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Animators join this group if you want to share your animations with everyone!
From Flash to GIFs it doesn't matter just if it is animation you are all welcome!

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ADULT CONTENT "SEXUAL (naked is not ok) OR GORE... (a bloody punch is alright)
we do only Accept original Art (meaning if you submit a Animation peace, it has to be crated by you or in some form or way)

if you want preloaders or a V-cam check the links below (Flash ONLY)

V-Cam>… (Download link)
Swf exporter>… (the best And FREE)
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Aug 22, 2011


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330 Members
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Technically the anniversary was yesterday, but whatever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Hey everyone! I'm Mayhem,( also go by shoe) the newest co-founder for the group and  I'm happy to be here :)
Summer is coming to a close soon, and I'm pretty sure school has started for alot of you guys. And with school comes homework, and with homework comes productivity, and with productivity comes energy and with that comes less energy you could be using to MAKE MOVING IMAGES!

So combat this problem, I thought I'd post some Animation resources to help you all out with your animation process and to make it less daunting.

1) Newgrounds
If you are a fledgling animator who is really looking to start somewhere, but don't have many resources to do so, look no further. Like Deviantart, Newgrounds is a breeding ground for creativity and collaboration. Before Youtube was around, Newgrounds was where up-and commers as well as seasoned professional artists got to show their work for a like-minded community. Newgrounds isn't just for flash animators either. Digital artists, Sound artists, Musicians, Game designers, Voice actors, are a very big part of the Newgrounds community. Notable members such as Egoraptor, psychicpebbles,  OneyNG, Harry Partriage, Eddsworld, iwillpress( Foamy the squirrel fame), Kirbopher (T.O.M.E fame), all made a name for themselves in the early years of NG. Tom Fulp founder of Newgrounds and notable game company; the Behemoth, created Newgrounds back in 1995 and since then has been a continuing source of inspiration, collaboration, and artistic exploration. It's literally Everything by Everyone.

Newgrounds also has a resource page for animators and artists, which goes into more detail about how to publish your videos or games, what software is on the market, and includes references to various artist guides. (…)

2) AlbinoBlacksheep Like Newgrounds, ABS was around before the days of YouTube. Founded in 1996 ABS had a big impact on early internet culture. (One of the first sites I used to frequent) It was and still is a great community for online artists. Some of their notable members include veteran animator R.Wappin , veteran Andrew Kepple (Spy and pyro fame), Lazymuffin, Neil Cicierega(Potter puppet Pals fame/Lemon Demon),Altf4 (Ultimate Showdown fame) Zeurel :iconzeurel:( That one bulging eye cartoon you saw yesterday)
ABS hosts a flash tournament every year since 2007 for animators to test their skills called the Tournament of Flash Artists or T.O.F.A for short.

3) Youtube..yeah..obvious one. (…)
psychicpebbles made a playlist of some Flash tutorials that really helped me in the past. Hopefully they can do the same for you all :)


If you all have any more animation resource websites you'd like to share, feel free to comment :)
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Thank you for reading this message, my name is Zachery Moss.

I’m part of a project that seeks to tell the forgotten story of life after the Dinosaurs in hand-drawn animation in storytelling methods reminiscent of Watership Down, Warriors, and Silverwing.

This will be a dark series of stories about the death of the Dinosaurs and what happened afterward, leading up to the dawn of humanity in a 3 season format.

This season, we will be working on the Paleogene period 65 mya - 23 mya.

In this season we will be telling stories of how the mammals rose to take over the earth and the challenges they faced.

This is a group of people on the internet who are fans of Aesop fables, Watership down, and walking with prehistoric beasts, we hope to have this pitched to HBO Max as an animated wildlife documentary with dramas about the lives of these prehistoric animals.

This will most likely be a PG13 series for animal violence, blood/gore like the kind you see in nature documentaries but the animals can talk like us humans.

Here is a link to the site…

I hope many of you get interested and like to join

Thank you and good day

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