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Robots, Soldiers, Ponies: Soldier 3112 vs Drone by Animatorsnake Robots, Soldiers, Ponies: Soldier 3112 vs Drone by Animatorsnake
    It's finally done, one of my oldest art projects from... a year? Or was it a couple of months ago, six... eight? Well anyway, it's done so that matters, but however... there are some slight differences with this one and the lined version here -->…

    I shall list these differences:
Lined Version - Soldier 3112's cracked visor has a wound with blood spilling out.
There is a serial number and writing on the side of Soldier 3112's helmet.
The empty spot is supposed to have three pony figures in different poses relating to the events of the story.

    "This" version - I added the crater that both Soldier 3112 and the drone come from.
The wound that Soldier 3112 had originally is replaced with simply... nothing (I made a mistake when I was doing the drawing as it was meant to be, considering Soldier 3112's background and how the story has played out now).
The writing on the side of his helmet has been removed.
The original idea for there being three pony figures has been replaced with the crater.

    And that is all the changes I had decided upon it. If many of you are wondering which part of the story this drawing plays out, the events occur on the Prologue Arc Chapter 2 - The Knight in Dull Armor. The drone's full name/title is, "Juggernaut Class Drone MK III". Another thing, since I have no idea what to draw I decided to draw one specific event from each arc of my story, A Soldier's Orders, this is the drawing for the Prologue Arc; the remaining other drawings for the other arcs will be done momentarily.

    Hope you all enjoy this new idea for future drawings to come, and if your interested in seeing my story, click here to see:…
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TRANSFORMERS!!!! more than meets the eyes.
Transformers: Prime Ratchet Facepalm Icon aaaaaamd it was just a matter of time
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November 13, 2016
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