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Ludwig Beilshmidt (Germany) Shimeji



Meet Ludwig Beilshmidt, student council member and prime model student. However, being best friends with a small Italian, he oftentimes gets into unwanted trouble. His love of reading and physical training makes up for it.

Download him here…

All credit goes to… I only changed the clothes

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Next up is: Kiku Honda (Honda Kiku)

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Make sure you have Shimeji downloaded
link >
then you take the imgs from the shimeji you want and copy the images inside not the folder
go to the folder you now have that should be labeled 'Shimeji-ee_1.0.3_Mischievous' (could also be _Calm depending on what ver you got. Mischievous is more fun.)
then go to the img folder inside
Make a new folder and label it the name of the Shimeji then paste the imgs into that new folder.
then open the Shimeji-ee.exe in the Shiemeji-ee1.0.3 folder. a window should appear.
if not right click the .exe and click Troubleshoot compatibility. click use recommended settings, then save the settings. It should work now.
If this is confusing I would make a tutorial on my account and link it in a reply to this comment.