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My Little Band

By AnimatorAR
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This is the first picture in my Pony Rock figure comic.

My Little Band Friendship Is Music!

Hope you enjoyed this photo. Please leave comments.

Please submit my art to any groups you think it needs to be in.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic characters are copyrighted by Hasbro and Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:.

:icon20percentcoolerplz: < Now this band is 20% cooler.
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Nice coincidence when putting together the band members:

In Germany Pinkie Pie and drummer Ritsu Tainaka share the Voice Actress (Jennifer Weiß)!

BTW: "EU VA Q&A Panel" at Gala Con 2014 was moderated by her and Julia Meynen (Twilight Sparkle and lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa)
Brohoof Ritsu Headband Icon 
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That is pretty cool.
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I know this is an old deviation but that's not too far off from the instruments they played in Rainbow Rocks. :)
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Yea.  I made this way before Rainbow Rocks.
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Really cute ! It's a good idea musical instruments ^^
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sooooo cuuute!!!!!XD and so cool!!!! I love the guitard!!!!:)
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Thank you.  Glad you love it.
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your welcome!!!!:) (Smile) 
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MLP X K-On LOL kawaii
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so is Spike the manager.. ?

does the band still go gigs.? can I book em for my birthday party nest year?
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Good questions.
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This band lineup is pretty close to how I imagined the main 6 as a rock band. If you want to know what mine is, check out Trey-Vore's drawing. ;)
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Glad you enjoyed it.
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If you want my thoughts: I think Twilight on lead vocals and Pinkie on drums is perfect. As for everyone else, I'm not sure which guitars you gave each pony, but I think it should be...
RD on lead guitar
AJ on rhythm guitar
FS on bass guitar
Keyboard sounds more suitable for Rarity.
Just giving my opinions.
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Will your band play at my disco? [link]
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Glad you love it. ^_^
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Sure of course I love your toys.
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