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Let me explain... by Animatorist Let me explain... by Animatorist
Hey guys!
It's been a long time since i drew something and i'm REALLY sorry guys, it just i had a stressful life being a big brother, a altar server, student, and a furry artist and i just can't balance everything at once and it seriously sucks to be honest and i didn't even finished a few birthday presents to some of my favorite artists and now i'm literally freaking out again because my 2nd term exams are coming up and i didn't even understood all of those lessons, i even have to take an exam as an altar server on this coming Sunday...
and well iv'e been finding some gaps in which i could draw stuff and post it here. I didn't even updated my Twitter status XD
and it's really a pain when you're trying to draw and your younger siblings get all noisy and that.I even have math lessons every saturday
and well i guess there would be a very small gap in which i could fill by drawing but then sometimes stuff gets in the way like projects, reports ,S.I.P's (Science.Investigatory.Project), Practicals, quizzes and all those crap.

So yeah... Well i hope you guys won't stop seeing my progress to being a great furry artist!
and maybe if i still have time i'll post some of my doodles right away!
so yeh.....


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November 9, 2017
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