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Hello and welcome to Anime--Wolves!!

We are a group of artists dedicated to working on the anime wolf art style, from older anime-esque styles to the newer age of anime wolf artists!

All types of canine art is welcomed, though we are primarily focused on the creation and sharing of anime wolf art.

You might have a few questions still, here's a few things to clarify about what this group is for and what we like to see here!

- What counts as anime wolf art?
Anime wolf art is any art of wolves or other canines drawn in a semi-realistic style. Anime wolves aren't exactly cartoony in style, they're somewhere between realistic and toony. Art drawn to mimic a style used in an anime also falls under art allowed here.

- I don't have an anime wolf art style, can I still join?
Anyone can join! If it's a style you want to have, appreciate looking at, or currently have, all are accepted!

- What kinds of art are allowed?
We accept any artwork done to reflect the aforementioned art style. Digital and traditional mainly. Writing artworks are not accepted.

- How do I get my art featured?
Featured art is selected specifically picked out by the founders! Art with shading and backgrounds are always nice to see!

- I'm not an artist but I still want to join, am I allowed?
Of course!

- Can I get my group affiliated?
If your group revolves around the creation of canine art, then yes, as long as you are also part of Anime--Wolves!

- Who are the founders?
Auccultist and Sephiiwrath are the founders of this group.





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Calupes Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm currently looking for people to suggest their OC's so I can draw them as anthros and made a journal for it, but I'm not sure if I could post it somewhere here because it's not exactly a commission journal, is there another place in here where I could put it or doesn't it belong in this group? ^^ This is it btw, thanks a lot! :3

Your OC's needed - Anthro character art (OPEN)
Setahri Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Father I have done an oops and added a halfbody to the fullbody section PFFF Do you mind adding it to the halfbodies? o: Ty!
Auccultist Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Student Digital Artist
All fixed o: no worries
Yukitashi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankie for adding me fellow floofs!=3
Auccultist Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Student Digital Artist
No worries!! I hope you can share your work here and find some other artists to follow ^^
Zeira-Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Oof, im so sorry I didn't saw that they was a chibi section ;-; Could we change my post ''Im so Proud of this'' on Chibi instead of on Fullbody?
Auccultist Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2020  Student Digital Artist
They've both been moved to traditional art since they are drawn on paper ^^
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