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Forgotten Cartoons Ep. 54: Garbage Pail Kids by OwenOgletree, journal

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Hi! I'm 2d animation artist! I create this animation. I will create more if you support me ❤️

[Open] New! ADOPTABLE Animation cute girl
Road Rovers Theme Song (Lyrics):
Is HTF related submissions allowed? The artwork I do isn't graphic
Yes, as long as it isn't too graphic or sexualized. 
Is this group still accepting submissions or not? Because I'm trying to post my drawings here, but I'm getting rejected. I do not know why?
Yes submissions are still being accepted. Depending on when you submitted, I may not have been as active. But I am checking more often now. If you get the chance, try to post again and I will be on the look out for them. I had to start manually accepted because there were way too much spam and x-rated submissions.

Okay, thank you for your understanding.