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Dare The Evil Sun by jackyleo738
Top 20 Codename Kids Next Door EpisodesOh, yeah. Here we go. Anyone who has known me on DeviantArt for a while knows that this journal has been a long time coming.I was born in 1996 and had the pleasure of growing up during Cartoon Network’s golden age. “Dexter’s Laboratory”, “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Courage The Cowardly Dog”, “Ed Edd n’ Eddy”, and many more. Of course, everybody has their personal favorite. A show that stands out from the rest. A show that fires up your imagination the most. A show that, when it aired, had you looking forward to seeing new episodes every week. For me, that show was “Codename: Kids Next Door”.My closest colleagues on this site are already aware of this, because four years ago, I put this show at #1 on my “Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows” list. I also participate in discussions of the show quite often. Of all the shows I saw as a kid that inspired me and helped shaped my imagination, no show did it for me more than “Kids Next Door”. When I started revisiting this show back in 2016 (along with many other shows as part of my cartoon resurgence that lead me to become the animation critic that I am today), I was shocked to see how well this show still holds up. Some things you just never grow out of, I guess. I enjoyed it just as much as when I was a kid, and there were some aspects of the show I gained a new perspective on after having grown up.Over the course of the show, we were treated to many epic adventures with likeable and interesting characters, unique villains, wicked cool gadgets, fantastic action sequences, imaginative locations, creative premises, and even some unexpected revelations along the way. The show was funny, clever, and just all-around cool. I’d still consider it one of my top 3 favorite animated shows along with “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.Today is the 20th anniversary of the day the show’s first episode premiered. What better way to celebrate this show’s 20th anniversary than by listing my top 20 favorite episodes? I’m looking at the episodes that I personally enjoyed the most. The episodes that encapsulate everything that makes this show a classic.Let me make this clear. Making a favorite episodes list for a show like KND was NOT easy to do. The series has 140 episodes total, with about 80% of them being top-quality. When the majority of episodes of the show are bangers, there are obviously gonna be lots of episodes I love that won’t make the list. Therefore, I am listing 30 honorable mentions before we get to the list proper. Yes, 30.HONORABLE MENTIONSOperation M.I.N.I.-G.O.L.F.Operation L.I.C.E.Operation Q.U.I.E.T.Operation P.O.P.Operation M.O.V.I.E.Operation T.H.E.-S.H.O.G.U.N.Operation C.A.K.E.D.-T.W.O.Operation B.E.A.C.H.Operation D.O.G.F.I.G.H.T.Operation A.F.L.O.A.T.Operation S.L.U.M.B.E.R.Operation C.A.K.E.D.-T.H.R.E.E.Operation J.E.W.E.L.S.Operation H.O.U.N.D.Operation R.A.B.B.I.T.Operation F.L.U.S.H.Operation C.L.U.E.S.Operation N.U.G.G.E.T.Operation M.A.C.A.R.R.O.N.I.Operation P.O.O.L.Operation S.A.T.U.R.N.Operation C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.Operation F.I.S.H.Y.Operation B.R.E.A.K.-U.P.Operation N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.Operation C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E.Operation H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F.Operation L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E.Operation E.N.G.L.A.N.D.Operation H.A.M.S.T.E.R.Now on to the list!20. Operation L.E.A.D.E.R.Surprising that a Lizzie episode made it on this list, I know (there will be another one further down the list). The scenes of Lizzie trying to be Sector V’s leader were really funny, especially the part when she got them makeovers. Add to that a really well-done football game climax with Sector V going up against the teenagers, and you have a really fun episode to kick off the list.19. Operation I.-S.C.R.E.A.M.This was the second episode of the series, and it is a pretty great one! Sector V is on a mission to bring justice to the ice cream company that doesn’t ever serve ice cream to kids. When they make it to the factory, however, they end up having to take on a giant ice cream monster. While not as elaborate as many later episodes, this is still a fun ride from start to finish. You also got to love how the ice cream monster was destroyed. He melted because there for some reason was a heater in an ice cream factory!18. Operation E.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.S.This was a very entertaining and action-packed episode that is both a parody of politics and a parody of “Star Wars.” The Delightful Children end up becoming the 4th Grade class president(s) after tricking the secretary into fudging the results. They then plan to turn the grades against each other and are in cahoots with the middle schoolers, depending on them to put the grades 1-5 in their place. The plot twists are really good and the way the Delightful Children’s plans unfold really keeps you interested. It also has one of the best action scenes in the series. The war at the end between Gallagher Elementary and Hendry Middle schools with everyone riding their bikes is both an exhilarating action sequence and a nice tribute to the climax of “Star Wars: A New Hope.” The ending where it’s revealed that Eggbert Eggleston is the real winner of the election was kind of dumb, but it doesn’t ruin this episode.17. Operation F.L.A.V.O.R.The series of episodes involving Heinrich Von Marzipan that began in Season 3 are known for parodying “Indiana Jones”, but there was another episode that did the same thing before any of those were made. With the golden scoop parodying the gold statue and the huge rolling ball of ice cream parodying the rolling boulder, this one most resembles “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. This is a fun and adventure-filled episode with some good action scenes and a delightful backstory about the legend of the primary ice cream flavors. It made me want to believe that such a legend really existed when I was a kid.16. Operation I.T.The show was in its fifth season, and it was great that we finally got an episode centered on Numbuh 362, one of my favorite characters in the show. We got to learn all the downsides of being Supreme Commander, that she dislikes pressure, and that she was evidently pretty close to Numbuh 1. I’m a Nigel/Rachel shipper, just so you know. The conversations between the two were really good and gave Numbuh 362 great character development. When Father is inadvertently tagged in the tag game to become the new Supreme Commander of the KND, he plans to fill every KND base with the dreaded vegetable broccoli. After Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 362 battle a whole army of Father clones, Numbuh 362 manages to eat her way through a whole wall of broccoli and makes Father tag her by threatening to make him eat broccoli, regaining her position as Supreme Commander. The climax had a lot of dramatic urgency to it, and Rachel proved just how strong and heroic a leader she really is. I do think they went overboard by having Rachel be in a coma for A WHOLE WEEK from her broccoli intake (I’ve always liked broccoli, even as a kid), but this episode is still well worth a spot on the list.15. Operation L.O.C.K.D.O.W.N.I’ve come across many people who list this as one of their favorites, and it’s easy to see why. With Sector V’s treehouse being in lockdown until sunrise and an intruder lurking somewhere inside the treehouse with them, the episode has a tense and claustrophobic feel to it. With the characters having no way of knowing exactly what’s going on, you can feel Numbuh 5’s desperation and panic as her friends become spank victims one by one. She even considers using the quadruple bypass code, which is against KND regulations! Tying the whole episode together is the dark atmosphere that makes it feel a bit like a horror movie.14. Operation R.O.B.B.E.R.S.Featuring robbers and taking place on a school bus that operates more like an old-fashioned steam train, this episode is clearly a parody of typical Old West robbery films, and we get an exciting and fast-paced adventure out of it. The homework-stealing Six-Gum gang make for entertaining villains, and the episode had great action inside the train and on the flying pods. I also find a lot of Numbuh 4’s constant misspelling of the words to be hilarious. Spelling “Mississippi” with no “s” is one of my favorites; my family and I sometimes reference it when we cross the Mississippi state line on road trips. To cap it off, The Delightful Children’s comeuppance at the end was very satisfying.13. Operation U.N.C.O.O.L.This with Operation T.R.I.C.K.Y. was a pair of episodes that premiered around Halloween time. Both are quality episodes, but I definitely liked this one more. This was a great parody of zombie movies like the “Resident Evil” and “House of the Dead” franchises. The nerd zombies were pretty creepy antagonists for the kids to go up against, and the suspense factor is kept pretty high. I also found the end resolution to be pretty funny; Numbuh 5’s reaction to this whole ordeal being about a trading card was hilarious! A nice touch is that we get to meet Sector X, and there is also a Dexter’s Laboratory nod.12. Operation F.O.O.D.F.I.T.E.The kids go against Grandma Stuffum in this one, and they have to fight off her army of disgusting food. Grandma Stuffum was one of my favorite KND villains as a kid, so I had to find room for one of her episodes on this list. This episode is essentially one long music video, and I love it! The song Grandma Stuffum sings throughout the episode is pretty epic, and the action is non-stop. The final showdown between giant Joachim and the Slam-wich monster caps off a very memorable episode.11. Operation G.R.O.W.-U.P.This episode is the first half-hour KND adventure as well as the season 1 finale, and it is arguably the first episode to delve into serious themes and provide some real drama. It effectively showcased the theme of how much of a bummer it is to grow up and how people always try to hold on to their childhood. The story is compelling with Sector V being in a state of near hopelessness after their treehouse was destroyed and Numbuh 1 was turned into an adult by an age-changing ray in the hands of the Delightful Children. The action scenes are also great. The battle where the Delightful Children destroy the treehouse was exciting as was the climax where we see Father in action for the very first time. Father’s debut was arguably the most intimidating he’s ever been in the whole series. This episode opened the door for a change in direction for the series, and it was definitely for the better.10. Operation M.A.U.R.I.C.E.Numbuh 9, A.K.A. Maurice, has been decommissioned because he has turned thirteen and everyone is saddened by it, especially Numbuh 5. The teenagers are looking to recruit Maurice and are planning to spread the disease known as Chicken Pox to the pre-teens. As usual, we get some great action scenes, but this is also one of the more emotional episodes of the series, once again playing with the theme of people not wanting to grow up and having to leave the KND. In this one, we learn that Numbuh 5 is the oldest member of Sector V, how she got her hat, and that there are some KND operatives who continue to be operatives even after turning thirteen. The flashback also shows Numbuh 362, Numbuh 86, and Numbuh 274 when they were young. Maurice is an awesome character, and the episode gave really nice character development for Numbuh 5. This is probably the best episode centered on her. Like Operation I.T., this is another episode that I appreciate even more as an adult.9. Operation M.U.N.C.H.I.E.S.In this one, the kids are after the last box of Rainbow Munchies cereal, and nothing is standing in their way…well, except for the entire rogues gallery in the series. This was a straight-up fun episode. It was a non-stop thrill ride with just about every character given a chance to do their stuff. There were many funny moments throughout, my favorite being when Father’s flames made all the popcorn in the aisle pop. It was also pretty cool that the KND and villains teamed up in the end to stop Knightbrace from destroying the cereal. For a filler episode, it was pretty dang awesome.8. Operation T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.In this one, we get to see Tommy work with his team of Sonya and Lee for the first time. The three are in a lot of danger because they are all by themselves at the KND Arctic Base while Father and his goons are trying to acquire the KND Code Module. This is a suspense-filled episode with Tommy’s team being in a vulnerable state with no other KND operatives to rescue them. The three make for a really good team and work well together, having to think outside the box and use their resourcefulness to make it through. I also really like the running gag with the ice melting and pouring on Father every time he flames up. The cadets end up outsmarting Father and get rid of him and his goons. This was a great building for Tommy’s character, which would continue with Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S. More on that episode in a little bit.7. Operation E.N.D.In this one, Sector V is scheduled to be decommissioned even though none of them are thirteen yet. Numbuh 1 has to get to the bottom of this strange turn of events, and he finds out that it’s actually Supreme Commander Numbuh 274 who has turned thirteen and was trying to cover his tracks. He then sends the Moonbase heading toward the sun. The plot of this episode is really good and keeps you interested. They built up to the reveal that Chad is now thirteen pretty well. This would lead to many adventures with him as a villain. It’s too bad they botched it up in the Season 6 episode Operation T.R.E.A.T.Y., but that’s another story. The interactions between Numbuh 1 and his decommissioned teammates were really interesting, and it was nice to have Tommy be a part of the adventure. The chase scene at the beginning of the episode is edge-of-your-seat, and the climax with them trying to save the Moonbase from flying into the sun is filled with great tension. This was a great finale for Season 2 of the show.6. Operation F.U.T.U.R.E.You guys might remember a while back when The Mysterious Mr. Enter gave an Admirable Animation review for this episode. This was a time travel adventure done right. Madame Margaret wants to rid the world of boys and create a future without them. We then see a very grim future with very few boys around. It is up to the Boys Next Door to undo everything that has been done. This is a very thrilling and high-stakes adventure, and the way that the time travel comes into play is very well done. Madame Margaret is a pretty crazy villain, and I also really liked the characters in the dystopian future, which include Numbuh 3’s granddaughter Sally and an aged Numbuh 4. To boot, this episode also managed to take gender stereotypes and use them the right way, presenting them as being silly. The review Mr. Enter gave it was well deserved.5. Operation C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R.Out of all the C.A.K.E.D. missions, this one is definitely my favorite. The dynamic of a tube race was an awesome idea, and it made this episode really fun to watch with many exciting sequences. The plan to bake all the kids in a giant cake was pretty insane, further cementing just how insane Father really is. This episode also did a great job of making Numbuh 2 look strong. Some people might not like that Numbuh 2 was the only one who didn’t win the race, but he believed in his dad even though no one else did, and he ended up foiling Father’s plans and saved everyone thanks to a little something called Farfegtubing. Fargegtubing indeed!4. Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.This half-hour adventure sees Numbuh 2’s little brother Tommy graduating from the cadets into an official KND operative. He is assigned to join his brother’s sector and this is supposed to be the happiest day of his life, but the celebration is cut short as Father has something planned. He has created an animalization ray that turns any KND operative into an animal. There are many great things about this one. This is the first KND episode that has the entire organization on the battle field, and we get an epic battle out of it. This is also the first episode to showcase the new supreme commander Numbuh 362 prominently, and she immediately establishes herself as a really neat character. Of course, this was Tommy’s episode. As things started to look hopeless, he sacrificed his place in the KND to avoid being turned into an animal, and he subsequently outsmarted Father and saved everyone. Sadly, the failsafe in the KND’s computer keeps him from reentering. So you have an exciting plot, great character development, and a heroic sacrifice by Tommy that only a true soldier would do. That should definitely secure it a spot among the best episodes of the show, in my opinion.3. Operation G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.You know, I honestly feel that Season 6 was by far the weakest season of KND. It wasn’t a bad season by any means, but it feels a bit lackluster compared to the previous seasons. There were plenty of good episodes, but a fair amount of mediocre ones, too. I think that they ended the show at just the right time. That being said, however, I won’t deny that one of the very best episodes came from Season 6. This is, without a doubt, the saddest episode of the entire series. It brilliantly portrays what it is like for people who have time-consuming jobs and don’t have much time for their loved ones. The scene at the end where Lizzie breaks up with Nigel for good was heartbreaking and cements this episode as a classic. You really felt bad for Nigel, and the sad music they used for that scene made it that much more effective. I remember being totally shocked by it when the episode first premiered. In addition, the two chase scenes in this one are top-notch and some of the best in the entire show. This episode also made it pretty obvious that Numbuh 362 had the hots for Numbuh 1. Too bad it was never explored.2. Operation S.N.O.W.I.N.G.The one snow day of the year has arrived, and Fourth Grade class president James McGarfield has sent his troops to capture the whole school and plans to brainwash Lizzie into being his girlfriend. I have a lot of nostalgia for this episode. I distinctly remember that May 27, 2005, the night that this episode premiered, was the last day of school when I was in second grade. Coming home from school and watching this sure was a heck of a way to kick off the summer season that year, let me tell you. This is one of the best “Star Wars” parodies I’ve ever seen. With Jimmy’s Darth Vader-esque clothing, the walking machines, the “use the soup” line (parodying “use the force”), and the showdown at the end with Jimmy and Numbuh 1 using sticks like light sabers, this episode parodies ”The Empire Strikes Back” in the most entertaining way. On top of that, this is also one of the most epic KND adventures to date. The action scenes are thrilling and large in scope, and the snowy environment makes for a wonderful atmosphere. Jimmy is a great villain, and I loved how Lizzie’s terrible cooking is what saved the day in the end. A wonderful episode all around.1. Operation Z.E.R.O.Now, I realize that this is technically a movie, not an episode, but screw it. This is my personal list, and this one is simply my favorite. I did have to do a fair amount of thinking on where I would rank a lot of entries on this list, but I knew going in that I would put this at #1. This movie does everything right. An extended episode this is not; it really feels like a big time adventure with the stakes at their highest like any full-length movie based on a TV show should. There are so many shocking reveals in this movie, such as The Delightful Children being the long lost Sector Z, Father being Numbuh 1’s uncle, and of course, Numbuh 1’s father being Numbuh Zero. Grandfather is a great villain. He is very cruel, vile, and menacing, and he came very close to actually destroying the KND once and for all. There is plenty of action and excitement throughout the film, and the main and supporting characters are all showcased really well. Numbuh 1 especially puts on a great performance here, managing to save not only the KND, but the world. This film is everything great about the show all rolled into one. With the perfect blend of action, adventure, humor, drama, and emotion, this is my favorite adventure from my favorite childhood show.THOMAS WARBURTON, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
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R.I.P. Kevin ConroyI may be a bit late to the party, but I wanted to pay my respects to this absolute legend in the voice acting world that we just lost.By now, I'm sure everyone has heard that Kevin Conroy passed away this past Thursday. He was three weeks away from turning 67. Obviously, he's well-known for doing the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne in "Batman: The Animated Series". In the years since then, he continued to voice countless other incarnations of Batman through other animated shows, direct-to-DVD movies, and video games. Basically, he has been the animated representation of the Caped Crusader for the past 30 years.I know most people would agree, Conroy was fantastic in the role. He brought the right qualities to both Batman and Bruce Wayne, as his voice fitted the character like a glove. He easily holds his own against any of the live-action iterations of the character. He's my personal favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside Michael Keaton. He was one of the biggest things that made "Batman: The Animated Series" one of my all-time favorites.Over the weekend, I decided to honor Kevin Conroy's memory by watching a few of the movies that came from "Batman: The Animated Series". On Saturday, I watched "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm", and on Sunday, I watched "Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero". Both movies were really awesome! Most Batman fans know how great "Mask of the Phantasm" is, so there isn't much I can add to it. However, nobody ever really talks about "Subzero", which is a shame, because it's an underrated gem. It's a thrilling adventure, and you must watch it if you want to see a good Mr. Freeze movie. Personally, I like it just as much as "Phantasm".Rest in peace, Mr. Conroy. You really brought the character of Batman to life, and your contributions to the Batman mythos will be remembered forever.
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PPGs and the Secret of the Dragon Balls Ch. 8,Chapter 8A Dauntless Rescue, ,, As night begins to fall over Yunzabit, Zulfer paces back and forth in his throne room as he continues waiting impatiently for Goku to show himself. Zulfer: (growled) My patience is wearing thin! Not a tear will be shed for this eyesore of a world! Bassalt: (nervously) P-Please have patience, my lord! I'm sure Goku will show up eventually! Zulfer: I have had my patience long enough! If Goku doesn't show himself soon, then he may as well lament his own cowardice amidst a floating cloud of rubble! Mavrich: S-Surely, my lord... You're not thinking of... Zulfer: If my collection is left incomplete... then it won't have any meaning anymore. (growled) So be it if Goku won't face me! I WILL make him watch... as I reduce his entire loathsome universe... to NOTHING!!! Mavrich: (scared) EEP! Bassalt: (gulped) Zulfer: (enraged growl) SET ALL WEAPONS TO PLANETARY ANNIHILATION RIGH NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! Just then, Zulfer is informed of incoming projectiles from the east.???: (through loudspeaker) Um... Master Zulfer, my lord? Zulfer: (impatiently growled) Yes, Captain Gaboro, WHAT IS IT!? Gaboro: There are several unidentified projectiles approaching from the east. Zulfer: What!? (he looks outside) What Zulfer sees flying towards the fortress is a Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta in formation with Buu and Broly. Zulfer: Well, what do we have here? (he returns to his throne) Prince Vegeta, the fabled Majin Buu and a Saiyan warrior I haven't seen before? Interesting... Perhaps I might have a little compensation for Goku's absence after all... Bassalt: Y-Your... orders, master...? Zulfer: (chuckled) Go forth and give them a warm welcome. Bassalt: Yes, sir! Mavrich: All cannons, choose a target and prepare to fire on my command! The cannons are out everywhere around Brimstrom as they prepared to open fire at Vegeta, Buu and Broly. Buu: Uh-oh! Buu no like this! Vegeta: (smirked) This ought to be fun. Broly: (determined) Hmph... Mavrich: OPEN FIRE!!! The fortress' artillery locks on to them and unleashes a frightening barrage of lasers. The three took evasive action and successfully dodge every incoming laser until Buu takes a direct hit and a gaping hole gets blown right through his face. Buu: (he got shot) ARGH! Broly: (he looks back) Gah! The Majin's been hit! Vegeta: Leave him! That pudgy pink balloon knot's more resilient than you think!Buu immediately recovers from the fortress' artillery and starts to get angry with it. Buu: (regenerates his face, growls) You make Buu mad! BUU MAKE YOU GO BOOM!!! Broly: (surprisedly gasped) Vegeta: (snickered) My point exactly! Buu: (he flies forward) ME BUU, SMASH YOU!!! Vegeta: Hey! Leave some for us! BIG BANG ATTACK! Broly: URRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRRGH!!! (he fires a barrage of green energy attacks) The three tried blasting the fortress' defense cannons into scrap metal, but when the dust settles, they remain unscathed, without a scratch. Buu: (eyes widen) HUH!? Vegeta: What!? Not a scratch!? Just what is that thing MADE of!? Broly: (frustratedly growled) Meanwhile, as Vegeta, Buu and Broly get Zulfer's attention, Goku, Blossom and the Androids approached the fortress from the other side. Blossom: There it is! Goku: Zulfer's fortress. The other Girls are somewhere inside that thing along with my friends. Blossom: Only if we can find out where they are inside. Android 18: Easier said than done. I don't see a way in.Android 17: So why don't we make one? Android 18: (chuckled) Thought you'd never ask. Blossom: Stay on your toes, everyone. This is gonna get hot! The Androids charged the fortress head on and try blasting the hull to create an opening, but to no avail. Android 17: Darn! No damage! Android 18: I've got to say that's some strong metal. Goku: Then we'll just have to turn it up a notch! Blossom: Goku, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Goku: (he turned to Blossom) I sure am! They jumped off of Nimbus and powered up for an all out attack. Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue, while Blossom is surrounded by a fiery pink aura. Goku: (he turns Super Saiyan Blue) HRAAAAAAAAH! Blossom: (she powered up) HYAAAAAAAH! Blossom and Goku took aim at the fortress and performed a combined Kamehameha Wave. Goku: KA...ME... Blossom: HA... ME... Blossom/Goku: (they fired the combined Kamehameha Wave) HAAAAA!!!!! The wave is launched directly at the fortress and blows an entrance open in its hull. The entire fortress tremors from inside and Zulfer feels the shockwaves from his throne room. Zulfer: What's going on!? Gaboro: The outer hull has been breached! We're being attacked from the other side!Zulfer: Goku... He's here. I can feel it. Gaboro: My lord? They're trying to make it inside! What do we do!? Zulfer: Send out your finest men to retaliate at once! I want to see this Goku's resolve!, Meanwhile at the tremoring dungeon, Gohan, Krillin, Tien and Chiaotzu were in their barrier cells when they saw Zulfer's guards running down the hall. Chiaotzu: What's going on? Krillin: Sounds like there's a big battle going on outside. Gohan: It sure feels that way with all these vibrations! Tien: I'll check. Tien closes his eyes and uses his clairvoyance to see past the walls from the fortress and find out the commotion outside. He sees Vegeta fighting back against the fortress' outer defenses. Tien: I can see Vegeta outside. Krillin: Vegeta? Tien: Wait... There are two other warriors fighting alongside him. One of them is Majin Buu, but I don't recognize the other. Gohan: The other? Tien: Whoever he is, he looks like a Saiyan and he's letting out such extraordinary power. Krillin: Wait a minute! If Vegeta and Buu are here, then that means... Gohan: My dad's here! Chiaotzu: (he cheered up) Goku! That's gotta be Goku! And he's coming to get us out of here! Back outside, an opening has been made for Goku, Blossom and the Androids to fly in. Blossom: It’s working! We’re making a way in! Goku: Looks tight though. MAN! That thing's pretty tough! Just then, Zulfer's troops came flying out of the fortress to retaliate against Goku and Vegeta's attack groups. Vegeta: Looks like they've brought out the welcome wagon. (smirked) I'm going to enjoy this... Buu: Buu right behind you! Broly: (determined) Bring it... The two attack groups stared down at Zulfer's Legion and get ready for a blistering battle in the sky. Goku: (he turned to Blossom and the Androids) This is it, guys. We're gonna make a break for that opening. You ready?Blossom: I’m ready.Android 17: Same here. Android 18: As long as it's for Krillin. You lead the way. Goku: THEN, HERE WE GO!, They valiantly charged the blockade of Zulfer's troopers, all the while evading their fire. While Broly readies himself for battle, Vegeta watches as Goku and his team mow down wave after wave of Zulfer's men. Vegeta: Darn you, Kakarot! Don't think you're going to hog all the fun to yourself! Buu: Buu wants in on it too! Vegeta's team started mowing down Zulfer's men too. The troopers try their hardest to repel them but find themselves completely outmatched. Buu: YOU TURN INTO COFFEE! (he fired his Coffee Beam at some of the troopers) Troopers: AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! (they turned into coffee cups) Buu enjoys his coffee, while Vegeta and Broly continued mowing down more troopers. Some of the troopers are horrified over witnessing Buu’s power, so they decide to gang up on Broly instead. Trooper #2: (horrified) Did... Did you see that!? Trooper Leader: Don’t bother with that tub of lard for now! Concentrate your attack on the big one! Trooper #2: S... SIR! YES, SIR! The troopers all came down on Broly until he powered up in a fiery green aura that is surrounding him. Broly: (he powered himself up) Rrrrrrrr-RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! Inside the fortress, Gaboro panics when he sees the scope of Broly's immeasurable power and his instruments start going haywire. Gaboro: (panicked) GAH! What kind of power is this!? It's off the scale! I don't think even the fortress' outer hull can handle it! Zulfer: (fascinated by Broly's power) Fascinating. Can this unknown warrior possibly be on the same level as Jiren? Mavrich: I'm not sure, my lord. But from the looks of it, he's definitely a Saiyan. Gaboro: (he turned to Mavrich, panicked) His power is still climbing! Your orders, sir!?Mavrich: FIRE ALL WEAPONS! SHOOT HIM DOWN!!! Gaboro: Right! The fortress fires all its weapons at Broly, which throws him into even more of a frenzy. Broly: (enraged) URRRROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHH!!!!! (he fires massive green Ki blasts at Brimstrom) Gaboro: This is just great! The more we try to fight back, the more he gets stronger! And now he's firing at us! Mavrich: That's insane! As Broly continues to lash out against Brimstrom, the whole fortress started falling apart at the seems, much to Vegeta and Buu's astonishment. Vegeta: Looks like Broly is at it again! Astonishing! Buu: Buu speechless... Meanwhile, Goku, Blossom and the Androids continued to blast their way through Zulfer's forces to make it inside the fortress. Goku: C’mon, guys! Just a little bit more! Blossom: We've got to bust our way into that thing, no matter what! They kept pushing through wave after wave until they finally reached the opening. Goku and Blossom flew inside while the Androids covered their tracks. Goku: (he makes it inside with Blossom) There! We're inside!Android 18: You guys go on without us! Android 17: We'll cover you from out here! Goku/Blossom: (nodded) Right! Android 18: We'll catch up with you as soon as we're done with these jokers! (she continues fighting) Goku and Blossom ran deeper into the fortress, while back outside, the troopers fighting Vegeta's team only just realize they are outmatched as Mavrich orders to retreat. Mavrich: He’s too powerful! RETREAT!! Trooper #2: INTO THE FORTRESS! QUICKLY! Trooper #3: WE'RE GETTING SLAUGHTERED OUT HERE! PULL BACK! The door at the bottom opens and the troopers flew back inside, but Vegeta uses his Final Flash to decimate them before they even have the chance to escape.Vegeta: COWARDS! YOU'RE NOT GETTING OF THAT EASILY! FINAL FLAAAAAAAASH!!!Vegeta's attack blows open the door, creating another opening for his group to fly in. Vegeta: (he talks to himself) So Kakarot thinks he can deal with this Zulfer person... Well, he's not going to get ahead of me! (he flies in the opening) Buu: Hey! Wait for Buu! (he flies after Vegeta) The Androids flew in as well, while Broly stays outside to continue decimating the fortress and its artillery., Inside the fortress, Goku and Blossom navigated through the labyrinthine hallways in search of the dungeon.Goku: Man! This place isn't any prettier on the inside! Blossom: Tell me about it. This whole fortress is so big, they could be anywhere. Blossom and Goku soon ran into a big hexagonal room with six doors on each corner. Goku: Wow... Look at all of these doors. Blossom: Yeah. Either one of them could lead to the dungeon. Goku: I'm not sure about this, Blossom. We don't want to pick the wrong door. Even if we do, we might walk straight into a trap. Blossom: Don't think that way, Goku. We're here for my sisters and our friends. Suddenly, they heard malicious giggling from all directions and become greatly unnerved.Blossom: Wait... That giggling... Just then, the doors all slammed shut and they find themselves trapped inside the room.Blossom: (stunned) You know what? I take that back. Goku: (growled) Great! Now we’re trapped! Blossom: (she pounded the door) HEY! LET US OUTTA HERE! Just then, a door on the ceiling opens and the Black Puff Girls flew inside with malicious grins on their faces.,Blossom Black: (maliciously grinned) Well, well... Look who just stumbled right into our trap!Buttercup Black: Yeah, it's Goku and the last faker! Bubbles Black: (depraved giggled) I just can't believe you fell for that! Goku stared at the Black Puff Girls in anger as he clenched his fists. As for Blossom, she looked at the five of them with a concerned look on her face. Goku: (angrily) YOU! Blossom: (concerned) It's them... Buttercup Black: Yeah, that's right! It's us! The dreaded Black Puff Girls! Bubbles Black: And we're here to settle things once and for all. Butterfly Black: If you really want to get out of this room alive...Bouquet Black:'ll have to go through us first. Blossom Black: You know, our master's really steamed over us not grabbing you when we had the chance, but we're not going to make the same mistake twice! Now we're going to redeem ourselves by completing the whole set... (she looked at Goku) ...and our master's entire collection as well! Goku assumes his battle stance until Blossom prevents him from doing anything.Blossom: (she prevents Goku) Wait, Goku! Goku: What!? Blossom: Remember what we saw in that lab? Those girls used to be good! Blossom Black: Um... What are you talking about? Blossom walked towards the Black Puff Girls who are still in midair. Blossom: I know who you girls are. Bubbles Black: HA! What does she know about anything? Buttercup Black: Can you believe this egghead? Butterfly Black: I don't think so! This has got to be another trick! Bouquet Black: I doubt it! Blossom: This is no trick! You used to be family with that lovable scientist who created you in the first place! Blossom Black: (angrily) BALONEY! We don't belong to some braindead quack! We belong to master Zulfer, the future supreme overlord of the entire cosmos! Now prepare to lose!, The Black Puff Girls charged at Goku and Blossom and engaged them in a brutal fistfight. Despite being outnumbered, Goku and Blossom managed to hold their ground against the Black Puff Girls' onslaught, but they slowly grow more and more exhausted with every attack. Blossom: (exhausted) I don't...know how much longer we can hold on... Blossom Black: (maliciously cackled) Tired already, weaklings? Well that's tough luck, cuz we're just getting started! Goku: (determined) So are we. (he turns Super Saiyan) Buttercup Black: Regular Super Saiyan? (she pretends to yawn) Yawn. Bouquet Black: BO-RING! Bubbles Black: Yeah. Is that really the best you can do? Goku: Not enough for ya? Well, how about... (he turns Super Saiyan 2) THIS!? Butterfly Black: Oooooh.... Well, this has gotten a little more interesting! Goku: Oh, but I can do even better. (he roared and starts turning Super Saiyan 3) How's that for a change? Blossom Black: (grinned) Mmmmm, that's more like it! Goku: Hope it's to your liking, (he assumes his battle stance) because I'm not gonna hold back! Goku is about to engage the Black Puff Girls in battle again until Blossom warns him not to go overboard with his power boost. Blossom: NO! Don't go overboard with your powers, Goku! You might obliterate them!Blossom Black: YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!,Blossom Black shots Blossom with a Ki blast, which sets Goku off. Goku: BLOSSOM!! Blossom Black: We'll deal with you later, faker! Goku: (enraged) You little... MONSTERS! You'll pay for that! (he starts fighting the Black Puff Girls) Blossom groaned in pain as she tries to get up on her feet. Her vision is blurred as she barely makes out Goku fighting the Black Puff Girls alone in his Super Saiyan 3 form. Blossom: (groaned) No, Goku...! Don't hurt them...! (she flies up to Goku and defends him from the Black Puff Girls)Goku: Blossom!? Get out of the way! Blossom Black: He's right, you know. You better stay out of our way, so we can crush Goku and claim him for our master Zulfer! Blossom: (she turned to the Black Puff Girls) Listen, this isn't you... Just think about what you're doing... Blossom Black: I DON'T NEED A LECTURE FROM YOU!! (she begins attacking Blossom with her punches) Everyone on this disgusting planet treated us like dirt! And for that, they shall ALL suffer! Blossom: (she braced herself from Blossom Black's punches) Is this what Dr. Tsunami wanted!? Hurting innocent people!? Blossom Black: (she stopped thrashing Blossom and trembles) Ts... Tsunami...? Blossom: Th-That's right, Dr. Tsunami, your creator. Your DAD! And your brother, Wave too! Blossom's words made the Black Puff Girls tremble. Bubbles Black: D...a...d...? Buttercup Black: W...a...v...e...? Blossom: They wanted you girls to be happy and... Blossom Black: (enraged growled) SHUT UP, IMPOSTER!!! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT US!!!,Blossom Black knocked Blossom to the floor and pins her down hard. Blossom Black: Master Zulfer's the only family we'll ever have and you have NO right to tell us otherwise! Bubbles Black: Yeah! His power is OUR power! (she creates twin swords of ice out of thin air)Buttercup Black: His wisdom, OUR wisdom! (she blows green acid clouds onto her hands)Butterfly Black: His glory, OUR glory! (her hands serge with yellow lightning) Bouquet Black: His hatred, OUR hatred! (she generates feints of her energy) Blossom Black: And his triumph... YOUR DOOM! Goku: (he watches from above, angrily) Man... He's really got them under his thumb, hasn't he!?Blossom: (agonized) Don't... listen... to that monster... Momoko!Blossom Black: (eyes widen, offended) What... did you just call me? Blossom: (agonized) Momoko... It is... your true name... Blossom Black: (enraged) YOU FILTHY LIAR!!! Blossom Black is so enraged that she uses Time Skip and throws Blossom into the sealed door and pulverizes her there until it breaks and leaves a gaping hole where she was beaten. The Black Puff Girls flew into the hole after Blossom to finish her off as Goku becomes concerned about her. Goku: Blossom! NO!!! (he flies after Blossom and the Black Puff Girls) Blossom: (groaned in pain as she tries to get up) Oooh... (she looked up at the Black Puff Girls in agony) Please, Girls, try to remember all the happy times with Dr. Tsunami and Wave... Blossom Black: (enraged growl) I'VE HEARD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOUR BALONEY CRAP! Now, we're gonna finish you AND your friend, Goku and our redemption will be complete! Blossom: (thinking) I have to find another way to get through to them. But how? What's missing?, Meanwhile back at the dungeon, using his clairvoyance, Tien sees Goku and Blossom having trouble with the Black Puff Girls. Tien: Not good... Goku and Blossom are in trouble! Chiaotzu: (worriedly) Uh-oh... Gohan: (horrified) Ah! Dad! (he tries to break out of his shackles but fails) If only we could do something... These... darn chains! Krillin: Just great! NOW how are we gonna get outta here!? Just when the Z-Fighters are about to give up hope, Krillin hears a familiar voice outside the dungeon, calling out his name. ???: Krillin!? Krillin, where are you!? Krillin: That voice... It's 18! Krillin tries calling out for Android 18 at the top of his voice and she hears him. Krillin: (he calls out to Android 18) HEEEEEEEEY!!! 18!!! WE'RE IN HERE!!! INSIDE THE DUNGEON!!!,Following Krillin's voice, the Androids make their way into the dungeon and find the Z-Fighters locked in their cell. Android 18: Krillin!Krillin: 18, I didn't know you were here! But I'm sure glad to see you, hun! Android 18: Same here. Now, how are we gonna get you out of that cell? Gohan: I saw the guards turning on this forcefield using that control panel over there. (he pointed to the control panel to the right) Android 18 tries to interface with the control panel, but it locks her out after she touches it. Control Panel: Access denied. DNA signature, incorrect. Android 18: (groaned) Oh, perfect... Looks like we need a DNA signature. But what? Just then, Android 17 blasts the control panel with a Ki blast, which miraculously drops the barrier and sets the Z-Fighters free. Android 17: How's that for one? Android 18: Huh. (smiled) I never thought of that. Chiaotzu: (happily) We're free! Tien: Not yet. We still need to take off these lousy chains somehow. Gohan: If we could just figure it out. Krillin: Easier said than done. I feel weak as a kitten in these things! Hearing Krillin's comment, Android 18 breaks the chains herself. Android 18: How's that? Krillin: That'll work. Thanks, babe! The Androids break the chains from the rest of the Z-Fighters and they get their strength back. Gohan: Wow! It feels great to get those things off! Tien: No kidding! I can already feel my strength flooding back! Chiaotzu: Me too! Krillin: Same here! Now, let's get outta this dump and find Goku! The Z-Fighters started running out of the dungeon and headed for Goku's position, but Android 17 stays behind to free the other prisoners. Android 18: (she looks back at Android 17) Aren't you coming, brother?Android 17: (he blasts another control panel) You guys go on without me! These people look like they need saving too! Prisoner #1: FREEDOM!!! Old Prisoner: I'm free! I'm free! Prisoner Woman: Oh, thank you! You're such a good person! Realizing what her brother has to do, Android 18 leaves Android 17 to free the prisoners and catches up with the Z-Fighters. Android 18: Good luck, brother. (she catches up with the others), Meanwhile, Blossom and Goku are still having trouble with the Black Puff Girls. Goku: Hang on, Blossom! I'm coming! (he tries running towards her) Blossom Black: (she turned to Goku) STOP HIM! (Butterfly Black and Bouquet Black pinned Goku down) ,Butterfly Black: (smirked evilly) I'm afraid that’s as far as you’re gonna get! Bouquet Black: (smirked evilly) That's right! Goku: (he struggles to get loose, growled) GET OFF OF ME! Blossom Black: (enraged) So what if you think we used to be good!? SO WHAT IF OUR MASTER IS EVIL!?! We don’t give a dirty handkerchief what you think! And now, you're finished! Bubbles Black: So don't even bother worrying about your pathetic sisters!Buttercup Black: (snickered) Yeah! Cuz you're gonna be joining them soon... Blossom Black: You five fakers are gonna be sorry you ever messed with the Black Puff Girls! A.K.A... (she prepares to finish Blossom off) ...the Children... OF DOOM!!! Blossom: (weakly) W-Wait... You don't have to do this...! Blossom Black: Yes we do! The master demands it! Goku: She's right! Zulfer's not your master! He's just using you! And once he gets what he wants and completes his collection, he'll just throw you away without a second thought! The Black Puff Girls are enraged by Goku's warning and get ready to finish Blossom before dealing with Goku next. Black Puff Girls: Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP, SHUT UUUUUUUUP!!!!!Blossom Black: Now you're asking for it! PREPARE TO SAY GOODNIGHT!!! Blossom: (she stares at Blossom Black in concern until she realized something in her mind) Wait a second... (she takes out a photo of Dr. Tsunami, Wave, Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru, Cho and Ume, and shows it to Blossom Black) Look at this! Does this look familiar to you? The Black Puff Girls stopped powering up after seeing the photo and started trembling more strenuously., Blossom: That's right. You don't have to serve Zulfer anymore... You're not the Black Puff Girls... You're not the Children of Doom... You are... the Superhuman Prototype 5, Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru, Cho and Ume... AND YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS! Come on! Fight the darkness! Let go of that hatred! Don't let fear control you! YOU HAVE TO FIGHT BACK! Blossom's words eventually get through to the Black Puff Girls and they started hearing a loud screeching noise in their heads. They started having recollections of their happy days with Dr. Tsunami and Wave, witnessing their deaths, getting adopted by Zulfer and getting tortured into his service. They also recalled the horrendous crimes they committed under his orders then let out screams filled with despair and fell to the floor, crying. Black Puff Girls: (crying in despair) Blossom flew towards the Black Puff Girls as Goku reverts back to normal and rushed to Blossom's aid. Goku: Blossom, are you okay? Nothing broken? Blossom: I'm just fine, Goku. (she looked back at the Black Puff Girls on the floor) Hmmm... Them on the other hand... Momoko: (sobbing) Wh... Wh... What have we done...? Miyako: We've done so many terrible things... Kaoru: Where'd we go so wrong...? Blossom: It was Zulfer... He made you do it... Cho: We must've been insane to trust him... Ume: And now look at us... We're... we're monsters... Momoko: Somehow, our dad knew our existence would do more harm than good, and he was right... We probably don't deserve to even exist anymore... Blossom: Please don't say that! Not after you've just seen the light! Goku is furious over Zulfer's maltreatment of Dr. Tsunami's girls and develops an overwhelming urge to settle the score with him. Goku: (enraged growls) How could he...? He took their lives... he broke their minds... and turned them bad... What kind of monster... would do something so unforgivable... and to these... CHILDREN!?! Blossom: (she turned to Goku, concerned) Goku... Goku: (he clenched his fists in anger) That Zulfer will pay for this... Just then, they heard shouting from behind one of the doors as behind it, Gohan and Krillin prepared to blow it open with a Kamehameha Wave. Gohan/Krillin: (muffled from behind the door) KA... ME... HA... ME... Goku: Krillin? Gohan? Gohan/Krillin: (muffled from behind the door) HAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Goku and Blossom got the Black Puff Girls away from the door just in time before it melts and explodes.,After the blast settles, the Z-Fighters found Goku and Blossom on the other side.Krillin: GOKU! Gohan: DAD! Goku: Hey! Cutting it a bit close, aren't ya!? Blossom: (relieved) GUYS! Tien: Blossom! Chiaotzu: You're okay! As Blossom is relieved over seeing the Z-Fighters again, Goku thanked Android 18 for getting them out of the dungeon, until she notices the Black Puff Girls crying in the corner. Goku: Thanks for finding them, 18. I appreciate it. Android 18: (chuckled) Don't mention it. (she notices the Black Puff Girls) Huh? Who are they? Krillin: (he notices the Black Puff Girls too and started quivering in fear) Ah! It's... It's those fake girls again! Goku: It's alright, guys. They're on our side now. Zulfer's been controlling them the whole time.Tien: He's right. I'm sensing faint traces of a terrible power. Krillin: A terrible power? Tien: Some kind of psychic technique that attacks the mind and forces the victim to experience his or her worst nightmares and repressed memories. Blossom: (horrified) That must be how Zulfer controlled them! No wonder! Goku notices someone is not with the rest of the Z-Fighters. Goku: Hang on... Where's Piccolo? As for Blossom, she notices that Bubbles, Buttercup, Butterfly and Bouquet aren't with the Z-Fighters either. Blossom: (worriedly) Yeah, and I don't see Bubbles, Buttercup, Butterfly and Bouquet either.Android 18: Well, that's weird. 17 and I didn't see them anywhere in the dungeon.Gohan/Blossom: (greatly worried) Then where are they!? Momoko: (sobbing) The gallery... Goku: (he turned to Momoko) What? Momoko: They're in the gallery... at the heart of the fortress... Cho: (she points to the doorway where they punched Blossom through) It's down there... Miyako: But PLEASE BE CAREFUL! He knows you're here and he will be coming for you! Ume: Please don't let him do to you for what he did to us... Kaoru: It's all up to you guys now... Make him pay! Goku: Right. (he turned to the Z-Fighters) Let's move it! The Black Puff Girls watched as the Z-Fighters smashed the door down and make a break for the gallery at the center of the fortress.Blossom: (she turned back to the Black Puff Girls) All of you wait here. We'll be back before you know it. (she followed the Z-Fighters to the gallery), They are completely unaware that they are being watched through a camera as Zulfer becomes aware of the Black Puff Girls being defeated and the dungeon, emptied. Zulfer: (angrily growled) This Goku of the 7th is proving to be more trouble than he's worth, and the last Powerpuff Girl as well! No matter. I was starting to get tired of those miserable little puppets anyway., Dulcera: (fearfully) M-Master? Please forgive me for informing you, but the entire dungeon's just been emptied! Zulfer: What did you say!? Dulcera: The prisoners have escaped! Zulfer: (enraged roared) WHAT KIND OF PRISON WARDEN ARE YOU!? Do you have any idea what would happen if they got outside...? Dulcera: (fearfully silenced) Zulfer: I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!!! Dulcera: (terrified) Uh... They'd... start a revolution against us...? Zulfer: (he grabbed Dulcera and crushes her) Precisely. Dulcera: (agonized) That... hurts... Zulfer: Now, make yourself useful for once and... (he throws Dulcera across the throne room) ...STOP THE PRISONERS!!! And don't even bother imprisoning them again! Exterminate them all on sight! Dulcera: (traumatized) Y-Yes, master!! (she exits the throne room), Elsewhere in the fortress, Android 17 is getting the prisoners to safety as they navigate through the labyrinthine hallways. Prisoner #3: (running and panting) Excuse me, mister... but how long until we get out of this horrible place? Android 17: (he looks back) Do I look like I know the way out? Don't worry! We'll find it!When all of the sudden, they are cut off by a garrison of guardsmen lead by Dulcera. , Dulcera: (she blocks the corridor with the guards) HALT! Android 17: (stopped) Now what!? Dulcera: By order of Lord Zulfer, you will all be executed immediately! While Android 17 holds his ground against Dulcera, the prisoners panicked and head the other way but get blocked by even more guards. Prisoner #1: We're trapped! Android 17: (he looks back) WHAT!? Dulcera: Give up, insurgent! There's no escape! (she turned to her men) Men, prepare weapons! Guards: (they cocked their weapons) Dulcera: Take aim! Guards: (they aimed at Android 17 and the prisoners) Prisoners: (fearfully whining) Dulcera: And... Before Dulcera can give the command, the guards blocking the rear get blasted by Vegeta who showed up at the last minute. Android 17: Perfect timing. Vegeta: Spare me your compliments, tin-can! Where's Kakarot!? Android 17: If I had to make a guess, I'd say he's headed for the inner sanctum of this creepy place. Vegeta: (he looks down the hall in anger) Not if I get there first! Vegeta runs down the hall to search for the gallery, which greatly angers Dulcera as she gives her men the order to fire. Dulcera: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!! The prisoners braced for the worst until Android 17 projects an energy shield in front of them., Meanwhile, Blossom and the Z-Fighters have made it to a gigantic and foreboding steel door that leads to the gallery. Blossom: This must be it. Goku: Guess that leads to the gallery, huh? Krillin: Man, I'm getting some serious 'point of no return' vibes here... Tien: You might be right, Krillin. There's no telling what Zulfer has in store for us on the other side. Goku: Only one way to find out. (he grabs the steel door and tries to move it with his brute strength, but it doesn’t move) Man! It won’t budge! Blossom: (she notices a control panel to the right) Hmmm... Or maybe we can access that control panel over there... Blossom tries to interface with it but fails when she realizes she needs Zulfer's DNA to gain access. Control Panel: Access denied. Master's DNA identification required. Blossom: ARGH! It didn't work... Android 18: You wouldn't believe it, but that happened to me too when I tried to bust Krillin out of his cell. Krillin: Yeah, but then 17 just blew it up and the bars just dropped. Goku: (he attempts to smash the control panel with his fist) Okay! So maybe if we- Blossom: NO, GOKU! If you do that, the door might remain shut forever and I'll never get my sisters back! Gohan: Blossom’s right. There's no telling what smashing the controls will do. While Goku, Blossom and Gohan continued arguing, Chiaotzu notices something slimy nearby that grosses him out. Chiaotzu: (disgusted) EEEWW!! What is that!? Android 18: (noticed) UGH... It looks like giant spider hair. Gohan: Hmmm... It kinda looks like Zulfer's. Chiaotzu: (disgusted) Or worse... Goku: Well, that's strange. Why would he leave something so gross here? Blossom: Maybe he's expecting us. Tien: She's right. It may be a trap. Blossom: (she thinks for a second) Hmm... I wonder. Blossom picks up the hair sample, much to the disgust of the others and she puts it in the control panel's DNA scanner. Control Panel: DNA identification, accepted. Access approved. Welcome, master., The door slowly opens with an unnerving creaking noise and an eerie chilling breeze can be felt from inside. The gallery on the other side turns out massive and pitch black, without a speck of light to be seen, but our heroes walk bravely inside without a second thought.Gohan: It sure is dark in here. Goku: And HUGE! (echoes) Nice echo too! Krillin: (he holds himself, shivering) Jeez... It’s FREEZING!... Are you sure this is the gallery?Tien: No doubt. I can feel an evil presence inside. It has to be Zulfer. Goku: (determined) Then let's put an end to this...Chiaotzu: But we can't see a thing without a light.Krillin: Yeah. Blossom thinks for a minute, then she takes out her HotPhone and turns it in flashlight mode.Blossom: There. Now we can see better. Krillin: Thanks, Blossom. You're our girl. Blossom: (nodded) Don’t mention it. (she turned around and realizes a statue of someone in anguish is too close to her, and shrieks) UWAH! Oh, it's just a statue. Goku: (he got closer to the statue and he chuckled as he recognized it as Hit, one of the champions from Universe 6) Heh, heh, heh. Look at that. That statue looks a lot like Hit. Man, it brings back memories when I fought him. Tien: (he feels something is not right with the statue of Hit) Uh, Goku? Goku: And to think he almost killed me back when I was fighting him in the canyons. Man, that wasn't very fun at all. Tien: Goku? Goku: (he turned to Tien) What is it, Tien? Tien: That statue is Hit. He’s been turned to stone., Goku: (stunned) What...!? (he turned back to the statue of Hit) Just then, Gohan has a horrific recollection of the moment when Zulfer turned his own trooper to stone before everyone's eyes. Surviving Trooper: (flashback) Please...! Anything but that...! (gets jabbed by Zulfer and turns to stone) AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH...!!!!! Goku: (stunned horror) No... way...! Tien: Believe me, Goku. It's faint, but I can hear him screaming in pain, like he's experiencing some kind of terrible nightmare. Blossom: How awful...Krillin: Uhh... Guys? I found those three wolf guys from Universe 9!Gohan: Wha-!? The Trio of Danger!? Android 18: (she notices a statue of Dr. Paparoni and a decommissioned Koitsukai, Pancea and Borareta) It’s those clunkers from Universe 3! Krillin: (he noticed statues of the Three Maidens (Kamikaze Fireballs) in their normal forms, gasped) And those ladies from Universe 2! Gohan: (he sees statues of Obni, Murichim and Rylibeu, angered) I recognize these guys from Universe 10. Tien: (he sees statues of Ganos, Monna and Dercori) And they’re from Universe 4.Chiaotzu: This is so disturbing... I can't stand it... Goku: (he noticed Jiren's statue, and clenches his fists) Jiren... Everyone noticed that the gallery is where all the champions in stone were being kept right after Zulfer defeated them. Goku: So this is what Zulfer did to all these warriors after he beat them... Blossom was horrified while looking at the champions in anguished stone until she spotted something that makes her skin turn pale. It was Bubbles, Buttercup, Butterfly and Bouquet, but they've turned into stone too. Blossom: (shocked) GIRLS!!! (she flew toward the statues of the other Girls) Oh no... (horrified) Bubbles... Buttercup... Butterfly... Bouquet... (she fell on her knees) Not you too... This cannot be real... (she bursted into tears) Enraged by Blossom's anguish, Goku roared Zulfer's name and it echoes through the entire room.Goku: ZULFER!!!!!! Blossom and the Z-Fighters suddenly heard Zulfer's voice echoing in the darkness. Zulfer: (ominously chuckled) Yes? You bellowed?,Goku: WHERE ARE YOU!? Stop hiding in the dark and face me! Zulfer: Goku of the 7th. So finally we meet. I was just about to give up searching this wretched world for you. Blossom: (enraged) How can you do this to my sisters!? AND FOR WHAT!? Zulfer: To bring you out of hiding, of course. I had hoped you would dare to rescue them. Alas, your efforts are all in vain. There's nothing you can do to bring them back and they'll be wandering their worst nightmares forever. Spotlights turned on over the champions of the multiverse as the gallery begins to grow brighter. Zulfer: As you can see, I have done the same too many great warriors who opposed me. Don't you find my entire gallery just exquisite? Blossom: It's AWFUL! Gohan: She's right! What's so exquisite about freezing people in a state of despair!? Zulfer: It's my own style of art of course. The mere satisfaction of watching your end suffer! But there's one more piece that is missing in my collection, and that's the Saiyan warrior that at the very least, held a candle to Jiren. A spotlight turns on over an empty pedestal with the 7th Universe's symbol on it. Zulfer: Your place is prepared, Son Goku of the 7th. Goku clenches his fists in anger as he looked at the empty pedestal, but Blossom got in front of him. Blossom: I won't let you have him, Zulfer! Zulfer: Do NOT interfere, child! Blossom: Just look how far you've gone! You enslaved the Black Puff Girls... you treated my new friends like criminals... you threw all these champions into a perpetual nightmare... and now look what you've done... TO MY SISTERS! Zulfer: (mockingly) Oh, poor little redhead trying to save her beloved sisters from me. How sweet... and utterly PATHETIC! Blossom: (angrily) Just let them go or you'll be sorry!!Zulfer: ENOUGH! There's a place for you too with THEM! Goku: (enraged) NOT HER!!!, Goku started firing Ki blasts blindly at the walls of the gallery then the lights go out again. Zulfer: (malevolent laughter) Yes! Go on! Go ahead and waste your energy! You don't even know where I am! Krillin: (worriedly) Goku, stop! Calm down!Goku: (growled) I would if I could see him!Zulfer: (he appears from behind) Were you looking for me!? Goku tries punching Zulfer from behind, but he dodges and vanishes back into the dark. Gohan: He's trying to psyche us out... Stay frosty, everyone! Android 18: Gohan's right. Who knows how many more tricks that creep’s got up his sleeve. He's got horrible, but incredible powers we've never seen before. Just then, they heard another, more familiar voice echoing in the darkness. ???: He's not the only one you should worry about. Gohan: Wait... I know that voice. Another shadow flies down and bombards Blossom and the Z-Fighters from above.Blossom: Wh-Who's there!? Show yourself! Just then, the shadow revealed itself as Piccolo in front of Blossom and the Z-Fighters.Gohan: (gladly) Piccolo, you're alright! Piccolo: (chuckled) More than alright... I've never felt more myself in a long time!Gohan: (confused) Huh? Piccolo proceeds to blast Gohan, much to the horror of the other Z-Fighters., Gohan: (he got blasted by Piccolo's Ki blast) ARRRGGGHHH!!! (he hits the ground, groaned and sits up in confusion) Mr. Piccolo...? Krillin: What was that for!? Don't you recognize him!? Piccolo: (maliciously) Of course I do... He's the son of my greatest enemy! The spoiled whelping I should have had the pleasure of crushing all those years ago! Tien: That can't be good... Piccolo: And MISTER Piccolo!? How dare you disrespect me like that, you miserable little worm! From now on, you will address me as... KING Piccolo! (demonic laughter) Chiaotzu has a horrifying flashback of when King Piccolo blasted him after attempting to interfere with his wish. Chiaotzu: (terrified whine) This brings back bad memories... Tien: Definitely not good! Somehow, Zulfer must've reverted him back to his original evil self!Zulfer: (malevolent chuckled) Precisely... Just as I did with those miserable Superhuman Prototype puppets AKA the Black Puff Girls... Goku gets so enraged by what Zulfer did to Piccolo, the other Girls, the champions and the Black Puff Girls, that he turns Super Saiyan Blue and lights up the entire gallery. Goku: (enraged) Zulfer... You'll pay... I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!!! (turns Super Saiyan Blue) The light from Goku's Super Saiyan Blue gives away Zulfer's location, making him visible for him to attack. Zulfer: YOU STUPID MONKEY! YOU'VE RUINED THE ATMOSPHERE! Goku: Who cares about your atmosphere!? You've ruined so many lives already! AND NOW, YOU'RE GONNA PAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Zulfer: So be it... Your light may have dispelled my darkness, but I will still show you no mercy! PREPARE YOURSELF! (he powered himself up) Zulfer is surrounded by a frightening blood-red aura as Gohan tells Goku to deal with him, while he and the others try to knock some senses into Piccolo. Gohan: Dad, you deal with Zulfer! We're gonna try and help Piccolo come to his senses! Goku: Got it, Gohan! (he attacks Zulfer) HYAAAAAAAH!!!!, Goku and Zulfer attacked each other at full bore and the entire gallery tremors under the weight of their attacks., Meanwhile, Blossom and the others engaged Piccolo in battle and try to talk some senses into him.Blossom: Come on, Piccolo! Snap out of it! Gohan: Don't you remember all the good times we've had!? Piccolo: Those were only good times for YOU, boy! I HATED it! Tien: Forget it, Gohan! The good Piccolo's long gone now! That guy's nothing but pure evil!Gohan: NO! There's some good inside him! I just know it! Piccolo: Then go ahead and search for it all you want! All you'll ever find is PAIN! (he fights back) Not faraway from our heroes who were trying to save Piccolo from Zulfer's darkness, the Black Puff Girls peek through the doorway and found out what's happening.Momoko: It's them... Kaoru: They're fighting that monster! Miyako: And the green guy too! Ume: (concerned) What are we supposed to do after everything we've done...?Cho: I don't think they're gonna last much longer... Kaoru: They're pretty much goners anyway... Momoko: No one in the multiverse can ever hope to match up to Zulfer's horrible power... Cho: Awww! I just wish there was something we could do to help! Ume: I know, but what CAN we do? Miyako: We'd probably just get in the way... Black Puff Girls: It's just not fair... As the Black Puff Girls gave into despair, Vegeta overhears their pessimism while reaching the gallery and scolds them for it. Vegeta: Oh, DO shut up! Do you have ANY idea how pathetic you sound!?Black Puff Girls: (gasped in shock and turned to Vegeta) Momoko: Who are you? Vegeta: Never mind who I am! Where's Kakarot!? Kaoru: (confused) Kakarot...? Vegeta: (impatiently growled) I'm referring to that Saiyan warrior who this Zulfer person said he wants! Miyako: (she points up to where Goku and Zulfer are fighting) He's up there! Fighting that horrible monster! Vegeta: WHAT!? There you go again, Kakarot, always hogging the spotlight for yourself! (he turns Super Saiyan Blue and joins the fight) Even at Super Saiyan Blue, Goku finds himself outmatched against Zulfer's cunning and brute strength. The villain grabs the exhausted Goku and prepares to finish him off, but before he can even do that, Vegeta steps in and punches Zulfer in the face.,Zulfer: (being punched by Vegeta) ARGH!!! (he rubbed his cheek) Alright!! Who dares interfere our fight!? Goku: Vegeta! Great timing! Vegeta: Don't get the wrong idea, Kakarot! I'm just here to settle things with... (he pointed at Zulfer with his index finger) ...him! Zulfer: (he recovered and chuckles evilly) Prince Vegeta IV in the flesh! Headstrong as always I see! Vegeta: (smirked) Hmph. If you're trying to flatter me, then you're just as, if not even MORE annoying than Frieza. Zulfer: However... It appears you have settled for protecting the universe instead of conquering it. That is hardly befitting your Saiyan pride. Goku: (he turned to Vegeta) Don't listen to him! He turned Piccolo against us! Vegeta: Oh, be quiet, Kakarot! I don't want to hear all of your stupid nonsense! Goku: Well, how do you explain that!? (he pointed to Piccolo who's under Zulfer's control fighting Blossom and the Z-Fighters) Piccolo: (demonic laughter, continues fighting Blossom and the Z-Fighters) Vegeta: (surprised) What is this? What's come over him!? Vegeta suddenly heard a loud screeching in his head, as Zulfer enters his mind and tries to persuade him back to the side of evil. Zulfer: I helped him see the light, which I can do for you too! Think of it! With my help, you can be the prince of all Saiyans again! Free to dominate the universe with no equals, no superiors and especially no responsibilities to hold you back! Vegeta: (shrugs off Zulfer’s mind trick) Don’t think that’s going to persuade me!Zulfer: What!? You would turn down your only chance to return to glory!? Vegeta: Right now, the only thing that matters to me is surpassing Kakarot in battle! And I can do it on my own, AND I DON’T NEED ANY HELP FROM YOU!!! (he fires a Ki blast at Zulfer) Goku is relieved that Vegeta saw through Zulfer's deception, but the latter comes out greatly enraged. Zulfer: (enraged) So be it, Vegeta... You had your chance at redemption... (roared) NOW YOU WILL BOTH SUFFER!!! (he fired his Ki blasts at Goku and Vegeta), While Goku and Vegeta continued fighting Zulfer, Blossom and Chiaotzu try to restrain Piccolo while the other Z-Fighters try to make him snap out of it. Piccolo: GET OFF ME, YOU MAGGOTS! (he throws Blossom and Chiaotzu off)Tien: (frustratedly) Argh! No doubt that's the Piccolo I remember!Gohan: Don't say that! We've got to get through to him somehow! The Black Puff Girls watched hopelessly at the battle between Blossom, the Z-Fighters and Piccolo who is under Zulfer's control. Then Momoko got a plan to save him from hurting anyone. Momoko: That's it! (she turned to Cho) Cho, you’re gonna have to delve into the Namekian's mind and try to reach him from there! Cho: (horrified) M-M-ME!? Kaoru: Yes, you! You're the only one of us that can do that sort of thing! Miyako: Besides, it's our only shot at bringing that green guy back to the good side! Cho: But, what if I messed up? Ume: You can do it, Cho. Just give it a try. Momoko: We'll hold him off for you to enter his head.Cho: (nervously) O-Okay... Blossom and the Z-Fighters were getting exhausted from fighting a mind controlled Piccolo. Piccolo: (demonically snickered) As I said before, you have NO chance of ever finding any trace of good inside of me! And you won't have any chance of crawling out of this alive! (prepares to finish them) Gohan: (begged) Piccolo, please! DON'T!!! Piccolo: SAY GOODBYE!! SPECIAL BEA- Suddenly, Piccolo gets restrained by Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru and Ume. Piccolo: WHAT!? Goku and Vegeta are still fighting Zulfer until they saw the other Black Puff Girls holding Piccolo off. Goku: (he stops fighting and looks down) Wha...? Those girls again! Vegeta: What are they doing!? Zulfer: (he looks down at the Black Puff Girls, shocked) WHAT!?! Momoko: Cho, do it now! Cho: (nervously) Here goes nothing... Cho is in position to enter Piccolo's mind. Zulfer: Loathsome... TRAITORS!!!Goku: (growled) You think they were on your side by choice!? You manipulated them! Vegeta: Only a coward like Frieza would stoop to such a disgusting level! Zulfer: (chuckled) No matter! I only intended to have them around until my collection was complete! After that, they would have served their purpose, and I would have the pleasure of putting them out of their misery anyway!,The Black Puff Girls overheard this and are mortified by what Zulfer just said about them.Kaoru: No way... Miyako: We've been had!Ume: He lied to us! Zulfer: LIE TO YOU!? I told you before! You'd get what's coming to you when this was all said and done, and you've already earned it! Goku: Leave them ALONE! Vegeta: Your fight's with ME! As Goku and Vegeta continued duking it out with Zulfer, the latter's hurtful words threw Cho off her focus and she starts trembling in despair until her sisters tell her not to give in. Miyako: Don't give up yet, Cho! NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Cho: Miyako... Momoko: You’ve still got to get into his mind! Kaoru: And you'd better do it fast! We can't hold him forever! Ume: Do it for us!! Hurry!! Piccolo: (growled) SILENCE, YOU FILTHY NO GOOD...! Just before Piccolo can throw off her sisters, Cho uses her telekinetic powers to delve into his mind., ,, Once inside Piccolo's mind, Cho finds it to be filled with evil impulses and devilish thoughts, which greatly unnerves her. Cho: (terrified whine) I don't like the looks of this...Cho bravely flies deeper into the darkest depths of Piccolo's demonic psyche until she sees Piccolo's alter ego, Kami and the Namekian warrior, Nail both locked in the two cages. Cho: Who are they? (she flew closer to the two cages where Kami and Nail are being held) Could these two be part of Piccolo's personality? Cho sees their miserable and desperate expressions and is convinced to release them. Cho: They don't look so good. I'd better get them out of there. Cho punches the locks from the two cages. She also tries every technique in her arsenal but the locks remain unscathed. Cho: Wh-What? Not a scratch... Unable to break the cages, Cho tries calling out to them. Cho: Um... Hello in there! Can you hear me!? Kami and Nail looked up to Cho who just called to them. Cho: Don't worry. I'm on your side now and I entirely understand what you're going through. The locks on the cages began to quiver slightly. Cho: But you mustn't let the darkness overwhelm you like it did to me! Right now, Zulfer is using Piccolo to destroy our friends and we need your help! After Kami and Nail heard Cho's words, the locks started quivering more violently and they can hear Gohan's voice faintly echoing in the darkness. Gohan: (from outside of Piccolo's mind) Mr. Piccolo! Cho: Can you hear that? We've got friends on the other side! They helped me and my sisters see the light and I'm sure you two can find it too! Kami and Nail started to crawl out of their depression as Gohan's voice grows louder and the cages begin to shudder violently. Gohan: (from outside of Piccolo's mind) MR. PICCOLO!!! Images of Piccolo's memories of Gohan flooded his mind as Kami and Nail's despair slowly gives way to hope. Gohan (Kid): Mr. Piccolo! (echoing) Gohan (Teen): Mr. Piccolo! (echoing)Cho: That's it! Keep going! You're almost there!, But just when Kami and Nail are about to break free, Piccolo's mind turns darker and more violent than before and a ghostly, nightmarish image of King Piccolo's face appeared overhead, berating Cho for tampering with his mind. King Piccolo (Nightmare): You dare tamper with my mind, you miserable urchin!? I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER DEARLY FOR THAT!!! The nightmare King Piccolo sends out bolts of lightning at Cho, but she evades them.Cho: (angrily) You get out of Piccolo's head, you FIEND! King Piccolo (Nightmare): (demonically laughed) You still don't get it! I am the REAL Piccolo! You're invading MY head! And I say GET OUT!!! The nightmare King Piccolo sends more bolts of lightning in all directions and Cho gets zapped. Cho: (she got zapped) AAAHHHHH!!!! (she fell on her knees and groaned) Watching Cho get zapped and hearing Piccolo's demonic laughter convinces Kami and Nail to break out of their cages. Kami/Nail: (they powered up, roaring) King Piccolo (Nightmare): What...? What are you doing!? Kami and Nail bursted out of their cages and merged into the good Piccolo as his mind floods with cherished memories again. Cho: (groaned in pain, relieved) Yes... It worked!, Back outside, Piccolo throws off the other Black Puff Girls and prepares to finish off the others until he freezes in hesitation and started glowing. Piccolo: (enraged) That's it! NOW YOU WILL... (freezes) You will... Krillin: Now what's going on with him!? Tien: I'm not sure, Krillin!, Piccolo (Evil): (straining) No... I'm not going back! I've only just been reborn! You'll pay for this, son! This world is mine to rule... WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR HELP!!!Piccolo lets out a roar and his good persona makes his way up to the surface. Piccolo (Good): (growled) Not if I can help it! You won't be ruling squat, you maniac! The Z-Fighters see that the good Piccolo is fighting his evil persona from the inside. Blossom: Look! Piccolo's fighting the darkness within himself! Gohan: Come on, Piccolo... Fight him back! Chiaotzu: (worriedly) Please, don't give up on us now! Piccolo (Evil): You two-faced treacherous worm... I should never have given you life, had I known you would defy me like this! Piccolo (Good): (chuckled) Well, that's at least one good thing you did for me. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have met Gohan and found a new reason for living. He was the only one in the whole world who didn't see me as a monster... Piccolo (Evil): NO! I gave you life so you would avenge my demise and OBLITERATE my enemies, NOT BEFRIEND THEM! You had ONE purpose, son! You are a DISGRACE to my legacy! AN UTTER AND COMPLETE FAILURE!!! Piccolo (Good): (enraged) THAT'S ENOUGH! Get out of my head! GET OUT!!! Piccolo lets out a roar and goes up in a burst of light as in his mind, he uses his signature move to finish off the nightmarish King Piccolo. Piccolo (Spirit): SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!! King Piccolo (Nightmare): (agonized scream) CURSE YOU!!! Cho watched in the awe as Piccolo blows away King Piccolo with his Special Beam Cannon., Back outside, the light surrounding Piccolo fades and his body starts smoldering from the excruciating experience. Everyone watches as he stands there for a few seconds before collapsing with exhaustion. An orange light popped out of Piccolo's head as it flies towards the Black Puff Girls. Chiaotzu: What is that!? The orange light takes the form of Cho as she too collapsed from exhaustion. Blossom: (worriedly) CHO! Momoko: Sis! Blossom, Momoko, Miyako, Kaoru and Ume flew up to Cho's unconcious body, while the Z-Fighters tend to Piccolo's.Cho: (she weakly woke up) Did I... do it? Momoko: Looks like you did. Blossom: But it doesn't look like Piccolo's in any condition to fight. Blossom and the Black Puff Girls watched as the Z-Fighters try to get the exhausted Piccolo back on his feet. Gohan: Piccolo, are you okay? Piccolo: (weakly) Go...han... I heard... your voice... Gohan: (concerned) Piccolo, tell me. Is that really you in there!? Piccolo: (weakly) Yeah... It's me... Piccolo passes out from fighting his inner demons, leaving Gohan concerned and enraged. Gohan: (panicked) Piccolo!? PICCOLO!!!Tien: He just passed out. He'll be fine. Krillin: (helps Piccolo up) Still, fighting back his inner demons like that must've really been rough on him. Gohan clenches his fist in vengeful anger over what Zulfer did to Piccolo. Gohan: (angrily) Zulfer did this... He did this to Piccolo... and I'll never forgive him for it... High above the gallery, Goku, Vegeta and Zulfer stopped their fighting as they sensed a tremendous energy buildup from below. Zulfer: What!? What is this!? Vegeta: (shocked) Ah! That power! Could it be...? Goku: Gohan?, Gohan's massive energy grows very powerful as he transforms into a Super Saiyan. He then lets out a piercing scream and taps into his Unlocked Potential powers to take it even further. His glowing hair starts growing down his spine and he becomes an Unlocked Potential version of Super Saiyan 3. Blossom and the Black Puff Girls watched in shock for what they saw. Blossom: (shocked) Wh-WHAT THE!? Gohan: (enraged) ZULFER! YOU DID THIS!!! (he flies up to fight Zulfer)Goku and Vegeta dodged out of the way as Gohan flies up to Zulfer and delivers a devastating punch to his abdomen. Zulfer: (agonized) Argh...! How can you have all that power!? Gohan: You turned Blossom's sisters to stone... Treated the Black Puff Girls like slaves... Treated all those innocent lives like dirt... And you turned Piccolo against us! Goku: Gohan... Gohan: You're gonna pay for this, Zulfer! Enough is ENOUGH!!! Gohan started doing battle against Zulfer as everyone watches and the latter apparently loses ground against his onslaught. Krillin: Man! I’ve never seen him that angry since that big battle with Cell! Tien: But wait... There's something else... Could he have already surpassed Super Saiyan Blue? Piccolo woke up from his exhaustion and saw Gohan in Super Saiyan 3 battling with Zulfer. Piccolo: Gohan...? Blossom: Piccolo! (she flew up to Piccolo) Thank goodness, you're awake! Piccolo: Looks like Gohan's really laying it on thick with Zulfer. Who knew he would go as far as Super Saiyan 3? (agonized) Argh... Tien: Take it easy, Piccolo. Gohan succeeds in backing Zulfer into a corner and prepares to finish him off. Zulfer: (depraved laughter) I commend you, boy! You don't show anymore pity or mercy than your father! Gohan: JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Gohan readies a powerful Kamehameha Wave to finish Zulfer off. Gohan: This is it, Zulfer! It’s time for your nightmare to end!Zulfer: (depraved cackled) Yes! Go on, boy! Do it! FINISH ME!!!Gohan: KA...ME...HA...ME... Just then, Zulfer uses his mind trick on Gohan to torment him with a nightmare about his studies from childhood to adulthood.Gohan: (he hears a loud screeching in his head, agonized) AAAARGH...! Gohan is then confronted by a nightmarish Chi-Chi, who torments him for not doing his studies and wasting his life trying to save the world. Chi-Chi (Nightmare): (angrily) Gohan, YOU MORON!!! I can't believe my own son would waste his own life saving the world instead of hitting the books! And for what!? FOR WHAT!?! Gohan: (terrified) But Mom, I... Chi-Chi (Nightmare): (angrily) No backtalk, boy! You've got a lot of study to catch up on! NOW, GET TO WORK!!! An endless stack of notebooks appeared in front of Gohan and he finds himself greatly imperiled and stressed. Gohan: (he looks in one of the books and becomes stressed) This is NUTS! These problems don’t make any sense! Chi-Chi (Nightmare): (her eyes turn bright red, enraged) YOU DARE DISOBEY YOUR MOTHER!?! ,Gohan: (terrified gasped) Chi-Chi (Nightmare): (she starts growing and her hair started turning wild) What kind of son are you!? Now, I wish I had NEVER married that braindead worm, Goku, then you wouldn’t have inherited his incompetence! Gohan: Wait a minute... (angrily) My mother would NEVER say that! Chi-Chi (Nightmare): I HATE YOU SO MUCH, BOY! (her face turns into Raditz’s) Raditz (Nightmare): YOU’RE A LOST CAUSE!!! (he attacks Gohan) Gohan: (terrified scream) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!!!!! Blossom, the rest of the Z-Fighters, and the Black Puff Girls looked up and saw Gohan being under Zulfer’s nightmare control. Goku: (concerned) GOHAN!!! (he tries to rescue Gohan but gets blasted away by Zulfer) AARGH! Blossom: What's going on!? Why did Gohan stop!? Momoko: (trembled) It's him... Zulfer has entered his mind... Blossom: (concerned) What do you mean by that!? Momoko: (in despair) That's how he gained control over us! He used this horrible power to get into our heads and exploit our greatest fears and worst memories to break our minds! (she started to cry) He forced us to experience everyone in the world hating us and witness the death of our family over and over again! Piccolo: (horrified) That’s how he got control over me too!Chiaotzu: (concerned) This looks bad! Krillin: (concerned) We've gotta do something! Blossom clenched her fists in anger. She couldn't stand and watch Gohan suffering in Zulfer's nightmare. Blossom: He can't! HE WON'T!!! (she flew up to Zulfer to stop him)Piccolo: Blossom! DON’T! Gohan: (weakly) Aaargggh...Zulfer: (depraved laughter) Blossom: (from behind) ZULFER!!! Zulfer: (he stopped tormenting Gohan and turned to Blossom) So... You would defy me as well!?Vegeta: Has she gone mad!? Goku: No, Blossom! Don’t do it! Blossom: (she throws a punch at Zulfer) AARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Blossom manages to punch Zulfer, but the latter remains unfazed and makes a diabolical grin at her. Zulfer: Have it your way then, child! Soon, you'll join your sisters in a world of unimaginable anguish and terror. (he looks at Goku, Vegeta and Gohan) And you three will be next! Blossom: I won't let you... This is your last chance, Zulfer! Free my sisters and the champions from your stone spell, and never come back! Zulfer: Hmmm... A difficult decision... Let me think... NEVER! They're all MINE, AND SO ARE YOU!!! Blossom: Then you're THROUGH! (she charged at Zulfer) Goku: (he tries to stop her) BLOSSOM! DON’T!!! Blossom continues attacking Zulfer with all her might, but the tyrant is still not bothered by her assault at all. He then grows tired of Blossom's pitiful attempts to stop him, grabs her by the head and holds her hostage.,Blossom: (being hold by Zulfer's grip) AAAHHHH!!! Goku/Vegeta/Gohan: (horrified gasped) Zulfer: (depraved cackle) LOOKS LIKE THIS IS CHECKMATE, SAIYAN VERMIN!Goku: (enraged) STOP IT! LET HER GO! Zulfer: Why should I!? I've only just gotten the upper hand on you worms! Pun intended, of course! (he squeezes Blossom's head) Blossom: (agonized) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! Zulfer: And you will obey my every command, or I will crack open her skull like a hard-boiled egg... THEN DEVOUR HER BRAINS LIKE ONE TOO!!! (he squeezes Blossom again) Everyone is horrified over Zulfer's cruel, underhanded tactics of using Blossom as a bargaining chip.Krillin: (horrified) Blossom!! Tien: (enraged) That SCUMBAG! Chiaotzu: (worriedly) She's just a little girl!! Zulfer: (overhears and chuckles sinisterly) Precisely. Just an innocent, delightful, PATHETIC little girl, who's fate lies in the hands of Goku, his son and Prince Vegeta. Goku: Leave her alone! Please! We'll do anything! Just don't crush her! Gohan: (concerned) Dad... Vegeta: (shocked) Wha-!? KAKAROT!? Don't tell me you're thinking of giving in to that spider freak's insane demands, are you!? Goku: (he turned to Vegeta) What choice do we have, Vegeta!? Zulfer: (depraved chuckle) Good Saiyans. Now, stand down, all of you. Goku, Vegeta and Gohan looked at each other in concern, as they knew that Zulfer would kill Blossom if they disobeyed him. They agreed to Zulfer's terms and changed back to normal. Vegeta: (sighed) It's times like this I regret being on the wrong side. (he reverts back to normal)Zulfer: Mmm... That's better. Now get in line with your friends. MOVE! Goku, Vegeta and Gohan fly back down to the others and they all form a line, as Zulfer follows them with Blossom in his hand. Zulfer: (depraved chuckle) Perfect! Now, you will all stay right there where you are, so that I can enter your minds and exploit what you fear and regret most! (depraved chuckle) Or don't any of you care what happens to her at all? (he squeezes Blossom again) Blossom: (agonized) Aaargh...!Goku: (enraged) STOP IT! YOU'VE WON, OKAY!? Zulfer: That's right... Defy me and she's finished... Obey me and you're ALL finished! Simple as that! IT'S OVER FOR ALL OF YOU! Helpless to save Blossom, the Z-Fighters deliberately let down their guard for Zulfer to enter their minds as the Black Puff Girls watched helplessly. Blossom: (panting) No... It's...not over yet... Zulfer: What did you just say!?, Blossom: (panting) I didn't come this far... to save my sisters... just so you can get the last laugh... I won't let my... guard down... No matter what you do to me... (she clenched his fists) My sisters... My friends... I'll... never give up... I'LL NEVER GIVE UP!!! (she started to power up) Zulfer: (shocked) WHAT!?! Blossom frees herself from Zulfer's grip and her attacks started having more effect on him. Zulfer counters with his strongest Ki based attacks, but Blossom effectively blocks and deflects every last one as the gallery started to fall apart around them. Zulfer: (stunned) This isn't possible! (he gets kicked by Blossom in the abdomen) ARGH...! Everyone below watches in astonishment, until they notice the falling debris threatening to smash the statues of the champions and the other Girls. Krillin: Talk about bad timing for this! Gohan: (he flies up and smashes a falling chunk of debris) We can't risk letting all those statues getting smashed by all this rubble! Piccolo: Gohan’s right! They might die if we let that happen! We've got to protect them!Krillin: Great! Leave us to do all the dirty work while Blossom gets to have all the fun! The Z-Fighters spring into action and protect the statues from the falling rubble, while Blossom continues to push Zulfer back with her massive punches and kicks until he gets forced back against the wall, where she finishes him off with a massive Kamehameha Wave. Zulfer: (greatly agonized) Uuuuuaaaaaarrrrrgh...! What power is this...!? Blossom: This is the end of the line for you, Zulfer! (she prepares to perform the Kamehameha Wave) KA...ME...HA...ME... Krillin: (he notices Blossom is powering up) HIT THE DECK! THIS LOOKS LIKE A BIG ONE!The Z-Fighters immediately flew down for cover as Zulfer taunts Blossom into finishing him off. Zulfer: (enraged) Go ahead, you little scum... Finish me! DO YOUR ABSOLUTE WORST!!! Blossom: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Blossom’s Kamehameha Wave blows Zulfer away into one big blast that runs right through the fortress and tears it apart from the inside out. Majin Buu is seen beating up some troopers until he sees the blast heading towards him from down the hallway. Buu: Uh-oh! That not good! (he heads for cover), Elsewhere, the prisoners are thrown into a panic by the collapsing ceiling until Android 17 projects a barrier around them. Prisoner #1: What's happening!? Prisoner #2: The fortress... IT'S FALLING APART! Prisoner #3: We're doomed! WE'RE DOOMED! Android 17: Not if I can help it! Get close to me, everyone! (he projects an energy barrier around the prisoners), Back outside, Broly stops lashing out against the fortress when he sees it blow up from the inside. Broly: (he sees the fortress exploded, calms down) Huh?, Back on the bridge, Mavrich tells everyone to brace up as the fortress started falling to the ground. Mavrich: BRACE FOR IMPACT!!! The dark fortress of Brimstrom crashes into Yunzabit, as massive chunks of debris fall in all directions. As the blast settles down, the entire gallery has been left in ruins and Zulfer stood there, all charred and singed before he collapsed on the floor. Blossom is out of breath after she used her biggest Kamehameha Wave yet. Blossom: (panting) Girls... I did it... (she fell on her knees) I've defeated Zulfer... for you... (she collapsed to the floor) Goku: BLOSSOM!!! (he ran up to Blossom) While Goku runs to Blossom's aid, Zulfer's stone spell has broken and the champions slowly unfreeze and awakened from their nightmares.Krillin: You guys, look! Jiren is the first to return to normal as he struggles from his petrified state and finds relief from the nightmare that Zulfer forced into him., Jiren: (desperately roared) RAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!!! (exhausted panting) Hit: (awakened, confused) Huh? Wh... What happened? Brianne: (awakened, distraughtly weeping, falls to the floor) Sanka/Sous: (awakened, concerned) Brianne! (they tried to comfort her) Dr. Paparoni: (awakened) Wha-!? What kind of repulsive mausoleum is this!? Bergamo: (awakened, agonized) Argh... I feel so stiff... Brothers? Basil/Lavender: (awakened, delighted) BROTHER! (they hugged Bergamo from behind) Bergamo: (being hugged tightly by Basil and Lavender) Ow! Easy! Rylibeu: (awakened, shuddered) That was so grim... Obni: (awakened, worried) Ah! Vanah!? Chrom!? Where are you!? Murichim: Whoa! Take it easy, brother! Ganos: (awakened) Man, what a nightmare! Dercori: (shuddered) And I thought my world was a dark place. Monna: Just wait 'til I give that Zulfer a piece of my mind! Then the remaining Powerpuff Girls unfreeze from Zulfer's stone spell as well. Bubbles: (awakened, she fell on her knees) Oh... Buttercup: (awakened) Oh, that wasn't fun at all... Bouquet: (awakened) That was horrible... Butterfly: (awakened, holding her right hip) Oh, I think I've got a cramp... The other Girls soon see Blossom lying unconscious in Goku's arms and flew over to her aid.,Girls (except Blossom): BLOSSOM!! Goku: (he turned to the other Girls) Bubbles! Buttercup! Butterfly! Bouquet! You're all free! Buttercup: What the heck happened to her!? Bouquet: She looks like she got beaten by a shaved bear! Bubbles: (worriedly) Is Blossom going to be okay? (she started to shed tears in her eyes) Please, Goku, tell us! Goku: She'll be just fine, Girls. She just barbecued that Zulfer with a massive Kamehameha and freed you. Butterfly: She did...? Blossom: (weakly) You bet I did... The other Girls watched as Blossom opened her eyes and smiles fondly over seeing them again. Blossom: (weakly) Hi, Girls... I'm so happy to see you all again... Girls (except Blossom): (tearfully) BLOSSOM!!! (they hugged Blossom) Blossom: (agonized) Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! OW! That really smarts! Buttercup: Oh, sorry about that. In the middle of their reunion, Obni rushes off to find his family with Murichim and Rylibeu right behind him. Obni: I have to go and find my family! (he runs out of the gallery) Murichim: Hey! Wait up, brother! (he follows Obni) Rylibeu: We’re right behind you! (he follows Obni) Meanwhile, Brianne, Sanka and Sous looked at the Girls with an envious looks on their faces. Sanka: (enviously) Who the heck are they? Sous: (enviously) Just what do those girls know about love that we don’t? Brianne: Easy, girls. Jealousy isn't beautiful, you know. We'll wait 'til we're outside, and then we'll give them something to be jealous about. (giggled softly) Bubbles: (she cries comically as she hugged Goku) Oh, Goku, it was so terrible...! I was stalked by those scary dolls, and then... and then... I couldn't even move a muscle...!Buttercup: You think you had it bad? I was chased by an unbeatable boss! Butterfly: And I was covered in disgusting spiders! Bouquet: Chased by a scary clown... It was terrifying... Goku: Well, you won't have to worry about all that nightmare mumbo-jumbo anymore. You’re all back together now and that’s all that matters.,The other Girls noticed the Black Puff Girls lamenting their terrible misdeeds and are tempted to pay them back. Black Puff Girls: (cried in despair) Buttercup: YOU!!! (she was about to attack the Black Puff Girls until Blossom stops her) Blossom: Buttercup, wait! Buttercup: But they are...! Blossom: It's okay, Buttercup! Zulfer's been controlling them the whole time! They're on our side now. Buttercup: (confused) What...? Bubbles: They're on our side? Butterfly: I don't get it. Bouquet: What's going on? Bubbles, Buttercup, Butterfly and Bouquet took another look at the Black Puff Girls and see the remorseful look in their eyes. Bouquet: Huh... I can actually kinda see the remorse in their eyes. They must’ve really been through a lot. Bubbles: Awww... Poor things... Buttercup: Oh, great. Now I have guilt. (she started to tear up and tries to hide it) DON’T LOOK AT ME, GUYS! Butterfly: How the heck did they end up like this? Blossom: I'll tell you guys later. Right now, we’ve got to get out of this dump. Butterfly: Good idea, Blossom. (terrified) I don't like being here! Bouquet: Me neither!, Everyone leaves the gallery and make their way out of the fortress, while Buu only just sees them leave the gallery and starts to wonder if he was late for the party. Buu: (notices everyone leaving the gallery) Huh? Who they? Buu remember some of them. (pondered) Hmmm... Did Buu miss anything? (sadly grumbled) Guess Buu was late for party... (he cheered up) Oh, well! Buu join anyway! (childishly giggled, follows them) They are completely unaware that Zulfer, despite his charred body is still alive as he opens his eyes, which glow with a malevolent red light in the darkness., TO BE CONTINUED...
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