me the honor of assigning your driver to our destination." Adryn smiled, one finger pointing straight as a sword and Noctis's chest. "I choose you.""Fine by me." Noctis shot back just as quick, one eyebrow raised as his hands propped on his hips. "Let's roll.""Splendid! You drive your car, and I drive mine. Now, with that decided, let us be off!" Arydn turned on his heel so quick that his trailing ends of his scarf flew up high in the air, nearly smacking poor Prompto in the face if he hadn't ducked just in time to avoid the snapping bite of the flying material."Funny. We're in an awful big hurry all of a sudden." Gladio grumbled again, leaning one hip against the hood of the Regalia."Yeah, but better find out if it's a trap sooner rather than later." With that twisted little smirk on his lips, Noctis sauntered up to Ignis and held out his hand, fingers wriggling in eager anticipation. "Keys, Specs."Two long fingers briefly pinched the bridge of Ignis's nose before they dipped with great slowness into the pocket of his jacket, the jingle of a set of silver keys emerging like some rare creature emerging from it's den. Vassa watched with wide eyes as one of the steadiest hands she had ever known trembled slightly as he dropped the keys into Noct's waiting palm. "You're not really going to let him drive, are you?" She asked."Woohoo! I call shotgun!" Prompto bounced on the balls of his feet, reaching up to slap Noctis a high five as both guys skittered to the front of the elegant car. The perky blonde slid into the passenger seat before Vassa had even sat down in the back, his fingers quickly spinning through the radio's controls while Noctis turned over the motor and pressed down on the gas, summoning a deep roar of power straight from the heart of the engine."Fasten your seatbelts everyone, the Regalia is now under the control of the Noct-master and ready to burn rubber!""Please tell me he isn't really serious?" Vassa whipped her head between Gladio and Ignis, but the shield just smiled, propping one thick arm against the door while Ignis fluttered with the fastening of her seatbelt."Sadly, he is not. I would recommend finding something to hold on to." Okay, easily done. She threw her arms around Ignis's waist, nearly crushing his ribs with the strength of her grip, and earning herself a small unexpected grunt as the motor thrummed into a higher gear. She held on as tightly as she dared, the ear piercing sounds of squealing tires drowning out every other sound as Vassa spent the entire portion of the trip holding on to Ignis's waist for dear life as they traveled at speeds she didn't know the Regalia was capable of producing.The guys' chosen music blared at top speed as they nearly flew down the road, a thick thumping base that Prompto nodded his head too while his hands mimic an air guitar while Noctis drove crazy circles around Ardyn's car, sometimes taking curves only on two wheels, with such a daredevil grin that it would have frightened an imp. Occasionally she thought that she heard Ardyn call that it wasn't a race, but it was slightly drowned out by the sound of her screams muffled in Ignis's side. The strategist himself wasn't above letting out his own yelps of surprise, clinging to her just as fiercely as she did him. Gladio was the only one who wasn't effected by Noctis's wild driving skills at all, simply sitting in his seat and watching the scenery blur by with a slight yawn pieced in every now and then. Perhaps since he was the only one used to driving in this style, it simply didn't face him that they might be just a heart beat away from death.Eventually, Ardyn pulled aside into a Coernix station and campground as the sky started to darken with the oncoming night sky, and the profound sense of relief at the sight of still land swept through her veins with an urge so strong that her head actually started to spin. Vassa lunged for the door as soon as the tires stopped rolling, scrambling over the pointed ends of Ignis's knees to fall flat on her stomach against this rocky ground below. "Thank you, Shiva, Titan, Bahamut, Leviathan, and Ifrit!" She listed each Astral by name, her lips briefly brushing the ground at the end of each title. "Thank you so much for letting me survive another drive with Noctis!"The door faintly squeaked as the impact of Ignis's shoes struck the ground, and she slightly twisted her head to the side to a thoroughly rumpled Ignis adjusting his glasses with one hand, smooth out the wrinkles her hands hand creased into his jacket, and marched up to the smirking king to granted him one stony look before removing the keys from his hand. "Noct, as long as I possess the abilities to do so, you are never to step behind the wheel of a car again!""Yeah, right." The King of Lucis rolled his eyes, already starting to walk towards the convenience station while digging out his wallet.Since night was looming and it would be unwise to travel to the Disc during nightfall, not to mention that their guide was insisting that they stop and rest, the last remaining vacant camping caravan stationed on the grounds was assigned to them with a simple signature by Noctis. The other four caravans were taken up by vacationing families and Ardyn signed for an entire trailer just for himself. Vassa was surprised to see how the happily vacationing families were going about their vacations considering that the kingdom of Lucis was under attack by the empire, but perhaps it made their arrival less conspicuous.That didn't stop the nagging bite of her suspicions that something wasn't quite truthful with their guide.With their lodgings for the evening secured, the next event of dinner was placed in motion by Ignis concocting one of his Burly Bean soups for a quick meal, tasking Vassa with chopping up the carrots for the dish while he prepared the seasoned broth. The knife flashed in her hand, a silver blur quickly dicing up the chunks of firm carrot into tiny bite sized pieces. There was something about the blade thudding so deeply in the wood of the chopping block that was oddly satisfying, almost hypnotizing as a way to burn off some of that restless energy that she was feeling after today's events. Why did that name sound so familiar? Arydn, it shouldn't have meant anything at all. In fact, it didn't really mean anything according to a quick Gaggle search she scrolled through on her phone. But then again, She could remember something about that name, and the way he signed the night lease for the caravan was too fluid, like someone who was used to signing things.She knew that she had seen that somewhere before.The knife continued to chop away, her fingers blindly feeding through carrots one after another while she looked out the window and watched the strange man speak with almost comically exaggerated gestures. One time his arms nearly brained poor Prompto in the head, scaring him so bad that he fell out of his chair onto the stony ground below. Vassa almost threw the knife out the window that very instant, the target of Ardyn's arm was almost too easy to miss, but she didn't. Instead she watched Noctis and Gladio have the same reaction, but they stifled it in favor of helping Prompto back to his feet. Of course the guy was totally crackers like Gladio said, but there's something about him I just don't like. It's not because he said that I was almost the same as Noctis, but what is it? What's making it so hard for me to believe this guy is telling the truth?A lingering heavy but extremely pleasant warmth spread up across her back and settled over her arms in the form of two long arms placed atop her own, cool slender fingers easily threading between her hands and stilled their movement with the lightest of touches. "Vassa, that is quite enough carrots for the soup." Stern but warm, She shivered slightly as the puff of Ignis's breath stirred the tips of her hair while her cheeks started to heat up on their own, the rich scent of his sage tinted cologne soaking into her senses like a comforting blanket."I don't trust him, Ignis. Not at all. Something doesn't feel right but I can't lay a finger on what it is."She felt him shift against her back, his fingers parting her own and lifting the knife to lay aside just beyond the deeply scored surface of the chopping board. "Neither do I, and I expect that my suspicions align with yours quite well." Her eyes followed the movement of his slender fingers as they skated up her arm, reaching up to lightly caress her cheek where a particularly shiny, salty liquid clung to Ignis's fingertips like miniature pearls. "But even in moments of frustration from your efforts, it doesn't quite explain these."Vassa tried to speak, her lips opening and closing like some sort of fish Noctis had reeled up from the deep, but she couldn't quite place the truth. She didn't really know why she had started crying, but she just couldn't stand it. Not the slight warble of concern in his lovely voice or the paused tears that suddenly threatened to overflow from her eyes. And then she did the worst thing possible, something prompted by the weight of exhaustion and frustration laying like a weight against her thoughts.She turned around in Ignis's arms and buried her face in his chest.The silent sobs she hadn't realized she was making doubled in power with a painfully sharp heave, raking the breath from her chest in quick sharp jerks that left her shoulders shaking from pure effort, and the painful knot of tension in her heart tightened again. She felt like a fragile vase filled too full of water, threatening to burst at any moment into a thousand tiny pieces that no one would put back together again.A small murmur of understand rumbled in Ignis's throat, and then his arms that were normally so dead in the events of an occasional hug wrapped around her shoulders and securely held her against him with every ounce of gentle pressure he had. "Shh... It's alright. You will most certainly hate me for saying this, but sometimes you are just like Noct, keeping whatever is troubling you inside until you break. You can trust me with the weight of those thoughts, you know. Any of us would be more than happy to share the burden. We trust you and we do love you. In fact, you are the only one that I would trust in the entirety of Eos to leave this group of mongrels not to starve themselves silly if I should ever decide to take a vacation away from my duties. Surfing has always interested me, and when this business with the empire is finished and Noct's throne is restored, you just might find yourself in command of them while I venture out to Galdin Quay for a few private lessons for a day."Surfing? Ignis wanted to surf? Vassa's tears momentarily broke, tilting her head back and considered the slight secretive smile and the twin points of flushed color high of his cheeks for a moment. A momentarily imaginative flash of Ignis at his most stoic, hanging ten on a surfboard bare chested and wearing a pair of the most colorfully printed tropical printed swim shorts he could find, one hand upraised in the hang loose sign while the other steadied himself was so comically absurd that she couldn't help a bubble of laughter creeping up and spilling out with a quick smile of her own. "You don't really want to surf, do you?""No. I'm quite afraid that was a true lie on my part, but it made you smile and that was my intention," Ignis smiled. "A smile is so much prettier on you than tears." Just as soon as the words left his lips, the implication of what he said must have fully registered as the small bloom of pink quickly spread into a full face flush."Um... You think I'm pretty?" He said that, Ignis actually noticed that? Somehow the shock just couldn't settle into the tangle of her thickened thoughts. Shuffling herself slightly apart, Vassa leaned back against the edge of the counter and started to scrub her face with her hands. Partly to hide the raging blush that sprinkled her own, and partly because she just couldn't meet his eyes at the current moment. A tiny spark of hope flared slightly deep in her heart, was there some hope in her world that maybe Ignis wasn't quite as oblivious as he seemed? She glanced through her spread fingers and tear fogged frames, noticing how one of his hands had now rose up and tinkered with the edge of his frames, absently both raising and lowering his frame in a curious movement that she knew did nothing for his sight but was merely a nervous tic.Ignis let out a long sigh, the soft lighting in the trailer making the dark swirls in his eyes even deeper as the air inside the caravan suddenly seemed too thick for Vassa to breathe properly. "Actually, I've never truly seen the resemblance myself to his highness. The Caelum gene of the dark hair has held true in your case, but yours in an entirely different shade than Noctis. There's a rich undertone of shine to yours, like a raven's in the way it has a subtle highlight of blue underneath the black, and every now and again when you're in the direct sunlight, I can pick out a few shades of brown that remind me well brewed Ebony. The same can be said about your features, they certainly do not resemble Noct's in more than a passing glance. For starters, your eyes are much wider and ringed with a thick feathery fringe of lashes that perfectly shows off the stormy grey color of your irises. Your nose is far perkier and your bone structure is more slender, petite almost in sync with your height." He finished with his eyes dropping down to meet the area around his shoes, suddenly going shy after revealing so much of what lingered in his thoughts.Vassa hugged him again."Thank you, Iggy!" She whispered, squeezed him so tight that he groaned slightly again. "You don't know how much I appreciate it!""Oh... Um, yes. That is quite alright." And then just like every other time, Ignis slithered from her grasp like some kind of tall serpent, leaving her momentarily confused as to how she could be hugging him one moment and then the air the next. It must be the double jointed thing he had.Once again the man in question stood at the stove, stirring the simmering soup with one hand while glancing down at the clock on his phone with the other, the tips of his ears flushed vibrantly pink in addition to his face. "It's getting rather late, I suppose we do have to feed the hungry ones out there before they decide to gnaw off our legs. And then there is the state of our used clothing to be washed as well, so if you would not mind herding them in, I would greatly appreciate it."Within the span of two hours, the entire group was fed, cleaned, and tucked into bed except for the bulk of Gladio who insisted on sleeping in his sleeping bag by the door. "Because you never know what kind of weapons that crazy people were hiding" he said, one hand idly resting on the broadsword he had summoned to lay by his leg. Of the two sets of bunk beds in the caravan, Noctis claimed the bottom bunk of the first and promptly dissolved into a pile of mumbled snores after eating and showering, he had actually barely made it into t-shirt and sleep shorts before he crashed face first on the bed, asleep before his head ever met the pillow. Prompt was soon to follow, taking up the top bunk of the second set along with his Chocobo body pillow that was hugged within an inch of his life. Vassa accepted the top bunk over Noctis, and Ignis was the last of all to come to bed as he made sure that all of their attire was perfectly washed and fresh from the dryer before heading to sleep himself.Except it would have been perfect if Vassa could just go to sleep!Tossing, turning, even stealing a throw pillow from the closet did nothing to ease her stress. The constant twirling of her mind was really annoying, the random thoughts popping in and out of her mind made absolutely no sense at all as they paraded with all the glory of a Chocobo in a pink tutu walking in a parade. Finally she just gave up, lying flat on her back and counting the dents in the ceiling while the guys peacefully slumbered on.Then like magic, a tiny paper airplane sailed over to land on her stomach.What in the... Scooting back against her pillow, her fingers dived for the paper and eagerly unfolded it along the lines that had so softly been pressed into the crisp surface. It was quite small, the size you might see in a pocket notebook, and lined with perfectly straight black lines that bore a handwritten message scrawled in a perfectly elegant slanted script.Having trouble sleeping?Vassa's lips twisted into a smile, the thin mattress squeaking as she floundered over to the edge of the railing and peeked over the side. Ignis laid stomach down on his own bed, his long legs sticking partially beyond the edge of the frame, and his normally spiked tawny hair hanging down over his eyes. He glanced up over the top of his glasses, one eyebrow arched high under the strands of disheveled hair with a flare of amusement glittering deep in the emerald of his eyes. She assumed that he might be smiling, but the remaining portion of his face underneath his eyes was buried in the crinkled folds of his pillow, but his broad shoulders shook with the efforts to suppress his laughter as she rolled her eyes and nodded her head.He walked two fingers across the side of the bed, tilting his head slightly so she could see him mouth the words. "Walk?"Vassa's gaze drifted over to the tiny window in caravan where the full moon shone quite brightly in the dark of the night, lightly shadowed with a light covering of clouds that were slowly thickening on the bottom with rain, but it surely would hold off long enough for a quick stroll. She bobbed her head again, a restless energy seizing her limbs she gingerly tiptoeing down the ladder and out to fetch her normal attire.
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Study of Illustration Type<English Translation>This is a Necessary Journal to learn about "Illustration Type".If you learn this, it will be Helpful of New Art Draw.If you still don't understand, Click the Ref the way, The Study Series and Characters List and Costumes List and Battle List Journal is also Helpful for the New Art Draw.If you are interested, please Click those Journals.<Japanese Translation>これは「イラストの種類」についてを学ぶために必要なジャーナルです。これを学んでおけば新しいアートを描く助けになるでしょう。それでも分からない時は参考になるURLをクリックして下さい。ちなみに勉強シリーズとキャラクターリストと衣装リストと戦闘リストであるジャーナルは新しいアートを描く助けにもなります。気になる方はそれらのジャーナルをクリックして下さい。▲Normal Type◆Full Body■Ref,◆Haif Body■Ref,◆Head Shot■Ref,◆Chibi■Ref,◆Fandom■Ref URL▲Comic Type■For example ...,◆Fandom■Ref URL▲Character Sheet◆Character Design■Ref,◆Fandom■Ref URL▲Other Journal◆Study Series■Ref Fanon Character,Study of Fanon CharacterJanuary 29, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about "Fanon■Ref Original Character,Study of Original CharacterJanuary 28, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about■Ref Front and Back View,Study of Front and Back ViewNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Three View,Study of Three ViewNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Character Creation,Study of Character Creation November 6, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Character Redesign,Study of Character RedesignNovember 6, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Concept Art,Study of Concept ArtApril 19, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about■Ref Form Change,Study of Form ChangeNovember 26, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Race Change,Study of Race ChangeNovember 28, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Sex Change,Study of Sex ChangeNovember 8, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Costume Remake,Study of Costume RemakeNovember 8, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Part Change,Study of Part ChangeNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Length Change,Study of Length ChangeNovember 10, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Color Change,Study of Color ChangeJanuary 30, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about "Color■Ref Color Palette Change,Study of Color Palette ChangeNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Weapon Remake,Study of Weapon RemakeNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Weapon Form Change,Study of Weapon Form ChangeNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Handedness Change,Study of Handedness ChangeNovember 10, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Toon Change,Study of Toon ChangeJanuary 30, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about "Toon■Ref Fusion,Study of FusionNovember 30, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Sprite Art,Study of Sprite ArtDecember 1, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Sprite Diversion,Study of Sprite DiversionMarch 7, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about■Ref Wearing Costumes,Study of Wearing CostumesNovember 8, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Cosplaying as Characters,Study of Cosplaying as CharactersNovember 8, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Iron Wall Skirt,Study of Iron Wall SkirtNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Tight Skirt,Study of Tight SkirtNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Heavy Leotard,Study of Heavy LeotardJanuary 2, 2021 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Shorts Type Bloomers,Study of Shorts Type BloomersJanuary 8, 2021 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Leggings,Study of LeggingsFebruary 23, 2021 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about■Ref Using his Weapons,Study of Using his WeaponsNovember 10, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Pose Imitation,Study of Pose ImitationNovember 8, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Position Change,Study of Position ChangeNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Encounter,Study of EncounterJanuary 7, 2021 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Doing a Moves,Study of Doing a MovesNovember 9, 2020 This is a Journal whose Purpose is to learn about■Ref Number,Study of NumberNovember 10, 2020 This is a Necessary Journal to learn about◆Various Characters List■Ref Male Ver,Various Characters List Male VerFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Characters List Male Ver". 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What do■Ref Female Ver,Fanon Monsters List Female VerFebruary 6, 2021 This is "Fanon Monsters List Female Ver". What do◆Original Monsters List■Ref Male Ver,Original Monsters List Male VerFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Monsters List Male Ver". What■Ref Female Ver,Original Monsters List Female VerFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Monsters List Female Ver". What◆Various Mechas List■Ref,Various Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Various Mechas List". What do you think◆Fanon Mechas List■Ref,Fanon Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Fanon Mechas List". What do you think of◆Original Mechas List■Ref,Original Mechas ListFebruary 12, 2021 This is "Original Mechas List". What do you think◆Various Costumes List■Ref,Various Costumes ListFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Costumes List". What do you◆Various Attacks and Magics List■Ref,Various Attacks and Magics ListFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Attacks and Magics List". What◆Various Moves and Situations List■Ref,Various Moves and Situations ListFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Moves and Situations List". What◆Various Weapons and Equipments List■Ref,Various Weapons and Equipments ListFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Weapons and Equipments List".◆Various Battle List■Ref,Various Battle ListFebruary 1, 2021 This is "Various Battle List". What do you think
Hello! The Secret Santa 2019 folder is now open! This folder is only for our Secret Santa Participants. Do not submit here if you are not one of them.

Participants will have until December 31, 2019 at 11:59PM EST (UTC -5:00) to submit their gifts! Anyone who is giftless after the deadline will be assigned a volunteer through a randomizer.

Below are the list of participants and their gifts!

-- SakaDraws, Founder

EDIT: The SS folder is now closed and anyone who did not get their gift up before the deadline is now considered late. Volunteers will be assigned on January 2nd.
Happy November! The 2019 Secret Santa sign-ups are now open! They'll be open until November 7, 2019 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00).


What is a Secret Santa?
It's basically an anonymous gift exchange where a Santa will give you a gift, and you give a gift to another person as their Santa. Please note that this group's Secret Santa is not the physical kind where you send your gifts through the mail.

How to Participate:
→ Create a wishlist in your Journal to give your Santa an idea of what you want
→ Comment with a link to your wishlist
→ Wait for my reply and check the participants list for your name here:

You will not be added until you give me the link to your wishlist. You can use the same wishlist you created for another SS event. If three days pass and I don't respond, feel free to comment again saying you already commented but didn't get added. If the participant list gets long, search up your name with CTRL+F (COMMAND+F on Mac).

If your gift was late for the 2018 Secret Santa, then you cannot participate this year. I have a list of people who can't participate whether it be for just a year or ever again, so if you're one of those people trying to sign up, I will tell you you can't.

Match-ups will be decided by a randomizer. After the names of participants get randomized, I will go through it to make sure no one ends up being their own Santa. If this happens, then I'll swap them with the recipient name under that person. Notes will be sent out in the first week of November.

Want to be a Volunteer?
Volunteers will give gifts to the giftless after the participant deadline (December 31st) passes. If you'd like to be one, please let me know and I will add you to the Volunteers list! The Volunteer deadline is January 31, 2020 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00).

If you do not get your gift up on time, you will no longer be able to participate in this group's Secret Santa events in the future. If you are late, meaning you post it after the deadline but before the volunteer deadline, you will not be able to participate for the next year. Again, if something extenuating comes up so you can't get it up, please talk to me.

What if I'm going away and can't post my gift until after the deadline?
You can still participate! Just make sure to let me know so that I can mark you down as being on holiday. You can get your gift up once you get back.


Don't post your gift before December 24, 2019.
If you finish early, that's awesome! Just try to hold onto it until then. If you're going away for the holidays and won't have Internet access until after the deadline, let me know. The Participant deadline is December 31, 2019 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00)

Label your gifts with [Anime-And-Manga SS] and submit to the Secret Santa 2019 folder when the time comes.
Labeling will make submitting to the 2019 SS folder a lot easier when the time comes. It won't be opened until sometime in the afternoon where I am, so just wait for it if it isn't up yet. Feel free to post your gift even if it isn't open yet on the 24th. This folder is only for this group's Secret Santa. If yours is from another one, do not submit to this folder.

Put in effort when making your gift.
A given, obviously. You should be giving your best in the first place. Your Santa put in effort to make you your gift so you really should be putting in the effort for someone else.

Don't be a jerk by complaining about your gift or neglecting to give one.
Your Santa worked hard to give you a gift, so don't complain if you don't like it. Just keep it to yourself. Obviously there will be things that come up that are out of your control and because of it you won't be able to get yours up. Please let me know if something does happen. By this I don't mean give me all the details of what happened (because that's private and I'm not going to force you). But do let me know because you will be barred from participating in the future if you don't say anything and obviously it's not fair to you if it's due to an extenuating circumstance.

Group submission rules still apply.
They won't be lifted, so exposure of private areas is a no-go. If you want this for another SS, that's by all means fine with me, but not for this one.

Important Dates

Sign-Ups Open: November 1, 2019
Sign-Ups Close: November 7, 2019 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00)
Notes Sent: November 10 (by end of day)
SS Folder Opens: December 24, 2019 (afternoon)
Participant Deadline: December 31, 2019 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00)
Volunteer Deadline: January 31, 2020 at 11.59PM EST (UTC -5:00)

Everyone is welcome to participate, so feel free to spread the word around!

EDIT: Sign ups are now closed. Notes will be sent out in the afternoon of November 9th.
EDIT II: Unfortunately due to something that suddenly came up for me today, notes will instead be sent out tomorrow, November 10th by the end of the day. Sorry for any inconvenience!
EDIT III: All notes have been sent out!
This is the list of the participants of the group's 2019 Secret Santa event! As people join, I will add them to the list. This is not the sign-up page. If you'd like to join, please do so here:

Need to find your name? Press CTRL+F (COMMAND+F on Mac) and type it in to search.


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