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Animazement 2016 Con Report by ADRAWER4EVER, journal

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I haven't been to Animazement in about 3 years. But hopefully I'll see you guys at AZ16!! :3
So we've been attending Animazement since... ummm... 2003?  I think that was our first year going together.  Miki went one year earlier and then introduced me to it the next year.  But we've pretty much gone every year since then.  It's just so much fun!  And we keep saying "We're getting too old to cosplay, this will be our last year in costume..."  Then we get home from the con and start working on next year's cosplays.  Lol.

Yep I know the feeling. My gf and I keep saying we don't need to do more cosplays but we have not said we are at any point in stopping. 2015 we will be debuting Uranus and Neptune. We will continue to go as long as we can but will only be doing Sailor Moon characters, mainly RukaXMichi and AmiXMakoto
^.^  We love Ami and Makoto!!  We did Mercury and Jupiter cosplays at Animazement 2013  :D