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TheFinalBreath by Animatorist TheFinalBreath by Animatorist
Rex went home after his fight losing against his rival when while he drove home he got a call from his parents that his sister wouldn't last longer than they thought... so he drove to the hospital where they confined his sister...
As Rex opened the door he heard crying and moaning and he saw his parents sitting beside his sister Caroline 
"Rex honey!" his mother said in a surprised manner her eyes were bloodshot red from all the tears. "What happened to you?" asked his father who was also crying "I just came home from my fight against my rival and it didn't end well" Rex answered, Both parents looked at each other sadly "I got the call" Rex interupted "How is she?" he asked. from the moment he asked his father teared up "S- she's ju-just r-resting"
Rex looked at the bed where her sister is she was sleeping beautifully and just at the moment the doctor came

"Um mr. and mrs. Sharlio i have really bad news, your daughter she has stage four cancer already" the doctor said "and she wouldn't last any longer" the doctor continued Rex on the other hand couldn't believe it, His sister is gonna pass away soon then Rex did a thing that anyone wouldn't do He picked up the doctor by the collar and slammed him to the wall "YOU FUCKING SON OF A FUCKING EXCUSE OF A DOCTOR CAN YOU JUST LIKE I DON'T KNOW FUCKING CURE HER?!" Rex shouted  "im sorry but there's nothing we can do"the doctor said with pure fear
Rex putted the doctor down and broke down in tears his were eyes stinging. 
"I- I'm sorry doc it's just-"
Rex's mother stood up and comforted him "honey, I know how you feel about this, but let's be strong for her ok?" her voice trembled as she said it
"Carol?" His father was surprised 
"dad, mom?" Caroline said in a sleepy voice
and as she turned she saw Rex 
"Rex?" Carol's tears fell down
"Hey idiot"Rex said
"Hey dumbass" Caroline said in return
"good one"
"thanks" caroline said with a smile
"how's the fight?" asked Caroline 
"well i kinda lost" said Rex
"I knew you were weak" said Caroline
Rex chuckled 
After a few weeks have past today was Caroline's final day. Rex's parent's were now crying, There was a barbecue set up for Caroline
"This sunset is so wonderful!" Caroline said with a smile, she was sitting on a beach chair by the seashore 
"yeah it's really wonderful" Rex said
"Rex? i have a favor" Caroline took out her choker and gave it to Rex "Please before this day ends i want you to put this on top of that cliff where we used to look at the view ok?"  she pointed at the cliff that looked like a shark's head then she pulled out a bag and gave it to Rex "Open it up you sweaty seal" as Rex open the bag he pulled out a greed cap that said FIGHT on it "I saw your face when we went to the mall yesterday to have fun when you saw that cap. It's just saying thanks for what you did to me for all these years" Caroline's eyes were tearing up "and when i'm gone always win those fight of your and always remember that i l-" Then Rex hugged Caroline "I love you too sis" his eyes were tearing up as well. they both cried like children but they were inturrupted "Hey It's time for some barbecue" his father called "well let's go" Caroline grabbed Rex by the wrist and they ran to their parents they had fun during that night...
As they were done Rex excused himself so he can do his promise for his sister he ran through the woods looking from side to side remembering the memories "Rex come on let's go collect some branches for the campfire" He saw himself and his sister collecting firewood 
and as he went to the cliff side he saw another one
"Rex i wanna say something"
"sure say anything"
"Your the best big bro that i ever had i love you"

 Rex shed his tears and placed the choker on the cliff top and he made a little protection so it wouldn't go anywhere
"Caroline... your the best younger sister that i wanted, i won't forget you" 
The evening sunset was down...
Rex went down the mountain and saw his sister with two surfboards. They surfed the sea at night it was wonderful
when the break of dawn showed, Rex, his parents, Cousin's, Caroline's friends showed up at the beach looking down in the coffin that was colored white with her wonderful dress "She shall never be forgotten" of of his cousin's said "She was a great student" her friends said
and they put her on a boat, everyone held a candle and one by one they gave her favorite things once it was done they placed a candle and they pushed her out to the sea never to be seen yet never to be forgotten...

Author's notes:Hey everybody did i make you cry? because i did! i made this story because i remembered my grampa he died years ago
and i decided to do this 

And well i hope you guys enjoyed this story!Judy - (Crying) Icon 
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awwwwwwwwwwww QWQ
Animatorist Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist
yes it's very sad unu
Neofactory02 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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i thought so ^^
AniaDawson Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Student Artist
Aaawww QwQ so sad and so cool, i love it.
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